AUDIO Courtland Rogers wants Jenelle Evans to know he’ll never take her back


Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ old flame Courtland Rogers talked with the folks from “The Real Teen Mom Talk” yesterday and we’ve got the highlights of what he had to say about what’s happening in Courtlandia as well as what he had to say about Jenelle of course…

Rogers said he doesn’t have a current job but he’s volunteering (not mandated community service) several days a week for Habitat For Humanity (where his mom works). He said that since his release from jail on October 1 that he’s working to get his life back on track by staying off the streets and out of trouble while he lives with his mom.

Courtland stated that he’s on supervised probation, that he takes scheduled drug tests once a month and that he also gets tested randomly. He said he isn’t worried about the screenings because he’s not using anymore and that he’s even quit drinking. He added that he’s sick of where he currently lives, “Brunswick County – oh my God I hate this place,” and is hoping to move to Atlanta.

On the family front he said he got to spend a day with his daughter Jordan but that since then Jordan’s mom, Taylor Lewis, has kept Courtland away from their child because her boyfriend controls her. Rogers went on to say that he expects he’ll have to do the “court thing” to get “the custody thing started.”

Courtland then shared the crazy fact that he was cellmates with this same boyfriend and that at the time of their co-incarceration they became good friends. Rogers explained that Taylor and her man were having relationship issues back then.

Here’s the full radio broadcast, Courtland’s interview starts at around the 21:20 mark:

Now on to Evans (around the 42:00 mark)…

Rogers was told that Jenelle had tweeted that Courtland only saw her son Jace 4 times. He refuted that saying he had seen him 30-40 times. “I love Jace, he is an awesome little kid. Honestly to this day I miss Jace.”

Courtland then said that he ran into Jace at his school’s fun day – Rogers’ neice attends the same school – and that he felt bad for Jace because everyone else’s family was there but no one was with Jace.

Jenelle retweeted the following from a fan about that topic: “Who the f**k cares if @PBandJenelley_1 was at her sons family day or not at school. Jesus let her f***ing live. #ObsessedHaters”

And this too, “It’s mind blowing.Only 2girls who aren’t mothers and a dude who don’t even see his kid would go there”

Then Courtland had this to say:

“I hate how she thinks that like I want her back. And now she thinks that she’s the sh*t and that I would actually even attempt to want her back. Like I would never, ever go back to that girl in my life. Not even if somebody paid me… Clearly I’m on her mind constantly in the day or something.”

Courtland went on to state that he wasn’t happy about the way MTV portrayed him.

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