Florida kid who stole 2 school buses steals truck after failing to steal mom’s car, go-kart


The 12-year-old from Bay County, Florida who’s internet infamous for having stolen 2 school buses has struck again.

Michael Propst made national headlines recently after his 2nd successful attempt at stealing a cheese wagon. Before his 2nd school bus joy ride, Propst had stolen a family member’s truck and hid it.

Wednesday night Propst tried stealing his mom’s car, causing what is said to have been hundreds of dollars in damage. When he was unable to get his mom’s ride started, he broke into a neighbor’s garage and attempted to steal their go-kart. Instead of settling for that mode of transportation he located a 1990 Chevy truck parked outside the same home and lifted that ride.

The Springfield Police Department was notified of the stolen truck and figured out pretty quickly who the culprit was. The police got a lead that Propst was looking to head north to Dothan, Alabama.

The kid’s plans to flee the state came up short as the stolen truck was found alongside HWY 231 while Propst was found in the small town of Campbellton, Florida early Thursday morning.


As part of his punishment for all the prior motorized vehicle borrowing, he was required to wear an ankle monitoring device. Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne said, “Underneath the [mother’s] car, we found his ankle monitor that he had cut off that had been put on him earlier by the court this week”

Propst now faces too many charges to even try to list. Thorne added, “We’ve got a young man that apparently not only has some emotional problems of his own, but has some issues at home. And doesn’t know how to cope with them.”