Kanye West adidas Yeezy 750 Boost photos, Kim Kardashian reveals celebrity shoe sizes

Kanye West adidas Yeezy 750 Boost shoes

Earlier this month it was revealed that Kanye West would be collaborating with adidas on a collection of footwear to be revealed during the upcoming New York Fashion Week. In anticipation of the release there is a web countdown as well as a brand new adidas sneaker reservation app. Although the countdown indicates the first reveal of the Kanye kicks will be February 12, photos have been “leaked” online of the first design in the collection called the Yeezy 750 Boost.

The kicks pics come courtesy of Kanye West’s barber of 19 years, Ibn Jasper, who posted several photos on instagram on Friday in which you can see the light tan suede sneakers that include a large strap across the top:

Yeezy 750 Boost shoes

The shoes have a distinctly non-athletic style, instead going for a more simple, high fashion look that could be worn as easily at the club as on the red carpet, as demonstrated by Kanye himself as he rocked his new shoes while attending the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy brunch on Saturday. (Please try to tear your eyes away from Kim Kardashian’s mid-section.)

Kanye West wearing adidas Yeezy 750 Boost shoes

And just in case you weren’t able to draw your eyes away from, I understand. Here is a zoomed-in photo of just Kanye’s shoe:

Kanye West shoes Yeezy 750 Boost

If you’re curious how much the Yeezy 750 boost cost, there are mixed reports of pricing between $250 and $300 a pair. It is also being reported that the shoes will be limited to 3,000 pairs, although High Snobiety is reporting that the Yeezy 750 Boost will also be made available in solar red.

Actually, that 3,000 number may be a bit off considering a photo shared by Kim Kardashian earlier today in which you can see a stack of the shoes to be gifted to friends and family like Jay Z, Kylie Jenner and Puff Daddy. Curiously, it appears as though Kim has indicated the shoe sizes of each of the celebrity pals receiving a pair, including Jay at a surprisingly small Size 9 and Big Sean not living up to his title at all with an even smaller size 8 pair! Pus, Kim adds the #ThisFirstRunIsAsizeTooBig hashtag in the caption:

Yeezy put me in charge of the fam distribution #YeezyBoost #AdidasOriginals #ThisFirstRunIsAsizeTooBig #WifeLife #WifeGotThatWork

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

It should be noted that Kim posted the photo shortly after Bruce Jenner was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in the death of one person with multiple others injured. As you might imagine, the timing of the post was not well received among commenters on the posts on instagram and Facebook.

Here are the rest of the photos of the Kanye West Yeezy 750 Boosts:


A photo posted by @ibnjasper on


A photo posted by @ibnjasper on


A photo posted by @ibnjasper on


A photo posted by @ibnjasper on


A photo posted by @ibnjasper on

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  • Shoe joke

    Both Kanye (& Kim) and hose shoes have ugly souls.

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  • Beba

    Beyonce is not going to be happy lok

  • Beba


  • Tabitha

    I’ve seen cooler shoes at Payless.

    • bambiglanville

      Agreed. I feel like my 5 year old nephew could have come up with better designs.

    • Heezy

      So take your ass to Payless then

  • ballhair696987

    The shoes that make you look poor. Whilst costing so much that they in fact make you poor. Sound lucrative.

    • MsAwesomePants

      Just like the ripped jeans and plain tees he wears.

      I still can’t fathom who told him he’s high fashion.

  • Hannah

    Hideous who the hell would wear those let alone pay money for them?

  • Wtf

    WTF is he wearing in that picture??? Why…..

    • lily

      the question is, what is she wearing? The high skirts and crop top outfits need to go.

      • Wtf

        Ugh I know…they both look horrible.

  • S.

    These two are coochie crumbs…

  • So celebrities with all their money get these for free, but everyday people working 9 to 5 will have to shell out 250 – 300 bucks for these ugly ass shoes…..#notthatstupid #notthatserious #ipass