PHOTOS Did The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi have a boyfriend while on the show?

Did The Bachelor's Vienna Girardi have a boyfriend while she was on the show?

Jake Pavelka may have more heartache on the horizon! In addition to Rozlyn Papa, a contestant booted from The Bachelor for an alleged “inappropriate relationship” with a producer on the show, an anonymous source has provided starcasm with these photographs of contestant Vienna Girardi with a man the source tells us has been dating Vienna on and off for three years!

The source claims the hunk in the photos is from Vienna’s hometown of Sanford, Florida and that Vienna told her beau “she was going to the bachelor so she can be on TV and to wait for her.” The source also claims that Vienna and he were together the night before she left to be on The Bachelor!

UPDATECLICK HERE to see new pics of Vienna’s ex Brian Lee Smith – has he been stalking Vienna?

Vienna Girardi and boyfriend Brian Lee Smith tailgating topless on the beach

The photos look to be from Florida and from a cruise of some sort. Let me emphasize that we do not have verification on when exactly these photos were taken, the identity of the man in the photos, or if any of these allegations are true.

The Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi and boyfriend Brian Lee Smith share a drink on the beach

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UPDATE – OK, taking in all the info from the comments and research I’ve done on my own, my summation is that the feller above (We have since learned his name is Brian Lee Smith) dated Vienna earlier last year, and possibly even the end of 2008. It appears as though Lee moved on well before Vienna left to be on The Bachelor. So, until I get proof otherwise, that’s my take! Perhaps what happened here is the same thing that seems to be happening on the show – women hate Vienna. Now, we do need more info on this Joshua Riley she was married to. Anybody got Bahama cruise photos of him?!?

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  • katy

    I am a very good friend of Viennas and let me start by saying this is a complete lie!! Yes, she dated this guy for awhile on and off but they broke up right around spring break and if it serves me correctly you can find where he was arrested for stalking her at her parents house a few weeks before she left for the show.

    • Derek

      Well, if you’re a very good friend of hers, can you explain why she looks like a money-grubbing fame wh0re herself now?

      And now, look how stupid she looks on Bachelor Pad, playing the victim for the very same camera that tapes her plotting and repeatedly treating her ex like a chump – Even laughing about it.

      This chick is worthless.

  • This is false. Vienna was single a long time before she went on the bachelor. This guy is a past boyfriend whom vienna hasnt seen in a while. He is crazy & has given vienna and her family a lot of problems.

  • dont worry

    This is all lies.. they weren’t dating during the show. I know this because I am his roommate. those picture are very old when they did date. Both of u girls that wrote on this.. He isn’t crazy and never stalked her and i know this for a fact. He is a very nice guy and she is nice too. I really wish you guys will drop this, my roommate doesn’t need any drama in his life. People just making things bigger than it is.. Grow up.

  • BS

    Seems to me Vienna is the crazy one! She has way too many “past” relationships to be on a show looking for “love”. She has had more than her share of love from engagements to divorces, and she is only 23. What was ABC thinking putting her on The Bachelor. She is looking for fame not love!

  • BS

    Those pictures look current to me since she has the implants and the hair extensions in those pictures.

  • ponderer123

    i know the both of them and these pictures are current as far as i know.. they are on his myspace.. if they werent together why would they be?
    and he didnt get arrested for stalking her! he got arrested for hitting someone. & her family threatened that if he went to ABC to tell them that he would have charges pressed against him and say he was stalking her.
    – the they went on the cruise over summer.. and she left in like septem. or october.. and you know she had to sign up and stuff to be on this show before then so that would make the faxts true about ‘she told her boyfriend that she wanted to do it for tv’

    andd just to add.. her dog ‘chloe’ that she has on the season premiere for her interview. (which by the way was pathetic, and her interview was embarassing for anyone thats from Sanford.)
    anyways.. the dog was a gift from the ‘boyfriend’.. it was ‘their dog’

    • katy

      Im not sure where you are getting your information but its incorrect, and you must not know either of them very well. The most recent of those photos were from spring break last year. The family never pressed charges or threated him.

      ps. Her dog chloe was a christmas present from her mother and grandmother, I have the other puppy from the litter, her grandma is a breader.
      And for whoever BS is,your name is perfect because that is what you are full of!

  • dont worry

    yes. just because they are in myspace doesn’t mean anything.. I am sure u still have pics of ur ex. And for those who say they know both of them and say those pics are You don’t know either of them because if you did you would know those are old. SO you might want to get in touch with them and double check. Loser he never got arrested recently for hitting someone. You people make me laugh. And her parents never threaten him for no Abc thing ok. Dog was a gift from her grandma not the (ex) bf. So ponderer123 go get ur fact straight. I know the 411 since Im his freaking roommate. And if you know him than you know who I am. SO stop lying saying crap if you don’t know anything. Yes he knew she was going to be on the show I did 2. She got her extension done right before she went on the show.

    The person who gave these information and pictures and stuff must be mad at her because he probably left u for her.. or vice versa..someone out there must be jealous. To go this low to make a stupid scandal to say they were together during the show..Like i said get a life people.

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  • BOSS

    These pictures are from march of 2009. The dog was given to her by a family member, and her and lee were not dating on the show, they broke up a few months after that cruise. lee is a boss he knows the crazy ones from the real ones, which is why she is not around anymore.

  • poiasdle

    Why does she always look un-kept?

    • Ashley

      Vienna is so trashy its ridiculous. She is a cheating, dirty wh**e. I don’t know what Jake sees in her at all. I hope he realizes what everyone else sees before it’s too late. She sucks.

  • whatever!

    The show is a bunch of crap! The women this season are the stupid! and Vienna is a joke! “I love myself so much that I have to wear fake hair and fake boobs!” “My best friend is a dog and I am so intellegent. That’s why I have to go on non-reality TV to find a husband instead of getting a job and doing something worth while with my life.”

    • hailey

      hahaha yesssssssss…this is awesome i hate her

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    Lee’s a roid head, and i STILL outbench him all natural.

  • Viennasaman

    Vienna looks like a transexual, how anyone can think she is even halfway attractive is beyond me. Could she be more of a pathetic, needy, psycho? I cant wait to see her family gene puddle. even though they live in Fl, i bet they would fit in nicely down at the Jersey shores. She just has the look of a trashy NJ/NY/TriState area guinea. Shes bound to have a Tony, Joey, Vinny, or Guido on the family tree.

  • kesan 156
  • Andrea

    This is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺

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  • Kate

    None of this matters really–because the show is a fake. But the public is starting to realize that these women are doing the show –not to get engaged to the Bachelor but to get famous or into the movie/tv biz. The whole thing is a joke. It’s the exposure they want–not the marriage. And they are most likely getting paid to be as outrageous as they can be so that the ratings go up and people will talk about them all over the web…um, (cough) like we are!

    ABC is loving all this controversy. They’ll do a whole show on it soon probably. There is no accounting for taste these days or morals either.

  • Randy

    I really like Vienna. She seems totally genuine to me. I think she and Jake could be very happy together. What’s up with all the haters out there. I hope Vienna does not read any of it. You jealous girls need to get a life! If Ali becomes the next Bachlorette I’ll never watch again. That exit was so contrived.

  • teacher

    Shallow people… think outta the box.
    People that supported Vienna~ you were able to see the truth~

    What did Ally have to quit her job~ what a poser!?@?

  • Mary

    Yes, Vienna. You go girl. You got your man and I am so glad Jake wasn’t fooled by all those jealous b**ches. Let’s see who is without sin and let her cast the first stone. There is NO ONE like that.
    Oh pul-leeze. Not Ali. Well, you lost me for next season. How could they bring her back after her lying about why she left the guy she was so in love with. What a big deal she made. Then she wanted to be taken back by Jake? Well they’re bringing her back after all, and they will lose lots of disgusted viewers. That is for sure. What’s wrong with bringing in a fresh, new, interesting face instead of all this recycling. But, at least, please NOT ALI. She is a spoiled, trouble-making, lying drama queen. I will definitely not watch the program with Ali, and maybe never again.

  • Mary

    Oh pul-leeze. Not Ali. Well, you lost me for next season. How could they bring her back after her lying about why she left the guy she was so in love with. What a big deal she made. They she wanted to be taken back? Well they’re bringing her back after all, and they will lose lots of disgusted viewers. That is for sure.

  • stu

    Leave her alone…it’s not like she has a husband and kids at home. She’s young and finding her way. That’s what your 20’s are for…figuring out what you like/want. I admire Jake for going with his heart vs. giving in to his family’s ideal of his perfect woman. Vienna is young give her a break…And for those who think Ali was the woman for him…seriously? she chose her career over Jake and that’s the kind of girl she is and probably always will be…

  • Stein

    SHE is so full of herself, I can’t even believe that Jake chooses her! Yeah you are right, she has too much past relationships to find LOVE AGAIN? o’cmon, 23? too young to marry and to be divorced, I can’t believe that people are blinded by her. Ewwww, I’m disgusted!