Jamie McKay 16 and Pregnant After Show video interview with Facebook updates

16 and Pregnant Jamie McKay After Show interview

The third episode of Season 3 of 16 and Pregnant featured Jamie McKay, an even-keeled and intelligent girl from near Asheville, North Carolina whose attraction to bad boys leads to pregnancy and some serious baby daddy drama. During her episode we see her boyfriend and father of her child arriving for his daughter Miah’s birth after Jamie had already been in labor (and trying to contact him) for five hours.

Ryan appeared to be hung over and all Jamie could say was, “You smell like you had fun.” Things got worse when Jamie found out weeks later Ryan had been cheating on her the entire time – including the night she went into labor!

So is she still with Ryan or have they parted ways permanently? (We all know how these girls have a real soft spot for the father of their child, even if he is a super-douche.) Jamie sits down with Alaina Huffman and talks about her current relationship with Ryan and more in this MTV 16 and Pregnant After Show interview:

Some bullet points from the interview:

• When asked why she went with someone like Ryan, who appears on the surface at least to be a complete opposite personality type Jamie said, “I liked bad boys I guess you could say. Now I have Miah it’s a lot different.”

• So does Ryan still see Miah? “He sees her every Wednesday at the visitation center. So far he’s missed two and if he misses one more they will suspend it for three weeks.”

• On Ryan: “I love him. I hate him. I would never be with him.”

• Her mom wanted her to have an abortion and was mad when Jamie decided to keep the baby. Adoption was not an option.

• Her father hasn’t followed through on his promise to be more involved in her life, or to buy her a car when she turned 16 for that matter!

• She plans on graduating high school in June and going to college to become a radiation therapist.

• She hasn’t gotten rid of her stretch marks, but they are fading!

Both on the show and in the interview Jamie comes across as honest, level-headed and not very dramatic in her words and actions, but the same can’t be said for her virtual presence on her official Facebook fan page where she has posted numerous responses to her episode and commenters! She seemed a little frustrated with the editing and felt it actually cut Ryan a break, if you can believe that. She started with this post:

I hate my episode. It doesn’t show how things really were. Ryan came to the hospital hungover and with a hickey on his neck. And wanted to take miah home with him when I didn’t even know how to breast feed. But they don’t show that wtf

*** UPDATE: 16 & Pregnant cartoonist (love your work!) Dave Gonzalas (@Da7e) tweeted that he has spoken with Jamie after she said she “hated” the episode, and now “All is well in 16&P land.” (For the record I wasn’t trying to imply Jamie still hated it – I included her later comment “i feel a lot better about my episode.” in the original post below.) “Here’s a screencap of Dave’s tweet:

I’m sure viewing your own episode of 16 & Pregnant, or any reality show can bring on a complicated deluge and evolution of mixed emotions. Glad to hear that she’s now happy with her episode! She really should be because it was a great one in my opinion! ***

After numerous people asked if she was still with Ryan, Jamie opened up with both barrels:

No Ryan and I aren’t together. There is A LOT they don’t tell you about Ryan like he got more than one dui went to jail twice and got possession of paraphinalia and coccain. All while I was pregnant. I couldn’t trust him with her this is BS. I also let Ryan stay the 3 nights I was in the hospital and he didn’t help me but once

BOOM! I guess MTV did cut the guy some slack! Ryan sounds like he may be in the running for second worst 16 and Pregnant baby daddy ever! (I don’t think anyone will be able to top Nikkole Paulun’s psychopathic baby daddy Josh – or at least I hope not.)

Jamie continues:

Its irritating because it looks like I’m taking her from him but it wasn’t like that at all. He picked me up multiple times to see her but irritated me because all he did was ask when he could take her home with him. Come to find out home was with his girlfriend forget that

I just want everyone to know I didn’t take miah from Ryan. He sees her once a week at supervised visitation. And that’s how it will be till he stops hanging with bad people and doing bad things.

Jamie seemed to think her episode was a bit on the dull side, partly because of all the stuff they cut out about Ryan, but the commenters (and I!) completely disagreed. Jamie responded with gratitude:

Thank you everyone for all the nice things you have to say. i feel a lot better about my episode.

You should Jamie! Especially if you have stuck by your guns and managed to stay away from Ryan.

UPDATE: Jamie has officially filed court papers seeking sole custody of Miah. She is citing Ryan’s cocaine and alcohol issues as the main reasons. Catch up with the latest here.

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