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Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer Kail Lowry on Steve Harvey

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry will be appearing alongside Dr. Drew on Monday’s episode of Steve Harvey. In three preview clips for the episode, Leah talks about her stint in a rehabilitation facility to treat her anxiety and depression, as well as her current status with ex Corey Simms. Then, both Kail and Leah open up about the inevitable negativity that goes along with being celebrities.

We will start with Leah’s emotional clip about her rehab stay:

“Let me ask you this,” says host Steve Harvey: “You were in rehab, I understand. Was it due to drugs? How were you feeling? What was it?”

“It took me quite some time to decide whether I was gonna go or not,” says Leah. “Everybody where — I’m from West Virginia, and everyone that I was around didn’t quite support me going away, like, they didn’t think it was good. But I knew I was suffering from something. I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I was suffering and I needed help.”

“It’s just me and my husband’s working out of town,” Leah remembers. “I’m trying to do everything I can to take care of the girls. You know, just whatever I could,” she adds. “My mom lived like two hours away, probably.”

Leah Messer Steve Harvey quote

Steve Harvey revisits his original question. “I mean, was it anxiety? What were you suffering from?”

“Yeah,” says Leah. “There’s different tracks, and I was on the anxiety and depression track.”

Dr. Drew then interjects and points out that Leah has a daughter with developmental issues, which she had not revealed to Steve yet. “So you have twins, you have developmental issues, you have — you’re almost in tears today, Leah, I’m noticing.”

A clearly emotional Leah says, “I mean, because not even six months ago I probably never would have seen what I see now.”

“In terms of how stressful it was for you?” Dr. Drew clarifies.

“Of how stressful it was.”

“How painful,” adds Dr. Drew.

“Yeah, and painful,” Leah echos. “But, doing it the right way and being able to have that platform to teach girls to do it the right way, that’s what matters to me.”

“Yeah, absolutely!” Steve concurs.

In this next clip, Leah talks about her relationship with her ex, and father of her twin daughters, Corey Simms:

“You and your twins’ father,” Steve Harvey begins, “you had a custody battle over the kids? Where is that now?

“Mm hmm,” Leah continues. “Corey and I, we have been coparenting really well. [When] I came back from treatment, they actually looked to me for therapy activities. Like, they didn’t believe in therapy until I came back. So, we’re in a much better place than we was.”

“Can I tell you something?” Steve asks. “Listen ladies, everybody makes mistakes. Everybody. There ain’t a living soul that don’t make mistakes. Please understand, this is not to beat you up. And please don’t beat yourself up. What you cannot do is continue to beat yourself up over it. See, listen to me.” The audience applauds as Steve turns to Dr. Drew. “How many mistakes you done made, doc?”

“Too many to count,” says Dr. Drew.

“Too many to count,” Steve iterates. “I count mine. I’m at eleven million, four hundred fifty-five thousand.”

The next clip is a little less intense, as Kailyn and Leah are both asked about what it’s like to be celebrities:

“You two, you make a lot of headlines, “Steve points out. “Is that difficult for you?”

“It can be,” says Kail. “It can be really difficult. You know, sometimes we just want to be like everybody else and think of ourselves as people who are not on TV, and we want to do our own thing. But, at the end of the day, if we post one picture on Instagram, we might cause World War III with 10,000 comments — you just never know.”

“Leah, what about you?” Steve asks.

“I mean, it’s hard,” Leah says. “People are so judgmental. I, honestly, put my life out there to be a positive influence and really to reach out to people — that is my only desire. There’s nothing else to gain from this, and it’s so painful when people are so judgmental. But, I honestly in the past — I just stopped allowing it to affect me.”

“And also,” Dr. Drew says, “these girls came of age, were on TV, when social media hit. They were the first sort of, really, reality show, or just television personalities to be the object of social media scrutiny. And it has been brutal! It’s been awful.”

Kail chimes in. “I mean, it’s hard because I think people forget when they’re watching the show that we’re actually human beings with feelings.”

“But they forget that they’re watching a TV show,” Dr. Drew adds. “They’re watching something that someone put together.”

“Yeah,” Kail agrees. “And they see characters versus real people.”

“No. listen to me,” says Steve Harvey. “They don’t care. Because it validates them. It gives them a sense of power that they somethin’. And they the most penny ante punk ass people! I mean, really man!”

I guess it’s just like they always say, penny ante punk ass people are gonna penny ante punk ass people. 😉

Be sure to catch the rest of Leah and Kail’s segment on the new episode of Steve Harvey airing Monday — check local listings for air times in your area.

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  • Wtf

    I wish Leah would just be honest about why she went. She really looks better, but I still think it’s still pretty obvious that she’s hiding the true reason for going. I could respect her a lot more if she’d just tell the truth and admit that she did something wrong, but got help for it and is on a better track now. She’s only fooling herself.

    • BreBreezieBre

      I think she’s told that lie so much she is starting to believe it herself

      • Kmarie

        Haha thats true !!

    • Lacy

      Even worse is how Dr. Drew goes along with it and makes excuses for her. People like her already have a million excuses for their behavior, I’m too stressed, I have kids, I have relationship problems, etc. It’s called LIFE, most people deal with it without having to turn to pills and putting their kids lives in danger.

      • Wtf

        And her mom…….her mom is the worst enabler of them all. Pisses me off!

    • Thea

      Apparently she’s fooling you too. She looked drugged out of her mind in those clips. Plus she’s lying through her teeth. Wanna bet the name TR Dues (or his two kids) never gets mentioned, either?

      • ManBearPig

        I agree. Drugs have really changed her whole face. All the girls have aged but her face looks so different than what it used to look like. In these clips, to me, she looks like someone on pills that is wearing new clothes, clean and styled hair, and had someone do her makeup. So she looks “better” in that sense, but she certainly doesn’t look clean.

        • Kmarie

          She only looks decent when she is on an interview type portion of the show or on something like Steve Harvey and thats because they fix her up. I dont think her downfall had anything to do with depression. She wasnt depressed until all the money she was blowing got cut off. My husband works out of town for 3 weeks at a time in oil field i have kids, horses, dogs , my kids show animals, bills, errands, kids activities, a hoise and 10 acres to take care of and i work 50 hours a week so it can be done Leah…no excuses stand up, get off your miserable lazy a** and be productive.

          • Kmarie

            She knew what he did for a living when she met him and thats what pisses me off about bit**es like her they know exactly what a guy is like and what he does when they meet and they are all giggly and fine with it while they are trying to trap him then soon as they are together or married its totally different and they want them to change to meet their wants and needs. No, rarely works that way.

      • Wtf

        I definitely don’t buy that she’s completely clean, but I do think she looks better than she did. She doesn’t look as fully methed out as she did a few months ago.

        • Thea

          “but got help for it, and on a better track now”… Is that not what you posted?

          Because, nope.

          Who cares what she ” looks like” (btw, she looked rode hard and put up wet, to me)?

          • Wtf

            K…guess I won’t have opinion next time

            • Thea

              Those are your words, are they not? You posted fork tongued.

              No skin off my nose.

              • Wtf


          • Kmarie

            Shes a complete dog. She looks like shes almost 50 and she looks so used up. I think MTV is wrong for keeping her on the show. The show OBVIOUSLY isnt doing anh good for her or her relationship with her kids or their daddys. She doesnt need all this tv bullshit she needs to get up and get a job and get her shit together and focus on HER LIFE AND HER KIDS LIFE without having to deal with being on tv. SHAME ON MTV, cut the cord and cut her out !!! Oh and send Jenelle and Farret with her !!

  • BreBreezieBre

    She can’t even answer the question Steve just got tired of hearing her ramble in circles so he anxiety to shut her up. Why is dr fake on there he is an enabler to Leah to make her not tell the truth and keep up with this anxiety he can’t have real patients that he helps.

    • DoogieHowser

      Dr. Drew was there to make sure he could jump in and steer the conversation over back in the favor that MTV wants if it strays too far. He isn’t there for appearances as much as he is there to make the girls focus on the canned answers and to keep them on track with what MTV wants them to say. MTV doesn’t want them to go too far off the script, just like they said, they are still reality show characters even in between filming of seasons.

      • ren24

        Doogie you are probably spot on with that! I’ve never really considered the fact that Dr. Drew gets a packcheque from MTV the same as these girls do. It’s probably a worthwhile fact to always keep in mind when listening to him talk.

      • Bruja

        Drew has become nothing but a ‘yes man’ for these girls over the years. It’s horrible. Now when I see him, I just count how many times he makes his sad face.

        You’d be surprised how often he does it.

        • Thea

          Ha…”sad panda”?…

          • Bruja

            Yes! That face!

            He started it during “Celebrity Rehab”. Drove me batty. I think that’s where “Dr. Drew” (I use the term loosely given the mess he is now) started spiraling out of control. I’m not sure he helped any one of those patients, and I know he just spoon feeds these girls a steaming hot pile of what I call Drewshit, it’s like bullshit but served up Dr. Drew style..

            I’ve lost a lot of admiration for the guy over the years. He is surely just a mouth-piece for protected sex now, and look how that’s turned out even. Fail. Good ole’ alcoholic Teen Mom OG Macy sitting on his couch this last end of the season lying about her Depo shot and trying to hide her 5 month pregnant belly. LOL.

      • violet Beuregarde

        I was wondering why does he ALWAYS have to be there w/ them?? He’s like their mother following them everywhere so no one ever hurts their feelings. Even when they’re on a show that isn’t his!

    • Kmarie

      Haha shes a dumbass, pills or not shes still a dumbass. She mumbles, she cant finish a sentence. She tries to talk and use words on the level of the other girls that have clear, educated minds and she cant.

    • Kmarie

      And shes so ugly and she looks almost 50.

  • Chewy

    “Negativity the goes along with being celebrities.” They are NOT celebs! Just trashy reality tv stars that should have faded away by now by we live in such a screwed up culture that they are still around.

    • Victoria

      Thank you! I’m like what celebs

  • Jennifer

    It made me laugh when Kail made a comment about how people forget they are humans….

    Hun – we all know you’re humans. ENTILTED HUMANS! It took my husband and I 12 years to get to where you guys are with our lifestyle and our family business – we didn’t sit on tv showing the entire world our life and expected shit to get handed to us. We’ve worked and invested for everything we have.

    The reality of being teen moms is that the majority of them don’t make it and repeat the same bad habbits over and over again. So much for a reality show….

    • Myndee

      Jenelle is the only somewhat example of teen moms repeating bad choices. She just happens to have a lot of money to aide in her bad choices. The constant flow of men and getting pregnant and drug abuse is probably the only real thing that show has aired in a loooonnnnnggggggggg time

      • FarrahsCryFace

        How is Duhnelle the only example?

  • AshleyBlack

    I’m disappointed in Steve. He usually calls people on their BS. He’s also from West Virginia, so he knows what’s it’s like to live here Leah. Jesus God.

  • Ashley

    They are not celebrities, they are on a trashy reality show. If they don’t want the “hardships” that come with being in the spotlight, then they should stop posting everything to their public social media accounts that they basically beg for attention on! They’re both ridiculous.

    • ren24


  • Aussie cathie

    On what planet do these two train wrecks consider themselves celebrities?

    • Myndee

      That’s what I thought. I’d call them reality star personalities at best…

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Planet MTV.

  • LookAtAllTheCrap!

    “There’s nothing else to gain from this.” Except hundreds of thousands of dollars per season. But no, keep acting like you’re a f*ck!ng humanitarian, Leah.

    • Regina

      That’s what I was thinking…

    • Itsallgood

      A million upvotes!!! This show needs to stop….at this point it serves only to allow the girls to avoid work, education and actual responsibilities.

      • Kmarie

        Agree 100%

  • Kmarie

    One of the worst teen moms (leah) on the same show with one of the best (kail).

  • HoardersFan

    Anyone know where I can find this online?