PHOTOS Bruce Jenner survives fatal car crash while pursued by paparazzi

Bruce Jenner car crash Pacific Coast Highway

One person is dead after Bruce Jenner reportedly rear ended a vehicle on the Pacific Coast Highway while being followed by as many as 5 paparazzi. An eye witness says the white car rear ended by Bruce was forced into oncoming traffic where it was hit head-on by a Humvee headed in the opposite direction, killing the driver. There were reportedly seven people injured in the three-vehicle accident in addition to the fatality.

According to TMZ, Bruce was pulling a trailer carrying a Polaris UTV that he had loaned to a wounded veterans group. He reportedly told police on the scene that he had not been drinking and passed a field sobriety test. Bruce was given medical attention on the scene as a precaution.

UPDATE – Law enforcement sources have stated that Bruce went to a hospital voluntarily to have blood taken for a blood alcohol test. It has been determined that Bruce was not speeding at the time of the accident and that the woman was reportedly coming to a stop at a red light when Bruce rear ended her. Her car reportedly hit a Toyota Prius prior to crossing lanes into oncoming traffic.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bruce volunteered to go to the hospital to have his blood drawn for blood alcohol testing. He was taken in a Sheriff’s cruiser. We’ve also learned the woman who was killed in the white car was coming to a stop at a red light when Bruce hit her. We’re told law enforcement has already determined Bruce was not speeding.

And we’re told there was a 4th car involved in the accident. The woman in the white car hit a Prius in front of her before moving into oncoming traffic.

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Bruce Jenner car crash

Twitter user @unclenandough shared numerous photos from the scene, with his first captioned, “Bruce Jenner in bad accident on PCH in Malibu. He’s aight, but others involved not so much.”

Here are some more photos from the scene of Bruce Jenner’s crash, including some that include Bruce from Twitter user @melisaacardenas:

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