PHOTOS – Who is The Bachelor’s Chantal O’Brien’s ex-husband Jason Vena?

The Bachelor contestant and rumored F1 of Brad Womack’s second season on the ABC reality show, Chantal O’Brien, has a recent divorce in her past! Reality Steve, who named Chantal as the final rose recipient, claims that she’s got a back story that’s tabloid ready, but so far her divorce to almost-successful musician Jason Vena is the only link to the possible newsstand deluge to come. If anything, it will make for a plot device on the show, especially since the papers were freshly signed in 2009.

Chantal’s ex-hubby, Jason Vena, was once the front-man for an alternative Seatle rock-band called Acceptance, which was gaining some ground in both fame and critical acceptance before he abruptly quit the band.

Acceptance released their debut record Phantoms in 2005 with Columbia records (produced by Aaron Sprinkle) after rising in prominence in the Seattle music scene.

It seemed like exciting opportunities were lining up for the group, and they were able to go on tour with bands that went on to achieve significant levels of fame and success including Panic! at the Disco and Paramore; but they broke up in 2006 after Vena left the band to work at Chantal’s dad’s car dealership.

Guitarist Christian McAlhaney posted this on the band’s website vowing that the rest of the band would keep persevering with their dream of pursuing music despite lead singer Vena’s desire for “normalcy:”

You see, there comes a time in a band member’s life where he must choose between the abnormal life of a gypsy rock musician and the normal life of the common man. Jason, our beloved lead singer, has chosen the latter and decided to take on the yoke of the common man. HOWEVER, the rest of us do not share in this desire for normalcy and have decided to continue in our pursuit of rock stardom. You should all be expecting to hear a new kick ace rocking project from Nick, Kyle, and I, as well as a new project from Kaylan and a bunch of secret people that I can’t talk about right now.

In 2008 Vena, who had retreated to a private life with wife Chantal, made a rare public gesture by doing a live chat on music website He lauded life away from the music scene (which he had been involved in since he was 14, but did express interest in writing songs for other artists and doing something with Phantoms‘ producer Aaron Sprinkle.

Acceptance had a pretty strong cult following, and Vena expressed regret that they didn’t get to put out a second album. He blamed the band itself for falling apart and praised Columbia records, but said they didn’t do enough to promote their record. It wasn’t on store shelves during Christmas, and when asked about internet marketing, they replied “We don’t do internet marketing.” That was back in 2005, so hopefully the internet marketing policy has changed by now.

He did express still loving music, and hinted that the reason he left was because he no longer felt a connection with his creativity and that life after a music career was “better than expected.” Now that his marriage has disintegrated and his former bride is seeking fame on The Bachelor, will Jason Vena change his mind about leaving his music career and make another attempt at succeeding in the music industry?

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Here are a few of Acceptance’s songs and music videos: