PHOTOS 16 & Pregnant’s Lindsey Nicholson shows off 32G breasts courtesy of Dr. Miami

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Nicholson family photo after breast augmentation surgery by Dr. Miami

It’s been a little over four months since 16 and Pregnant star Lindsey Nicholson (formerly Lindsey Harrison) made the trip down to Florida for a complimentary boob job courtesy of Dr. Miami, and since then, she has been showing off her newest assets online in a series of bra-popping snaps.

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Nicholson bikini photo

In addition to the candid shots on social media, Lindsey also recently posed for a staged bikini photo shoot at the beach in which she went topless — albeit with her fingers over her nipples. (I couldn’t find a site that has published the photos, which are licensed through Splash News, so I’m sorry I don’t have a link for you. Lindsey did do a previous non-topless bikini shoot that Perez Hilton covered though.) The staged topless beach photo shoot is a staple for clients of GR Media like Lindsey, and it’s something we predicted at the time of her Dr. Miami surgery (another GR Media specialty):

Lindsey follows in the breast implant footsteps of GR Media’s Teen Mom clients: Brianna DeJesus, Kailyn Lowry, and Mackenzie Douthit. If she continues following the GR Media Mad Libs formula, the next thing we can expect to see is a bikini photoshoot on the beach (once her breasts have healed) with the potential of topless shots if she is willing (like Briana was).

Please know there’s no judgement here! I think society gets a little too freaked out over female breasts anyways. And as far as the debate over elective breast augmentation surgery, I’ll let Lindsey defend herself via her Twitter account:

Never be ashamed to do something in life that makes YOU happy & feel better about yourself ❤️

Girls.. Please don’t get a breast aug for just a spur of the moment decision or because you think you’ll get more attention.

I carefully considered getting my breasts done for many years and was just unhappy with the appearance after breastfeeding.

Just whatever you do make sure you are strictly doing it for just you and you only!

I had no idea my breast aug would become worldwide news.. It just did.

& please ladies don’t go to another country to get them done because it’s “cheaper” !!

Okay rant over, happy Tuesday yall?

Oh & also .. Saline is the Honda of implants silicone is the Cadillac . You get what you pay for ?

Lindsey also answered a very thoughtful question from an Instagram follower about whether or not she regretted having the breast augmentation:

COMMENTER: Just a question no mean to offend what so ever. But do you regret getting your boobs the biggest you could? I mean I think I’m just as petite as you are and I have some back pain here and there I would love bigger boobs just not sure how big personally I don’t think I could go that big because I feel like it’d put to much pressure on my back. How do they feel do you feel limited at all? @lilmamalinds you look amazing btw!!

LINDSEY: not at all, I was so tiny and had already had big boobs while breastfeeding before so it wasn’t that much of a change in about 3 sizes bigger than I was breastfeeding at a DD but I have no pain and they fit my body great. Most people are sh shocked when I tell them I’m a 32g So no I’m very happy with the results and size.

16 and Pregnant Lindsey Nicholson and husband TJ together

Back on Twitter, Lindsey expressed her appreciation for those who had positive responses, while admonishing the negativity: “I love seeing women lift each other up and support each other and to all the women who don’t y’all need Jesus! ??”

Speaking of lifting each other up and supporting each other, Lindsey seems to be struggling to find a bra that can do those things. “I need to find a website that sells cute 32g bras?” Lindsey asked her followers back in June. “Anyone know of any? Can’t find any in stores☹️” She soon after hinted that we might be seeing a line of Lindsey’s Secret big bosom bras soon. “I’m so close to just starting my own business making cute & sexy bras in large size cups but small band sizes,” she tweeted, adding the #overit hash tag.

In addition to Lindsey’s difficulties finding attractive foundation garments up to the hefty task, Lindsey also shared her minimal difficulties recovering from the Dr. Miami surgery. “How bad was the surgery?” One female follower asked. “Is it worse than child birth?”

“Childbirth is way more painful,” Lindsey responded, “this feels like when you breastfeed and your boobs are very engorged & super sore.” Lindsey was healed up enough to return to work on April 11, but a couple days later she did point out at least one lingering effect from the procedure: “Sneezing is hell for me right now ?.”

Moving on from her boobs to her personal life, things seem to be going EXTREMELY well for Lindsey, her husband TJ and their daughter Aniyah. TJ has officially adopted Aniyah as his own daughter, and on July 1, Lindsey posted a photo of her daughter’s social security card (with the number hidden, of course) which showed her last name had been officially changed to Nicholson! When asked about how hard the adoption process was, Lindsey said it was difficult — more so in her situation because Aniyah is a registered Native American:

the process was very stressful and pretty expensive . For us it was harder because Aniyah is a registered Native American so we had to go through many extra hoops to get the process done because of the Native American child welfare act. BUT I would do again in a heartbeat it was beyond worth it and now I never have to worry if something happens to me where will Aniyah go she’s always going to be safe with my husband & I. I really recommend it if the real father isn’t involved at all!

Lindsey expressed her gratitude and love for her husband TJ on his first Father’s Day after the adoption:

Happy Father’s Day to the man who didn’t have to be Aniyahs daddy but definitely chose to be ❤️ adoption finalized?? we are blessed ?‍?‍?

Lindsey Nicholson Family photo daughter Aniyah and husband TJ

Becoming a dad might be something TJ will be doing again soon! “I don’t think my baby fever has ever been so high,” Lindsey tweeted back in April. “[I] can’t wait to have a little one, to see my husband hold our baby for the first time ?❤️” Right after that she tweeted: “When your biggest worry in life is deciding which month to get pregnant in.. #lifeisgood”

Congratulations to Lindsey, her husband, her daughter, and her “two girls!” They all seem to be doing fantastic!

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  • Becky

    32G? How is that naturally enhancing what you already have? They look ridiculous

  • TA

    She looks so trashy.
    And in a year when she isn’t getting restful sleep and has horrible back pain, she should sue that Doc for putting such a ridiculous size on her.

  • Redj

    In the red dress her twins are hanging down to her waist. Lol.

  • dev

    42H chiming in here, I would label myself regular sized but tall (31×34 pants, 5″11). I love my body, it’s taken years to love my breasts and now I have no plans of getting rid of them any time soon. However, I would never wish the discomfort that comes from breasts disproportionate from your body to anybody! The insanely expensive but necessary bras are only part of it (forget dropping by Target or even Victoria Secret for a cheap and quick sports bra). There’s random PAIN when lying down or even sitting in odd positions, immense boob sweat, and yes, embarrassment from tops that show yourself a little too much, even when fully covered up.That red dress photo is exactly how I feel when I don’t wear a bra, dragging my entire body down, and likely very sweaty. I don’t get the fascination with huge boobs, I would never get boobs the size of hers on purpose, let alone mine.

    And, I’m really not trying to judge, but this was the same girl that went to prom (sorry, but even with a kid, you’re still a baby if you’re going to prom in my eyes) with her breasts hanging out as well, so maybe that’s just her thing to have a LOT of cleave haha.

    • Bruja

      Boob sweat! Oh my Lord…. I didn’t know about boob sweat till I got my implants.

      When I had to get my first set replaced, I went down 2 sizes (D to very full B) due to boob sweat. No shit, boob sweat was my main reason for wanting to downscale.

      Horrifying to have puddles running down your chest. People who don’t have it will never know the hell.

    • NJJuls

      Boob Sweat! OMG! I’m 5’2 & my natural size is 36D. The boob sweat drives me nuts! I wonder if ladies with smaller breasts have a lot of boob sweat.

      • Mimi

        Yes we do, just not as bad. 36C.

    • Adriana

      I agree. I am 5’10, 28×36 , 36D, natural and I’m cool with my body and at 46 my boobs are still holding up nicely. I can almost pull off not having a bra on but still look like I do. JC Penny has some decent priced comfortable bras. I get the Ambrielle full figure push up. They are regularly like $30 and almost always buy one get one 50%. I was just there Wednesday. They have a pretty dark brown, beige, and almost white, they had a light purple, kind of a plum color, red, and black. I am not sure what size they go to I don’t look at all of them but I do remember seeing 44DD.

    • Mimi

      Mine got up to a D with my last pregnancy. The best thing I ever did for myself was stop breast feeding to let my breast size go down. I’m now a 36C. The back pain was unbearable sometimes. I’d cry from the pain. I’m 5’3 and D boobs killed me.
      I’d love my breasts Fuller. I breast fed all 3 of my kids and the effect has left them feeling thin.

  • savannah

    They look absolutely horrible on her. Make her look way older and fatter than she is. I’m completely unimpressed with everything I’ve seen from “dr Miami”.

    • savannah

      LOL other Savannah has the same opinion! They so low girrrl. New boobs should be perky as hell. She must’ve taken a page from the Heidi Montag guide to plastic surgery.

    • NJJuls

      In that pink dress, they look like they are sagging down to her hips!

    • jen

      This is why you don’t go to a general plastic surgeon. He does everything, ie he’s not well practiced in anything. Surgery is not a catch all practice, and shouldn’t be. If I need my heart worked on I’m going to a cardiovascular surgeon. If I want a boob job I’m going to someone who is a specialist. But then I guess it’s not free.

  • twelfthnight

    She looks 9 years old from the neck up.

    And I thought implants were supposed to be perky? She looks like she could tuck those into a belt. When she finally realizes she made a mistake and goes to get them removed, she’ll have long since ruined her natural breast tissue with these honkers and her boobs are going to look like sandwich bags full of peanut butter.

  • shebee

    Those boogers look too heavy for little frame.

    • Guest

      I know, right? They’re literally hanging down to her stomach.

  • Bruja

    “I love seeing women lift each other up and support each other..”

    I hope so, cause when that guy runs out on you, your friends are gonna have to lift those monstrosities up for you come shower time when you throw your back out… and it will happen.

    Good Lord. Did she count “breastfeeding size” with the baby still attached? Ridiculous.

    • savannah

      Considering breast jobs need routine maintenance, good luck upkeeping those bowling balls.

  • FR

    Dr Miami is a disaster. He actually has to give away his services (hint: that’s not a good sign especially in a high demand field like cosmetic surgery in an affluent and image-conscious place like South Florida). Judging by his “work product” on the likes of Kail Lowry and this girl, whose implants are way too large and add bulk in the wrong place to what should be a naturally petite frame. He really needs to consider a different line of work.

    I am NOT JUDGING, she had a lovely body before the surgery, but if she wanted to improve her looks she might have chosen to lipo her abdomen/sides rather than add bulk to the area of her body where she is thickest.

  • Guest

    They don’t fit her body at all.

  • Alisson Leech

    She messed up her body.

  • LaLa84

    A little over the top for my taste, but if they make her happy, that’s all that matters.

    • Guest

      True. And she’s pretty except for the boobs.

    • Bruja

      I’d normally agree with ya, LaLa.. because something like this really is about what makes *you* as a person feel better, and I totally get that. After my multiple surgeries, all I wanted was to feel that I looked good. People said I did, and in hindsight, I had expanders.. and was going through the process, but *I* didn’t feel I looked good. Know what I mean?

      That size is over the top. If the implants were placed under the muscle (as I hope they were!!) the chances of complications from stretching that muscle too thin becomes problematic.. the implants can slide on the chest wall.. capsular contracture…everything can be an issue with implants of any size, but when you go that big, you’re magnifying the issues. The back and neck issues she will surely have alone should have been enough for any surgeon worth their salt to say no to a young mom like this. She can have hoo-ha’s.. just take it down a notch.

      This doctor wanted the publicity (obviously), and this young lady wanted the attention. I hope, in a few years, if she isn’t forced to have them removed due to actual issues, she re-thinks these and scales back on her own when she has grown up a little bit more… she is all of 21 years old. I have jeans older than that.

      I upvoted you even though we don’t see eye to eye because I agree with your sentiments and your huge heart always puts a smile on my face.

  • DoogieHowser

    Haha so you thought this through for years and are just now finding out that cute bras in that size do not exsist. Yes you really thought this shit through for years /s. Have fun in your heavy duty nursing bras because that is the only bra you can find in stores that fit well under $60. If she wants cute bras she will have to insanely exspensive custom made ones from boutiques. Haha cute bras @ 32G, you will probably end up with 1 that cost you a fortune. ?

  • sysmjp

    I will never understand anyone finding plastic bags under the skin appealing or sexy. If they make you so attractive, is that the best looking dude you could get?

    • Bruja

      I have implants, but I’ve had reconstructive surgery.

      I often tell people that the pluses are I’ll float great and can be used for a flotation device in any emergency involving water.

      I can bounce around and these things don’t move. Not one iota. I swear, I could pummel an assailant with them and leave nipple bruises on their face without any give on my side while it’s happening.

      I’m like Mrs. Doubtfire.. no feeling I can lean over a blazing stovetop, setting fire to my ta-ta’s and feel nothing but warmth! I’m a human fire shield!… On the chest at least.. *grin*

  • Jenny

    I can understand getting a boob job, but I can’t understand getting them so big that you look like a cartoon character.

  • Rose

    Does anyone remember her I don’t?

    • GuestToo

      I dont either.

  • mimi

    I’m a natural DD and hers look saggier than mine! I hope they were free, if not she needs either a lift or refund!

  • Pattipandi

    Her huge, dumb looking boobs aside, I’m offended she took a jab at Honda. They’re good cars!

  • Stacey

    Sigh. When will women learn their natural breasts ALWAYS look better.

  • Ace

    She looks ridiculous. I don’t get why people like the so-obivously-fake look. I wouldn’t mind a boob job myself, cause they look like crap after 2 kids. I’m a B cup and I wouldn’t go more than a D, I’d probably even go with a C. I don’t get why she says it was only because she was unhappy with the appearance of them, if that’s the case why get such huge implants.

    • Adriana

      Because of her loser perv husband. Look at them, she is in a stripper dress with Payless shoes and he is in dress pants, dress shirt and flip flops.

  • Rene

    I’m sorry but I have 34 G breast naturally and they are heavy lol. Also I thought she knew that big bra sizes only come in black, brown/tan, and white.

  • Adriana

    She looks ridiculous. She looks like a 12 year old with a boob job. Look at the twig legs, my gosh I hope they are sturdy enough to hold up those hot air balloons that landed on her stomach.

  • Guest too

    Man that doctor played a trick on her, what a disaster.

  • Me

    No way this girl is a 32g. I’m a 38 dd and my boobs are way bigger than hers. Plus hers are really saggy. She should invest in some better bras or those puppies are gonna be down to her knees by the time she’s 30!!