Tila Tequila tweets things: ‘Don’t be n*ggers,’ laughs ex-sex tape star

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From time to time, Tila Tequila tweets things. On some days, those things make some semblance of something approaching the vicinity of sense. Today was not one of those days. In case you’d forgotten (or were intentionally ignoring the news), this morning marked the beginning of the four-day Republican National Convention, the purpose of which is to bestow upon Donald Trump the party’s nomination for president. However, in Tila’s world, it was occasion to troll the world with a hate-filled Twitter rant in favor of Trump. Tila also dribbled out one of her head-scratching theories of the coming apocalypse in the process.

The process began rather ominously, with this family-friendly dispatch late yesterday evening:

Tila Tequila tweets 3

Then, this morning, Tila’s peculiar brand of “chosen one” preaching began:

Tila Tequila tweets 4 Tila Tequila tweets 5 Tila Tequila tweets 6

After that, Tila brought out her brand of tried-and-true racism:

Tila Tequila tweets 7 Tila Tequila tweets 8 Tila Tequila tweets 9 Tila Tequila tweets 10

By this point, “Tila Tequila” was trending on Twitter. Almost as if in response, her proclamations got even stranger (if such a thing is possible?):

Tila Tequila tweets 11 Tila Tequila tweets 12 Tila Tequila tweets 13

The last of Tila’s tweets–for now–left no doubt as to the 34-year-old mother and sex tape leaker’s preferred presidential candidate. (Though it’s not clear what she meant by “victorious,” since Trump’s crowning by the RNC is all but official.)

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Previously, Tila Tequila had been in headlines for calling Adolf Hitler “The love of mein life” in a social media update celebrating his birthday; celebrated the Brussels bombings by declaring “The earth is cleansing itself”; and offered an apologetic non-apology after wondering why people were saddened by the death of Mob Wives star Big Ang Raiola, since Big Ang was “the wife of a serial murderer mobster.”

It’s probably also worth mentioning that the current rumor abound on Twitter is that Tila Tequila has accepted an invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention. However, her name does not appear anywhere on the official list of confirmed speakers, for today’s or any other day’s events. After today’s outburst, it’s hard to believe that anyone could take such a rumor seriously…but, given the level of discourse dominating the 2016 US presidential campaign, maybe the possibility isn’t that surprising.

(Photo credits: Tila Tequila tweets via Twitter)

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  • Bruja

    You’re disgusting, Starcasm. Still giving this piece of shit publicity after saying this in April here (starcasm.net/archives)/347991:

    “Normally we try to obey the the internet’s virtual sign posting that
    asks “PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS,” but there are occasions where a
    troll’s attention-grabbing tricks are SO offensive and SO vile that we
    think it best to feed them a handful of the negative attention they are
    so hungry for — if only to raise awareness and document their antics for

    You’re just as bad as she is when you continue to tout her madness.

    • Kmarie

      Oh I agree. Starcasm seems to have stooped pretty low to post such racism from such a shallow bit.h. I don’t think it’s necessary to repost stuff like that as well as her using the N word. Starcasm in my opinion is contributing to racism by doing this and putting it out there once again.

      • Kmarie

        P.S idk if she is aware but she isn’t white.

        • Tommy McMillan

          Still whiter than most of the people in Houston LOL

          • Idiot


  • truckproductions

    she does realize that adolf hitler would have gassed her too right? moron.

    • Rayne

      Haha..I do have to laugh at that.

  • Kari

    Sucks that she’s so crazy. She’s friggin’ adorable (personal opinion).

    • Kmarie

      Well, that’s why she did porn and the other meaningless jobs because they like cute and crazy you don’t have to have a brain.

  • twelfthnight

    My eye is twitching so hard. How can she be the ‘mother of the white race’ when she isn’t even white?

    And when Trump ships black people ‘back’? Most black people in America today were born there. Tila, on the other hand, was born in Singapore. If anyone needs to get deported, it’s her.

    Also loving the fact that she says she, as a non-black person, has to ‘prove herself’ to get a job. What job? All you’ve ever done is be a ho and a crackpot for money, or lived off your heiress girlfriend before she died. You haven’t had a real job in at least 10 years.

    • Rayne


    • Ibrahim Right

      She got removed from twitter, bro. She got removed.

    • Don Watts

      If it’s yellow, let it mellow.

  • FarrahsCryFace

    I used to like her in the shot of love days but now I just feel bad for her baby. I wish cps would look into her.

    • Kmarie

      Ya right!! Like they look into Lehuh? and PB&Jenelly. When it comes to the welfare of those kids MTV and CPS are an absolute joke!!

      • Kari

        I always wondered about this. Is there any reason that CPS isn’t allowed to step in? It seems like they’d have plenty of ammo but never do anything.

        • Kmarie

          I’m not real clear on why they can’t or dont. Some say that what MTV films can’t be used but I think it’s absurd. Anything and everything for the safety of the children is what I believe in. Do they think (like we do) that it’s so scripted that what we see just can’t be true? I say BS. If I lived anywhere in the vicinity I would be calling CPS WEEKLY if not daily until something was done then if they didn’t step up I would go after them.

  • Dani

    “They will stop when Trump becomes president and we ship everyone back”… so you’re volunteering to go back to Singapore considering you yourself are an immigrant?

    Looking at those other tweets though, she needs a 5150, or to get off whatever she is on. :S

  • Ella Again

    This is several levels of just…nope

  • Mahaylee

    The fish smell just reeks through my phone!!

  • Guest


  • frosty dufour

    Tlla Tequila, Self Hating P.O.C.

  • Melissa Michelle Wray

    Poor, deluded child, still trying sooooooo hard to remain relevant.

  • Yandere Bunny

    She is completely irrelevant and lost. She’s making herself look stupid…well she already was but still.

  • Sherrie

    A racist, bubble guppy, porn wh?re,that is pretty much a foreigner herself and her family definitely is so where does that leave them in the mix?

  • Ibrahim Right

    Her twitter got removed!