PHOTOS Farrah Abraham poses with Snoopy, TMNT, more at 2014 Comic-Con

Farrah Abraham poses with Snoopy at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con has become pretty much the biggest media event and spectacle in the Western Hemisphere, so of course it makes sense that the very media friendly Farrah Abraham was in attendance! Why was Farrah in attendance, you may ask. Was it to promote her upcoming film debut in the slasher sequel Axeman II: Overkill? Nope. Was it to promote her infamous sex tape? Nope. How about her space-age line of sex toys molded directly from her body? Nope. Maybe her series of erotic novels have been optioned for a Twilight-like series of movies? Nope.

Farrah was at Comic-Con with Girls and Corpses magazine! You might recall that Farrah graced the cover of the morbid mag’s winter issue, recreating Grant Wood’s iconic “American Gothic” painting, only with Farrah wearing a bikini and piercing a dead guy’s head with a pitchfork.


Farrah was womanning the G&C booth on Saturday and Sunday, signing copies of her issue of the magazine, and of course she posed for lots of photos with fans as well as other notable Comic-Con attendees like Snoopy (above) and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Farrah Abraham poses with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con

Oh, and a Power Ranger:

Farrah Abraham poses with the yellow Power Ranger at 2014 San Diego Comic-Con

* Please refrain from any and all “Rump Ranger” jokes.

Here’s one of my favorite fan photos of Farrah at Comic-Con posted by @loveyoulongtimedot on instagram along with the caption, “I spy with my eye …. #TeenMom or p***Star LOL #SDCC #FarrahAbraham”

Farrah Abraham San Diego Comic-Con selfie

And here’s a gallery of all the other Farrah Abraham Comic-Con photos I could round up:

To wrap things up, I thought I’d share a Facebook post by Girls and Corpses in which they ask fans to caption a photo of Farrah and Snoopy together. My suggestion would be “Backdoor Cartoon Mom.”

Feel free to share you captions below, butt (heh heh) please note that any profanity will cause your comment to be flagged.

UPDATE – The Axeman II: Overkill movie Twitter page just gave us a heads up that Farrah was actively promoting the film while at Comic-Con. That girl sure can multi-task!

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  • LexiconD1

    Poor Snoopy.

    Go home, Snoopy. Go home.

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  • Lisa

    What in the **** is she wearing?!?!

    • BreeMorey

      OMG Thank you!! I thought the same thing its horrible

    • christee

      The worst April O’Neil costume, ever?

  • Sara Hearn


  • frontdoormom

    Is she ever with her kid?

    • Brandy Nicole

      About the same as kim is with North. Once in awhile for pics only.

    • Renee L

      I was just going to post…does she ever actually stay home and, you know, parent?

  • Bec

    Too bad she wasn’t in that crowd of people that got hit by the car. Farrah should have been the one to break her arm, not some innocent old woman

  • TA

    her “fans” that she posed with are just as trashy as she is.

  • Lanie_Lane

    I’m trying to figure out who’s face is longer: Farrah or Snoopy’s

  • ballhair696987

    Guardians of the galassy

  • sammi

    Is she ever with her daughter? No, Soph is with her bat $hit People Under the Stairs parents. I dont think its ever a good idea for a kid to run away but in Soph’s case, get your hobo stick with the scarf thingy hanging off it and RUN like water

  • Pat Brown

    she’s always out there, getting gigs, she can give lessons on milking the 15 minutes. Like her or not, I don’t think she’s going away any time soon!

  • P

    A pic with Snoopy? Makes sense. We all know she loves it doggy style.

  • Chris

    Those lips are awful. She looks 40 years old.

  • muci

    Hands off Snoopy, Farrah!

  • sammi

    Her lips turn the corner before she does