PHOTOS Is Farrah Abraham dating Dennis Desantis, GG Gharachedaghi’s ex-boyfriend?

Farrah Abraham and Dennis Desantis

Just in time for today’s filming of Couples Therapy All-Star Reunion Show, it looks like Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham is putting Dr. Jenn Berman’s advice into practice with Dennis Desantis — who is known for dating Shahs of Sunset‘s GG Gharachedaghi.

Farrah and Dennis first went public with their friendship on July 13, when he posted a picture of them together at a Topco Sex Toys party. He added, “Doing big things with my Teen Mom girl @F1Abraham #Trouble.” He responded to negative comments by telling people to slow down because they “don’t even know this girl.”

Farrah Abraham - Dennis Desantis - New Boyfriend

They reunited in L.A. last night for dinner at Craig’s, a celebrity hotspot… Where, based on more touchy-feely pictures shared by him, he seemed to have the hots for her.

Farrah Abraham Date With Dennis Desantis

Farrah and Dennis were later pictured leaving in the same car, leading the paparazzi who are constantly present outside the Hollywood restaurant to surmise it was a date.

Farrah Abraham and Mystery Man Dennis Desantis

Although the paparazzi described the pair as “camera-shy,” we know this isn’t Farrah’s first experience with paps capturing her dates: Would-be Couples Therapy costar Brian Dawe told us Farrah habitually tips off photographers. He also said their supposed relationship was faked for the VH1 show… So, it seems like an interesting coincidence that Farrah publicized her date just before filming the Couples Therapy reunion show. (She actually just retweeted the picture of them that Dennis shared three weeks ago.)

Dennis also has experience with paparazzi capturing romantic moments, based on pictures of him frolicking with then-girlfriend GG in February. Prior to that, Radar Online reported Dennis “is a convicted felon with multiple arrests on his record.” Dennis and GG later broke up amidst reports he was cheating on her.

UPDATE Farrah told us she has “no comment” about her relationship status.

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  • Hollywoodpecker

    Aw. How cute. Another rental boyfriend.

    • Lisa

      Right?! I wonder how much she paid this one…

    • Reality

      She is going back on Couples Therapy, after all

    • TimM

      BAHAHAHAHAH, I was about to say the same thing!

  • Renee L

    Starcasm, do y’all just strive to be just ok? Like no proofreading is necessary, right? Almost every article has a few mistakes. I like most of the content of your stories, but the typos are getting to be too much. The very first sentence of the teaser on the previous page says “Does Farrah Abraham have a new man!” A screaming question.

    • Lyra

      The worst is when the titles are wrong: “Alexis Bledel marrying her MAN men costar” … lol

    • starcasmnet

      The !? was actually intentional. Just a little silliness.

      • Bec

        I like you starcasm. This isn’t the BBC or Al Jazeera, ain’t that serious.

      • Renee L

        Oh I see it now !? which makes sense. I thought you just had ! at the end of a question.

    • Lanie_Lane

      I feel the same way you do. The lack of proofreading and/or editing is obnoxious. I was just reading the two articles on Baby Gammy when I became totally confused because in one half of the article they called the baby Hammy and the other half he was called Gammy. I finally went to the GoFundMe site to see which was correct.

  • Kara

    Farrah’s lips look ridiculously big.

    • P

      How can you tell? The dress is covering that up. Oh. Nevermind.

    • Lara

      Right?! They make her horse features even more prominent.

    • Brandy Nicole

      So does her butt.

  • Lisa

    No, Farrah doesn’t have a “boyfriend.” Farrah has a sleazy dude that she paid to take pap photos with her to keep her name in the tabloids.

    • savannah

      Maybe she’s hired him for her next film…

      • Brandy Nicole

        Best comment!

      • Lisa

        Haha! Win!

    • Lanie_Lane

      Of course he’s hired! She couldn’t return to Couples Therapy solo, esp since Catelynn & Tyler will be participating as well. She thinks by having some male prop on her arm people will believe she’s successful and that she was a victim with Brian and the previous CT. It must be sad & pathetic to be Farrah Backdoor Abraham.

  • Andi

    She used to be pretty before plastic surgery, lip injections, & big fake teeth. Now she looks like an alien. Why do people ruin themselves…

    • jlo27916

      She looked WAYYYY better before ANY surgery. Poor girl really f**ked herself over

    • Lanie_Lane

      I never thought she was gorgeous, but she did have a very unique look, which in the beginning (16&P) really made her attractive and pretty(until she opened her mouth). Her looks now are completely hideous. She is the 2014 version of plastic Heidi Montag. I think another reason she is so dang fugly is because we know what an awful person, parent, daughter, & human she really is. She needs to save her money for Sophia’s future therapy.

  • Lyra

    She seems really underweight. As much as I don’t like her I hope she doesn’t have an eating problem. Her biceps are as big as her forearm.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Wait. Someone likes farrah?

      • Lyra

        No, I said I don’t like her. She truly fufills the phrase wh0ring yourself out. I just think she’s really skinny, but someone else said it could be from drugs. (I do worry that whatever it is, eating disorder or drugs that Sophia gets exposed to it and I feel bad for her.)

        • Brandy Nicole

          My bad. Must have read to quickly.

    • Bec

      Nah she eats d!ck every night. She’s good.

  • savannah

    Every time I see her face it looks worse than the last time I saw it. Ugh.

  • Brittany

    Uhhh, did she get butt implants?

  • bambiglanville

    That last side photo shows just how plastic she looks. Is that ass fake, too?

  • Chelsea

    All Sophia will remember from her childhood is her mother’s promiscuosity.

  • Reality

    Yep..she stated she only wanted a businessman. And that she was doing quite a bit of businessmen dabbling. Guess this guy foots the bill. Never saw any pics of the dabbles

    • Bec

      She “dabbled” on camera. I think they called it Backdoor teenmom

    • Lisa

      We never saw pics of the “businessmen” because if they weren’t outright made up, they were johns.

  • Me

    “No comment” bit has me rolling. She has shown the world every single bit of her life thus far. She aint fooling anybody.

  • sammi

    I hate to admit it but I really like that black dress she is wearing ::dodging tomatoes everyone is throwing at me:: lol. On another note, I never saw someone with a child constantly gone from said child. Sophia ia better off raising herself

    • Pat Brown

      Kim K is gone more, I would say!

      • Brandy Nicole

        I’d say they are tied.

  • Pat Brown

    if this is true, it will last a week TOPS! Only because I think she’s a smart businesswoman, she’s out there making money, but emotionally she has a lot of issues that have to be addressed!

    • Bec

      Smart? Business? Surely you jest.

      • Pat Brown

        well she has been able to parley her Teen Mom fame into other endeavors, and make money. I don’t think there is anything wrong with porn, if everyone involved is a consenting adult. I mean it’s a multi billion dollar business, I’m sure people you know watch it. So if she’s is this and that, so are the people that watch it, can’t be one sided. She has books out, is opening a restaurant, she makes a living, I would say financially she has made more money then any of the other ‘Teen Moms’ I just think she has some mental health issues that must be addressed.

        • Babs Workout Tape

          I agree Pat. Honestly I think all of the other teen mom’s are jealous of her. Just think about it. That’s why they always pick at her. Wait I’m talking good about Farrah?!! Lol

          • Bec

            Why would anyone be jealous of Farrah? She looks like a tranny and everyone has seen her busted beef flapped vagina.

          • ms naynay

            Jealous of Farrah? Yuk. She’s a joke! The things she says are so stupid that any normal person would be humiliated. And mental heath issues?? Haha THAT’S the understatement of the year!

        • ms naynay

          You may think p0rn is “ok”, but did you know that the vast majority of young women who get involved in p0rn have been sexually molested or are on drugs? The girl has molds of her @ss & vag on the market….she might have made some money, but for God sake, money isn’t EVERYTHING. The jury is still out on her other ventures, it’s way too early to know if they will be successful or not. Right now her new book is not selling well at all; #33000 something on Barnes & Nobles’ selling list. But most importantly, Sophia will definitely suffer for her mother’s choices of how to make a living…actually, the p0rno was more about fame to her, not money. There’s a big difference between fame & infamy & Farrah will certainly find that out one day.

          • Pat Brown

            yes it’s a bad situation with the porn, it doesn’t stop people you know from watching it does it? It doesn’t stop it being a billion dollar industry, I really think the anger directed at porn, really needs to be directed at the sickos that watch it while they are playing with themselves. NO buyers no porno simple. I really would like to see the anger and the hate directed there, but most of the women that are casting the stones, have a partner ,a friend, relative neighbor, that indulges in it, sometimes, rarely or all the time, take your pick!

  • Murphy

    “no comment” = this is for PR. I can’t really have a BF because I’m a hooker

  • mouthpumper

    Why couldn’t she have just swallowed little Sophia so we wouldnt have to know who she is?

  • glk900

    Well, he does resemble her father…

  • Paige Davidson

    I think dude is ugly wih those thick ass brows and his ex GG is a butterface….he must like dog face hoes…lol. just my two cents.

  • TxLoKiTa

    Well he down graded, with THOT . Im sure no one will last with this. She doesn’t know anything about maintaining a relationship. She’s trying to mend fences since Mtv fired her. Male your millions while using Dennis as a stepping stone apparently he has his own money and a philanthropist.

  • danie

    She always looks like she’s smelling a bad fart…