Would Bachelor Jake Pavelka have chosen Ali Fedotowsky if she had not left?

Was The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka going to pick Ali Fedotosky?

Although Jake didn’t accept Ali Fedotowsky’s offer to return after she left to ensure the stability of her career at Facebook, he now reveals that when Ali left she was actually his first choice.

Jake told Extra:

“Ali was my frontrunner. I basically begged her not to go,” Jake told Seymour. “I did want her to come [back], she left me, Terri. There were three women who didn’t. Who would I have sent home?”

Even though at that time Ali was the first on The Bachelor’s love list, he must have been too hurt
by her rejection to let her come back. Letting Ali come back would have been extra tough because he would have had to send one of the other girls home to do it (Gia, Tenly, or Vienna) and he had presumably already bedded them all in Chris Harrison’s Fantasy Suites™.

Either way, Ali gets a couple of gold stars for playing along with ABC’s production company so swimmingly, aka her Bachelorette audition. She did a pretty good job of pretending to lounge forlornly in a generic hotel room while staring a pictures of Jake Pavelka kept by her bedside. It was actually a lot better than most Lifetime movies, so she may have a future ahead of her way beyond Facebook, if she wants it.

Go out and be the Bachelorette, Ali. Even Ellen DeGeneres agrees you need to do it!

Even though a lot of The Bachlor is contrived, real feelings of hurt and rejection are experienced on the show. No one likes to be told, “No, I don’t want you.” Ali recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how she felt after she called Jake and asked to come back:

“Immediately after the call, I was really hurt,” she says. “I thought that I would be coming back, but I understood why he didn’t want me back. I understood how he was hurt by my leaving.”

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