Jon Gosselin reportedly living with new girlfriend Morgan Christie because he’s too broke to pay rent, bills, and legal fees

Morgan Christie

Jon Gosselin, who was working his infamy like a hooker with DDD’s this summer (and giving Michael Lohan a cut), is now jobless and almost homeless after TLC put the kibosh on his media appearances because of contractual obligations and he suffered a major blow-out with his rebound flame Hailey Glassman.

But things always work out for Jon Gosselin, and his unnatural powers of attraction (a heavily worn Ed hardy T-shirt and a 5-minute shower of Axe body spray) have landed him in the arms of another girl, who conveniently has a pad he can crash at. Morgan Christie, a 25-year-old snowboarding enthusiast, met Jon in Utah, and is now letting him stay at her California home, sources tell Fox411.The main reason he’s moving in isn’t undying love, but a serious crisis situation. He simply doesn’t have the cash to pay rent on the New York apartment he shared with Glassman (which has since been trashed as part of a publicity stunt,) or pay legal fees, child support, and numerous other mounting bills.

Just like his immature fling with 23-year-old Hailey Glassman (until that turned sour as well), 32-year-old Jon is using this new relationship to forget about his troubles. He’s addicted to the carefree wiles of new love. Fame must be a powerful and enchanting thing that temporarily casts a spell on unsuspecting women. They become intoxicated by the mystery of Jon and end up offering their hearts and homes for Jon so he can eat all their food, dirty their sheets, and complain about how Kate, Hailey, Kate Major, Stephanie the babysitter, Michael Lohan, TLC, and the rest of the world have ruined his life. Sometimes he might even mention his eight children.

It’s very hard to see how anyone would fall for Jon after reading about him and looking at pictures of him on the internet, but something mystical must happen. It probably doesn’t last for long, and soon Morgan Christie will be crying on Inside Edition, and Jon will polish his cubic zirconia earrings and ride into the sunset to find another girl to pay his bills.

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