How did Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia’s dad Derek Underwood die?

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia

On 16 and Pregnant and the first season ofTeen Mom, Farrah Abraham doesn’t reveal much about the father of her daughter, Sophia, except that she’s cut him out of her life. On 16 and Pregnant, Farrah’s mom tells her to block his number to keep her from calling her cell phone. Farrah complies with her mother’s request, and not long after cutting off contact with her baby’s daddy, 18-year-old Derek Underwood died in a car accident.

On Decemeber 28, 2008 Derek, who Farrah cited as Sophia’s father on her Facebook page, was driving when he lost control of the car; it skidded and flipped over into a power pole killing Underwood and another passenger, Zachary Mendoza. Both boys were from Council Bluffs, Iowa and were 18 years old at the time of their deaths. Another teenager in the car, Dustin Congdon, survived.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia's father Derek Underwood, who died in a car accident Decemeber 28, 2008
Farrah’s Facebook photo captioned “Derek Underwood – Sophia’s dad R.I.P”

From KETV in Omaha:

Derek Underwood’s sisters told KETV ‘NewsWatch 7 that he was a good athlete and was about to be a father.

“He would always cook for us, and all his friends, whenever they came to the house, he loved to cook, he was going to go to culinary school,” said Kassy Underwood.

“Definitely lived on the edge, but he was responsible, he went to work, came home,” said Alissa Underwood.

Derek Underwood and Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham
Another Facebook photo of Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood

Derek Underwood’s obituary:

Derek Anthony Underwood, age 18, of Council Bluffs, Iowa passed away December 28, 2008, from injuries suffered in a motor-vehicle accident.

Derek was born May 8, 1990, in St. Joseph, Missouri to Stormie Clark and Jerry Underwood. He moved to Council Bluffs in 1999 and graduated from Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson High School in 2008. Derek was a waiter/server at Rick’s Boatyard in Omaha for the past year.

He is survived by his mother and stepfather, Stormie and Mike Clark of Council Bluffs; father, Jerry Underwood of St. Joe, Missouri; sisters, Alissa and Kassy Underwood both of Council Bluffs; grandmother, Rose Hawkins; great grandmother, Catherine Rice; aunt, Dawn Hawkins; uncles, Rick, Tony and Adam Hawkins all of St. Joe.

Visitation with the family, Tuesday, 4:00-7:00 p.m. at Cutler-O’Neill-Meyer-Woodring Funeral Home in Council Bluffs. Funeral service, Friday, 1:00 p.m. at the Meierhoffer Funeral Home in St. Joe. Reverend Gene Lee will officiate. Interment Memorial Park Cemetery, St. Joe.

(Obituary from Zwire and

Zachary Mendoza’s mother Jackie Kennedy was seen on surveillance cameras purchasing a bottle of Skyy vodka found at the scene of the crime and although it was determined Derek had been drinking, his blood alcohol was below the legal limit. For that reason Kennedy was only charged with a misdemeanor count of supplying alcohol to a minor.

Farrah remained silent about the existence of Derek during her stints on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom Season 1, but really opened up about him during a filmed therapy session on the third episode of Season 2. She explained that she was dating Sophia’s dad when she became pregnant, but her parents Debra Danielsen and Michael Abraham urged Farrah to keep the pregnancy a secret and break up with him. In the clip below Farrah explains that she wasn’t very happy with him either when she decided to cut off contact with him. When he died, she said her parents didn’t want to talk about Farrah’s feelings and grief, and seemed to be relieved that “the problem [was] gone.”

Here she is opening up even more about Derek’s death, explaining to MTV’s SuChin Pak the emotional processes she went through during this complicated period:

UPDATE – According to 38-year-old Jackie Kennedy was sentenced to one year of probation and must pay a $1500 fine. Also, here is another KETV link about the crash.

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  • My gosh, I never knew this! I just thought she got pregnant then blocked him outta her life. It’s a bit sad that Sophia will never get to meet her dad though, but I think Farrah (and all the other moms on the show) are good moms.

    • DK

      Good moms? The only good mom on that show is Maci. The rest are immature, irresponsible brats.

      • Marilyn

        I’ll second that. They are not really taking care of the children- Farrah is the worst, always dumping her kid off with her mother. It is so selfish to keep a child you know you cannot properly care for- resulting in both the mother and the child’s life being ruined.

  • juan

    i swear i think this girl lives in omaha im not sure but im positive cause i live in omaha and it looks like thats here and what that cole guy did is f**ked up farrah is really pretty 🙂

    • She actually lives in Council Bluffs, IA. I go to Lewis Central, and I heard ALL about her drama. Latest drama is she’s pregnant again. I’m not for sure yet.

  • HUH?

    So Mendoza died and then they charged him with a crime? And he’s a she?

    • admin

      Mendoza’s mom was charged with supplying alcohol to minors.

  • i think thts rele sad that she blocked him out of her life she could have let him c the baby you know…

    • jessan

      He died before sophia was born in feb 2009

  • noaconstrictor

    how was his blood alcohol below the legal limit of zero for a minor?

    also how do you know the name of the father?

  • Kari

    I watched the video about the accident & its a sad story.
    But are you sure thats Sophia’s daddy.
    Because i see no evidence saying it is.

    • ggg

      does anyone know if farrah even cared that he died? she doesnt seem to care! i understand that she didnt want to be with him anymore but come on he was still the father of her baby// it just seems odd that she doesnt say anything regarding him n what happened to him

    • Crysy

      I went to school with Derek and Farrah, and for anyone who knows Derek, knows that Sophia does look like Derek, and sorta looks like his sisters baby also!

  • lisajoanie

    Farrah seems to be the most immature, entitled girl on this show, but the circumstances of her baby’s “father’s” death are tragic. I just have to point out that had he lived, she still probably wouldn’t have let him into her daughter’s life. I’m sure her daughter would have rather had the option of having a father.

    • annoymous

      amber is the most immature

      • colleen

        i do agree that amber is the most immature of the group. i also think she is the most out of control girl but we need to remember these are babies having babies. i think farrah is dating because she is a teen and yes she is a mom but a single mom at that. instead of her mother implying she is a s**t and doesnt pay her daughter attention she should just say no when farrah asks her to babysit. farrahs mother has treated her like crap since the beginning and i can not believe the way she acted about sophias birth. farrah is on her own compared to the other girls.

  • no name

    she said that the reason they didnt want him to know is cuz he was controlling

  • Sarah

    okay she doesnt give a crap what happened to Derek, the father of her baby. She doesnt even give him the respect to say what really happened on the show. Shes a selfish spoiled brat, and she lives in Council Bluffs, IA where a ton of people hate her for what shes doing about Derek. She s**ts around town and doesnt care that she has Sophia to care for. If you support Farrah youre just as ignorant and stupid as she is.

    • danielle


  • danielle

    First of all the car did not “flip over” it wrapped around a telephone poll. I am from council bluffs Iowa and attended TJ with Derek and Farrah. I am friends with Derek’s older sister Alyssa and was also friends with Derek. So for people who dont know Farrah it’s easy for them to believe that “Derek was such a bad guy” and yadayadayada… However just look at Farrah on the show and how she neglects to spend time with her daughter. I was never friends with Farrah and I can tell you that neglecting her daughter is just one of her bad traits.

  • danielle

    go look at my pics on photobucket of derek and farrah.

  • annoymous

    their anniversary is just around the corner..
    very sad day for the people who knew them.. i had class with zach but didnt know derek too well.
    i dont know the situation between farrah and derek but it has to be really hard on her as well as for sophia when she gets older and getting the chance to meet him.
    if u ask me amber is wayyyy more immature

    • annoymous

      and not getting the chance*

  • Derek Underwood and Zach Mendoza were killed in a car crash. Zach Mendoza was my Mom’s (at the time) boyfriend’s nephew. Getting to Farrah, she shouldn’t have blocked him out, because that is his daughter. But it was a shame he dies before Sophia arrives. Now Sophia will have to deal with Farrah going out on the club trying to find the “right” guy. Sophia deserves her Mom time, and Farrah needs to take care of Sophia otherwise she’ll lose precious time.

  • Syd

    Farrah does not take care of her kid. Her momma does. Her mom holds the baby more then she does on the show. Watch the episodes and count [lol] And she prolly is pregnant again shes with a diff guy everytime i see her and her mom says they practice abstinence HA!

    Its sad about Derek though. He never even had a chance to meet his baby and i bet he would have been a way better mother.

  • Tori

    does anyone realize that this accident just happened yesterday??? What if he didn’t want to be a part of Sophia’s life? What if he didn’t want her at first, then all of the sudden did…no one knows the real situation, but its Farrah’s choice whether she wanted him in Sophia’s life or not. Since it just happened yesterday, she wouldn’t have said anything on the show yet, since they shows a couple of months before they air them. and she’s not really a celebrity, so it’s not like she can just walk outside and they’ll be a paparazzi to comment on the matter…no one knows how she feels.

    • gloria

      tori, it says 2008.

  • Brittney

    So i think people who dont know people personally should shut their mouth. serioulsy i hate how people who just watch the show or any show think they know how people are. they only show you the drama part on the show, not a 24/7 video of them..seriosly i cant beleieve how f-ing rude people are and the things they say. sooo judgemental and need to get a life. i wish they would for real. Farrah i totaly understand her and its HER choice if she wants to talk about it on tv. its probally really emotional for her and she doesnt want it on tv. I mean, just because shes not puttin his buisness out there, that means she doesnt care? Nobody knows their relationship and why she chose to keep him out of her life and her babys life. it might of been for the best so..yeah im just saying people are f-ing judgemental low lifes ..god i cant wait till they have kids and they feel the same way as these girls then they are gonna feel like idiots about what they say now. karmas a b-ch, b-ches.

  • Jo

    Farrah is the most spoiled brat on the show. Her sister is far too mean to her but she deserves all the lectures she recieves from her parents. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she didn’t care that he died.

  • colleen

    and poor caitlyn….her mom is a major b-word. i think caitlyn needs to be taken from her mom by dcs. i would kick my husbands ass if he treated my child like he treats caitlyn. he should support the decision she and tyler made because they kept their child from the harm they both grew up with and that alone breaks the cycle of abuse and makes them the best parents on this show. tyler’s dad needs to go back to prison.

  • Allison

    I watch this show but it makes me crazy. I am a 27 year old mom of a 1 year old, and I lose my mind watching these girls care for their children and interact with the fathers. Maci is the only one who seems like she really has a handle on raising her son, but her relationship with Ryan makes me nuts. They do not know how to have real communication!! I only fault her for not being more vocal about what she wants..he seems so immature and irresponsible! She would be better off without him

    And Amber, the things she does with her daughter make me nuts!!! Giving her the bottle in the crib (tooth decay), leaving her in the middle of the bed unattended, cursing like a sailor in front of her….are you kidding me?!?! But what is worse is Gary! He is the laziest, most selfish person I have ever seen. He takes no responsibility for his daughter and does nothing to make Amber’s life easier. I feel so sad that it seems like Amber has no where to turn.

    And Farrah, oh man! TERRIBLE mother. So selfish and unwilling to care for her child. All she cares about is going out and finding a man. And, while Farrah’s mom is a huge b**ch, at least Sophia is being properly cared for when she’s with her. I watched Farrah leave Sophia near the top of the stairs in one episode and on top of a table on 16 and pregnant. What a spoiled brat this girl is!!

    Besides Maci, I respect Tyler and Catelynn the most. It was so mature of them to realized that their homes (especially Catelynn’s) was NO place to raise a baby. Poor Catelynn has to deal with a low-life step-dad and a mom that seems more interested in her husband than her daughter. Thank goodness she has Tyler…he is such a good kid. He really loves Catelynn, and the two of them seem to really respect and support each other. I think they are wonderful for giving their daughter a chance at a better life than they have, and I believe that Tyler is the only guy on the show that would have made a good dad.

    • hailey

      you shouldn’t judge. u don’t know them and you don’t know what thy go through. Im a teen mom and i think only ppl that experiences situations like this should talk abt and not talk if you don’t know. It not easy, and ppl learn as they grow.

      • Chris

        In my Eyes Amber is Selfish. She is mooching off Gary all the time and complains even when he does something totally selfless. Farrah needs to take more responsibility. Maci is The most mature and needs to ditch Ryan because he does’nt seem to want the child or Maci.

      • I agree it is hard taking care of children. And you have no idea what these girls are going through. They are finding their way. I think they are doin the best they can do. And thats a hell of alot more than some moms.

    • stephanie

      please take a second and actually think and put yourself in the sittuation these girls are in. grant it they put themseleves in the sittuation but they don’t deserve to be treated and critized the way they are. i am also a mother of a 1 year old at 27 and as i watch this show i do see the mistakes these girls make, but i admit being a first time mother at 16 or at 36 you will still make mistakes, having a child doesn’t exactly come with instructions. there were so many times when i said oh gosh i can’t belive i did that! but more importantly these girls are sending out that exact message, that having a child so young should not be an option. i think of all the young girls watching this who are being influenced to do the right things and not make the same mistakes they made. those are the things we should be looking at. as a new mom iwant my daughter to be educated as much as possible about the consequences of haveing sex to young and if she doesn’t want to hear from me i am glad that there is a show that teenage girls could relate to. so before we sit here and say they are bad moms which is probably the worst thing a mom wants to hear especially looking at these girls who are trying to figure out how to grow up when there still children themselves we should commend them for trying to help other teenage girls make the right decsions. they may not be perfect moms but no parent is perfect and honestly from personal expierence parents who think there kids are perfect and think they are the perfect parents, it ends up being exactly the oppoiste.

  • Tiffany

    unless your also a teen mom or was a teen mom i dont see how any of you think you have the right to judge anyone. I’m a 21 year old mother of two and it is hard work. Im a stay at home mom and the father of my kids/my fiance works and i take care of them. I gotta agree with Amber sometimes its nice to have “me time”. Take a walk in their shoes before you start judging them.

  • admin

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    • I enjoy watching this show but I feel bad for these young ladies. I just hope other young ladies who are thinking about having babies should reconsider. It is really hard for these young ladies. Farrah should think about going out with her friends. She surrender that when she choose motherhood. Why should her parents babysit while she go out. How dare of her. She should also lose the attitude with her parents and sister. Sophia take priority. Maci, has really gotten smart. That was a good thing when she moved out. Ryan has to clean up his act if he want to keep a good young lady. Ryan should have thought about his youth before he became a father. Young men should learn to use condoms also. Don’t just put it on the females. Amber, your baby daddy is lazy. Move on. Gary feel like just because he pay all the bills he’s doing Amber a favor. Grow up Gary. Help Amber with the household chores and with the baby. You both are attempting to get your GED. Amber need help. Amber, just get child support and do u and your baby. Tyler and Catylette you all should separate. Widen your social network. Date other people, but most of all get a good education. Tyler your father is a a$$ hole and Catylette your mother has issues.

  • Tiana

    i cant believe the guy died! wow! she doesnt seem to care either….

    • tracy

      tiana- wait… you are quick to judge. you do not know how she handles it. you do not know if she has moments while taping and breaks down and that gets edited out. i do think she doesnt not make herself look good as a mother. i am sure she loved him and people deal with death differently.try not to judge since you are not in her shoes. who knows how things are when camera are not rolling.

  • Dan Foley

    Hey Farrah if your looking for a guy to chill wit and maybe date let me know

  • Melissa

    awww this is so sad. I hate that everyone picks on her. She’s doing her best. She is still a teenager and needs fun in her life. I think the show makes it look like she’s partying ALL the time. She’s not. She’s a good mom. Even old parents want to have fun too. Age shouldnt matter.

    • Leah

      Whether she is a teenager or and “old parent” as you put it, the rules don’t change. No mother should want to spend that much time away from their child and if that is the case, she should have just given Sophia up for adoption. Stop sticking up for useless people!

      • Melanie

        And Leah you are completely on the right page! This farrah girl needs a swift kick in the a$$! You rock:)

    • Melanie

      Melissa: Are you a mom? If not you should probably not speak at all! Lets be real here people…Farrah says “let me be a teenager” Really??? You might have wanted to think of that before you spread your legs and got pregnant! Now you want to go out and party and try to “be a teenager” The amount of respect this girl shows for her mom and step dad is ridiculous, they are watching your child while you try and catch some of your youth! and she has the balls to yell, swear and be a complete and utter b*tch to them? Might I add those are Sophia’s grandparents???? Farrah is disgusting to me as a parent, and yes I can say that!! I am a mom who had a child at the age of 19, but I chose to take care of my child and not party! Getting my drink on, or hanging with my peeps was not my first priority!! This girl needs to get a reality check! Our kids have one childhood, one life and one mom so you better do your darnedest to be the best parent you can be! Young or “Old” get your head out of your a$$ Farrah you will regret it in the end when you realize you are not #1 your daughter is!!!!!!!!!

    • Alicia

      I am a teen mom same age as Farrah actually and our babies are close in age too mine is a little older, point being I don’t do what she does and even I think she is a sack of crap. When you have a baby young you need to be there even more- you gotta grow up, move out! you can’t leech forever, and be a mom.
      I am in college, working and being a mom. And I would never leave my son with someone just to go out and party even if it was my parents. I would rather cuddle on the couch and tell him bed time stories- then be there when he wakes up from a nightmare or just needs a drink

  • Jennifer

    she will be very sorry when she gets older and more mature. she will regret not spending time with her daughter, not wanting to, talking to her parents with no respect. she should be very grateful she is a terrible mother.

  • michelle



  • terri

    I love Farrah. Of course I think the show makes it look like she parties more than she does. She’s young, and she wants to enjoy life, however I don’t think reality set in for her just yet. It doesn’t make her a bad mother, and she’ll realize that she needs to make some adjustments, if she hasn’t already. She probably feels like she has too much potential to sit at home and act as if her life is over. Her finding a boyfriend should definitely be the last thing she’s worried about. Her parents are very patient lol. She really should be more respectful, but then again I think if we could watch the way we’ve interacted with our parents in the past on video, as outsiders, we’d be a little ashamed.
    Bottom line is I think some people are way too harsh with her and need to calm down. We all make mistakes as parents and it’s probably very hurtful for her to hear people calling her a horrible mom. Personally it would piss me off, especially from people who watch 20 minutes of my life per week. She loves her daughter, and she is still only a teen.

    • Bekkah

      OMG please tell me what would make her a bad mom u guys say shes there during the day come on babies need there moms all through the night to feed an change them. What made Sofia becomes Farrahs moms child? U say they are makeing it look like she parties more then she does. Why dont MTV do that to the other girls then? I know MTV wants to show the bad side of getting prego in school but I just dont think some of u guys see that! I also hope the best for Farrah.She was the reason I even started to watch 16 an pregnant. She seemed like she was ready for this. But i dont think she really was. Yes she is young but her baby is even younger an didnt ask for any of this! I hope she starts to pay attention to what everyone els in the show see her like. I mean this guy met her once an didnt want to see her becouse of how she act! An he was nothing to her so she needs a bit of reality in her an Sofias life.

  • courtnee..

    All of u a$$wipes that say u should have thought before u spread ur legs need to think about the last time you laid down and had sex, and if u haven’t had sex yet then ur not mature enough to comment. Dnt judge people. I’m 18 and have a baby also. Mtv can make it seem like she’s not there but she is clearly there with her during the day if u pay attention to the show.

    • Leah

      So she’s a part-time parent and that’s okay? Way to go! You must be a great mother too!

  • Nancy

    Personaly Farrah’s a bad mom…sorry but it is the truth. I see where she gets it from tough, Her parents really dont disipline her, or at least from what the show show’s they dont. I hate the way she speaks to her respect what so ever.

    Dont feel pity for her beacause she is young. Why do you think she is in the situation that she is in??… Because of all the partying she dose. That is what got her in this mess.

    She was not able to keep her legs closed…with sex comes responsibility, if you are not willing to accept it then you are not ready to be a mom. But its too late for that. She needs to take care of her child, she needs to quit leaving her with her parents to babysit all the time… wat the heck they are not the parents of teh child SHE is!

    Personaly if she was my child, and lived under my roof and she spoke to me the way she speaks to her parents i would of slaped the heck out of her already.No joke.I wonder how her daughter is going to turn up…. the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    I bet $1,000,000 this time next she year she will be knocked up again!

    Anywho Best Wishes to her lol =)

  • At first when Farrah started dating that one kid i was like okay thats fine. But when it didn’t work its a new kid every episode. I just dont understand you don’t need a guy to happy when you chose to keep a beautiful baby girl. I think having friends is important but going out every episode. Do you see amber or maci going out no there with their kids. Its not your parents responsability to watch your child all the time.

  • hearts2

    I think the show is stupid. Yes, admitted i did watch a few episodes. LOTS of things bothered me, like the mom who went out partying. Im not sure if shes the same one that got the “nuva ring” but it annoyed the sh** outta me. She has no right to say her parents need to let up, shes a MOM now!! she needs to be at home, taking care of HER child. He going out is the EXACT reason she got KNOCKED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! The show does seem fake, and WAY to high-schooly. The one who gave up her baby shouldnt have held her if she knew she would give her away, thats what makes you connected with your child. I like the one who got away from her boyfriend, she seems like a GREAT mother. But i really dont like how they worry so much if the relationship with the father, or just another guy will work out. stfu

  • Alicia

    Hey so I am a teen mom and I love this show it really makes me feel less alone but Farrah just get my goat. I haven’t ever gone out to the bar or anything since I had my son. I spend all the time I can with him. With College A child and A job you don’t have time to party, yes I miss it and my friends ask me to come out all the time and I have people offer to babysit while I do it- but I chose to be an adult I chose to have sex and it’s now my responsibility to take care of my son and get my degree so I can provide an amazing life for him. I would never think of acting like Farrah does. I am her same age too and I don’t feel like I “NEED” to be able to be a “teenager” anymore I am a MOTHER and I belong AT HOME with my son babies do need their mommies ALL THE TIME! They have nightmares too! She is immature, and taking advantage of all the help her parents are giving her, I WISH my parents had the money to help me with my baby and would just give it out to me. I think the one girl who had to give up her baby deserves Farrah’s parents so she could have kept her baby =[ Also its HORRIBLE she didn’t let her babydaddy be in her daughters life just DISGUSTING!! I have a horrible baby daddy but he still sees his son, why because that’s his son its half of him. Anyways end of story Farrah is a sack of sh**t and being a teen mom ain’t no darn excuse!

  • amder u is a baby and gray is a baby 2 os he start saying that he didd not wnent 2 do it that way lear is a good baby so gray and amder stop being a baby and Lera is the baby amder and gray being a baby Amder u need 2 cook 4 gray he do not need 2 cook 4 u be land gary u eat all the food and amder

  • xxxvolc0mxchikxx

    have you ever thought farrahs parents are dang enablers for her? They allow her behavior. But I’ve noticed farrah is really steppin up recently, and that’s a good thing. Adjusting to having a baby is not the easiest thing as a 16 yo, but when your parents allow the behavior you can’t feel sorry for them or her.

      R.I.P.zachary patrick mendoza until i see you in heaven.

  • Lynn

    Such a cute couple.

  • Jane

    Farrah will be ashamed when she watches the show seeing herself running around looking for guys instead of giving full attention to the baby! Lucky her that parents didn’t kick her out.

  • B

    I do think this show certainly gives insight to the lives of teen moms and the perspectives of every person involved in their lives such as family, friends, and boyfriends. I have never had a child and I am 21, however I can definitely understand everyone’s perspectives on the show even though sometimes certain boyfriends can be kinda insensitive to the girls’ needs.
    I feel like some people may be too judgmental when they say that Farrah should have kept her legs closed because people also have to keep in mind that it is also the responsibility of the dad to wear protection (or keep it in his pants) so this can all be avoided. As they say…it takes 2 to tango. True I do think that after a child the partying has to be dimmed down and more focus should be placed on providing a better life for that child. I know I havnt experienced it myself but I know that’s exactly what I would do because my life would not be just about me anymore its about the baby. Therefore I can agree with everyone when they say that it seems like Farrah is out too much and takes advantage of her parents’ availability to watch Sophia. It really didn’t seem bad at first when it seemed like she simply wanted to keep her time with her daughter but add in a few social nights every now and then. But now it does seem a bit questionable.
    I also agree that it’s kinda sad that she didn’t keep the father involved when she had the option to. She needed financial assistance and as immature or jerky she thought he may have been, he could have really been a big help to her and Sophia.

    I really hope for nothing but the best for these girls and hope that they become stronger and wiser from their experiences. I also hope that they can get as much support as possible from their partners because it definitely isnt an easy task.

  • I always wondered why they never talked about Sophia’s dad in Teen Mom. I was surprised when they said he died that’s too bad. Maybe that’s why Farrah trys to find a guy to be with because she wants a father for Sophia and feels lonley that her baby’s dad died. Also regrets shutting him out of her life while she was pregnant’s unfortunate God bless Farrah. = )

  • Kimmie

    Farrah needs to get it together and stop being such a sorry mother. She shouldn’t be out in the streets as much as she is, she needs to focus on her daughter. What she fails to realize, is that when you get pregnant before your time your life changes. You can’t be a normal teenager because you aren’t one. I hope she feels ashamed when she watches the show and sees how irresponsible she came off. If she doesn’t change now it wont be long before she is pregnant again. She doesn’t realize how lucky she is. There are parents who would have put her out and she would be living on her own, but she has 2 parental figures who take care of her child while she goes out putting that birth control to use.

  • ana

    Farrah you need be careful next time but i also need help because i am 16 and pregnant is my 1fts time and i am already 8 months pregnant i need help*

  • ana

    hi you are a great mom like i had seen on mtvs and i whant to tell that i ammer what do for your daughter sofia just like me i am a teen mom and i had a newborn litle girl name arlene

    • Jenna

      Wow you ammer her? What the heck is that no wonder you are a teen mom. Poor Arlene. Go back to school and educate yourself then maybe, just maybe the two of you will have a chance. No wonder you feel for Farrah…. Very sad.

      • jazz

        your a b*tch there is no reason for u to be that evil farrah is doin the best she can i remeber being that old i was pregnant at 17 to and my child is awsome you have to give people a chance

        • shamrock23

          Farrah is not “doing the best she can”. You must not have been watching the right show. I hope for your childs sake her “doing the best she can is not like yours because if that’s the case you aren’t doing much. To all the teen moms on here still having sex and defending Farrah, but can’t spell. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS ON THE INTERNET GO PICK UP A BOOK

      • 100%native

        Dang your a jealous b***h girls are fn nuts these days always haten on what they cant be lol.

  • DonttWorrYbOutIt

    seriously ,, who tha f**k would put this s**it all over tha internet ?? that aint nobodys business !!

    • Dana

      I agree!!!

    • upstateNY

      The reason this is on the internet is because it is 2010 and the media is everywhere. Furthermre, he was under age and died in an alcohol related car crash where a the mother of one of the kids bought the booze! Even if Farrah wasnt onTV this story would be on the internet…welcome to the future. Honestly nothing on teen mom or any reality show is the public’s business but we all watch and even take the time to post about it online. I cant believe people are really surprised about this story “being on the internet”.

  • I fell so sorry for you and sophia.I just read about why sophia did’t have a dad so sorry i always watch your show and I love how you keep care of sophia.Always in my prares.

  • me,

    Yall are teens!
    dont get pregnant.
    im 16 &idk what i’d do if i were to be pregnant.
    its a huge responsibility.
    like now in days its a fad to have a baby.
    wait untill your older!



  • Hey Farrah your’e baby is so pretty

  • Dana

    I agree with saying this should not be on the internet at all!! most importantly the death of a teenager shouldn’t be on here. he has a family that don’t need to see this I AM positive they have seen and been through enough I just recently lost someone very close to me and like this its all over the internet its very hurtful to the family and friends maybe you guys should think of them before posting anything.

  • Shellyyy

    i truely believe that it was going to come out anyways, its a sad way to die but it happens and it was just a matter of time that the whole world found out. i love fara & i never even met her. i feel like her family needs to get off her back a lil’ more & understand that she is a teen mom & she jus needs they’re encouragement & support. Farrah’s beautiful, takes good care of sofia & she seems like she would b a nice friend to have 🙂

    • Jenna

      Are you kidding me? Someone needs to take this spoiled brat and show her that life is what she makes it…. God bless her parents for helping her otherwise that poor beautiful baby would need to be in someone else’s care. She has no sense of responsibility and needs a SERIOUS reality check. Get off your high horse Farrah, you last name is FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR from Faucet…

      • Ashley

        You are like the only other person on here with brains! Sophia needs to be taken away and given to a family that can’t have children and would cherish every moment they have with her! Farrah honestly seems like she could care less about Sophia!

  • amy

    yea i agree that is nobody f***ing bussiness

  • Ashley

    I think Farrah is a HORRIBLE mom, she had Sophia because she can’t use protection and she is a complete selfish b*tch! On the first episode of 16 and pregnant when we seen Farrah she called her “baby daddy” a crazy stalker! She just does the fun stuff with Sophia then lets her crazy a$$ mom do the rest! That is one f**ked up family fer sure! Maci is the best mom on those shows. And I don’t give a f**k if your 12 and a mom, a GOOD mom doesn’t just drop the baby SHE messed up and had just so she can hang out with ger stupid friends, try to pick up guys, and end up getting pregnant AGAIN!!!!!!!

    • Angela

      Wow…I bet you don’t have kids! Ferrah does have some growing up to do and is learning along the way, just as any parent would.Just because Ferrah likes to go out every once and a while does not make her a bad mom it just shows that she has a life!I am a mother myself and every mom needs there time out. I think Ferrah is doing a great job esp considering what she has been through this past year.

  • Ashley

    There are, according to JUST Mtv, about 10 teen moms out there who don’t go out and party and “hang out with there friends” and Farrah thinks it’s a RIGHT, it was a privilegde when she DIDN’T have a baby! Maci: Job tries to do school AND takes care of Bentley ANF deals with her other child Ryan! Amber and Gary: BOTH jobs, both doing school and BOTH take care of Leah, Oh and THEY ARE ALSO TEEN PARENTS LIKE FARRAH! Catelynn and Tyler don’t even do have the crap Farrah does and THEIR child is in another state! Farrah is just selfish and I’m VERY suprised she makes it through school!!!!! She’s always crying when people call her a bad mom because she KNOWS it’s true herself!

  • Katherin

    Yeah she had a kid young. Whatever. She is dealing with it. I had twins at 18 and got through it. She’s still immature, but she’s steadily growing. And wow you can tell all these girls who posted saying they had kids at 16 blah blah, that they dropped out of school. My lord. I’m sorry but idk what your child is going to do when you are teaching them how to spell!!! I can picture it now, “mom the teacher told me teach is spelled teach, not teech”
    –“your teacher is a moron honey. It’s teech”

  • Beth

    I always wondered what came of Sophias dad gosh that’s terribly sad! My son was born a month after I turned 16 call me a S**t or whatever you will but I learned to grow up. Where I went he went. I was homeschooled. Graduated early then went to nursing school. Motivation and family support can go a long ways if you want it bad enough. I’m single I don’t need a father for my child if it happens it happens. Maybe Farrah will realize that eventually too. This drama with her mom has to stop its went too far. Now turning violent around sophia is bullcrap.

  • Nicole

    Haven’t any of these uneducated rednecks heard of abortion? Geez, these red states need to spread the word.

  • Alex

    Farrah is a HORRIABLE mother and all you girls who say “oh no she’s not she’s just growing up” first of all she could had an abortion or she could of used birth control or given it to some that would care about the child. Poor little sohpia is gonna see the show one day and see how her mom didn’t seem to care about her. Also yes moms do need to have time away but time away isn’t every night and leaving YOUR responsbility to other people. Farrahs mother already raised Farrah, she shouldn’t have to raise her grandchild becuase her daughter is to stupid to take respinsbility. I’m 18 and have no kids so I don’t know what its like to take care of a child but I deff know that if I would not let my mom or family raise her I would take the resposnbility to do it myself and only seek help when I truly truly need it. Also just cause some of you silly girls have kids dosnt mean you can relate to Farrah and if you do look up to her I feel sorry for you and your child and future kids.

    • Lisa

      some of u are just rediculious. its no ones bussiness wheather or not farrah’s doing the best she can or not. Its her life, and we all know shes coping with the loss of sophia’s dad, its a tough time. Maybe the way she acts sometimes is venting out her difficult life, not everyone is a mom at 16-17….its not a piece of cake. I think farrah balances out her time well, and she popped out one hell of a cutie pie.

      farrah has my condolences about derek.

  • Star:]

    b*tch im a STAR :]

  • Star:]

    D**n people get over it. Ya’ll are just ice cold jealous of Farrah and her cute baby girl Sophia. She’s had a loss she’s just trying to find something to foget about her LOSS! Ya’ll don’t even know the POOR girl. Ya’ll shouldn’t be talking if ya’ll don’t know the own girl.

  • Jo

    Farrah is really mean to her mom, but now I see why. Nice Mug Shot Mom. That is sad about Farrah’s baby daddy. Why did she cut off contact anyways? I wonder what happened.

    I love Maci and Bentley, but too bad Ryan is such an A-hole. He annoys me, if I was Maci, I would literally ring his neck and stick up for myself.

  • Jo

    And for all you people on here that are acting like Abortions are as simple as the pill. The way people treat them, they should have a stand at the mall doing abortions. Jeez! These are children we are talking about. Human beings. Yes, if the situation is inevitable, it is an option, but the girls that kept their babies did not want abortions so shut the hell up.

    I know way too many girls abusing abortions to act as a form of birth control.I am not saying I am against abrotions, but s**t calm down!!!!! The morning after pill is also available

  • victoria

    If you do not have children and you dont know what it is like to raise a child DONT OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND MAKE COMMENTS…you have no idea how hard it can be sometimes and you need a break yea not everyday but you so need breaks.

  • Lisa

    and one more thing, she obvioulsy cares enough if she wasnt willing to abort sophia after derek died, she decided to keep her still knowing the consiquences. so all u B*****s shut the F**K up because none of u have a say in it, frankly i think this web site deal about commenting someones lifestyle is BullSh*t.

    • caley

      oh shut you must like farrah.aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh your a lesbo and just to let you know i dont like lesbos like you cause its nasty.

    • hoki0502

      lisa, sorry hunny but she was way too far along to abort the baby when derek died.

  • caley

    so farrah you really need to be a favorite couple is catelynn and tyler and maci and ryan , ryan needs to quit being a jerk to maci and bently and maci write how can a dad go with out seeing there child.the new one made me cry because tyler gave catelynn the ring and it made me cry even more because ryan didn’t care to see bentley.the guys on hear i think are hot his definitely tyler i wish you would date to and think ryan is cute but what gits me is that what he does to maci and bentley.

    your fan,

    • Dani

      you are right, I like Maci,but Ryan is very immature.I wish he would have changed but he’s not so Maci can do way better.She will find a real man to love and care for her and Bently.Maci needs to give Farrah some woman lessons. maci is very responsable and hates to be away from her son for a long period of time.As far as Tyler and Catlyn, they both are very mature and made an adult decision to give baby Carley up to a family that is able fifancially and mentally ready for a kid. Tyler loves Catlyn truly and reprsents the real meaning of a responsable young man.He needs to give Ryan some pointers.

  • Chrisy

    Aww, that’s so sad to hear. I already felt bad for Farrah, I feel like while she gets support from her family, it doesn’t ever come across, at least on the show, as emotional support, save for her grandmother who seems to be a very kind person and not so critical. Her mom and sister seem to take pleasure in making her feeling stupid or a bad mom. And this is going to sound horrible, but I almost think her older sister might be behaving that way because she possibly is jealous of Farrah’s looks and now Farrah is a single mom with no husband/boyfriend/dating prospects, so she’s enjoying it to an extent. I don’t know. I just feel so bad for this poor girl and even though people might say it’s weird for her to want to date while she has a baby, can you blame her? She’s probably hoping to find someone to love her and be nice to her, and maybe take care of her a little. I get the impression that she’d love to find a guy even if only to simply escape her mom. But really, I feel so bad for all the girls on Teen Mom. They have it rough for sure.

    • T

      Chrisy I completely agree with you. I think that both her sister AND her b**** of a mom are both jealous of her because she is pretty and I also think her cheerleading “friends” took comfort in spreading her buisness because she is prettier than they are. Sorry people but this is how society is, because Farrah is prettier than her dork sister and her b**** mom they HATE on her and her cheerleading friends who are less attractive than she is spread all of her business because they are jealous of her. I feel really sorry for Farrah, very sorry for her, because if you watch the show and really see her, she is a good person at heart but the grumpy ole’ bitties hate on her.

      • Dani

        That is absolutely stupid,her mom made her and her sister is just as pretty as Farrah is so what the hec reason should they be jealous. And as far as cheerleader friends, you have a kid and claim to be a responsable woman,so what do you care if they spread rumors.They talked about Jeseu Christ.Don’t you think that her mom acts bit**y because what real woman would let their children talk to them in that manner.Farrah has to realize that no matter how old you are if you live in someone’s home you have to respect her rules. Maybe if she had a little respect her mom wouldn’t mind her going out once a week and come in a a reasonalbe hour (not 3&4 in the morning).Everyone needs to stop feeling sorry for Farrah and admit that she needs to grow up and focus on raising her baby.

      • Chelsea

        agreed !

        • Mrs.Brown

          I like i agree that she has problems of her own and every thing
          But every ones does I have people dieing the guy that got hit by a car and he was on a motercyle that was my family R.I.P Robert Jones. See We all have our own problems and like i kinda look up to the girls on teen moms cause that shows me what life is really like that is not all easy. I am 14 years old and i have had a bad life and if any one wants to now what i mean you can email me at but i am not going tot say all my bussiness like that! Cause I dont want the whole world nowing! But Yea I am so sorry For Farreh that has to be bad cause she lost the one person that should have been in her babys life cause that is the dad and now what is she going to say to Sophie when she is older saying where is my daddy i went throught that with my little brother! So yea well i will comment more later i am in school and i need to get back to work

  • Chrisy

    Oh, I see I must have deleted my last 2 sentences, which I can’t remember word for word now, but I had meant to include that I feel so bad for poor little Sophia that her dad passed away at such a young age for both of them really. He died too young and she never will have the chance to know her dad.

  • chyna

    Farrah is a 1st class B!TCH who has no respect for her parents. How do we know this guy is really Sophia’s dad anyway???

  • Kristin

    Chrissy it’s not really sad he left her and I high doubt
    he’d reappear, even if he was alive. From my experience once men are gone they are, they are usually gone for good.

  • amber

    you people need help.. quit talking about this like any of you know whats going on..

  • amber

    shame on all of you for talking about a dead person like this… wow thats messed up. none of you have any clue who he is or that he was even a bad person… there should not be allowed comments on this

  • Brianna

    This is Bulls**t how your talking s**t about these girls. Im a single 16 year old mom and it isnt easy okay? And i only had sex with one boy. So who are you to say Farrah is a b**ch, and who knows if that her babys father. you have no right to come on here and comment on peoples life. Oviouslly you are low life loser. So look at urself in the mirror nd relize how low hearted yu are. Okay so suck a d**k and get a life.

    • Dani

      Farrah Is a little spoiled b**ch.I commend her for not aborting her baby,but she is just nit a good mom. She has it hard because she makes it hard for herself. She is very ungrateful.Her parents espically her mom supports her and puts up with her bull***t.She talks to her mom in a disrespectful way.And she thinks someone owes her something.Everyone makes mistakes but we have to live with them,and by saying that I mean she thinks that she deserves to go out and stay out until she gets ready. Do you think that is fair to her mom or her baby? She choose to have sex now suffer the after effects.She acts like her mom is obligated to babysit.If she was my daughter, I would have put her azz in check a long time ago,slapped her teeth out for talking to me desrespectfully in my own house,or put her the hell out so she can see how it feels to really be out on her own paying bills,and finding a reliable sitter. I would show her azz how to be a real woman.So before you get all upset and defending Farrah, think about it, would you let your child talk to you in that manner and stay under the roof of your home,while you are supporting them?

  • alyssa

    its def her dad. you can google it and find her babys dads name on 16 and preg page,
    theres a pic of him on a news article about the crash, and sophia looks just like him

  • Becca

    I feel really bad for Farrah. In some cases getting pregnant at that age is a mistake, but shes taking care of her baby. She is stepping up to the plate and now has put her baby first. I don’t think theres anything wrong with her trying to date or meet new guys, not all guys are going to ditch her cuz she has a baby. She will find someone who cares about her and accepts her baby. But most of all, it is completely f**ked up that her mother doesnt give her the nessecary support that she needs. Sophia is dependent on her mother taking care of her so where is Farrah’s helping hand? instead she chokes her, Farrah doesnt need that kind of abuse from someone who im sure she depended on when she got pregnant. Everything must be really tuff on her right now so cut her some slack.

  • Chelsea

    I don’t think anyone but Farrah can comment or have an opinion about her life. Her arguments with her Mother are between her and her Mother. Obviously MTV is going to beef up the arguments and edit in a way that makes it seem as though Farrah is being spoiled, but you don’t know what goes on when the cameras are not rolling. From recent reports, it sounds like her Mother is slightly abusive, and maybe she is trying to move out to get Sophia away from such behavior. Don’t pass judgement unless you know both sides to the story.

    • Dani

      They probably do edit some stuff but you still have to admit that Farrah talks very disrespectful to her mom ,that is a fact that was not edited, How can you be so direspestful to a person who takes care of you and your baby.After all she still lives under her mom’s roof.How much support does she expect? She babysits (for free),makes sure there’s food on the table(for free),does their laundry(no charge),the list goes on.What makes her think she has a right to want to hank out with friends,or to meet boys? Her main concern should be her baby,after all she made her bed now she has to lay in it. It’s not her parents responsability to take care of Farrah’s child,they raised thier kids already.Farrah has to woman up and put her baby first. Men will come and go. If I were her mom, I would probably make her move out just to see haw hard it would be to be on your own and raise a chold alone. She needs a reality check and grow up.

  • Dani

    I like Amber and Gary but both have their faults. Amber is determined to succeed but is a little bossy toward her man. Gary is a good provider but he needs to be a little more supportive of his woman while she wants to get her education and a job. I think Gary really doesn’t want amber to get a GED or Job because he is afraid she’ll be independant and won’t really need him anymore which isn’t true. She just wants to do better for herself so she can make a good life foe her child.Their cute together and I hope they stay together.

  • Chelsea

    I think Farrah is doing a good job, seeing that she is a single parent. and I also think that MTV made each Mother out to be what they wanted them to look like. It pisses me off how rude people are being on here, acting like they know everything about these girls’ life. MTV is so sick & twisted it isnt even funny. If you dont want a baby then dont spread your legs, very simple strategy.
    come on now people, nobodys life is perfect. no need to say such evil things about someone.

    • Angela

      Why are all of you guys talking crap? I don’t think its right for you guys to judge Farrah. you guys are pretty hard on her. she wants a life too. its not like she has her babies daddy to love and be with all times and a regular person wants love and loves to be with someone. just because Farrah is trying to be with ppl and hangout with ppl doesn’t mean she is a bad mom. moms do that type of stuff they should wanna watch there grandchild and be with them and give there daughters a break. just because she didn’t have Sophia 24/7 does not make her a bad mother. i don’t know what your guys problem are judging someone that MTV mad her seem like a bad mother when she isn’t.

      • Dani

        MTV didn’t make her seem like a bad mother she made herself look like a bad mom.She wants to be like regular people and hang out and her parents should babysit?To me you seemed to have life f**ked up too. Regular people wait til they are older and mature enough to have babies. Regular people knows that if you do slip up and get pregnant they are no longer considered a child. You have to assume the adult position and raise your baby. And regular people understand that when you become a parent your life sometimes has to be put on the backburner so that you can do what is more important for your child.Regular people know that it will be plent of times they will miss out on parties,dates and friends.If she is proclaiming to be a woman,move out get a real job,pay for childcare,and your own rent and bills not including clothes for you and baby,food,etc. Go ahead and try that .Farrah will be more than happy to put up with a little bulls**t for mom.

  • Nicole-a former single teen mom

    Ofcourse we know television shows edit things to make people appear a certain way…however, on the reunion show Farrah said she doesn’t like time limits (or something similar to that)…well WAKE UP FARRAH!!!! Being a mother is difficult…especially a single mother!! What daycare can you drop your child off to and tell them you will come back whenever you want?? And 2 a.m. at that??
    In Farrah’s defense…she is still a teen and the transition to being a responsible selfless mother is something that has to be learned…its not always just an automatic thing…like the love you have for your child…

  • teenmomofbabyboy

    I feel kinda bad for Farrah, she has it rough I mean with a mom like Debra who although does help out alot, can be overbearing and at times judgemental and stubburn, and a baby with no help from the father or any other significant other her life has got to be hard. She’s juggling working, school, being a mom, and trying to be a teenager, thats not easy. Just juggling school and work is enough to put someone under alot of stress. Everyone is so judgemental of her but put yourself in her shoes, what would you do if you had a mom who everytime you tired to explain stuff to judged you, decided she knew what was best for you and your child? How would you react if you were a teen mom who had to raise a kid by yourself no help from his/her other parent or any significant other? Really I think Farrah is doing the best she can and thats all any parent, teen or non teen, can do.

    • Dani

      Obviously Farrah doesn’t know what’s best for Farrah otherwise he mom wouldn’t have to tell her a$$ the same s**t over and over.I put myself in her shoes day after day when I raise my child. If I can’t find a sitter ,or my mom can’t watch my kid,It life. I don’t go to bi**hin about because in all reality I decided to have sex and got pregnant.Her mom is not obligated to babysit for Farrah just because she is a teen,or has no man or babydaddy,or whatever the case is. You cluless girls need to wake up.Ain’t nobodt in this world owes you a damm thing,not even your parents. Her mom should have choked her a$$ up a long time ago.The way she disrespects her and tells her to get out of her F**kin face.I wish my daughter would talk to me that way. I would slap the living piss out of her.God says honor your father and your mother or your days will be cut short. Her mom is only telling her whats best for her because she has more life experiences not to try to put down her feelings.She needs to realize if mom washes her hands what will Farrah do.She thinks its hard now,wait til she gets on her own and there is no more home to go back to.And it’s cool to want some friends or a boyfriend but she is making that her top priority.That is the messed up part.Grow up lil girl.

      • Rednecks Suck

        You hit the nail right on the head Dani. If my kids ever talk to me like Farrah does to her parents there will be hell to pay. If I ever talked like to that to my parents they would have kicked my butt up and down the street. That little spoiled brat needs to grow up and be a real mother. Also, her father needs to step up and give that girl an attitude check.

        Word around the Bluffs is that little sl*t is pregnant again. Guess we’llhave to wait for the new season to find out.

  • jutone


    • Dani

      Who cares if FArrah looks better than her sister,looks are not going to make nothing better.You can always be pretty on the outside but if you have a nasty attitude,disrespectful watys,you are truly ugly on the outside.If looks mattered so much why in the hell is Farrah alone (no man)?Trying to hard?So who’s the lame one!

  • sophia looks just like him

  • if farah can be a happy person life will be better for her

  • Monica R.

    Farrah is the most disrespectful, ungrateful, piece of s**t I ever seen on television. Her mother helps so much by providing Farrah and her daughter a place to live and food to eat and not to mention FREE CHILD CARE! Farrah really needed a smack to her superficial annoying face to wake her the hell up. She needs to respect her mother because if it wasn’t for her she’d be nothing but a homeless teen with a kid she can not support by herself. I feel bad for her mother who has to put up with Farrah’s selfish ways. It’s too bad Farrah’s mother had to go to jail just because she attacked her, which by the way the fight was most likly provoked by Farrahs dumb a$$.

  • Beetlejuice

    Very sad story, but gosh, watching Farrah and her family is like watching a train wreck. I’m sure that prior to her pregnancy that Farrah, her mom and sister were just as horrible to other people as they are to each other. Farrah’s nasty attitude, and completely disrespectful mouth were never corrected by Mom before she got pregnant, how can anyone expect it to change now? Watch out Farrah, kids live what they learn and your little girl will talk to you just like you talk to your mom…Correct it!

    • Katya Lucero

      She may be, but she does her best as a mother and her and her family are doing alot better in they’re relationship. So don’t judge and talk bad about her because everyone has flaws in their live and I know you do to. Check youself before you judge others because God will judge you for judging her and others.

  • Rachel

    I completely disagree with you! Farrah is definately not disrespectful! Her mother treats her horribly! anyone would snap when put into that situation! She’d just had a baby, her hormones would be everywhere! her mother should cut her some slack!! and theres no way she should hit her! Farrah is a respectable girl in my opinion and a fantastic single mom! it’s not easy! she should be looked up to!! x

    • Katya Lucero

      I agree with Rachel, she should be looked up to because she is a very strong young mother and does her best.

  • Angel

    i cant stand farrah why da h_ll you go out when you have a kid. if you responsible to have sex then you responsible to TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD

  • Umm well I think that Farrah has the right to go out and if she does find a guy that is okay with her just having a kid and is finatually responisible enough to take care of her and her daughter then why not date??? She just needs a stable relationship so she can move out and has someone to support her and her daughter. In my opinion her mom needs to stop being a B*TCH and let her do what she wants she is 18 and it is her decision what to do with her daughter…

    • To Taylor: Her kid went out & spreaded them at 15 or 16 & got knocked up & then Farrah wanted to always pawn her kid off on her mom . No wonder she acts how she does (the mom). Farrah is so immature & disrespectful. If she was my kid I would’ve busted her mouth for her . She doesn’t need to find a BOY to take care of her kid and her . IT’S HER JOB , SHE’S 18 or 19 now . She made the choice , so now she needs to take responsibility for her actions .

  • Keekobellhoip

    I was disgusted by Farrah at the reuinion with Dr. Drew. I felt embarrassed for her that she couldn’t admit that how she behaved was wrong..Farrah should be ashamed. She lost valuable time with her daughter so she could go out and meet guys.. its pathetic. if you have a baby, THAT should be your focus. not boys.

  • lovemuch

    that is soooo sad !! i have a for month old baby and am n the same boat but only my babys father isnt dead hes just not around man it must have been hard for her because of sophia …

  • Mikhayla,South Africa

    Its truly sad what happened to Farrah’s little angel’s dad. Oh my word…I cant imagine. Farrah has her flaws but she can fix them if she looks into that little girl eyes and realizes that Sophie needs a mom.

  • juan


  • Jimmy

    No disrespect, but is that really the father? Farah is so pretty and thats the guy she picked to knock her up? Anyways they both need to change. Farah needs to quit acting like she’s childless and her mother needs to relax, but i cant blame her for losing it. Her kid got pregnant. As if tht isn’t hard nough for a parent, Farah ditches Sophia with Debra evry chance she gets. Debra raised 2 grown kids already (the oldest is a b**ch btw) and is not getting any younger. She shouldn’t have to pay for Farahs mistakes

  • Danielle

    i mean you guys cant judge someone like that unless u know what it is really like i am a teen mom and its hard and its hard to go through it but yeah im only 16 but i made a choice to have sex and i got pregnant and my family didnt take it to well my son is a year old now he was born on mothers day he will be 2 soon and its been hard without his father here but i have made it so far and i still wish i hadnt have had sex but then i wouldnt have cole and he is my life i would do anything for him i love him to death but just dont have sex until you know your ready and to be ready if something goes wrong

    • Katya Lucero

      Being a teen mom is hard and I hve alot of respect for you. I am a mother of 2 and I had my first daughter at 17 and it is hard but I did what I had to to take care of her.

  • smileyface28

    farrah needs to grow up; she has a baby now and she CANT be going out every night and leaving HER child with her mtoher its not her mothers baby: farrah wanted to have sex so theres a price to pay if that means staying home with your daughter then just do it:

  • give her a break

  • samantha

    Hi,I am 42 years old I was married before we had children,my son and his now wife have a baby we do all live together,I WOULD NEVER TREAT MY CHILDREN THE WAY FARRAH MOTHER TREATS HER,about her babies father how dare her mother tell her to lose all contact with her ,this baby had the right to a dad now there is nothing with this baby and dad that sh,ould have been Farreh choice, Farrah I hope u have ur on place now or living with ur grand parent u deserve so much better and so does ur breatifuol baby, u do no the u will treat ur baby the same as you have been treated or opposites.i hope your baby does have her dads family in her life she needs them in her life.I wish u all the luck in the world I think of u often,but u do need a stable,loving envirment to bring ur daughter up in.I hope u r still getting support from Dr.Drew if not please get into a mommy and me group it will b good for u,hopfully one with young mothers as yourself that way u will have someone going through the same things,Do u still have anything to do with the other girls on the show,there would b someone going through alot of the same thing,

  • Wow, I think Farrah is a great young woman and doing her best. Her mother has a right to correct her, although the way she did it clearly wasn’t the best. I don’t agree with the mother to be talking down on Farrah. Because she’s the adult she needs to SHOW a way how to act (cause there are so many different ways to act normal and mature), she shouldn’t try to push Farrah in one direction and then call it the best way. Notice the flaws, but don’t put them out there ALL the time, and let her know what she does right. She is your kid, so yeah, she acts like it. So you have to handle like it. Don’t forget mother of Farrah: you’re not training a dog. But that’s my opinion. Btw, how sad the father died at such young age. Especially after she cut of contact. Sophia won’t be able to know her dad and that’s heartbreaking! For what it’s worth, you would’ve made a great, cute family 🙂 Bless

  • sabrina

    i love farrah she is so sweet but right now i feel bad for her and her baby. because now she doesnt have a father in her life

  • i like farrah she is sweet but having a kid at young age isn’t cool.but i feel really bad for her and her kid.because now her kid doesn’t have a father in her life

  • danni

    so sad for farah now that i know her babys dad is dead and he didnt really get to know him 🙁

  • Katya Lucero

    Farrah is a strong young mother and I respect that. I had a daughter just recently and I still get judged at and i’m 20 years old, people will judge her but before they look at her flaws and judge her they need to check themselves.

  • dedra ferguson

    hi farrah, how r u doing? i just want u to know that u r a great mom, i respect u more because u are a single mom and u r raising sophia all by urself. keep ur head up an be strong dnt let no one keep u down. and i hope an pray u find a good husband also da perfect father for sophia. ur doing a good job keep it up. Am a big fan of u an sophia, am for da bahamas……………

  • Nikki

    Sometimes our parents know best! I watch this show often Farrah is the most ungrateful, girl on the show. She keeps wanting to be a teenager, that is over, parents are not live in babysitters, they are there to assist! She is ultimatly disrespectful to her mother and especially her father! She would have to get out of my house, want to act grow and talk back get out and be an adult, stop depending on her parents and acting like they owe her. Flaws and disrespect are 2 different situations! Not judging speaking the facts!

  • I’m only 15 years old and I got pregnant and its hard 2 be a teen mom and my life is not normal because I made the choice to have sex and I got pregnant because I wasn’t thinking about what could happen I mean you don’t know what its really like until you go tho it your self and I love my little baby girl her name is ellery and she’s a year old tommorow and my babys daddy just walked off and said that he didn’t want anything to do with me or ellery but I would do anything for my daughter she’s just so perfect to me but you need to think before you have sex and what could happen its hard being a teen mom but I’m still alive even though I’m only 15

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwww look so cute Farrah!
    Anastasia Maldonado

  • Samira

    I’m a teen mom too 😀 I’m going to be one I gues. I’m 14 (: I love kids. & I love my baby’s daddy.

    • beezy

      are you kidding me? you are 14, i highly doubt you even know what love is. furthermore you shouldn’t even be sexually active. your still a baby yourself. you may love kids now but by the time you have it you might see things a little differently. thats exactly what this show does to kids. they watch it and think that being a mother is glamorous and think “hey if farrah can do it so can i.” its a human life, not a little baby doll for you to play with. i wish you the best of luck and hope that it goes well for you. but i would suggest kids these days do a little more thinking.

  • Ellery is finally a year old I’m so happy but sad because she is getting older but I still love her and just be prepared when the baby comes but congratulations ellery dances around the living room it is so funny

  • Megan

    Farrah, you rock girl!!! You and your little girl are going to be just fine!
    My mother was very similar to Farrahs mother and I had to get me and my daughter out of the abusive situation and into subsidized housing. My mother was controlling my life at 25 years old and manipulating me in my desperate situation. She was not nearly as physical as Farrahs mother. We got letters from advoctates and doctors and were able to get into housing on emergency. My rent is income based so I am able to finish college and provide a safe home for myself and my daughter. I have a full scholarship to a private school and I have a year left to finish my accounting degree. Its not easy but Farrah you have the kind of determination that could do the same things.
    Dont let your mother’s negativity bring you down. Get out of the house! There are programs that can help and will take you seriously. The way she is behaving is not right and you are not imagining things. It IS ABUSE! You are a beautiful, intelligent, young lady! Don’t let your moms self hatred hurt you anymore!!

  • y do pple have babies at a young age for ,, this is a realy hard decision to be honnest after you have abby yuh cant be back to normall again i mean a teenager as like farrah wants to be a single mother as shez one and wants to be a teenager , when she cant thats why her mum is tryna tell her that but farrah dont listen but now in her new episodes she is looking after her daughter peroperly but sometimes she has to tell her mum. sooooooooooooooooo people shud try to stop loosing their viginity at a young age other wise yuh could goo thru mani probs as they showe bab it inn TEEN MOM thats the whole point of themm outting that show up at hopw young mmums come to a difficult situatation and thier husbands (boyfreinds) leaving them alone with th

    • manderin

      Do you know how to spell? At all?????

  • tia

    I’m only 16 years old I had my son a year ago. It has been very hard my mom keeps on wanting to hold him and do everthing a mom should do for a baby. I can’t take it anymore I love my son to death me and my mom can ever get along I go over to my grandparents to get away from my mom tomorrow my grandma is taking me and my son to grants farm I need son ideas of what I could tell my mom to stop taking lcare of my son I’m the one who had him and joes dad won’t do anything he doesn’t even come to see him its sad I need help I just want my mom to stop acting like she’s his anyone with any adive please share thank you.

  • i had my kid at 13 i am 14 now and i am just fine with my little girl

  • tia

    Hi my son had fun today we just left grants farm but I still need help with something I could say to my mom I can’t deal with it please anyone with an idea please share thank u

  • carolina

    hi!! i am 18 and i have my daughter she has only 1 year a half,i m from argentina.i was very lucky cause my parents supported and they always tried to give me advices and they helped me a lot…and i amwith my babys father since 4 year ago,we are very happy toghether and we have a beautiful family with our daughter.we live in our own house.its no so terrible to be a teen mom,its not the end of the world you must to know that.

    • tia

      My mother still wants to act like she’s his mom I can’t take this I’m the one who had him I just wish sometimes I was old enough to live on my own but I need some help please someone give me advice what could I tell my mom I I want to raise my baby I don’t want her raising him for me I cant do this just please someone with any advice please I’m begging.

      • Nik


        Remember, to your mom, you are probably still her baby. It’s hard for mom’s to deal with letting go enough to realize you yourself are a mom. The best thing you can do is take care of your kiddo the best and most you can. Prove to her that you are a great mom, which she no doubtedly already knows. And sit her down and explain to her how you feel nicely. Tell her you are not trying to be mean, you appreciate all that she does , but that you feel left out, or left behind, w/e. Explain to her how you feel without accusing her of anything. If you accuse her, she will be defensive. If you don’t think you can think of the right words, write her a letter, write it over and over until it sounds right…then read it to her if you want. Tell her you’d like to be able to be more of a mom to your child. Just be honest, grateful for her help and willing to fill in where she lets go.

  • Jeff

    farrah is pretty

  • Dante

    You need to stop being such a kid. Grow up, you made the decision to open your legs, now deal with the after effect. I am 24 married with a kid, the kid is not even mine, but i stop acting like a kid a long time ago. Your mom needs to kick you out and let you deal with your own sh!t. Get a job, or go to school, cause mom and dad wont always be there. If you cant deal with it on your own give the kid away, Do not f*ck up his life. If your were mine i would have kicked you out a long time ago and called child services.

    • LadyL126


  • Barbara

    This is for Tia. I suppose your Mom acts like the baby’s Mom because she just enjoys being around a new baby. I think I would act like that if I had a child at home who had a baby. At this point, you should do everything you can for your baby, including getting up at night if the baby gets up, and taking care of him as much as you can, telling your Mom that this is your baby and this is what you want to do. In the meantime, I hope you are in school and working as hard as you can to do well, in the hopes of continuing your education to be able to find a job and support your child. I think once your mother sees that you are serious about growing up quicker than you needed to and having a mature attitude about what you can do, than she will take you seriously that you want to be the mother of this child. Also, I think you should realize that you can use all the help you can get if your are going to pursue this and let your Mom help you. It is great that you have grandparents that help you. I am not sure, but are there agencies in your area that help new young mothers? Maybe you could check online and see what kind of outside help you can get. I hope this help. I am thinking about you!! Good luck!

  • okay I get Farrah situation, but serious she needs to stop being rude and disrespectful to your mom. You made the descion to have sex and then ur “OMG! I’m pregnant?” Of course. You made grownup decisions and now u have to pay up. on top of that your mom was kind enough to let u stay in her home which u abused. u always party and came home late. On the 2nd season you were ungrateful again when she offered u to stay in HER home guess house. you better be lucky she didn’t kick your a$$ out on the street! If u were my child I would do that, no one will disrespect me after I supported u ur whole life. ~~~**Its so funny most of u posted that u agree with farrah are “know it all” teen moms that wouldn’t listen to YOUR mom and now look were u at. When I’M who also 16 is having fun partying hanging with my friend, I can afford to be selfish, I can afford to what I want, I LISTEN TO MY MOM! Even though she can get annoying.


    • LadyL126

      I totally agree. That girl is rude and disrespectful and act like her mother owe her something after she the one who spread her legs and got knocked up.

  • farrah

    Well im 20 will be 21 august 17th and you guys are so lucky i really wanted to get pregnant when i was like 15 or 16. i didnt care what my parents thought! and im now amlost 21, married for a little over a year and still no kids and actively trying it sucks! im jealous of all my friends and are preggo and that have babies i know babies are no walk in the park but were ready for that.

  • Bex

    Farrah is so ridiculously immature, ungrateful, and disrespectful. She refuses to ever admit she’s wrong, apologize, or act like a decent person. She seems delusional to me. I’m so glad her mother finally hit that b*tch. Her mother should just let her try to make it in the real world and maybe Farrah would realize how ungrateful and stupid she is. I hope someone bashes her face in so maybe she wouldn’t walk around like she’s hot sh!t all the time.

  • anonymous

    I can’t understand why you young teens are even having sex to begin with? gettin pregnant at such a young age is not ok, why be so selfish you obviously can’t take care of a kid when you are a kid yourself.. so it ends up being your parents or grandparents responsibility.. i am not trying to be bring you down if you are a teen mom it is what it is ..but for the ones who let it happen on purpose seriously take a sex ed class before you decide to have sex to begin with so you don’t get knocked up.

  • Mz.Hill

    I think that farrah is confused and un-ware of what she was getting her self into she is clearly not ready to be a mother her mother was kinda not in the right of hitting her daughter only because she hit her in front of her daughter i don’t care what age the child is to me its just disreapectful to hit her in fron of her child yes farrah can be unreasonable/an alot of other things but there was a better way to handel that situation im not saying the mother was wrong but she wasn’t right ethier. What they both need is cousling.

  • I am 14 and im not ready for that kind of thing. I mean some teen moms are actually really strong and can provide for their child. They are trying their best. I give them respect, but these other women who do stupid stuff and they think they are supporting their child by stripping. That just makes things worse. I hope not to have children until im out of college. I dont want to suffer during school.

  • Samantha

    The fact of the matter is that she IS a teen mom and there is nothing nobody can say or do to change it so just accept it. She’s not exactly the mother that she should be and her mother may have made a mistake but that’s just the way that it is! Accept it you can’t change it. As for her daughter’s dad dying show some sympathy not towards Farrah but towards Sophia she will never know who her dad is even if she were to grow up and want to find him she can’t. Get over yourselves and your judgment on something you can’t change and really show some sympathy for the baby it’s defiantly not her fault.

  • Okay I’m 18 years old and my daughter is just a week old today I do agree with some of you about farrah but then again I dont. She does need to grow up and be a mother to her daughter I would give my life to my daughter she’s my whole world and I know that farrah didn’t take care of her daughter at fist but she’s doing better but again farrah needs to grow up and quit acting like she’s a god and u need to realize u made the choice to have sex ya I mean its hard to be a teen mom but u need to realize now that your not a normal teen ager anymore my mom helped me as much as she can bc I’m still trying to be the best mom to my daughter and I know I’m going to make mistakes because I’m not going to be a perfect mother but I’m going to try

    • Sueq

      I commend you for trying to be a good mom, it is the hardest job ever. I am 30 with a 3 yr old and I am married and it is still hard. No matter what age you are it is HARD!!! I work full-time, go to nursing school, and am trying to do my best to be a good mother. I feel guilty that my daughter dosen’t have all my attention but I know I must finish school for her sake. One day when she is older, I am prove to her if you dream it you can be it! Maybe nursing is not the most glamourous job, but the work is steady, the pay is descent, and at the end of the day you can feel good about yourself for doing some good in someone elses life.

  • La Reina Martinez

    Hi my name is La Reina Martinez I’m 19 years old and i had a baby thats now 4 months old a baby boy. It’s very hard to be a teenage mom . And when you don’t have a mom to help you it’s even harder . Farrah your very lucky to have a mom to help you in an way she can .You need to stop partying and dating alot of guys and be there for your baby girl that needs you . Your baby girl should always come first before any other guy . My son always come first before anybody . I wish you the best in life Farrah

  • La Reina Martinez

    Hi my name is La Reina Martinez I’m 19 years old and i had a baby thats now 4 months old a baby boy. It’s very hard to be a teenage mom . And when you don’t have a mom to help you it’s even harder . Farrah your very lucky to have a mom to help you in an way she can .You need to stop partying and dating alot of guys and be there for your baby girl that needs you . Your baby girl should always come first before any other guy . My son always come first before anybody . I wish you the best in life Farrah .

    • Bianca

      Hi La Reina,

      I wish you all the best as well! I was a teen mom over 16 years ago (I’m now 34). Believe life gets better as long as you stay focus on taking care of and doing your best for your child. Take care and I will keep you all in my prayers. Remember that you are a good person and a good mom!!! Take care, love you all!!!

    • Lindsay

      There is no need for you to be a better than thou judgmental b!tch! The thing I dont get about all you people saying Farrah needs to quit going out and partying and all that crap is she dosent have the baby’s father there to help. Her Mom hurts more than hlp, and if you pay attention to how many time the fathers of everyone elses babies on the show take them while they..go to work…run errands..whatever..adn Farrah dosent have that. All you b!tches need to quit picking on the poor girl. There is only one person in this world that can judge..and you are not God. And just out of curiosity..all you people telling her to “be a mom to her daughter” many of you have your own plce, go to school, and hold down a job all while having a manipulative mother and a baby daddy that has passed??? So if you think you have any room to talk..I think you would have to step in her shoes first. Just cuz you had a kid dosent make it the same dont know what shes going through until youve been there.

      • Delia

        Are you kidding me? That’s crazy I was a single teen mom and can say first hand when you have a baby your whole life changes. I didn’t go out every weekend to party with my friends. I made the baby my mom didn’t so that’s why I took care of my baby. Farrah needs to grow up and be a mom she shouldn’t have did the deed if she wasn’t ready to be a mommy.

        • Ashley

          You know it’s funny that you say that, because even grown woman complain about being tired and all the complications that come with being pregnant. Yes, they know they made a mistake. Yes, they know it’s gonna be hard. And they are taking responsibility for it. I mean, HELLO!? Farrah is still taking care of the baby and decided to have it in the first place! She might have been spoiled rotten, but think about it. If someone that had meant so much to you at one time died, how would you feel? You think it wouldn’t affect your daily life? Your daily feelings?! Try thinking a COMPLETE thought before you post crap like that.

      • mama p

        Soooo your completely right when u say others shouldn’t judge or compair. Yet I don’t agree with much else of what you have said. Farrahs family has given her everything. She’s spoiled rotten. This is coming from a teen mother who also lost the father of her child of less than a year and actually had to have that entire support taken away. House. Vehicles. Income. All gone. And I do absolutely everything by myself I’ve worked full time since my son was 5 months old so I just don’t buy all your sympathy crap your spewing. Its called being a parent. She shouldn’t be praised for doing a half decent job. I’ve been “out” 3 times in 2 years. THAT’S being a single mother. Granted Farrah is trying her best and I hope things do turn better for her, I jush think your post was such bs.

        • Scooter

          Mama p, is it? ha ok…. what part of the comment did you think was BS? see because as far as i am concerned you don’t have to the her family has given her everything….? If you are so smart and strong and such a smart a**…. why don’t you try explaining to everyone what your definition to “everything” is….. i mean on the show it shows how her mom is showing support and they look like a family that has money…. So if you were to have all the money in the world and have a sh**ty mom it would be ok as long as you can get “everything” and be spoiled right? so I’m guessing you would love to have your mom around so she can beat you as long as she gives you “everything and spoils you right? How ignorant can you possibly get? Good for you to be able to be able to stand on your own two feet once your husband passed…. Its so stupid and ignorant of you to believe that other people are just like you and don’t need some time to be able to stand on their own two feet… You didn’t mention that you were going to school… and working at the same time… Stop being such a bitch about Farrah… Great job on not having a life! you have only been out 3 times in the past 2 yrs…. as far as I’m concerned you are great on your own… why don’t you hire someone to take care of your kid and try to find someone who can love your baby just as much as you do… not having a father role model in their life isn’t a great thing… telling you by experience… its your fault that you don’t go out and try to find someone good for yourself and your baby… don’t try to make yourself look good by saying you don’t go out… maybe that’s why you’re such a rude bitch. Stop bringing people down about their comments when they are good comments… stop trying to make yourself look like a better person than Farrah… by your stupid little comments i can tell you right now you’re not a good person so stop one up-ing people!

        • Scooter

          Mama p, is it? ha ok…. what part of the comment did you think was BS? see because as far as i am concerned you don’t have to have money to be happy and clearly money isn’t much of Farrah’s concern… so her family has given her everything….? If you are so knowledgeable and such a smart a**…. why don’t you try explaining to everyone what your definition to “everything” is….. i mean on the show it shows how her mom is showing support and they look like a family that is very wealthy…. So what you’re saying is if you had all the money in the world and have a sh**ty mom it would be ok as long as you can get “everything” and be spoiled right? so I’m guessing you would love to have your mom around so she can beat you as long as she gives you “everything and spoils you right? How ignorant can you possibly get? Good for you to be able to be able to stand on your own two feet once your husband passed…. Its so stupid and ignorant of you to believe that other people are just like you and don’t need some time to be able to stand on their own two feet… You didn’t mention that you were going to school… and working at the same time… Stop being such a b!tch about Farrah… Great job on not having a life! you have only been out 3 times in the past 2 yrs…. as far as I’m concerned you are great on your own… why don’t you hire someone to take care of your kid and try to find someone who can love your baby just as much as you do… not having a father role model in their life isn’t a great thing… telling you by experience… its your fault that you don’t go out and try to find someone good for yourself and your baby… don’t try to make yourself look good by saying you don’t go out… maybe that’s why you’re such a rude b!tch. Stop bringing people down about their comments when they are good comments… stop trying to make yourself look like a better person than Farrah… by your stupid little comments i can tell you right now you’re not a good person so stop one up-ing people!

  • Mrs. Norris

    I just want to say that Farrah is soooo ungrateful and selfish. She thinks that raising a child without a father is hard, try doing so without any familial support. Her mom is trying to be ther for her, taking over her responsibilities and she treats her mom like a piece of crap. She needs to grow up and realize that she has a daughter and you reap everything that you sow and she will be mistreated by her daughter when she gets older and maybe before then. Honor thy mother and father that your days may be longer on this earth…

    • Ashley

      Mrs. Norris,
      obviously you watched the new episode, and I would think that you would realize that Farrah, as ungrateful as she is, is a product of her mother and father. She doesn’t know any better. Her mother’s way of dealing with things is her way of dealing with things. The way children, and young adults, deal with things, is from what we see our parents do. So all the bad habits they have, we have. I have seen Farrah’s mother say things she knows she shouldn’t say. Why would you tell your teenage daughter that she’s a wh0re, she knows what she did was not the best decision, there’s no need to break her down. That’s too much.

      my main point is, it’s not just Farrah’s fault for the way she deals with her parents. It’s their fault too.

    • Dr. Nicole

      Are you serious? Did you see the picture of Farrah’s busted lip? Or how about the clip they showed of her mother hitting her in the car? Maybe you missed the part of her going to the D.A.’s office and revealing that this devestating incident WAS NOT the first time?
      Now, I understand your point about what you are saying in regards to Farrah not grasping the reality of what it takes to raise a child (emotionally, physically, psychologically, and financially), HOWEVER physical violence is NEVER an option UNLESS YOUR LIFE OR SOMEONE ELSES LIFE (i.e. protecting a child) IS IN A LIFE THREATENING MATTER BY ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL)! Its obvious the WHOLE family has issues, NOT JUST FARRAH! Its also obvious that you, Mrs. Norris, are not educated in the area/specility/field of child development, because if you were you would be able to comprehend that this situation is bigger than “honoring thy mother and father”. I highly suggest you take a college level class in child development, because then you would be able to see that people’s personalities, belief systems (i.e. “good morals”, honesty), and most importanly interactions w/ other people, places, and things are actually formed by the time they are five years old! More importantly, 85% of the development (mentally, physically, emotionally/psychologically) of a child is influenced by what that child sees, hears, and does, by both their own personal experiences (i.e. touching a hot stove) AND by whoever is raising the child (i.e. parents who abuse their children).

      The other real issue is that this could lead to a very realistic cycle of domestic violence. God forbid Sofia gets into a verbal altercation with Farrah, when she is 18 and Farrah decides to bust her lip. I wish you could see that. And it is truly sad and scary to know that you dont.

  • i feel soo baad about dis he didnt even have a chance to see his own daughter grow up omg rest in peace

    • Lyna

      Omg you all sound so f*cking stupid just because her mom is tryin gto help her doesn’t mean she should get treated liek Crap we don’t knwo anything about there relationship so who are we to judge why she treats her mom that way you can see form there relationship on the show that it is more than what the eye meets tv so SHUT THE F*CK UP about her an how she is handling her mom cause it would be one hting if she was living with them BUT she isn’t so all that extra sh!t can go out the window an none of us knwos how it f*cking feels to have lost your love your mom call nyou hoes form getting pergnant an then loose him an never told him that he had a baby girl on the way we can not judge cause we do not knwo how far her pain goes so get a f*cking life

      • isabella

        Lyna, OMG, you’re a moron.You hardly spelled anything right while you were bitching at other people. Why waste your time with people who don’t give a shit what you think? Everyone is going to think they are going to read what you said and then be like “oh Lyna is my boss”? Get a grip and quit wasting your time.

      • isabella


        I don’t know if you forgot to proof read your post but while you sit there and call people stupid for being human you might want to spell things right while you are doing make yourself look stupid.

      • mckelle

        thank you someone!! stand up for farrah she is not a bad mother at all!!! her mom is crazy!! she looks like she is a damn alcholic!!! look at her crazy i can see why farrah does what she does she is trying to surroung sophia with people farrah loves and respects and i completely agree with you everyone needs a life and leave farrah’s alone!!!!

    • lisa smith

      I can not believe the state does not come in and recue Farras baby! She is way to young and not able to care for this baby. At the least someone should make her take parenting classes!! I cant believe MTV can sit back and film her letting the baby take a bath in the sink unsupervised!!! Someone needs to step in and do something before something alwful happens to this beautiful baby!

      • eve

        the baby really isnt unsupervised the camera men are right there

  • Diana Jenkins

    Ok I’m 35 I had my daughter now 18 yrs old when I was 17 I had no support from anyone but my brother who since killed him self in 1999 when my daughter was 7 yrs…Farrah I judged you until tonight’s show when I heard how your mom made you lie and stop talking to the father of your child and then he died that is sad I’m sorry but you really need to be a better mom to Sophia you can’t leave your baby in a sink alone you just can’t do that…and as for your mom cut her out of your life trust me she is venom..a control freak a mother never hits her kids like she did you ever…you can do it on your own I did and my daughter just graduated from High school an is now in college and I was 16 (my 16th Bday when I found out i was pregnant with her an no family so go for it

  • stephanie

    For those of you who keep saying that Farrah is selfish. You are right, she is selfish, but thats exactly what she is supposed to be SHE IS A CHILD! Yes when you become a parent you have to grow up and put your baby first, of course, and she is. But at her age you can’t just snap your fingers and be a grown up and know all the things a grown up knows. I think she is doing a good job. As for her mother. I think she is a completely minipulative b!tch. She is not trying to help Farrah she’s trying to rub it in her face that no matter what Farrah does right it will never be good enough for her mother. Example mother tells Farrah she is not being a mother and she should spend all her time with baby, and that she is tired of taking care of the baby, but when Farrah moves out and does exactly what her mother told her to do then Farrah is still wrong. What she is doing is holding Farrah emotionally hostage. Her mother is abusive both physically and mentally and i think that Farrah is acting very grown up by getting counseling and distancing herself from her mother.

    • Mia

      Surely you understand that having to take care of a child is a big responsibilty. Her mom is not responible for Sophia. That’s her grandchild, and just because she wants Farrah to take care of her child doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love them both and want them in her life.

      • Ashley

        That’s why her mom punched her in the face like that? Yeah I know Farrah might be a handful, but no one deserves that. Especially not your own child.

  • Jessica

    Hey my name is Jessica I am 28 n I have a 5yr old n a 6month old! Farrah after today’s episode u now understand u a lil more! Ur mom is a handful n she made u keep Sophia dad in the dark about his daughter! I understand were ur attitude towards ur parents us coming from u have to live with the guilt of not having told Sophia dad about her existance. I admire the way u have moved out on ur own n seeked help with ur therapist. One thing u need to be careful with Sophia the cameras r on u n leaving her in the sink is a no no!!! That can come and bite u in the butt in the future especially with these blogs of us pin pointing that out! I wish u the best with ur lil one n I hope u be a great single mom n prove to ur mom u don’t need her manipulative self! It wad so wrong how they did not let u read the card in the resterunt 🙁 ur mom needs to be seeing a therapist to she us a nut case!!!!!

  • Mia

    Its important to not judge anyones situation EVER; you never know what tomorrow will bring for you. No one knows what is really going on. The hour that they display of the show is not their entire life, and therefore does not tell the entire situation. Family is important and I hope that Farrah and her family can work and live together peacefully, and build up a stronger relationship with each other. Its evident that they all love each other, but every family has its problems. Good luck Farrah. I wish you and your family the best. God Bless!

  • Sofia

    Ok 1st Of All I Love Her LiL Girl’s Name … LoL … But Really There Both Wrong Farrah Is Not Nice 2 Her Mom But Her Mom Is Not A Good Mom As Well It Is Like When That Cam Come’s On Her Mom Is N Does No Wrong … Farrah Is Not The Best Mom Eva But No 1 Is This Is All New 2 Farrah N She Is Doing The Best She Can So Every 1 Need’s 2 Get Off Her Back I Mean Did Ne 1 See What Her Mom Did 2 Her Face But On Cam She Cry’s N Want’s 2 Just Be All Good … N It’s Not … Well I Hope The Best 4 Farrah N Her Mom N Farrah I Am Srry 4 Yer Lose If Must Be Really Heard On Yew … But All Yew Need Is Sophia N Yew 2 Can Get Pass Ne Thing I Love Yew Both N I Love The Shoe … Yer Lil Girl Is So Cute … God Bless Yew N Every Thing Yew Do Stay Strong …

    • Eudora

      People, relax. I know a woman who, while in her thirties, allowed her daughter to play with live bullets (in an empty plastic leggs egg, like a rattle!) That girl is now almost thirty and in medical school. She is also very much loved by her parents. It’s a wonder that any of us grow to adulthood and we’re lucky when we do! Most parents learn along the way. Thank God there aren’t cameras in all of your homes because I can’t believe that each of you hasn’t made at least one serious misstep.

  • Sueq

    Wow that show tonite was a real eye opener into why Farrah is the way she is. I do not agree with her leaving her infant in the hall or in the sink alone, she is in desperate need of parenting classes. After the show airing I am sure her state will come into action for the well being of Sophia. I really don’t think Farrah understands that accidents like this really can happen, I don’t think her baby should be taken from her but she should be required to attend parenting classes, and child services should be paying her weekly visits. I now know why Farrah gets so upset with her parents and yells that is the only way she feels like she is heard. She told them 3 or 4 times to look at Sophias toes, and she tries to read Sophia the card and her parents interrupt that. I think Deborah is abusive, and manipulitive. I think Farrah should distance herself from her mom and let her know if she wants a relationship with her and Sophia then they must attend therapy and work things out, there needs to be a mediator. I feel bad for Farrah for losing the father of her baby, I lost my first love at 17 and that is the hardest thing I have ever gone through, thankfully I did not have children with him that would had made it un-bearable. My heart does go out to Farrah, I really hope she gets those parenting classes!

    • BOOO

      Please she is a mean girl who treated people like crap. If you search for information on her she is a terrible person who does not know how to parent. Who leaves their child in the hallway or in the sink and just walks away. She didn’t even tear when she cried for Sophia’s father. Plus you don’t know what actually happened between her and her mom. This girl is monster.

      Crocodile TEARS!

    • mags

      Well said.

  • anonymous

    WOW i cannot even begin to tell you how ANNOYING it is everytime i see teen moms complaining about how d@mn hard it is to be a teen mom.. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING HAVING A BABY TO BEGIN WITH.. were you guys seriously that unaware about how difficult it will be like… if you were um putting it nicely SILLY enough to have unprotected sex .. take responsibility and stop complaining!!.. because i know you knew that having a baby when you are a teenager isn’t a walk in the park..

    • Scooter

      who ever you are,
      you have no idea what this girl has been through… there is a reason why children grow up to be the way that they are… i am not a teen mom but my mom was and it was really hard for her to raise me… she doesn’t feel that she did the best job but i believe that with all her struggles and obstacles she proved dumb ignorant people like you wrong. People make mistakes there miss perfect… what the f$%& are you doing wasting your damn precious time on this site if you’re so damn perfect?!?!?!?! I’m sure you have a perfect life with perfect parents and are a F$%king virgin huh princess???? its people like you who make me glad I’m not ignorant… anyone at any age can have a child and it wouldn’t be a walk in the park for anyone dip sh!t!
      At any point in time regardless of the age a girl is going to struggle being a mother… but don’t worry when you decide to get pregnant post another comment about how having a baby of your own is a great walk in the park for you. Until then go find something better to do with your life!

    • erica

      Well i was a teen mom not as young as 16 but ws a teen. I think it wasnt as hard as pople said but i also must say i gave my life up for my child n would never take it back he is the best thing to ever happen in my life if it wasnt for him who knows what kind of person i would have been. I think ferra was just hurtting so much n made at her parents becaus eshe in a way blames them for her never getting to see his last days never telling him nothing she was hurt by the death n blamed them for it im sure now she seems like she is doing better working own place im proud of her i think she is now abil to heal n ready to talk

  • anonymous

    i honestly do feel bad for farrah.. i know she comes off so so rude with how she speaks to her parents. i feel she has alot of anger and hurt bottled up inside and she just can’t help but have anger in her voice everytime she speaks to her parents. At the same time i think her mom is trying to help out farrah as much as she can and i can tell she loves farrah and sophia…they both do things that are wrong..there might be more to it than what we see on the show.. so we shouldn’t judge.

  • Dora

    Regarding Farrah and her parenting skills yeah, in 16 & pregnant she went out a lot and her had her priorities wrong but this season it seems she’s has changed and really stepped up to the plate. As for her mom she’s a nut job. I feel sorry for Farrah and Sophia for not having Derrik in their life. She’s wking. Going to school, paying bills for her own place and taking care of a baby, I think she’s doing better then all the other girls on teen mom.

  • Cassidy

    I had my first son when I was 19 and my second at 20 I was married had great support and husband who was a terrific dad. I still have all those things and my boys are 4 and 5 now. But I also know how hard it was even with a husband and all the help I could ask for. Everyone deals with things in their own way. The way Farraha raises her child isn’t the way I would, but the was I raise my boys isn’t the way others might. We are nobody to judge what she is going thru and how she handles it. Her daughter is always taken care of and doesn’t go with out anything that she needs. And you also have to understand that it’s a scripted reality show things aren’t always as they seem. For people to get on here and badmouth her for her mothering skills should really take a moment and look at there own lives. We have all made mistakes in raising our children done and said things that we regret. Farah is doing her best with the hand she was dealt!

  • Danielle

    i do feel sorry for Farrah, it’s not right the way she is raising her daughter leaving her along in the sink. but she is hurt from the death of her baby daddy she has no one to talk to, so that could be why she acts the way she does. how come is hasnt reached out the parents of Derek so they can see their granddaughter and be a part of her life.

  • monique garcia

    I like to wacting tv teen mom

  • Mrs. Norris

    Farrah is hurting deep inside and is resentful of her mom. Her mom made her stop talking to her baby’s father and soon after, he is killed. That would make anyone go through a depressive, rebellious, and out of controllable state. Farrah is a child and is dealing the best way that she knows how, BUT, it doesn’t give her any excuse to be as disrespectful to her mom as she is being. Someone mentioned that she doesn’t live there, well, she JUST moved out on this last show. Up until then, she lived under her mom and dad’s roof and they were paying the majority of her bills and Sophia’s bills. She needs to respect her mom until she moved out…and even then, its a respectful way to tell your mom that you don’t want to talk to her instead of “I don’t want to hear the bulls***that is coming out of your mouth.” That is totally uncalled for and Farrah and her mom need the counseling. Any child that I raise and take full care of talks to me that way, may have a broken neck rather than a busted lip. You can’t let children run over the parent…but most of this is Debra’s fault because she raised Farrah that way and you can’t make her change her ways now. I feel sorry for them both…mom is controlling and Farrah is selfish and disrespectful.

    • brandon

      i agree she souldnt treat her mom like that but do u see what her mother has done to her did u see her face i bet 50$ her mom didnt care that derek died and her mother didnt show any respect towards her at dinner when she was tring to read sophia her bday card and i think her ma was doin it on porpose just to annoy farrah my heart goes out to farrah and sophia

  • Lee Lee

    okay clearly the baby isnt supervised if we see her on camera. some of you are so dumb.

  • jackie

    Farrah parents have spoiled her and I am guessing her acting like she does is not new. BUT all of the money in the world can not make you a good parent, and in my opinion a person’s child(ren) are a reflection of what they have seen. Her mother is a crazy crazy person. Her dad needs to grow a pair, and both her mother and father are manipulative. I watched last nights episode and I think it was more than generous of Farrah to let them come to dinner and they treated her SOOOO badly. I wish she would have just taken the baby and left.

    I watched Farrah in her therapy session and after learning why the baby’s dad is not around my heart just broke for her. Shame on her parents for not helping her through such a difficult time.
    How can they just ignore her hurting. That was a lot to deal with.

    I think she needs some parenting classes and some kind of support group. Leaving a baby in the sink for a bath and getinng on the computer really is a horrible idea. I also think she needs someone better in her life than Michael and Debra, no matter how much money they have.

  • Rachel

    Both Farrah and her mother play victim and they are both abusive to each other. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Farrah talks to her daughter in the same way her mother talks to her.

    I know the show’s producers edit scenes and shots to make it look like Farrah is leaving her daughter unattended. Maybe she is being irresponsible, but my guess would be that she is using the MTV crew to babysit and supervise her daughter.

    And if you read any other news articles, you would know that Sophia’s father was not in the dark about Farrah’s pregnancy. According to his sister, he was looking forward to being a father.

    What I’d like to know is if Sophia’s paternal family is any part of her life. MTV did not bring up his death in the first two seasons and I wonder if it’s the family’s choice not to be featured on the show.

    Debra did have a good point about nobody in the family wanting to take Farrah in. They probably don’t want to put up with her self entitled attitude. Debra has only enabled that attitude by indulging Farrah and letting Farrah speak disrespectfully to her. If that was my daughter, I’d say “Okay, you want to be an adult? There’s the door. Go pay your own bills.” Debra probably pays for the cell phone that Farrah uses to curse her out.

    • torrigirls

      u are so right in that debra and michael enable farrah to speak to them like sh@@!!! my folks would have knocked me straight through the roof for disrespecting them the way that little b-e-a-t-c-h disrespects them… i want farrah to get dismissed 4rm the show and someone with better morales to be replaced by her ignorant a@@!!!!!!!!!

      • Stacee

        Taking your awful grammar into consideration, it’s doubtful that you’re older than the “little beatch” or know more about life than her. Take your negativity elsewhere, kid.

  • anonymous

    all of you guys should shut the f*ck up because tyou dont know what farrahs going through and you have no right to talk sh!t about her. you only see her when she is on camera, but you never see her when she isn’t. put yourself in her position and then talk shit. you guys dont know farrah so dont f*ckingg judge her! all you people talking sh!t about farrah are all scum. THAT ALL!

  • Barbie

    F*ck what the haters say…
    they don’t know sh!t…
    It’s easy for people to come online and bash you
    & tell you how to raise your kid…
    Your a good mother & doing the best you can…
    My thoughts and prayers are with you…
    I know the feeling of losing that someone
    your a strong beautiful women & your daughter is gorjus…
    You do you and f*ck what people think…

  • Megan

    This is so sad Farrahs mom should have been there for her. No wonder she cant get along with her mom and to make things worse her mom still treats her like shit! I can not belive her mom told her that the problem no longer is around. If I was Farrah i would make him a part of hers and the babys life every day with saying goodmorning to his picture and goodnight!

  • sheshe

    when i 1st saw 16 & preg, my 1st impression of farrah was that she was one of those selfish teenagers who disrespects her parents even tho they supported her when she got pregnant…but now it sort of changed. I know how it feels like when someone pretends theyre perfect and makes u seem like ur a bad person in front of other people, but in reality…uh so fustrating! anyway Farrah if u ever read,but i doubt u will, want u 2 know that moving out of ur parents house was a great choice and i am super sorry for the loss of sophia’s dad. forget wat haters say cuz they dont know the truth

  • Cheri

    Worst teen mom in the history of the show. Just because her baby daddy dies doesn’t give her the right to neglect that poor baby. She is obviously spoiled and she treats her parents like crap. Baby Sophia deserves better!

    • Volleychixa95

      I agree with u that maybe Farrah is a brat but that sh!t her mom pulled was not nessiseryy

    • bebosmamma21

      wow you people are so f@#king rude she is a great mother as far as i can see and it is hard to be alone and be a mother im sorry you probobly do not know because you are not a parent and that explains why you are so oblivious to the world.


    fake fake fake all shes doing is getting a modeling contract, figure it out the babies dads social security would be paying her bills…. If you are believing her story I have a bridge to sale you too… No wonder her mom hit her with the mtv shirt! ITS ALL LIES!!

    • hey idiot a baby wouldnt be getting social security if her 18 year old dad died! hes never worked or built up anything that would give the baby social security checksss!

      • ebony

        Idk, but my sis received a lil over $700 a month until she reached the age of 18 after her dad died and he sure as hell wasnt working anywhere, my mom and grandmother went and filed. Anywayz, I can under stand both sides, but 1 we dont know exactly why Farrah’s mother didnt want her talking to him I doubt it was just becuz she didnt like him, ppl u dont kno anything abt this boy may he R.I.P. but as a mother there has 2 be a reason other than I just dont like him, and considering Farrah’s lack of respect 4 either of her parents, why wld she actually listen? How did he loose control of the vehicle was their alcohol or drugs involved, was he speeding or were conditions bad?? Idk, but if I EVER spoke to my mother the way she speaks to hers and u know she’s been doin it a WHILE my mom wld kick my a$$. Her moms like “Hey Farrah we will watch Sophia but where r u going and when u coming home” Farrah: None of your f@cking business, like I will be back when I’m back” lol, wtf! Yes, she is trying to be responsible now becuz, guess what, mommy isnt watching Sophia or giving her $ which I sure she already has, she qualifies for assistance as a single parent and with the death of sophia dad oh and….shes on a VERY popular tv show ppl! duh! U think she supporting herself and over $1,000 in bills by working at a pizza shop?? Ppl can not be that dense. Thats min wage ppl. If u dont like her mom fine, she treats her dad just as bad I wish I would call my dad by his first name roll my eyes suck my teeth etc and thats nothing! The situation is sad, very sad, and if she Really did attack her mom first I wldve choke slammed her too and we all know those cops prob showed up taking Farrah side and/or being a pain in the ass, I hang around alot of cops since I am a cops kid sum of them well, I kno how it can be. All I am going off of is what I know for a fact and what I’ve seen on tv so far. Idk have kids but when I leave my mom knows where I am who with and when Im coming home as well as how to reach me in case of emergency and I do NOT give her lip about it!

      • 22ejelk

        There is a set amount that a child will receive regardless if there parent has ever worked. It won’t be as much as someone who has worked but it’s some money. Try knowing what you are talking about before you shoot your mouth off calling someone else an idiot!

    • msliss96

      If you’re going to talk badly about someone, at least learn how to use spell check. It reduces headaches for the other readers. Cause honestly, all we see is “blah, blah, blah”. But in all seriousness…whether it’s fake or not, Farrah’s daughter has lost her father forever. That is something that isn’t fake. Trust me, Farrah is not my favorite girl to watch either. I could literally slap her and her mother for the way they treat each other. But that girl has been through so much, which is apparent, and unfortunately she has a dead ex-boyfriend/baby’s father to add to that list. No one should have to go through something as devastating as that, especially at that age, when they are supposed to have fun and not worry about adult responsibilities. Reality TV needs a new name. Because we all know it isn’t all real. They take bits and pieces out to make it look as if it’s real. So we may be getting the whole story and then again we may not be.

  • Angel

    Screw what the others say bad about you! Its easy to say bad things when not everyone at home watching the show sees exactly whats going on. My mother treated me poorly due to being an alcholic during my pregnancy. Farrah seems like a good mom now that shes out of that house!! She needed to move out to learn more responsibility and to get away from her mothers crap!! Dont judge someone when you really dont know the whole story, not everything is revealed in those shows!! You should be ashamed of yourself for talking badly about others! If you ask me she is doing a dang good job for being that young of a mother, i am 22 with 2 kids and I know how hard it is!!!!!!!!!

  • wink

    This girl is HORRIBLE!!! She has NO redeeming qualities. You would think that being on TV give her a chance for introspection and reflection on her actions. She is a spoiled brat. Her behavior should not be glorified and rewarded by being put on TV and doing photo shoots and press. She has NO idea how lucky she is to have a family that helped her out and took care of her baby. She wants to be a model but Ive never seen anyone so cute be soo UGLY. When the cameras and magazines leave shell be left(hopefully)with a forgiving family.

    • bebosmamma21

      you are such a inconsiderate person, how could you say something like that about someone who is grieving over the loss of her daughters father, you should be disgusted with yourself.

    • Sarai

      She is trying her best on been a mom. It’s not that easy

  • Volleychixa95

    This is sad to hear about because I as well lost my boyfriend but I was not pregnant, and even though i dont know Derek feel like I know him and farrah because i have been in here shoes and i believe that Farrah willfind a great man someday that will love sophia the sam way that derrick would have probably had felt although Farrah is older than me because I am 15 my boyfriend just died 1 year till this da and it breaks my heart to think about him I love u baby but I also love u farrah Peace everyone

  • kailee

    i think this explanes a lot. i feel for farrah. she has been through a lot of difficult things. i use to think she was a bitch and needed to treat her mother better, but now that i know the whole story its very understandable as to why she treats her mother like she does.

  • Farrah mother is such an ass, It was nice of Farrah to let her mother spend time with her grand baby on the baby’s birthday, and some of the things that lady was doing was so disrespectful. Farrah also have a part where she need to control her mouth,when speaking to her parent, because no matter what, they will always be her parent. disobedient child days shall be short.Her mother had no right on tell her daughter not to tell the baby father that she is expecting his child, that was so wrong. Not saying he wouldn’t die in car but probably a slim chance, he probably would have been some where around Farrah comfort her and his child instead of hanging out with some friends. My heart do goes out to Farrah and Sophia, because that can happen to anybody.

  • HlyBug7

    Farrah,every time you talked about Sophia’s dad who pass away in car addicent,I cry,cry&cry. I know how you feel, it like you got a hole in your heart & so am I. I wanting this father of your child to be with you and grow old with you for the rest of your/his life. I know he loves you & he watching over you & babygirl Sophia. God bless you:( and I love ya.

  • Pat

    Thanks for this informative insight. As the interviewer said, it makes sense now. Farrah, you have every right to be upset at your mother for how she handled the situation. She obviously has some mental issues and other issues regarding the pregnancy, etc… Farrah is a very tough girl, she has obviously been thru a lot. and she’s still just a kid – it is tough enough to be a kid, let alone having the responsibility of being a parent too. It will get easier Farrah, just takes some getting used to. Keep your head up, you’re a beautiful girl and its clear that you are ambitious and will be successful. It might not happen right away, aka. when you want it to, but be patient. It will work out. For now just do the best you can do every day, thats all anyone can expect.

  • Appreciated

    I can’t f*cking stand Farrah. True I don’t know personally and don’t everything about her but she has been nothing but a stuck-up, snobby, ungrateful, unappreciated spoiled lil bitch. Everytime they show her on the past two seasons she acting like ach and only thinking about herself. She deserved to get popped in the mouth cause she’s always running it. She’s a typicval spoiled white bitch that lives in a nice huge house, and obviously got what ever she wanted. I swear if the perfect mom Maci wasn’t on this show I wouldn’t watch it. I’m a single dad and I know I have to keep my ass home and raise my child. I don’t go around trying to hook up with this girl and that. You would think she would have a lil more class considering she’s on tv. No, she must like having people be ing annoyed by her and wanna change the channel when she comes on. Allshe is, is a pretty face. With all those ugly snobby, stuckup, bitchy attitude at the end of the day she is just a pretty face, and that’s exactly why no guy wants her and why they comment what she is doing out when she has a kid.

  • I feel for Farrah sooo much! Her mother is so controling, and it was so much to a point that she made her shut Sophia’s father out of Farrah’s life.
    In the first season I could not believe how a Mother could treat her daughter so bad! Like Dr. Drew Said a slap heard around the world. The world saw that woman hit her daughter over the fact that she did not agree with the type of car that she wanted to drive!
    I am watching this season and see things have not changed! She obviously hit Farrah hard for her face to get bloody! And you have the authorities saying she treated them very bad as well. I commend Farrah for taking her daughter out of an abusive household and making sure she is not around that type of situation. One day Sophia will watch all of this and know what Grandma can be like!
    Farrah went out of her way and tried to be around her mother on Sophia’s Birthday. It was so obvious her mother wanted nothing to do with Farrah and did not even TRY to talk to her! She would not even let Farrah read her daughters birthday card!
    I totally disagree with Bossyladys comment! Farrah had every right to curse! Farrah is an adult and a mother and her mother needs to stop trying to control Farrah’s life and try to be her friend. Her mother acted like Farrah was not even There!! At Farrah’s daughters Birthday!!! Her Mother should have been thankful to have been invited!! If my mother had hit my face like that she would never be around my child! EVER! If Farrah would have allowed the situation to go on who knows what could have happend! The police said the woman had knives in her hands and would not put them down!

  • Vmr

    Wow People Take A Min And Think About Wat Your Sayin Your Judgin Someone That Has Lost Some Dear To Them. She Is Not A Horrible She Is A Teen Mom That Is TRying To Deal With The Struggle Of Life Its Easy To Sitt There And Say Something Mean But Do You Ever Think How Much It Hurts Her The Girl Is Tryin Her Best And She Loves Her Daughter

  • Jamie88

    It is extremely upsetting to hear the way Farrah and her mother interact with eachother. I find myself watching each episode and hating Farrah for being so disrespectful but then in the same scene her mother does something so dixpicable and I turn my anger towards her. This is a classic case of a VERY disfunctional family. And it starts with the parents and the way they have raised their children. After the birthday scene I was horrified by Debra’s behavior… I don’t blame Farrah for some of the things she does but she needs to make a change in her life and her behavior for the sake of her precious little daughter. I see a lot of the same traits of Debra in Farrah and Sophia will be the one to suffer. It is heartbreaking that Sophia’s father was killed in such a tragic accident and it is awful for the way Farrah’s family handled it. Hang in there Farrah… I think some good counseling will get you through this rough time in your life.

  • 2 Sides to Every Story

    Although I feel very sorry for Farrah’s loss, there are many mothers (including myself) that have lost a boyfriend or the father of their child(ren) to circumstances. Even if Farrah feels resentment toward her parents, her lack of respect for them is absolutely inappropriate. The manner in which she talks to her parents I’m pretty sure didn’t just start when her boyfriend died. And regardless of her nasty attitude, her parents always seem so calm, as if they’re use to her behaviour.

    Before we judge, I’d really like to hear Farrah’s mom’s side of the story. Teenagers have a tendancy to always feel like their parents are against them and are the bad guys. Even with the assault Farrah makes it look like her mother assaulted her, but when Farrah’s mom talks about the assault she says that Farrah was in fact trying to attack her and break her finger. Reports say that Farrah’s boyfriend was drinking and driving when he died and for Farrah (not only her parents like she says to the therapist) to decide to cut him off probably means that he wasn’t making the smartest decisions.

    There is a lot more to this story, where is Farrah’s sister we haven’t seen her for awhile? and whatabout the rest of Farrah’s family?, her mother mentions that no one wants to take her in, I wonder why??. I have a 6 year old daughter and she already gets angry at me when I oppose her wishes, but I’m not her friend I’m her mother and though she may not understand now, I’m sure she’ll one day understand and thank me in the future. Being a kid is hard but being a parent is harder.

    **Side note: During the first season wasn’t Farrah and her parents in conflict over her constant dating? Sophia was very young, and the love of her life just died months before…right??? Anyway I’m not judging, I’m just sayin.**

  • Melissa

    I understand she lost her baby’s father but she still has no right to behave the way she does. She needs to grow up and talk to her parents instead of behaving like a spoiled brat. Its hard but thats what grown ups with kids do.

  • Stacee

    Watching the show, I always saw Farrah in a negative light. She came across as an unthankful little brat. I had no idea she went through such horrible period in her life. Not only did she birth a child at such a young age, but she lost the man she had the child with. That’s extremely sad and I feel for the girl. I wish her all the best.

  • Marla

    Farrah is a bad mother, since she moved out she has left her one year old in alone. Sophia was burned in the sink and then fell off the bed. I can do better than her, and I do not have children.



  • Single Mom as well

    I think she has always had everything handed to her and that she is a spoiled little girl that wants pitty. I been a single mom and still am and my mom and I dont get along u can have worse things in life that happens to u then what I see. You have a mom that is trying to help u through this and dont want to mess up Sophia. I see that you should never take your child away from there Grandma even if u dont like her or what she does that is still Grandma and your child will hate u later on for that. I have to say that your mom and Mike should control u alot more and u have alot of hate in your life u r putting it on your family. How bout u being in foster care and been raped or beaten by your parents everyday etc. I think u should of been in a worse part of your life to treasure your family like u should. No pitty for her and she needs to b kicked from the show she is teaching other kids to disrespect there parents. She is an awful mom for not watching her in the sink or on the bed and etc. She wants poor me but I think she needs an eye full and have that child taken away till she can grow up. There is alot of families that want kids and would b alot better then she is with her. I know I could never put my kids in the problem she is in. She will have her daughter doing the same thing. I dont care for my mom but I would never take my kids away from her even though I was put in foster care and etc. u should think how lucky u have it.

  • what show are you watching??? if you listened in thee last show of teen season 2 , they said that farrah attcked her mom first!!! and for all you say she should be left alone because sophia’s dad passed away it didnt look like if she cared in season 1 she was hooking up with different guys and by the way all those’s date’s she went too who was taking care of sophia (of course her mom)

  • Sybil

    I just watched Ten Mom on 8 14 10 and the baby fell off the bed as she walked away to talk on the phone if they dont remove this child soon from her she will be found dead


      That is a horrible thing to say…I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. All of them have had their fair share of accidents. I am sure Farrah has learned from her mistake, but give her a break. Hopefully, Sbybil your wrong, but until you show some more evidence your claim is unfounded, and really irresponsible. Good Luck to sweet Sophia, and her mamma Farrah.

      • amber

        Umm farrah left the baby in the car seat in the hallway of the apartment building with the door closed for numerous minutes.. She’s too selfish and immature to be a mom and she pisses me off bc some people would give their life to be able to have a child and she takes her for granted and uses her as a weapon against her mother. Someone needs to take that baby for her before she has a real accident.

        • Tracy Settle

          Farrah is a disrespectful teen who is learning things the hard way. That doesn’t make her a bad mom, the scam she just went through should make her understand life a little more. She lives in her own world but she will see.

          • I agree she is only getting back how she was so disrespectful to her parents and I know growing up we didnt do those things or we were going to get it..

      • Peyton

        I agree with you so much. These people that are commenting must not have kids or else they would know that kids fall and get hurt. If a baby doesn’t get burned, how will they know to not touch hot things?

  • latrice jackson

    well, i think she needs to grow up and forgive her mom. i fell sry for the loss of her babbys dad but she needs her mom her life because she not doing good on her own right now first rember when she left the baby in the sink for a bATH and the babby turned on the hot water i was so mad at her but she needs help b4 that bay be in criticle condition i will pray for her that baby but i am still a fan of yours but i didnt relly feel bad when her mom power bombed her in the face. cuz that litte b!tch got a smart mouth. but her and her mom makes the show.

    • I so agree she is rude and have a smart mouth and the way we grew up we did not talk back or disrespect our parents or we would have gotten hit in the mouth also. I just say her parents should let her go and see how far she can go.

    • Peyton

      So what you’re saying is that, if a kid says something that you don’t like, and you think that it’s “smart” then it’s okay for you to punch her in the face? Obviously it’s not okay or else Farrah’s mom wouldn’t have gotten arrested. Use this show as an example of the consequences of your actions. No one cares what YOU think is okay, it is ILLEGAL, which means if you hit a kid, regardless of what they did, YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL. GROW UP SERIOSULY

  • From wat I see…farrah is doing the best she can its hard to fix a mother an daughterproblem…it always has a lot of blam and pain…farrah went trew a lot we might not kno and kids r kids they get in to things yes she should have been there when the baby was in the sink but she was not far away and it may sound crazy but now the baby will neva toch hot water…I like her she has a lot on her mind all of them do there young and have a kid its not not new and as far as taking her baby if they baby is not with farrahs mom the best place will always be wit farrah she’s a good mom all of them r only person who played her self was catlyn she should have neva gave her baby up

  • Morgan

    She also left the baby in the sink during a bath to get on her laptop, which was sitting on a table in the living room. It would have been so easy for the baby to pull herself out of the sink and fall on the floor. As it was, she turned on the hot water and burned herself, which is when Farrah finally got up. I can’t believe the dangerous situations she puts her daughter in.

  • farrah i feel for u. you r young but well make the best in life i bet u that : ) with your baby gilr wtf u dont take your baby for granted people dont know u. but people will just hate lol same of them dont have a life. so who r they to talk.

  • I feel for Farrah because she lost someone she loves but my issue with her is that she do not want to see her mother and still be rude to both parents. I watched her on each episode how she would disrespect her mother and father and they were trying to teach her how to take care of her baby. Now all of a sudden she know everything. Im sorry but if I was your mother I would have knocked your teeth down your throat if you had of spoken to me that way. I do not condone violence but she was always disrespectful to her parents who was there for her. She have to realize that the same way she was disrespectful to her parents her child can be the same way.

    • Peyton

      Obviously you DO condone violence if you would “knock her teeth down her throat”. Parents hit kids because they are angry not because the kid is wrong which makes YOU wrong. You probably should’nt advertise on the internet that you would knock a kids teeth out because there will always be people like me who will call your ass out. You know it’s wrong, grow the f*ck up. You wanna hit something? Start with yourself

  • PiercingPro

    I have no prob with Farrah she seems to be trying but there was an episode were she was moving into her new place and not only was she rude to the guys helping her but she left the baby outside the door while she went in the house to move stuff or clean or something i get it if you have to sit her down for a min to open the door but she went in shut the door and left the baby outside in the hall alone what mother dose that even a new mom should be smarter then that

  • JJzMommy

    I’m sorry to say it but I would have smacked Farrah a long time ago. She doesn’t act like a mother she acts like a brat, end of story. Maybe she’ll realize how easy she had it when her parents we’re helping her out, I sure did. But one thing I did do was put my daughter first, forget dating she has time for that later. She needs to take some parenting classes or something before her baby gets taken away; I’m surprised she still has her, it’s obvious she doesn’t have patience when sophia starts crying, and the sink incident, leaving her in the hallway alone, setting her on the window seal @ the money place, and when she fell off the bed. Come on now yeah incidents happen with babies but they could have been prevented if farrah had some common sense. Or at least tried to be a responsible mother.I’m not saying I’m a perfect mother, but I sure learned a lot of things that come with a baby.

    • Peyton

      Obviously you’re not a perfect mother if you thinnk it’s okay to hit kids. I can not wait for this form of discipline to become illegal so that bitches like you can get arrested. It’s not okay. If i ever saw you hitting a kid, I’d make sure that you rotted in jail until you got the f*cking picture.

  • $arah D

    I feel sorry for Farrah, she is a teen mother, her babies daddy is dead, her mother beat her up and acts like she did nothing wrong, she’s trying to work, go to school, and raise a baby all on her own with no help, if my mom beat the crap out of me i wouldnt want her taking care of my baby either. Farrah has made some mistakes when it comes to taking care of Sophia but what new mother hasn’t made mistakes with there 1st child, especially when you have your 1st child at the age of 16. All the other girls on Teen Mom have there babies fathers around to help, Farrah doesn’t, so I think she deserves a little more sympathy for everything she’s gone through.

  • Adrianna

    I can understand why Farrah is the way she is…..If you’re family wouldnt allow you to grieve the loss of someone you were in love with,…and had a child with,…you would be hurt and hold anger too. I think that’s why alot of tension still exists between Farrah and her Mother specifically. They told her that basically it was a relief when Derek died because now the “problem is gone” thats not right. Farrah obviously is nowhere near being over it,…she’s young,..and probably scared to be on her own already,..and just to think of the memories of her baby’s father,..and how I’m sure she wishes he was here to be with them as a family will always be hard for her, but when you’re not supported in all of the grieving process,..that’s def a roadblock towards healing. I agree,..yes she needs to treat her mom better,..but at the same time,..they need to tackle why shes so angry towards her first before she can stop taking it out towards her.

  • Mailee

    How can you respect your parents when they’re not supporting you for your lost (babys father) and smack you in the face?? I think she had a lot of anger inside her that she need to talk. I can truly understand her feeling and the reaction of it. Physical violence is not the solution and cant help the teen to forgive the past to. She’s young but i think she’s doing the best that she could because most of people in the same situation would probably do worst. I think its so easy to judge how bad are the decisions she made for her daughter, for you all, while you’re sitting in your couch and you have help from your relatives every day.

  • Erica

    Farrah is an excellent mother I cant understand how anyone who is making comments here about her “bad parenting” can rationalize her mother’s lack of support in a time when she should have been there emotionally to support the loss of her grandaughters father. I am a young mother myself and I agree that before knowing about the death of her boyfriend I couldnt understand how she would speak to her parents the way she did but now despite the fact that I come from a european backround where respect is key I will turn my back on the theory of “respecting your parents” because obviously to people who are not ignorant there are circumstances where these “rules” can be forgotten. Everyone needs to look at the fact that she is a single parent working to support her daughter who does not do drugs and drink or party all the time. So before critiquing her on her parenting take a good look around the community and remember that there are alot of loser parents out there who take advantage of tax money and do fit the typical steryotype of a bad parent and compare them to farrah and then you will be able to realize what a bad parent truly is.
    Ps:All of you people complaining about her lack of respect are probably crazy mothers who have kids of your own who you expect to follow you around like puppies and do whatever you say on command when respect goes both ways.

    • Erica


  • alexus

    Farrah is a sorry excuse for a mom
    i will give this to her she does work hard, and is independent somewhat
    but if they dont take that baby from her shes gonna get seriously hurt, Farrah needs to get herself together b4 she can help Sophia. People make mistakes, but Farrah does everything wrong!She needs counseling seriously
    i understand her pain but is it worth the relationship with her mother, maybe if she shut up and listen to her mom she could understand her or help her

  • Jeanette

    farah is spoiled. end of story. for her to figure out things on her own will open her eyes big time. she shouldnt have started dating but hey its her life. also the fact that her babys daddy died should’ve gave herself time to grieve and actually talk about it with someone. im surprised she didnt end up with post partum depression. her getting scammed sucks. she shouldnt be so trusting of strangers.

    • Peyton

      What kid isn’t spoiled? Honestly. And you don’t know if Farrah suffered from depression because from what i see, she is very sad and the cameras are not following her around all the time so we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes

  • Vanessa Hernandez hollister, ca

    Hahahah well first off all I do see were Farrah is coming from hello for not only youre mother I would say bestfriend of course I beleve my mother should be their for me or hope for her to be their for me no matter how bad the situation is as a mother I would be by my child no matter how bad the situation is no matter how much I disagreed to unlike her boyfriend I would of been the same way about loosing my boyfriend I mean specially if it was close to my due date I would not know what to do but Farrah did the right thing she was out of control at times but hello She’s only f*cking 16 and pregnant at least she oviously learnd how to forgive her mother right??pluss she has the baby on her mind but she graduated with her school class she did it all and yeah she would leave the baby with her mom to go out but she dose not drink. And why is she a bad mother oh ok wow yeah she’s a teen parent who has gone threw alot and it’s only getting worse for her wow the scam god with no help financialy she’s not giving up on her account right she’s working her ass off and still in school for colinary arts manager and graduates this fall and she’s to me she’s a good parent been grew alot and she never gives up witch is why her life will only get better hey remember we learn from our mistakes

  • Samanta

    I always watch this show and I kept on thinking where is Sofia’s tad and not so long ago I just found out about the accident!! I’m so truly sorry he was so young and now you have to deal with your parents on your own I wish you best in your life!! I hope you will find someone like Sofia’s tad in your life!! Best of luck baby girl don’t ever give up!!

  • Braelyn

    Let me just say I feel sorry for her and all. But lets recap on some of the events that have happened on the show. She left sophia in the sink and walked aways and she burned herself not to mention she could have fallen out of the sink.. Speaking of falls she left her on the bed the other episode and she fell of it… then a couple of episodes ago she walks in her apartment leaving 1 year old sophia in the hallway alone who does that it is an apartment complex someone could have easily walked by and snatched her up… Im sure she is a good mom most the time and she loves her baby but how many more of these types of things happen off camera…

    • Brianna

      Sooooo True…… Your very right It was wrong of Farrah to Leave Sophia BY HER SELF!!!!!!!! Some1 could have stolen Sophia. Sophias NOT old enough to watch herself.Soooo……….Farrahs the one who had Sophia and NEEDS 2 take care of her and watch her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peyton

      “Braelyn”, shut up. Obviously you don’t have kids or else you would know that you can’t watch them every second of your life. Ryan allowed Bentley to hit his mouth on a table and he and his girlfriend were right there which is alot more severe than Farrah leaving Sophia in a sink for 2 seconds.

  • lils

    I do sympathize for the lost of Sophias Dad, being her first love and babys father…her parents should have been supportive with her in the greiving process. I can understand them being upset that she got pregnant at a young age, but then again this is their grand daughters father. I do not agree with some of the actions Farrah has taken while supervising her daughter, but then again no mother is perfect! I for one have made some poor decisions with my daughter, and i’m sure everyone has. One things for sure, I will not let my daughter speak to me the way Farrah does to her mother. And if she does not change this, she will live her mistakes through Sofia when she is not respectftul to her either.

  • diana

    seriously, farrah doesnt want sophia around her mother, because she said that she doesnt want sophia to go through what she went through her mom was physically and emotionally abusive to her, ever since she was young. She does want the best for sophia even though she doesnt always do it the best way. Yea she has alot to learn but the only supportive ppl are her friends who DONT have children. So yes shes doing the best she can when being a mom is a fulltime job and as a student and as a employee. Most of you wouldnt be doing so good considering all the bad luck she gets, her ex bf that she still loved DIED and her parents should NO REMORSE. Most of you wouldnt even get out of bed if that happened to you. So dont talk shit if you have been in her shoes. Yes shes def the best mom she has alot todo but shes learning same as anyone first time mother. Shes doing the best without any support from people who actually know how to take care of a child.

  • Ally

    My sympathies for Sophia at the loss of her father before she even had a chance to know him. The unfortunate part that I’m starting to see in watching this that there is so much selfishness going on around the poor child that it appears that she isn’t getting what she needs and her needs need to be paramount. Debra is selfish too…rather than guiding Farrah as to how to be a good mom, she constantly badgers her and tells her everything she’s doing wrong. I’d want to get away from her too.

    I was mortified to see her in the kitchen sink while Farrah was sitting on the couch…leaving her in the sink alone, and then her being burned by hot water and Farrah’s nonchallont attitude about it begs the question….Are Child services watching this show?? The neglect, language used around these children?? Sometimes I feel so sorry for these kids…craving their parents attention only to be shuned or pawned off on others…

    Amber is a joke as a mother…all she cares about is herself and she wants to get married to an unemploed loser. She needs to do ALOT of growing up before she takes that step…she doesn’t even know the meaning behind it..

    Maci-shows the most maturity…as hard as everything is for her, she still maintains Bailey as her top priority.

    • Peyton

      I agree with you Ally to an extent, um I don’t believe that Maci is the most mature because even she is starting to display some immaturity, for example she is planning to take Bentley away from his father and his family just to be with a guy that she has only been dating for a few months which personally i think that that is very stupid and immature and I hope, despite Ryan’s behavior during the first month of Bentley’s life, that he gets joint custody just so Maci can’t make that mistake and move away. She’s being selfish and inconsiderate and she used to be my favorite one on the show because of her maturity but now i don’t know so much, and to answer the whole child services issue, every baby falls on their head at least once in their life or their parents look away for a split second and they may get hurt but that is not enough for child services to intervine unless the mother shows neglect or child abuse like Farrah’s mom did. Last time i checked, Farrah has not hit Sophia or intentionally neglected her so no I don’t expect child services to step in. And Amber is annoying, I agree

      • cassie

        Peyton u like to “call” ppl out so much its ridiculous. U wanna b so quick to frown on every1 who said farrah deserved what she got. She is spoiled n she has no respect for her parents. If she’s gnna come to her momma like she’s grown then she better b ready to face the concequences like she grown. I’m not saying it was okay for her mom to punch her in the face but obviously nothing else her parents have done has gotten her attention. And yes I do think that a lot of things her parents did were wrong n the things they made farrah do. If u ask me there have been a lot of faults on both sides. Farrahs not a perfect mom no one is sum of the choices she’s made have been irrespossible n stupid yes and made me mad as h*** when I was watching but u also have to look at it this way her parents controlled everythng she did when she was living there so its like she dsnt know how to think on her own. Its quite sad actually. As for maci she has been very mature through everythng given her age. The move I think is a good choice if that’s what she wants n it dsnt affect bentley negatively then its ok. Ryan only sees bentley every other wkend n one night through the week neway so what difference does it make. Besides its not like she’s going just for him. She’s going to college. She can’t just sit around where she’s at waiting for good things to come her way. That’s not the way the world works. If u want sumthng u gotta go get it urself. N who ever made that comment about catelynn that she shulda never gave up that baby that’s so rude. There is no shame in wanting ur child to have a better life than u had or than u can give them. Look at the situation and where she lives. Her n tyler r still kids it take a lot of courage n self saccrifice to do what they did…

  • Msm

    Farrah is not a bad mother. Yeah when she was on 16 and pregnant she was VERY disrespectful to her parents, but she’s grown up ALOT. Every new mother makes mistakes at one point or another. Every mother leaves their child unattended for a few seconds. When you are BY YOURSELF raising a child you can’t be EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. Farrah is a good mom. She still has some growing up to do but I give her MAJOR kudos for being able to do everything by herself. I don’t know if I could do it. She’s paying her OWN bills, living BY HERSELF, and raising a child ON HER OWN. Give the girl a break. She’s doing a GREAT job in my book. Best of luck to you Farrah and Sophia.

  • she should have stayed in the room with sophia instead of walking away or put a couple of pillows infront of her.

  • Danette

    I would like to the people responsible for these shows..and yes I DO realize they are REALITY shows…can let things like Sophia being left in the hallway..sitting unsecured on the postoffice counter..unattended on the bed…alone in the sink where she ACCIDENTALLY turned on the hot water…and now and my personal favorite..Maci…with Bentley in the car…taking her HANDS OFF THE WHEEL..while talking on her cell phone…not once, not twice but 3-4-5 times to wipe her eyes and to text on her phone.. to someone because Ryan is going to take her to court…NOT IF YOU ARE BOTH DEAD!!!! how irresponsible to film that, and not stop it from happening. None of these things are essential to presenting the struggles of teen parenting and family relationships. and I am a parent and I DO know that kids have to learn to not touch hot things, but not by being scalded..what a ridiculous comment ^^ though that justifies being irresponsible.

    • Jessica

      whats is farrah supposty to do watch sophia like a halk. nnnoooo its hard watching toddlers every move, and maci has the right to be mad ryan doesnt deserve bently so i understand her u act like ur the erfect driver or something… dont bad mouth these girls its hard being a teen mom i no i am one.

      • Kelly

        Yes you should watch your baby like a hawk. Especially at that age. You cannot take your eyes off of them. Yes accidents do happen no matter how well you watch them, but I agree that Farrahs actions are reckless. Leaving the baby on the bed, in the sink, and out in the hallway is uncalled for. She was talking on the phone which did not require her to walk away from the baby. There are many teen moms out there some have just learned responsibilty a little quicker than others. Maci on the other hand does seem to be a very good mother, but I also could not believe that she was driving like that with her child in the car. That was very poor judgement.

      • Cassie


        Wow, you should really go back to school and brush up on your spelling and English courses. Hopefully, your kid doesn’t turn out as dumb as you…

    • katie

      How dare you, maci is a great mother. She maybe young but she’s doing an outstanding job raising bently. And farrahs doing her best as well raising sofia

    • Chelsi

      okay seriously? you cannot stand over your baby at all times. you have to give them space. everyone is not perfect. the babies are learning lessons when they do something wrong, and so are the mothers. you have no idea what they go through or what goes on during the filming. and as for maci, yeah that wasn’t smart, but did you notice she had a new dodge charger? those new ones have a thing where they drive the car for you. thats what they are doing for all cars now. so oyu cannot just say shes a bad mother, i’m sure that if her car didn’t have that, then she wouldn’t have been doing it. all these mothers are doing the best that they can, and they don’t need you judging them and pointing out every little thing all the time.

  • Staci

    I was a single teen mother and I worked two jobs, attended college and took care of my baby. I had help from family but was never ungrateful. I paid for my daughter all alone without her father and now she has grown to be the class President of her Highschool, she is in all honor’s classes and is a remarkable person. If these teen mom’s put forth the effort, it will pay off in the long run. Caitlynn and Tyler need to stop milking the show for the “sadness” that they created for themselves. Caitlynn’s mom needs to be in a cell with Butch because of her abusive ways. Why does MTV allow such abuse to go on and not step in or report it.

  • mari

    To all the people who like to comment and say rude things about the mothers on the show or mtv! here it goes stop nd just look at your self first off its not easy to watch a child 24/7 if you have one you should know! i’m a 100% sure that even if you keep track of them they still get hurt! oh if you have a problem with the show don’t watch it plain and simple! If you don’t like how mtv does its job change the channel! oh and p.s instead of wasting time posting rude comments about the childs welfare on this show go help a child that really needs it! there are many childeren out there being abused emotionaly, physicaly, or even sexualy! To all the young ladys on teen mom i think that ya’ll aren’t perfect but you try to do whats best for your babies! So stay strong!

  • mary

    im sure if we had cameras on ur 24-7 we would have found out that u too made mistakes. only God can judge people so why dont you just not say anything if u dont have anything nice to say. it is hard being a mom not to mention if ur 16 and doing it!

  • Valerie

    Maci and Catelyn are the only two that is mature and have became beautiful young woman on the show and have stepped up to the plate Amber and Farrah are spoiled rotten brats. When you want to act like you are growned. and become pregnant either you will learned and mature or fail. either you swim or sink. it’s called life. some people mature at different rates. We all have to grow up one way or another. It’s called life some sooner or later. live and let live.

  • cindy

    all these negative people need to ge a life and stop trying to act like their so freakin perfect and never do anything wrong. i dont think that their bad mothers and their doing a good job. but i do have to admit that there is always room for improvements and changes, but that doesnt mean we should go off and past judgement on anyone especially if we dont even know them personally and their every day life.

  • first of all farrah is an ungrateful spoiled brat,terrible mother who only thinks about herself,and the people who keep backing her obviously are doing it over guilt because they to are bad mothers.not to mention all of these incidents that have already been mentioned, but did anyone see the babies birthday episode where farrah took her out to dinner and to get her nails done things she obviosly wanted not a one year old.i dont blame her mother for trying to choke the bitch ,i think debra handles herself with class most of the time trying to get along, but farrah treats her like trash,she is an ungrateful bitch

    • mom of 3

      i agree a one yr old dont care if there nails are done thats not what i would have had in mind for a first bday. lol did you see the one where it was farrahs bday omg what a little bitch her parents took her to the zoo and the whole time she bitched at her parents. her dads car broke down and farrah had a fit and was like i dont need to be stressed on my bday how is your dads car breaking gna stress yuo out??? Then when they were at the zoo all she did was bitch they were taking too long to look at one thing well you need to not be a bitch let your daughter have fun ok as far as being stressed on your bday welcome to the real world when your a mom your birthday is just another day get over it its not going to be the last stressful day neither trust me im 22 with 3 kids iu can teach you about stress.

    • Jazmine

      Give me a break. Her mother acts like Farrah is five even when she tries to talk to her like an adult. Yea she disrespectful a lot of times but duh why do you think she does. Its resentment from the crap with her baby father. Believe me I see alot of terrible mothers that dont give a crap about their kids. Atleast Farrah has a job, an apartment,workin on her education, and still taking care of sophia by herself. Just b/c you dnt like the person doesnt mean she is terrible

  • tasha

    First let me say that I’m doing this from my cell phone so please forgive the spelling.

    Now I agree that Maci is the most mature of all. But you have to take into account her support system. None of the others have parents like hers: supportive, concerned, loving and listening. Everyone wants to talk about Farrah being disrespectful and spoiled but has anyone noticed that her mom is the same way! She ignores Farrah and undermines her whenever she gets a chance. And a child cannot be spoiled without someone doing the spoiling. So don’t just blame Farrah for her mistakes you have to blame the parents too. Now on to Amber she’s crazy all the way. Gary lost his job so its understandable for her to support her family but at the same time he needs to get it together and find another one. She needs anger management classes and they need to put their relationship on hold until they get it together individually. And I see people saying she’s a bad mother well guess what Gary’s a bad father. Now Catlyn and Tyler need to stop feeling sorry and thinking what if. I don’t know how they feel truly because I kept my child, but they did what they thought was best and now they have regrets. Personally I think that the adoption should’ve been a closed process where they weren’t able to see her at birth, name her, or receive pictures and information. The only thing that they’re doing is teasing themselves because they will never have her in their lives the way they want. Now could Farrah, Amber and Gary use some parenting classes, yes they could. Amber and Gary could also use couples therapy in my opinion. And about the child services and police being involved, I’m pretty sure everyone signed consent and confidentiality forms. Therefore it turns into the question of would child services know what was going on if it wasn’t on television. So people please remember when judging someone, keep in mind their experiences, and don’t judge so harshly.

    • mom of 3

      Im 22 and a mother of 3 girls, i had my first when i was 17. i wasnt like these girls i didnt have a t.v show to get money i was watching amber bitching how she had to get a part time job lol i wish thats what i had to do my mom was ok with it but had her own problems with money. i got a full time job at little ceasers pizza and worked tell the day i had my daughter i was to be on bed rest but i couldnt cause someone needed to pay for my daughter and her dad was not around so i dont want to hear these girls say that got it so hard when there moms are giving them places to live and they can lay in bed all day cause the show pays them good they all have nice cars and nice places they have it so easy then a real teen mom this show is so fake because a teen mom dont only need to work full time would take for ever with no education to even touch base on bills and a car trust me. ilike i said i had to work i worked a ten hr shift the day before i had my daughter dont tell me about it being so hard for these girls its not even close to being hard. i wish my mom would have been able to say you can live in my guest house and i can watch the kids so can go to school no thats not the real world do you know how much child csre is??? how much rent is. stop bitching about your lives and take a look around your lives are a fairytale compared to mine shit make a teen mom about the truth not these rich kids where there parents help them. do you have any idea how long it tookj me to even get a car? yet these kids got new cars but its so hard ok make a real show about the parents who are trying so hard but arnt brats. Amber you can go to jail for hitting gary all the tiume and one day your gonna. what if gary put his hands on you huh the cops would be there taking him away and youll be like i dont know why he would do thst keep pounching him and one day garys gna snap on you amber and hes alot bigger then you stronger then you even the nicest person can only take so much and i would have snaped a long time ago where is ocy? why are these kids able to beat on eachother in front of there kids?? yup great parents!!! as for maci that was so stupid of her to up and move. your bf should move to you transfer jobs or find a new one it was so wrong to move like that that baby needs his family to be close instead you have to depend on this guy to play dad to your son when he already has a dad who wants to be there.

  • tommy mashburn

    farrah i think your mom is trying to be there for you maybe she is trying to hard but just believe that she is trying i all so think that you hold a little hatetred tords her for the advice she gave you about when you and the father broke up she talks you into leaveing him and then he dies i know its alot to ask but you need to forgive i keep praying that you and her can patch things up god bless you all.

  • chelsea

    i only like maci she is the only good mom on that show really. But the others do try i can see that also

  • Jeff

    I think Farrah is absolutely beatiful and shouldn’t have to deal with any of the shit she goes through. She needs a real man in her life, like myself to sweep her off her feet and take care of her and sophia. Contact me Farrah. I live in NY and would gladly fly you here.

  • aimee

    i am a mom of two i am 20 years old it is very hard being a mom but i think farrah made alot of mistakes especially by not letting her babies daddy know she was pregnant i think maybe things would be different today for her maybe she would have a better support group meaning having sophias dads family being there for sophia at least i dont know i just think maybe if she told him things would be different

  • sylvia

    I think the most mature is maci n I do think tht she is moving a bit fast wit her new relationship …. omg amber really needs to get it together I just feel bad for her daughter.. like really the way she talks around her bby n neglects her I cannot believe. Now I know its hard to have a bby but there are choices in life she needss to make to better herself for her daughter leah… she is truly a drama queen… I see farrah is a great mom yes mistakes r made I mean this is her first daughter I aplaud her idk if I would b able to do wat she does… n my heart goes out to her for the loss of sophias dad…

  • ms sinclair

    OK~SO for those of you saying Maci is taking Bentley away from that stellar father known as Ryan (who nobody was upset when Bentley fell and got hurt~yet will chastise Maci and Farrah for being “bad moms” for taking their eyes off their kids for 2seconds out of a 7day week, when they have the kids almost ALWAYS w-little or no support from the likes of Ryan or Farrahs baby daddy’s family!(who coincidentally refuse to appear on the show or be in their niece/granddaughter etc.’s life just cause they had issue w-Farrah before their kids demise! grow up! you would think they’d want to be a part of the only piece they have left of Farrah’s baby daddy!) but it is very one sided~people will attack the moms for a bump on the head and when it happens w-daddy &his flavor of the wk.its all good (and props to Maci for being mature to the “other woman” that Ryan did not bother w-an intro for his baby mama!) but the point is Ryan deserves NOTHING from Maci~he doesnt support him & Chatt.,TN IS 2HRS AWAY FROM NASHVILLE!

  • Josh

    I like dem all on dere n been watching since 16 & pregnant n i watch teen mom every week n i luv dem all but Farrah & Sophia are definately ma favorites n she iz a great mom n a success at everythang she does n i wish the best for her & sophia…

  • Jen

    Ok I love watching this show however, there is something wrong with Amber!!! That girl needs counseling, more than Farrah and her Mom does. Wow! Amber is like watching a train wreck. Maci seems to be doing well but she doesn’t realize how much harder her life is gonna be when it comes to visitation with Ryan. I like watching Caitlynn and Tyler they seem to be the most mature along with Maci and Farrah. I just feel sorry for Gary, run Gary run!!! I do love how much these girls love their children and they’re still kind of children themselves. I think they’re all smart except Amber, she’s got alot to learn. Farrah is trying and so is Maci to better their lives and take steps forward. The fact that Caitlynn and Tyler keep contact with their baby, very cool!

  • ~*Linda*~

    Amber is a sorry excuse for a Mother!!! She is an even worse excuse of a WOMAN! This is double standard Bullsh*t!! If Gary had slapped or punched her?? Omg he would be behind bars, no if’s, ands, or butts about it… Something should be done- this makes me sick! Just because she is a female gives her NO right to hit a man! Her @zz should be behind bars! Plus the way she neglects her daughter? Wth? Why is she still on this show?I wish there was a petition or something that could be done. Justice for Gary & Leah!!! PS- Maci is a great mother! And she has known her boyfriend for a YEARS! She didn’t JUST meet him! Re-watch the shows. She explains it.

    • Alaina

      Linda-Agreed! I am DISGUSTED with Amber!!! Honestly, Amber does not deserve this child! Leah is going to be one screwed up little girl-makes me sick! I don’t care how mad you are at someone, you do NOT have the right to hit them!! i AM PRAYING SOMEONE WITH AUTHORITY STEPS IN AND TAKES THIS POOR LITTLE GIRL AWAY FROM HER-when is enough, enough???? Alexis-DO NOT sit here and say “everyone deals with pregnancy defferently-LAME! I had an unexpected pregnancy and would NEVER EVER treat my father’s daughter, or my daughter the way Amber treats Gary because it’s not about “us”, it’s about my daughter! Amber and Gary should not be together-they don’t work! This is a situation in where the child is NOT better off being with the mother-at all!!!! This little girls life is already soooooo messed up-people that make stupid comments like the one you just made, PISSSSS me off! If these freaking girls used condoms or had been on the pill, they wouldn’t be in the situations they’re in! DUH!??? Don’t take it out on your child when it’s your fault! Grow up, do what is best for them and stop being so f’ing selfish!!!!

      • Meghan

        I am 6 months pregnant and I was using the pill properly when I got pregnant. Thats why they say its only 99% effective – JUST SAYING!

  • Alexis.

    Everybody is going through a hard time with pregnatcy. watch what you say. they all have there ways of dealing with things. and im sure youre not perfect either.. but i do agree.. macy is a great lmother to her son. 🙂


    Farrah needs to have her child taken away from her. She is by far the most selfish, arrogant and neglectful mother on the show. There are countless times where she forgets her child or is not properly watching her. The baby will be lucky if she even makes it to her 3rd birthday with Farrah as the mother. Something needs to be done to prevent someone like this from having children.

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much!!! How many times has that girl left her baby on the kitchen counter, let alone by herself anywhere, or on a bed or couch when she was far to young and vulnerable to be abandoned. I believe the little sweetie is lucky there is a camera crew around to save her from her Mothers neglect.

      • The camera crew is not necessarily going to do anything should the child be in any danger. This is the problem w reality shows filmed in locations where there is no preset jurisdiction regarding minors on film. Both the underaged teen moms and the babies should be paid,among other issues, but this is often neglected.

  • hey! Farrah im sorry what happend to you baby daddy make him rest in peace.

  • Madelyn

    Seriously MTV…. you need to call the cops and have
    a) amber arrested and gary given sole cusody of Leah. Leah HATES Amber and Amber is a terrible mother.
    b) Farrah’s mom sent to the loony bin.
    c)Farrah’s chinese friend kicked off the show.
    d) Caitlyn’s mom in jail with butch
    e.)ryan more custody of bentley. Maci can’t leave that’s not fair

    • Miranda

      K we don’t need any racism here so shut up bout that and Ryan doesn’t deserve more time he’s lucky he gets what he does because Maci has raised her son since the day he was born and Ryan just went out and partied and acted like a little kid and Maci should get 100% full custody and only let Ryan see his son if she wants!!

      • Forgivness

        Does anyone see what happened to Ferrah?!!! Maci should let Ryan see Bentley because something could happen and she could be in a world of regret just like Ferrah is now.

  • Miranda

    Yes I agree that Amber should get punished for what she’s done to Gary but about they should’ve used a condom or birth control and they wouldn’t have gotten pregnant well that’s not true I got pregnant when I was 17 and I was on the pill and took it exactly how I was supposed to. Maci is the best mom on the show!! Farrah should respect her dad more and not be such a bitch to him but I give her props for taking care of Sophia on her own even when she had the money scam.

  • Raquel Welch

    Farrah is a a bitch and a horrible mother! Shame on her parents for raising her to be such a horrible person to strangers, family and friends! Her daughter is not taken care of responsibly and has had her hand scorched, fell off beds, chairs, sofas, and counter tops. Why is the government not doing anything for Sophia’s safety? Take her away from this unfit mother, who cares for no one but herself! I am a mother to a healthy 12 year old and I would never take my eye off of him! I may have done things that I am not proud of when I was younger but I took responsibility for them, instead of blaming everyone else but myself! GROW UP!

    • Yvette

      Farrah is young and is doing what she knows. She is the only parent for this child and should not have her child taken away from her. She’s working and has her own place. New parents always make mistakes w/their babies. Babies fall!! But that doesn’t make the parents unfit. Yea, maybe she haven’t mastered many “mom techniques”, But who couldn’t use a little advice here and there.
      If u have 12yr old, then u of all people should know that children get hurt, while not under your care and sometimes while under your care.
      SN: u have a 12 yr old so that has to mean ur a lot older than Farrah, I would think ur response would be to “give” her some tips then to be overly critical…smh

      • Lashonda

        Amber does need to stop hitting Gary because Leah sees this stuff and is going to hate Amber. But, Gary should just go his own way and worry bout Leah and thats it.

  • erica

    The things is….we have kids raising kids that need to make adult for Maci… I wish u the best Ryan deserves what he get..people plz don’t forget when he would party and maci would have to stay home. Amber she just don’t know what she wants…Farrah is trying to do her best as single mom…(It is not easy being a single mom)… Catlyn i dont know what to say but have to give it to her for puting her daughter first….

  • Tiffanie-Michelle

    I have to totaly agree w @linda. It really pisses me off the way Amber beats the sh!t out of Gray! I missed last weeks epidsode when it aired and watched it online yesterday and I was disgusted! WTF MTV? I understand when you allow the drunks on Jersey Shore to fight like animals (I am a JS fan and it is entertaining I will admit), but when u have repeatedly watched a mother hit a father in front of their child while she is crying uncontrollably… AND have the film to prove it?? Geez, thats just too much!

    I saw that Amber asked for water to take her pills in the morning… maybe she is bipolar?!? Has she stopped taking her meds! For fcks sake! I’ll pay for your pills girl! She has one clip of her laffing at Leah in her heels, and the next clip shes yelling like a banshee when Gary was just trying to point out dont leave ur knife on the floor where Leah can get it!

    As for Catelynn and Ryan, I love that sweet coupple… her mom is a b!tch and I dont get why she doesnt go back to Ryan’s mom’s house… caue her mom needs to go to rehab then join “Butch” (if thats his real name) in jail!

    Lastly Farrah has been trying, but she needs to drop that sarcastic 16 year old tone she gets with people who are just trying to help her. Come on honey u need all the help u can get or u wouldnt be out of $3000!

    MACI! LOVE her! I think she is doing right by finally doing something for her self. I think Ryan doesnt want to spend time with Bentley… I personally think hes just trying to get a rise out of Maci. It seemed his gf and parents were more into him asking for more time than he was! Immature punk! He (I mean his parents) are lucky he gets the time he gets him at all!

    Sorry I ranted… I got started and couldnt stop! 🙂

    • shelly

      Not trying to be rude but Catelynn is dating tyler

  • Amber

    Ok so I do agree with those about amber she shouldn’t put her hands on Gary or anyone for that matter but I would like to say who gives any of u the right to determine who should have rights of their child or not! You all need to take in consideration this is only an hour episode that sums up an entire week of 4 girls lives therefore it doesn’t show u every thing that’s happens this is tv so of course it’s only gonna show the drama or good stuff in their lives they are all young and do have alot to learn but could use support as well. Farrah is a single mother who is also on an emotional roller coaster of her dead ex I believe she has taken full responsibility of Sophia and is still learning give her a break. Amber and Gary just need to go there separate ways and and be civil for the sake of their daughter. Maci is a great mother, Ryan still has some growing up to do but will regret his actions later on down the road. Caityln needs to focus on her school work and not the relationship with her mother her mom will regret all she has done soon as for Ryan set some goals fight for em and everything else will fall into place. And for the record birth control and condoms do not always work it’s not 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy if u think ur old enough to jump into bed with someone u better be old enough to except the outcome so stop shoving the whole if u were on birth control or used a condom speak Down ppl’s throats it’s pathetic sex = pregnancy duh! I’m not saying don’t Use birth control or condoms because it will help to prevent pregnancy but again it’s not 100% guaranteed !

  • vero

    I hate amber so so so much!!!…she is a bad mother she needs to be in a mental care hospital I hope gary can have the custody of her daugther….AMBER YOU ARE A TRASH SHAME ON YOU F*CKING BEACH!!!!!!! >[

    • vero

      I mean BITCH!!!….LMFAO

  • crystal

    i feel so sad wat happend to sophias dad but i hope wen she grows up she really understands hoW THINGS WENT. I really hope farrah payed more attention to sophia. I have 2 boy and i am 20 yrs old nd my kids are better watched by me! Hate the bitch of amber! I thinks shes on meth why is she so skinny now????

  • Vanessa

    So I just got done watching this weeks episode of teen mom and I watch every week …. I am so sick of hearing or reading so many judgemental things about these new struggling moms. Until you walk a mile in someone elsew shoes you can never fully know what of is like to be them and have no right to judge them on who should get custody and who shouldn’t. To Raquel – if you are a mother of a 12 yr old boy and is admitting to not being a perfect mom then shame on you for your harsh comments towards Farrah, and by the way Sophia has never fallen from somewhere(I’ve seen every episode. To Madelyn – if you are going to judge someone based on their race/ethniticity make sure you know what it is for sure (there is nothing dumber than someone saying something racist but having the wrong race)
    Yes, Amber is always way way out of line; it clearly shows both her and Gary need to go
    their seperate ways and do what is right for Leah. Maci is by far the most put together
    teen mom and has given so much to be there for Bently, as to where Ryan partied and left both Bently and Maci for the first year of Bently’s life, he deserves absolutely only what
    Maci allows. Farrah is not only struggling with being a teen mom but also with losing Sophia’s father and getting caught in a financial scam; she isdoing the best she can with what she has and has done okay for herself and her daughter. Catelynn gets major points for thinking most about her little girl and giving her to a family that can provide everything a child needs and more. These girls are living through an extremely difficult thing and doing it on national television on top of it; that has to be so hard.

    • jen

      and by the way Sophia has never fallen from somewhere(I’ve seen every episode.

      ~Err Yes she did. she fell off the bed when Farrah was on the phone in another room with the guy from bank when she was dealing with the whole bad check thing.

      • lynn

        that is crazy, I have 3 children and all three have fell off a bed at one time or another. You can’t condsider her a bad mom because the baby fell off of a bed

    • amber

      i agree with everything you said vanessa and think that half the ppl that put their two sense in and say horrible things about these mothers should really just keep their mouths shut. i give every single one of them props for all they have over come and accomplished

      • Tiffanie Martinez

        Ok, let me start off my saying that I was a teen mom. I’m 22 and have 2 children now. I would NEVER behave like that in front of my kids. Amber is a horrible example for leah. And cps and police should have been called when she beat the hello outta gary. Yeah gary is fat… SO WHAT? Half or more americans are overweight!! If amber really cared about leah, she wouldn’t have just let him walk out the door with her without trying to stop him… Amber is alazy-ass, selfish fame-whore who only cares about herself. Amber don’t deserve gary. He loves her and that baby more than she will ever know. And on the previews for next weeks show, the only reason amber has a new guy is bc she has MTVs cameras following her around!!! HELLO? Does anyone see what I see? Turn the cameras off for a while and see what slob wants her!!

        • lynn

          I agree.

    • Amanda

      Vanessa since when is the well being of beautiful children over shadowed by a selfish mother, no matter what age and circumstances. The way she treat Leah and abuses Gary is frightning and unfair. Sadly that little girl is in danger. Amber is a mean, violent, aggresive person and I believe she will also harm her child some day. What happens when she gets a bit older talks back and Amber doesn’t like it…… one deserves that.
      Why feel bad for Farrah when it comes to the Father of Sophia??? She cut him off and wanted to control the fact that he couldn’t see his own daughter. Now that he has passed she wants money and that is it! She also put her daughter in constant danger and that is unacceptable! I have three boys including 1 year old twins, I am not a pefect Mom but I am always considering the things and situations in my home that could potentionally hurt my little guys.

      • Chelsea

        You’re dumber than a pile a cow ish Amanda. Farrah cut off the father of her baby because her parents told her to. It wasn’t right, but when you’re 16, parents, a roof over your head, and food on the table come first. If you watched the show at all you would see how much pain Farrah is in over Derek’s death. People grieve in many different ways, and Farrah tends to try and preoccupy herself to thwart the pain of losing the only man she ever loved, not to mention the fact that she had cut him off and he might not have known how she really felt about him. Farrah’s mom is the problem… not Farrah… get your facts straight before you publicly flame someone who is in so much pain.

        • Aloha

          Vanessa you are clearly a hypocrite…

          After saying:
          “…. I am so sick of hearing or reading so many judgemental things about these new struggling moms. Until you walk a mile in someone elsew shoes you can never fully know what of is like to be them and have no right to judge them on who should get custody and who shouldn’t.”

          you go and say:
          “…Maci is by far the most put together
          teen mom and has given so much to be there for Bently, as to where Ryan partied and left both Bently and Maci for the first year of Bently’s life, he deserves absolutely only what
          Maci allows. ”

          Who are you to say that Ryan ONLY deserves what Maci allows? (I’M NOT TAKING SIDES, I’M JUST SAYING)…And clearly you didn’t watch ALL the episodes because Sophia did fall off the couch when Farrah was on the phone with the bank guy… We live in a DOG-IT-DOG-WORLD so your opinion doesn’t matter, just as mine doesn’t. Stop being a b**ch here… People say what they think and it’s up to you to think/feel the same..

          ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS:
          1.) ZERO tolerance for Abuse (Male or Female). You know how they say, men can’t hit women or shouldnt hit women because they are more physically incline to cause damage (since they are much stronger, etc…) Well that’s BS, you get what you deserve. AND if GARY should hit AMBER i would stand by him. One BLOW will sum up all the blows she did to him…She wants to play that game, so be it. So to guys out there, if they say you can’t hit a woman SURELY DON’T, but with so many blows to your head, GO FOR IT. If they won’t cuff AMBER for all the physical abuse she’s dont to Gary, then clearly the law doesn’t care. It’s on National Television for crying out loud.

        • Amanda

          Chelsea I can see your common sense and maturity on this topic is not very high or respectable (I didn’t realize my intelligence level was based on knowledge of a MTV reality series haha) now come on? You may not like my point of view but to contribute such a childish response is so unessecary. Did you watch 16 and Pregnant?? Where was all that sadness and remorse….? He wasn’t part of it and it did not appear to concern her at all. To sit there and say her parents do not try and help her and guide her is ridiculous. Moreover, her respect for them, her child, and everyone around her is non-existent. You must not watch the show enough if you can’t atleast see how spoiled and ridiculous she acts. She is mean to her child( yes maybe not like Amber but still mean)and unattentive, hence her falling while she was on the phone she also told her baby to “just stop crying” Maybe if she would pick her up and give her attention she would stop crying.

    • Susanna

      I am a 40 year old mother who gave up a child at 18. It’s hard for sure. I commend anybody for being brave enough to raise their child properly OR give it up for adoption. Amber is making me sick to my stomach right now. She needs anger management more than anybody and that’s including Farrah’s mom. If Leah doesn’t turn out damaged by all this I will be amazed! Gary should have custody for sure. If he’d get his own place it would not be hard for him to get custody because everyone in the world can see that he has been assaulted by Amber.

      Why does MTV block out Snookie getting hit in the face in a bar on Jersey Shore, but Amber is shown over and over and over again hitting Gary? Just curious about that.

      FYI, there IS an episode where Sophia fell off the couch when Farrah was primping in the bathroom. Sophia was okay, but she could of really been hurt. Sophia was too young to be left unattended on a couch at the time. Once, when my husband was watching my daughter at about that same age, she fell off the couch and had to get stitches on her head because she hit the heating vent(he felt horrible about it). Kids are gonna get bumps and bruises occasionally. Overall, Farrah is maturing a lot, especially when you consider all that she has on her plate.

      • MSB

        I saw that episode and she was not primping in the bathroom. She was on the phone with a rep from the bank. That was the same episode where she was scammed out of $3000. Granted, Sophia shouldnt have been left alone on the bed but like you said, accidents happen. Farrah wasnt thinking clearly considering everything that was going on and as a result, Sophia fell off the bed. Doesnt mean she’s a bad mother. Shes young and learning everything the hard way all at once.
        Everyone wants to come down on Farrah and say shes a bitch, shes this, shes that…but look at what shes gone through. Getting pregnant in HS, not getting along with the father(doesnt mean she didnt love him) and in the midst her of them not talking, he gets killed while shes pregnant and now she has to live with that & the fact that her child will never see her father. Shes angry & bitter for a reason. Everyone grieves differently. She clearly realizes she has a problem which is why shes seeking therapy. I like Farrah and I hope she gets better and succeeds in life.

      • lynn

        I also got pregnant and gave my baby up for adoption, I was only 17 and it was very hard. my step mom told me i wasn’t bringing a baby in her house not even for one day. when i went into labor she took me to the hospital got me checked in then left the hospital and went home sad but true. catelynns mom reminds me of her , when they went shopping for prom dresses i could fill her hurt.

    • abby

      Who ever said farrah’s baby never fell. You might want to look again at the shows. I watched it and farrah walked out of the room and that baby fell off the bed right in the floor. She is a good mom but she was destracted on that one. And what about her leaving her in the sink and the baby turning the on. That could have been bad too! So they all make mistakes but its how you learn from them that counts!

  • Billy

    How is it that if Gary would have punched Amber like she did him the police would have IMMEDIATELY been called and he would have been arrested, however she hits him hard 3 or 4 times and nothing is done!!!!!!!! This is unbelievable. She should have been immediately arrested and Leah taken from her NOW!!!!!

    • Millie

      I agree 100%!!!

      • I also agree 100%. Amber is a winey, very controlling, abusive teen. She did not need to take any fighting classes. Leah’s bed is full of blankets and animals which is not safe, and she was trying to stuff a sippy cup in her mouth, she has no patience for Leah. She is a pig. I raised 2 kids on my own and didn’t live like that. Farrah acts like a rich bitch. She abused her mom in the first year, expecting her to watch Sophia so she can party and socialize whenever she wanted, then turned on her. She treats Sophia like she’s her teenage friend, and is not very safety concious. Ty and Caitlyn made the right decision, even though they are devastated over it, but can you imagine having a mom like Caitlyns, she is so mean to her. I don’t think Maci should have moved just because of Kyle, and take that baby away from his family. These girls all need to set their priorities.

      • abby

        Amber is crazy! I don’t understand why she want leah because she doesn’t take care of her. she is so selfish! She puts her kid in a crib screaming and doesn’t care at all. Amber needs an intervention before something bad happens to that baby. Iwas a teen mom and I never acted like that. KIds are tough. As for her hitting on the man that’s. Not right either and she should have her head examined. Farrah needs to chill. She gets mad at everything and half the time she does it for no reason. I don’t get along with my mom but I give her respect. I do think she is good with her baby, but she doesn’t need to leave her in the sink where she could have been hurt. I wish her luck and I hope things get better for her. Maci is my fav! She is awesome with bentley and just a good person. That baby is lucky and blessed to have u and vice versa!and for the other couple you are amazing to give your baby up so she could have a good life! That was selfless and I think the two of you will do great! I have 2 kids and I had the first one on my 18th b-day. So I know its hard but I am still with my baby daddy we got married when I was 21 . So I know a high school relationship will work but it isn’t easy! So hang in there and ty. Try to live your life . You should enjoy these years!

  • Brittney Baxter

    Clearly Amber has a lot of growing up to do. Sadly, I’m not confident she has the ability to change. Leah is just adorable, but unfortunately, is being forced into a living situation with an unfit unstable mom. Gary may have his issues as well but from what we can see genuinely loves both Amber and Leah. He has really matured since Leah’s birth. Leah loves him and he loves Leah and that is always clear. I really hope he finds a nice girl to share his life because Amber just isn’t it. Farrah too is extremely immature and self centered. While her mother is not perfect (who is) she too seems to genuinely love both Farrah and Sophia. Poor little Sophia is not being cared for properly by Farrah and we can only pray that since Farrah is moving back near her mom, will have a shot at some responsible care. Farrah is just rude and disrespectful to everyone that has the misfortune of having to have contact with her. She needs to grow up and mend fences with her family. (BTW, are her parents back together?) As for Catelyn and Tyler, they showed great maturity and selflessness by ensuring that their daughter would have a shot at a better life than either or them can provide or had for themselves. You two should be very proud of yourselves. Finally Macy. She is so mature for her age. She has always shown herself to be a good person and mother. I really wish her well in her new home and know that she will continue to love and nurture Bentley. Ryan on the other hand is a completely different story. I can’t help but wonder if the only reason he wants Bentley around is to reduce his child support. He as much as said so in one episode. Shame on him but thankfully Bentley has Maci to love and guide him.

  • Kay

    I think amber has problem but is uder alot of stress..
    I feel for her..Macy is good mom, they all are. Farrah, well lets just say I hope sophia is not that snobby..Catelynn and ty are my fav it must be so hard to give their daughter up i couldnt imagine being a teen mom myself, i know how had it is..Im trying to just finish highschool…With being Loney Trired, My anxeity is so bad now..and the mental stress school adds to mother hood. Its hard, and its def not cute, ladys…Respect your youth.

  • kancer

    watching teen mom right.i have 5 sisters and all of them had babies as teens n they all took care of their own kids. But we stuck together as a family n pitched in.. Amber I’m sorry but she’s a horrible mom. That apt is absolutely filthy. No condition a child should live in let alone humans. Beating on gary is straight up abuse n she does it cause he don’t whoop her tail. Smh sad leah needs to be wit gary for real. Farrahs a reject ugh no good mom either. Chick is annoying. Maci gets the teen mom of the year award!!!!!!! Catlin shouldn’t have given up her baby her moms is a crackhead for the 80s smh scary

  • Chelsea

    Farrah has been through so much ish since she got pregnant it’s not even funny. The father of my cousin’s baby and my best friend died 3 months ago, right before his daughters 1st birthday, and it’s been extremely hard on me, not to mention Aly. Farrah is doing the best she can while still grieving over the loss of the only man she ever loved, and she’s never going to be able to replace what she felt for him. Farrah’s mom is more of a b**** than she could ever be so where do you think she got it from? Her mom completely pushed away the father of her daughters baby and doesn’t much care that Derek is dead at all. If I were Farrah I’d tell my mom to shove it.

    If I were Amber I would have beaten Gary to a pulp… he’s the laziest, fattest piece of ish on the face of the earth, and while Amber is trying to better herself and get her diploma, and pay for her own apartment, and take care of her baby while Gary doesn’t pay for anything and lays around the house like he owns it. I would never have a man like that in my life, or around my child.

    Catelynn was so right for giving up her baby, her moms house is no place to have an infant and her and Tyler weren’t ready to take care of a kid on their own. She’s got a cocaine addict for a step-father and a living, breathing, alcoholic for a mother. Her child is going to have a better life and learn to make better choices by NOT being around her grandmother.

    Maci’s amazing and we all know that 🙂

  • Anastacia

    So as a teen mom myself I do see how things ended up the way they did for these girls. Hopefully they all mature a little more and do well in life. I do agree that what Amber does isn’t right but taking away her child is not the answer.She should go get some counseling.I really respect and am in awe of Cat and Ty for what they did. I would never have been able to do it. Farrah my heart really goes out to her.She shouldn’t be blamed for her personality too much<<I mean look at her mother (I have a mom just as bad)..Maci..well I think Maci is the favorite :)..Anyway just because you're a teen mom doesn't mean you're an unfit mother. Everyone is going to make's new and a learning process. I'm sure you've all fallen off of your bikes when you first learned how to ride..mistake one..anyway all I'm saying is that everyone makes mistakes.It's how we live and learn. And as generations before us hoped, we should hope that our children don't make the same mistakes and live to their full potential in life. <3

  • timera

    Farrah, I don’t know what to say about her. I’m not one to judge but we can only voice our opinion on what we see. Leaving baby on counter tops. Leaving sophia on bed unattended, she is super disrespectful to her parents. That’s not right no matter how much she “dislikes” what they do and say. Not to mention, when she was moving in her new place, she worried about putting her stuff in the house first before she cvame back to get sophia who was in the hallway. Like wtf, anything coulda happened.
    Amber needs some counseling or her ass beat. No matter how much stress she’s under, she is a bitch. How can mtv allow her to just hit on Gary and do nothing accept put that ad about domestic violence??? Ha too funny!
    Ty and Catelyn, made a hard but very selfish less decision. And God is watching over them. Lord knows their family need it.
    Maci, I love her and I hope everything works out for her and Bentley. Ryan just all of a sudden wanna spend more time with him. Why, so can bring that up in court to reduce his child support? Idk sounds fishy to me.

  • i love all of them . but aber she is not a fite mom. i know it is hard at times but she needs to think of the baby more often. maci is a vary good mom farrh needs help but she dose her best for that baby i know how hard it is i was 14 when i had my twin boys they are 7 months but no matter what i wont treat my boys like aber dose she is the wrost mom i ever seen she needs help bad

    • Brit

      First of all, Danielle you need to learn how to spell. I think that the girls made poor choices, but are living with the consequences of those choices. Amber does the best she can, but the relationship she has with Gary is very toxic and it brings out the worst in her. I have so much respect for Caitlynn. She had to make a very hard decision at a very young age. She chose a better life for her and her daughter and I don’t think she understands how brave she truly was. Farrah needs to put on her big girl panties and stop expecting everything to be given to her on a silver platter.

      • Raven

        For Brit I don’t know how you could say that Amber does the best she can when all she does is lay on her ass and bitch. She never wants to deal with Leah and if her and Gary’s relationship is toxic, its probably because she’s a mental & physical abuser.

  • me

    Farrah has grown so much and has realized on her own many things i know that if she continues to open her self up she will have success in her future.Sophia’s dads death really saddens me deeply and all i can do is pray and hope for Farrahs best.

  • Shannon

    Amber is CRAZY!!!! You do not deserve him or your baby, all it will lead to is bhild abuse or domestiv violence. She NEEDS HELP!!!!

  • Bored Realist

    This is one of those MTV shows that teaches teens the realization of having an accidental baby at a young age. Clearly, it also exposes (millions of, dumb *not all lol*) young people to this reality where everyone has their own thinking process and personal opinion. So some interpret that as ‘cool’ or the relevant thing to do in a ‘stupid teenage drama scenario that’ll probably blow over in a few days anyway. But in all honesty, Gary has f*cking crazy good self control to stay as calm as he does when that bitch is bitchin’ at him. I understand she’s stressed.. isn’t everyone? but having a baby is her/his fault, her/his responsibility, and now her life, suck it up and be a f**king good mother for your child so she learns from your mistakes VS follow them. (in my opinion) she seriously deserves an award for the stereotypical teenage stupid super bitch, she defines bitch, stressed or not, who the f**k is that two faced, bitchy, and self righteous???? well this was a fun 10 minutes! glad to say that

  • Annastashia




  • ashley

    Amber needs to grow up seriously leave your drama somewhere else other than having leah watch day after day of fighting I was also a teen mom and I know how hard it is now I have my 7 year old son and a 6 month old baby and drama will get her no where and as far as gary goes its OVER!!!

    • Cindy

      Amber needs to shut up and let someone else talk. I have watched her and she is continually cutting people off when they try to talk to her. Gary needs to get a life. He’s no better than Amber. I can’t believe no one has stepped in and done something about that childs surroundings. Farrah was raised to be the way she is, but at least she’s making an attempt to give her daughter a life…The other 2 girls are fine.

      • kay

        Amber is a bitch and so childish. Gary should leave her with Leah. Amber doesn’t deserve Gary. Amber talks like she is a perfect mom & wife but she is not !! She is not good at all. I hated to see her pushing Leah down to the bed when she was mad. She cannot control her stupid anger and she even punch Gary. Leah shouldn’t be with her. Please Gary leave this stupid girl with your daughter !!!

  • Jordy13

    Catelyn you were selfish to sat tat u would of missed alot more school if u would of not give up ur baby. Y r u on the show u have no baby the shows about u being a mom at ur age . Ur no mom .

    • Amanda

      Having Caitlyn (sp?) on the show shows the struggle AFTER giving the baby up for adoption. It’s over a year later and you can STILL see how it’s affecting them. I like her being on the show.

    • Hempnasty

      How is she not a mom

  • Jordy13

    Ferrah is the best mom on the show she is so sweet to her daughter n does what’s best for her daughter then she take care of herself by going to school . She has a job a nice home a social security for her daughter who is so cute n the baby book is so cool n her daughter is going to be a diva!!!! Cateylnn is stupid as hell n should not be on the show no baby no show for her should be the case. Oh n the situation with her mom marry that guy even when her daughter had a baby with that guy son is gross. Maci is selfish like Cateylnn to pick up n move when I show that she move I new the relationship would not lates. Guess what it did not. She should get back with her son’s baby daddy. Oh n amber is a good mom u see her bad side only when grey’s is around. Grey need to get lose with his fat ugly self. Oh n thanks amber for Breaking up with him u set an example for kourtney kardashain with Her airhead Boyfriend scott. to kourtney follow amber example of getting out of a relationship because kourtney you need to listen to her family n not have another baby with that loser that has no job, schooling, n is a drunk. I’m like the new lady Perez hilton!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shana23

      First of all, I dont know how old you are, but his name is Gary not Grey. And second of all, Farrah is a stuck up bitch. She deserved getting smacked by her mom. She used and abused her parents for way to long. And if you have watched from the beginning, Farrah, used to leave Sophia on the kitchen counter and walk off. Yeah that sounds like a responsable mother to me. Third, Amber needs to be put on medication, she is not a good mom. All she ever wants to do is sleep. Everytime we see her she had Leah in her bed for nap. Good lord, babies dont have to take a nap every 45 minutes. Caitlyn did the right thing, and until you give a child up dont critize what she did. She was smart and frankly if I was in her shoes I wouldnt want a baby around her mom either. Last but definitly not least, Maci. She has put up with so much crap and exspecially from Ryan. Maci was not selfish for moving. You really think that just because Ryan lives there that she has to stay there the rest of her life, because they have a baby together. News flash, mothers and children move away from the babies daddy all the time. No crime in living your own life with your child. That is what visitation is for.

      • icOmpletely aqree with every cOmment yOu made . whO ever tht qirl is , shee`ss ObviOusly childish and hass nO experience beinq a mOther Or even beinq arOund a child . Maci is a qreat mOther and she make`ss decisiOnss tht are best for her child and herself . Farrahh is an alriqht mOther but she still has a lot to learn abOut the real wOrld. Amber is a brat and nvr fOcus`ss On whts best fOr leah . Its clear tht qary care`ss for amber and she dOes not see it at all.and lastly katelynn and made thee riqht decision based on the envirOnment they aree in. NO ONE should judge them . I believe tht they had the riqht to stay on the shOw juss tO shOww Other teen mOm `ss tht they dO have OptiOnss. half the qirls iknw juss qet preqnant and get multiple abOrtiOn`ss . SO they were respOnsible enOuqh to make the cOrrect decisiOn for the child and themselve`ss

  • Felisha

    I have been watching these 4 girls since the premiere of 16 and Pregnant. Personally Farrah is a snooty stuck up person who has no respect for neither her mother nor father and needs to get her ass wooped. That aside she is a wonderful mother and has suffered a great loss in her life at such a young age which must be difficult. Amber, I used to like her but now she’s just a crackhead, I mean seriously you guys all saw how fat this girl was when the show first started an having a baby doesn’t make you skinny. We all know that she loves her daughter to death but seriously she just takes Gary for granted and doesn’t appreciate anything, she’s a horrible mother becuase when her child is crying her way of resolving it is throw the kid in the crib with a bottle and take a nap. She’s rude and disrespectful towards the father of her child and needs to take some serious parenting classes. Catelynn and Tyler, these are absolutely amazing people for doing what they did and giving their beautiful daughter up for adoption but seriously this show is about raising your child as a teen mom why are you still on the show?? Maci, My favorite. Out of all the girls on the cast she has the greatest head on her shoukders and knows her priorities and always seems to be screwed over in the end. She’s a great mom and doesn’t deserve to be treated the way she does by Ryan or anybody.

    • Katrina

      The show is about the struggles of being a teen mom and not only about raising your child, Caitlynn IS A TEEN MOM even though she gave Carly up for adoption she still faces that choice every day she made a very responsible choice but in her situation it was probably the best.

      and for everyone out there saying Amber is a bad mom I AGREE!!! she sits on her ass on the couch all day and her daughter says nothing cause she isn’t being taught.

  • keyshia2 baddd

    farrah is a spolied lil snotty nose lil bitch..Amber really doesnt want Leah she doesnt like being a mom.. every chance she gets 2 argue wit gary she does cus she knows that he will take her.. amber im a mom i dnt giva a fukk if sum1 sayn they calln Cps on me and??????? yu jus let him take ya daughter cus yu dnt care yu shud jus sign rights ova 2 gary yu stupid deppressed lil drug using bitch.. catliyn: Yu are going thru so much & ya mom isnt makn it ne better.. jus keep ya head up.. macy keep doing ya thang grl there are plenty of gud men out here that will luv yu & bentley

    • phylica

      you know what these girls made a mistake in life but you can’t put all the blame on them, it takes two to do wrong but the best part they have angels in their life and yet still one in particular is taking advantage. Amber that’s not the way to threat your daughter and the man love and wants to spend your rest of life with.You are still a child and will always be it takes a human and a grown up to take care of a child and believe me i know and pass through but you got to stop threating this man like a dog cause soon or later you will need him and infact children always look up to both parents especially the mother and if your daughter see you getting on so what will she think about people

      • phylica

        so Amber pull up on your life the rest of the girls are doing pretty good so far they are cooping with it.Catlynn tell your mom to back off cause you did the right thing you don’t want your child to grow up in an abusive home

  • blyss annmarie

    Everyone has their own opinions so think about how you would feel if someone thrashed on yours, before judging on mine.

    Farrah: Despite the fact she may come across as a brat, she obviously is doing the best she can having so much thrown at her. Her mom is no help towards her loss. Deborah says she loves her daughter, so why cant she accept the fact Farrah needs comfort. Sophia is a precious little girl and is very well loved. Kudos to Farrah for going to therapy and juggling school, a job, bills, A BABY, her mom, and her loss.. most can agree she has a lot of growing up to do still, however she HAS come a long way.

    Amber: Lets keep this short and simple. Sure she loves her daughter Leah., but is she REALLY doing what she claims to be is best for her? The constant arguing, complaining, and abuse is NO good environment for any child. The on again off again relationship with baby daddy Gary was ridiculous, glad she’s finally not with him because he deserves better. Amber doesn’t realize how good she had it with him. She is just plain INSANE.

    Catelynn: Warm hearted, and strong willed. Her and Tyler are the cutest. Their decision was probably by far the hardest to cope with. Although they get to keep in touch with their baby girl Carly, I’m sure it’s hard for them to not see her allllll the time. They made a wonderful decision, I must say. Anything is better than being in a home where it’s surrounded by smoke and bad atmosphere. April should really at the least respect her daughters decision in doing what is best for Carly. It disgusts me how she bashes on Catelynn constantly and making her feel ungreatful. Catelynn and Tyler are both great people and deserve better. When the day comes for them to once again be parents again, they will do the best they possibly can to give their child the world.

    Maci: “I grew up because I had to.” She’s my favorite on the show. Bentley is too adorable and you can tell Maci loves loves loves him to death and wants nothing but the best for him and does everything in her power to provide him with as much as she can. Ryan, an absolute cute baby daddy, needs more work to fulfill the “daddy” shoes. Sure he takes Bentley into his care on the days he scheduled for him but is that all he does? As for Maci, I was shocked to see she got together with Kyle. Don’t get me wrong, he seems (seemed) like a nice, chill guy.. but his looks! I mean come on, major downgrade from Ryan. I felt her frustration when they broke up.. Kyle could have handled it entirely different than just an easy “okay I’m glad she’s doing this because I felt it was too much for me for handle so I’m going to take this chance and he done with it”. Anyone who came to love Maci knows she didn’t deserve a breakup like that. Kyle will regret it. But to Maci, I don’t think she minds it because she is now back with Ryan!! I got so excited to hear the news because they do make a really cute couple. Let’s just hope this was a smart decision on we end, and that Ryan really really tries this time.

    I look forward to the seasons to come to continue watching these young ladies and their children grow, and see what their outcomes are in the future.

    xoxo Blyss AnnMarie

  • Heather GC

    Just finished watching teen mom over here & Louisiana & decided that for the 1st time I need to drop these people a line & hope they read it….. Catelynn needs a hug..Her mom is so mean & heartless to her… Catelynn gets so much shit about giving up the baby, & although I thought it horrible at first, its pretty evident why she choose to do that just by watching any scenes where her mother is involved.. Catelynn will be a great mother once she gets her life together & on her feet because she is nothing like her mother. I think Catelynn will make a point to do everything opposite of her mother & I just hope she gets on her own & out of that negative environment with her mom real soon……
    Amber will soon realize what it means to have karma when she finds somebody treating her like shit such as she does to Gary…..
    I hope Gary wakes up & realizes Amber is too stuck up & coldhearted & all that violence is not healthy & will not get better because she doesn’t care… Move on & forget about her…..

  • amber is a dumb biatch leah should be taken away from her. gary needs to find somebody that appreciates him. maci i think you and ryan need to get bak together yall make a cute couple. catyhlen and tyler cutiest couple ever and as for farrah sorry for your lost but doesnt change the fact i still think you a dumb bitch!!!!

    • Erin

      I completely agree with you about Amber. She has been treating her daughter absolutely horrible and this constant fighting with Gary is not good for Leah. Amber doesn’t seem to realize that being a mom requires her to put her daughter before herself. She needs to realize that fact.

  • Abby.

    This is soo , Sad/’: I Feel Bad For Farrah , And Sofia She Is Going To Have To Grow Up Without Her Dad.. They Made A Real Cute Couple ! Sofias The Cuteist Baby On The Show ! (: Farrah , Stay Strong Your Doing An Awsome Job With Sofia ! Keep It Up . i Wish You The Best Of Luck.

    • star

      totally agree.

  • TMD

    I think catelynn and tyler are 2 of the most grown up teenagers around! these 2 have been through so much and yet they have kept their heads on straight. i can not imagine having to give my child up but these 2 did so out of love for that baby girl. they knew that they couldn’t give her the life that she now has. i just wish that they had a better support system. tylers mom is a great support yet catelynn has to live with all the bashing from her mom. that makes me very sad for her. catelynn and tyler, keep doing what you’re doing and keep your head held high. you are both on the right path and you will make something of yourselves. best wishes to you both!
    amber has some really bad anger problems. i think that since she lost all that weight, she thinks she is too good for gary. i just hope she gets herself under control before that baby girl gets taken away from her.
    farrah seems to be very spoiled. she seems to love her daughter very much but she needs to grow up and stop being so all about me.
    maci is trying so hard to make it on her own and to do the right thing for her son. i hope she and ryan can come together and agree on things for that sweet little boy.
    best wishes for you all…….

  • ashcakes

    I love maci and farrah, and I’m starting to understand tyler and caitlyn, and I’m glad their on the show she is a mom she gave birth, I understand them not wanting their baby to grow up in a trashy place and with a trashy family. Maci is a wonderful mom and so sweet. And of course farrahs bitchy HELLO her child father DEID! All of u would be bitchy too. Now for amber, she needs a lot of therapy, gary isn’t the greatest guy in the world but no one deserves to be abused and poor leah shouldn’t have to be exposed to verbal and physical abuse. Good news is cps and the police have already launched an investigation. I can’t belive she brought a criminal she met in walmart into her home with her baby. EWWW. I will pray for all of them, I hope the best for them all and the sweet little ones.

  • Farrah obviously has a lot of pent up anger at her parents for persuading her in the decisions she made while pregnant. She missed valuable time with the man she loved. Her mom is controlling her temper this season because the reality is, she should not have hit her daughter. Do you recall that she was bearing knives when the police showed up at her house and they were ready to shoot her? I don’t think she liked the way she came off last season, so she is trying to reinvent herself this season. Farrah see’s through her Mom’s bs, like we cannot. Do you recall how she completely ignored Farrah at dinner for Sophia’s birthday?
    Amber just lays around and is all lip service. I never saw her take Leah to the park or anywhere for that matter! Her couch and bed are the only places she goes. She treats Leah only slightly better than she treats Gary. She is living off public assistance and now she has a man that is obviously there just so he has a place to stay! He seems like a complete con-artist, what guy on the first date professed their love? Wake-up Amber!!!

  • Jackie

    First off, Maci is the best mom on the show in my opinion. She has put her child before everything else and realized that he is the most important person when making decisions. As for her relationship with Kyle, yes, she ultimately moved to Nashville to be closer to him but she also continued with school and has her own place. She also made a difficult decision to work out a visitation agreement for the benefit of her son. I don’t believe that Ryan has really stepped up as a father. The visitation is more for his parents than for him. They definitely don’t need to be together as a couple. Being civil and coparenting is best.

    As for Farrah, yes it’s sad that her baby’s father died. I know she is grieving but I really feel it is because she only thinks about the good parts. He treated her badly and they were not together when he passed. Now, she finds it hard to find a guy who will accept her child. She is very self involved and even though her child is always clean and taken care of, she isn’t put first. Farrah puts herself first and is always blaming things on others. Her mother definitely needs more therapy but so does Farrah. Her mother is not very nice so I see where Farrah gets much of her attitude but that is no excuse. I really feel bad for Michael in all of this. He is a cool guy and has been there for Farrah and Sophia plus he puts up with her mother on a daily basis.

    As far as Amber goes, well I really do hope that Child Protective Services steps in and removes Leah from her and Gary before there is serious harm done.She is a classic case of bipolar disorder and isn’t recieving proper care by a doctor. That poor baby is always dirty and doesn’t talk because nobody talks to her. She is surrounded by abuse. Gary isn’t a father. He takes Leah when he gets mad at Amber because if he has the baby with him then people let him stay at their homes. Without her he’d be sleeping in his van. Both of them are lazy and should never have had a baby. Amber is also a very dirty person. I would be mortified to have my home on national television with dirty dishes and filth stacked all over the place. Topping off her disgusting situation is this new dude. I mean she is still not finished with Gary but she puts up a stray at walmart? He’s a criminal who just got released. I feel he saw her and recognized her from tv and saw a gravy train. He doesn’t work and even told her he can’t pay bills. She seriously just met this person and moves him in with her baby who she then allows to dress and change. Does she even know anything about this loser? He could be a pedophile. She doesn’t wanna be alone so he’s there to take out the trash?

    As far a Caitlyn and Tyler go, I think they are the ost mature ones on the show besides Maci. They made the right decision to provide a home for their child when they knew they couldn’t. Caitlyn needs to figure out a way to get far away from her mother. That woman is a freak!! I am so glad that they finally got to see Carly. They needed that time and the chance to see that they really did the best thing they could for their child. I think there are many other teens and some adults who should make that same decision.

    • Kaydie Raine

      AGREED. completely agree with all you have to say. very well said.

  • laura

    hey Farrah you have a pretty name your the best one in the show
    take car of Sofia and yourself but what i was wondering if you were really pregnant again and with who?

  • Marina

    In my opinion I think Maci and Catelynn are the best mothers out of all of them! Maci thinks about Bentley before anyone or anything else. Sure she moved to be with Kyle but can you blame her? I know for sure Ryan got jelous when she moved and he got scared that Bentley might call Kyle dad.. Maci even said it herself and I quote “Bentley is going to call someone else dad and Ryan’s gunna be pissed.” And I think Bentley did call Kyle DADA. I think thats how she said it but anyways its true because Ryan finally stepped up when Maci moved closer to Kyle.

    Catelynn and Tyler did the best for thier cute and ADORABLE baby girl Carly! THEY ARENT SELFISH AT ALL for those people who says they are.. Ok look at it this way imagine if they kept Carly they probably wouldnt be together and the bady would be in a very bad house. Just look at Carly now shes happy with Brandon and Theresa and they are loving parents!

    Farrah I think shes a good mom to Sophia but she does need to put the baby before herself! Also she has to be thankfull and respectfull to her parents even though Debra and Farrah got into a fight.. They both need to go to therapy! Trust me it helps alot ive been in therapy for about two years now and im happy at where im at now.. anyways I also want to point out how hard it must be for Farrah to talk about the loss of Derick and how difficult it is to raise a baby alone.. So I understand how she is and acts.

    Amber I have to say is a selfish brat.. I dont mean to be dissrespectfull or anything like that but she and Gary need to grow up and decide whats best for Leah. I hope CPS comes and takes Leah away they dont deserve a precious little girl like her i truley feel sorry for her! Amber needs to get rid of that loser im talking about her new boyfriend! Who F***en lets some random guy use her car. And Amber if your reading this you need some help!

    • tammy

      Why is amber not in jail, she is battering gary on national tv for the entire world to see. we are your proof. what is leah learning with all of this yelling and cussing. they should have given her up. this is why teenagers should not be mothers. they haven’t grown up themselves. you do not realize what this does to leah she will end up all messed up because of the fighting and cussing. Gary, please call the police and have her arrested. she cannot continue to hit you, and then you turnaround and apologize to her. you are wraped up in the cycle of abuse and you cannot even see it. you have nothing to apologize for. the person getting hit is the one who apologizes, thats abuse man. amber your gonna date a guy now that is on jailed work release, what kind on example are you setting for leah if he is even safe for her to be around. amber you haven’t set your sights very high, you date a guy who’s in jail at night. don’t you think you deserve better???

      • Melissa

        to tammy that is NOT true at all that teens cant be good mothers. i had my daughter at 17 and i put her first before anything in my life. ive never lived off the state or asked anybody to take care of my daughter i do it and her father does it, and we are still together and are grown we dont cuss or fight in front off her. so just because one teen mother cant be a good mom thats not the case for all of them.

        • i completely agree with you, teens can make amazing moms, to tammy: i would disagree completely,ive had mine at 16, and i also put my son (logan) first in my life, and at first i was in the same situation as farrarah, my boyfriend proposed to me and 4 weeks after i said yes I lost him in a car accident and he, my son, and my sister died on our way to washington. i loved my son and i alsways will, yes i wasn’t responsible for not useing protection but i dont regret it, he’s the best thing that has and will ever happen to me.

    • Jill

      I totally agree with you! I think Catelyn and Tyler should be proud of themselves for letting their daughter have a shot at a future without being around Cate’s mom and Tyler’s Dad who cleary are very immature people with lots of growing up to do.
      Maci is a great mom who puts her son first.
      Amber is not a good mom at all. Screaming at her daugther to be quiet and swearing and moving in a deadbeat she just met? I agree that CPS should get their butss over there a.s.a.p!

  • rob

    amber you need help badly. i cant stand to watch you on this show anymore noone feels sorry for you you bring the stress apon yourself and leah. i fell bad for gary. you need to grow up and quit your bitchin. PEACE.

  • Tired of the this girl

    farrah is a straight bitch! She is so unappreciative of the family that she has. Her mom bends over backward to be nice and farrah always finds something to complain about. She is so freaking rude and she acts like it’s everyone else that is the problem. She needs their help but tries to treat her parents like crap. They need to stop helping her and watch how fast her attitude changes.

    • i do admitt she’s being a bit rude and a little selfish but, i wa put through the same thing as she was my baby boy logan and my boyfriend, his father both died and logan was only 1 year and a half, i was depressed for the longest time, and i was also very rude to my family.. i felt lost.. so what she’s going through is so hard and i wouldent be that hard on her… but she does need some counsiling like i did, it really helps and is a big wieght of my mind.

  • star

    amber is the best mom ever 🙂

    • VEE

      Star please tell me you joking!!! Cause if you believe 4 a minute that Amber is a gOod mom, then I strongly believe you need to get smacked just as hard as she deserves

      • amber is a terrible mom, i hope your being sarcastic…

  • FARRAH:)
    you are a beautiful young girl who has a lot going for you in life i think you should just spent time with sophia bcuz the time goes by so fast i mean look at her she grew so much already when you look back you will regret looking bcuz everything that you need is in front of you you and your family i wish you the best with everything… but at the same time kinda look for a man a man who will take you for who you are. you are a very lucky gurl:)

  • VEE

    I had 2 say it….I can’t stand Amber, every time I watch the show it makes me upset to watch this girl destroy a guy who is obviously tooo nice for her!!! I hate how she always tries 2 flip things on him, she doesn’t know when 2 shut her f*ing mouth!!! Then 2 top it off the bitch don’t know how 2 keep her hands 2 herself!!! Girls like that turn guys into abusive dudes!!!I don’t agree that she’s a good mom all she ever does is complain yet Gary knows how 2 calm his adorable daughter down…I never see amber even play with the baby…I just saw the episode & watching another guy she just met let change Leah’s diaper is a big f*iNg NO NO!!! & on top of that you chatting on the phone not even watching, like are you stupid or something!!!! Unbelievable!! Like seriously where’s Amber’s mom??…probably ran away from her dumb ass 2!!! Gary please take your daughter she’s better off with you, & don’t let Amber’s tears fool you!!! She don’t deserve you, you can do better believe me there’s a girl out there that will appreciate you & will treat your daughter better then Amber does!!! By the way if you ever need someone 2 spank amber 4 you…I’ll be sooooo gLad 2 do so!!!

  • Marina

    I think Maci is a good mother because she always watch her son Bentley and does everything for him. I think Amber is the baddest mother in teen mom because she leaves her kid crying in the crib and I think Gary watches Leah more than she does. I think Farrah was a bad mother in the beginning but she got better. She mostly care bout going on dates then watching her daughter. It was a bad choice for catelynn to put her kid for adoption so hows is she a good mother????

    • Kim

      Marina are you saying that it would’ve been a better situation to raise Carly in a home with an alcoholic mother and a drug addicted step-father? Catelynn and Tyler made a WONDERFUL decision to give Carly the life that that couldn’t provide for her right now! You have no right to decide what is and isn’t a bad decision for someone else. So leave your moronic opinions to yourself.

  • Sade’

    MACI: is a great mother. she does everything practically alone. She loves her son genuinely, and you can tell that she knows what she’s doin!

    FARRAH: is a mess. shes odee disrespectful to her parents, she doesnt appreciate anything at all,ever. she deserves to be alone with no help. SHE NEEDS TO FOCUS ON HER DAMN DAUGHTER INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR MORE SEX. If i had a daughter at 16 there was no way i could find room in my heart for another man, cause #1: the baby will be getting all the attention.

    AMBER: i cantttttttttttttttttt stand her. shes sooooo annoying and NASTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. she need to get her ugly ass up and clean that house; put clean clothes on that baby & change its diaper when needed; she wants a man to do everything for her; she’s a DEADBEAT!!! &so is her new boyfriend HE IS ABOUT TO USEEEEEEEEEE HER! SHES SOOO STUPID YO! HOW HE AINT GOT NO MONEY BUT GOT MONEY TO BUY FLOWERS?

    • okey… farrarah isnt looking for sex, she’s looking for someone to be with and make her happy again, losing someone you love is hard and somtimes the only thing to do after a while is move on. ive been through her same situation and yall need to give her a break please. yes she’s rood to her family, but i was to for a while when i lost my boyfriend and my son, and i was lost… so give her a break. but i do agree about the amber thing, she’s not responsible and just needs alot of counsiling to get herself in shape, and thats not an insult, thats advise

      • Single Ladii

        I’m totalli on your side boud farrah but AMBER she just need to hand her baby over to the state and let them find good parents for her becuz amber is settn such a bad example for leah…

        • sexy peaches

          en to that she does need to hand leah over to the state or to gary that way she is safe

    • KIt

      you only see a little piece of whats going on in these teen’s lives.
      I do agree amber is very immature she does have alot of growing up to do. but so do all you girls on here calling her nasty. just because she acts the way she does,doesn’t give u the right to say those things. It just shows ur just as immature. Maci and Farrah are great mothers. Big props to both of them. and Caitlyn and tyler u guys did the best and most selfless thing for your daughter. she is gonna have a great life. so good job 🙂 and i wish the best for all of yall!

  • megan

    I think farrah is a great mom for being 17ish and I think she is doing the best she can for being a child herself… caitlun is a very unselfish girl and I would love to tell her myself that she is a wonderful young lady… maci is learning about life so let her learn on her own… as for amber she needs to go to jail and have her daughter under supervised visitation. Just because she is her mother (that is it) I am very happy to day my. Opinion about these young girls. Megan.

    • Single Ladii

      I totalli agree about amber because all she duz is lay around yelling at gary and he’s a fuqkn fool 4 takn dhat shyt frm her because ani otha n**ga wuda just left and said fuqk it but he didnt so i give him his props because i think he’s still pttn up wid amber shyt becuz of dha sake for hia child.

  • Jennifer

    Amber is not a good mother! Mothers get cranky,I know.I work a lot I have two children, and was a teenage mom. I had my first daughter at the age 17, she is now 10. Your kids grow so fast. Amber just lays around, naps, and yelled at Gary when he did live with her. He is better off without her and he needs to realize that staying with her would only hurt his baby girl. Amber needs some anger management, and maybe some drug rehab! Farrah has done a better job, I still think she thinks she deserves handouts from her mom and dad. The situation about the apartment, if it would had been any other landlord, she would have not moved in before the house was complete. They would have waited and make you pay a large deposit. The best thing she did was get out on her own. Maci, Catelynn, and Tyler are my favorite! Maci is doing a great job being a good mother. I went through college and had job at the same time spending time with my kids it is hard on a person. Cate and Tyler I do have much respect for you! Your child can get the things it needs and wants, and you can grow up to be respectable adults someone your daughter will look up to, you now have that chance, your great and you didn’t only think of yourselves in this situation. Cate’s mom is harsh over her daughter’s decision but, Cate took a stand, I know she loves her mom but, she is depressed and it is not because of the adoption. Good luck Girls! There is a man out there that will love you for you! You will not have to prove to him anything! He will love your child because they are part of you. Except Amber, you are representing Indiana, Thanks! We don’t act like you, get job, go to high school, and grow up! I think the CPS should be called also!

  • Shannon

    Amber needs help and some anger management I would say if that does not work then yahk the kid from her. Farrah is a good mother but a selfish entitled witch as well. She is so unappreciative of what her parents do for her and holds grudges against them too. Life is too short for that. Farrah has been improving though so I think her withchiness could be a result of all that she has been through. Tyler and Caitlyn should have gotten jobs moved out and took care of their own child. Sure the adoption is better for Carly than living with Tyler’s druggie dad and Caitlyn’s alki mom but them making it together with their child would have been the best decision in my eyes. Maci is the best mom there. She has her head on straight and is doing her best. She puts Bentley first and goes above and beyond to make sure he is provided for. That said all of these moms have a whole lot of growing up to do. For the person that made the comment about this is why teens shouldn’t have kids-shut up. You don’t know anything besides your own self righteous ranting. I was a teen mom and I finished school went on to get my CNA worked got my own car and my own place and provided just fine for me and mines. I am now in process of going to school to become a nurse and I never for a second regret being a teen mom. There are some adults that are married and all that is supposed to make a great parent but they are not. It takes all kinds.

  • Faithful

    i think that Amber needs osme help she is always hittin on Gary and Leah is right their lettin that jail bird change her baby diapers come on it has not been a month or 1yr man an dats the shit you a doin Maci put Bentley first in every thing she does i like dat about her and he is so CUTE 🙂 Farrah NEEDS SOME HELP she is so disrespectful to her parents and although it hard on her she should not act like that wit her parents, and i agree with Tyler and Catelyn i am sure dat they r proud of wat they did at first i thought it was bad but d end result was ok hope dat everthing goes good with you guyss an think BEFORE YOU ACT AMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Im sorry Ferrah to hear about the tragity that you and sofia had to indure. I am a big fan of teen mom I think your a strong person and Sofia will be just fine because she has a strong good romodel for a mother. I will pray for you and Sofia. Just remember you have to depend on no one but god and I promise you will get by and have a good life.

  • lillian

    I’m 17 years old and I have learned a lot of stuff at a young age my mom died last year from cancer and I’m pregnant right now with my boyfriends daughter we have been together for 5 years now and I have learned that just crying about it isn’t going to get me no where I know that amber can be a good mom she just needs to lean from her mistakes my mom and dad never got married and I grew up without a dad and it is very hard to see my freinds with there dads and farrahs just going to have to be there for sophia because she’s going to feel bad but she’s alost going to learn at a young age not to care about what other people think of you or say about you and yeah my baby girl is verything to me already me and my boy friend have chose the name juliet elizabeth marie for her

  • marjorie

    mi life is hell bi marjorie i am from dhs.

  • shyra

    I think maci is a great mom and i believe she does what she thinks is the absolute very best for bently… And along the way she wants… No she deserves somebody to love… i have no clue why Ryan treats her the way he does… He is just too immature… And if he doesnt get it together bently will be calling someone else daddy

  • shyra

    Farrah is a wonderful mom i just love how she talks to sophia like she understands everything shes saying. Its so cute. I have lots of respect for her. 🙂

  • DestinyFaith

    i really dislike amber nd the way she acts she really needs some real help gary should take away leeha nd get custudy of her how dare amber hit gary in fron of her daughter ; also how dare she leave her daughter in the room for her to cry. she could of had the baby next to her and made her calm down and put her to sleep regardless on gary waking her up ; he had to go to work nd it was her job as a mother to put her back to sleep or stay awake with her. it was very irresponsible of her of her to leave her there nd not to care. she really needs to be a better mother so much for her giving up everything for her shes not doing a good job b ut i do respect how she buys everything she needs to for her and the baby

    farrah i really respect on how shes raising sophia she has a lot going on and doing it on her own shes doing a good job with sophia

  • Evie McDee

    Farrah is unbelieveable, she is disrespectful, rude and highly selfish. Get a grip you have a mother hat supports you and as a parent myself I would have smacked your mouth far sooner than your mum did, ungrateful little girl…! SBC

  • sexy peaches

    I think Farrah haves a cute looking guy right there if you ask me och baby

  • Stacey

    I think farah is the most disrespectful little girl on the show. The way she disrespect her parents is ridiculous and she needs to be put in her place. Especially the way she talks to her dad, and she you always wonder why bad shit always happening to her cause she is not a very nice person. She need to learn how to communicate without an attitude.

    • Laura

      tbh people wonder why farrah has an attitude her mum hit her and was being horrible i feel for her especially when it was sophia’s birthday. Farrah’s mum’s trying to act like sophia’s her’s and she just wont let farrah have her own life with her child its stupid her mum needs to grow up and stop being horrible to farrah and then maybe farrah would be nice to her mum.

      • i really like that comment that you had made laura and i had watch that show when farrah had got made at her mom for hitting her in her face then farrah had to go to the counselor to get help and she had did as well.

  • Farrah is the finest on the shot. for real

    • i feel daht farrah is cute also.. and yea at the beginning she was pretty bad wit her partyin but hey im 16 nd i got a lil gurl i use to do daht … thats just how every one is if they yung but farrah damn sure sat her ass dwn and moved out nd took care of her child as if she been doin it cfor years and dahts who i look up too … iloveyou farrah!!!!!!

  • Abby.

    Sofia & Bently Are The Two Cuteist Babys On this show! . Farrah , is not the best mother in the world but she is doing the best she can do! Its so sad about what happed to her baby daddy! if sure he would of been there for sofia! farrahs doing a good job raiseing her on her own. she’s is being more respectfull to her mom. i know how hard it is not to talk back but she has grown up since she was on 16 and pregnet. i wish you the best o luck! with sofia farrah 🙂

  • ritz

    farrahz parents shuda jus cut ties from her they do more than a parent can do for their sum ppl wudnt have wat she has and here she acting lyk he shizz don’t smell if that was my daughter I’d show her the door maybe a harsh thing to esp wit a baby bt sumtyms ppl dat are ungrateful need to be shown sum tough love!

    • bella

      it doesn´t solve the problem cutting ties with yor own child or parent.. Because obviously the ties are still there…

  • laura

    I really feel for Farrah. Her babies daddy is dead, her Mom beat her up, I’m not sure if I could cope with all of that and a baby! I’m the same age as Farrah btw.

  • bella

    Before ppl start talking about how of a bad daughter farah is, they need to think about the parents that raised this daughter.. You become what you was raised to be and in the enviroment you were given to grow up in.. We don´t know the whole picture of her family although we get to see a lot through the show.. In my opinion FArah is what she is thanks OR due to her parents way to raise her during the 16 years she grew up. You cannot teach an old dog to sit,… I just fear that Farah will do the same mistake to her daughter.. Since she´s sometimes lacking in taking care of her own child.. but I know that Farah is doing her very best, and it´s not her fault.. if you think about why she´s what she is..

  • Lucia

    I think she’s doing her best so stop the hate people!! I wish the best for her and her beautiful baby sofia, you are doing great girl!! keep being such an intelligent and independent woman 🙂

  • Maddi

    If she is doing the best she can for sofia then everyone should stop hating on her. Everyone has an attitude, especially when it comes to dealing with their parents. Get over it!

  • Farrah doesn’t know anything she was rude b4 she got pregnant i think she should suck everthing up and just b a mom she doesnt get that she has to b there for her child not herself anymore duh!!l

    • Safaria

      Whatever. Those are bullcrap lies!

  • Daya

    Farrah me parece muy madura para su edad, una de las mejores chicas y ha sabido enfrentar su situacion… Me gusta su independencia y se le ve que tiene ganas de salir adelante.
    en cuanto a su madre me parece que fallo como madre en el momento que la obligo a alejarse del padre de su hija, pues ella sera su madre pero no tenia ningun derecho a imponerle dejar de verle. me parece muy mediocre su mamá y mala madre que le cierra la puerta a su hija en la cara. Me encantan Maci and Farrah – i Love

  • stefania

    mace i would like cuold with you some çways i fan you
    good lukc

  • Anna

    I don’t see why you say that Farrah is a bad mom because she’s not she’s the best she can be her mom is a complete bitch she thinks that sophia is hers when she’s not if you think its so easy been arounda family like that then I would like to see you how you act she has no support from her parents what so ever so she’s doing it all on her own & don’t forget what happened to her bf so bfore u start saying all this crap about her see how it is for your self first!

    • Safaria

      Thankyou for actually putting out the truth Anna:) I TOTALLY respect your comments!

    • tulsa,ok

      Farrah GROW UP you are a brat

  • Safaria

    I LOVE FARRAH!!!! all of you saying she’s mean and bad KNOCK IT OFF BECAUSE SHE’S THE BEST MOM ON THAT SHOW!!!! god! You people saying shes snotty and is mean is bullcrap because she’s the best damn mom on that show so lay off and you guys are the ones that are snobby and mean. My gosh sorry for being mean but she sacrafices so much!

    • tulsa,ok

      no way

  • Hector

    hey Farrah!!
    i would like to say that your one of many single moms inspirations!!
    if you keep working hard, your ganna have an easy life in the future with the help of god!!
    even though you dont have your parents support, i might believe that you can have your fans support. i support you even though we dont know each other and i wish you the best of luck in your future life and your baby 🙂

  • cloe

    hi i’m 16 and i have 2 son

  • i have a son

  • Sophia

    i think farrah is a great mum, nobody can diss her, i watch her on 16 and pregnant on my telly and compared to the mothers in season 2 she is perfect. x

  • sierra

    I feel really bad for Sofia and Farrah. SORRY, Farrah i think u are a very good mom and for Sofia i think u will do great things for her in the present and future. Good luck Farrah and Good luck Sofia!!!!!! 😉

  • sierra


    • You are such a rude person to your MOM, GOD rodent like that.. Your suppose to respect your parents.. Your crazy you need to GROW UP.. You only get one MOM.., Im goin to pray for you.. May God be with you..,

      • Sarah P

        its spelt YOU’RE not YOUR crazy.

        • Anon

          It’s spelled “SPELLED,” not “SPELT.”

          • tabitha

            Who cares how you spell? I mis-spell a lot, I use a phone that spells its own words half the time. These comments are for the show. They aren’t judge for its English. It’s not school. Lol

        • I LOVE it when people correct other people’s writing and make a huge mistake while doing so. Spelt… lol

      • xD

        I Understand The Fact
        That She Need To Respect Her Mother/Parents
        But How Can She Respect Her,
        When Her Mother Shows No Little Respect For Her

        • Liz

          Her mother was no where being rude to her. She is lucky she has supportive parents. She is a spoiled brat as far as parenting she seems like a good mother but she has no respect towards her mother. If I were her mom I would have slapped her face off.

      • tabitha

        I also believe she disrespects her mother more than I have been disrespected ny wholevlife. I wouldn’t even give get a chance to become a celebrity. What’s next, she going to treat her fans or even her daughter. I can see it already. Her saying that’s mine, as her child reaches. Or what about her leaving her child unattended. She fell off the bed right in tv, yet amber gets c y f, and she’s free. Sick

        • Maranda

          I agree with you on some parts of this. She is a spoiled brat, and she does disrespect her mother. But that’s no one’s fault but her parents. Obviously she was raised to be disrespectful and spoiled or she wouldn’t be. And about Sophia falling off the bed, I mean it happens ya know. Kids fall off beds all the time. It just sucks for her cuz it was caught on television, lol.

      • team eclipse

        WTF is praying going to do. You think god is some magical Cupid like figure that can shoot arrows to make you nice all of a sudden? Yes she is mean, but no matter what you do, it will not change her! Get a life ma’am

    • Dee

      Farrah really needs to check her attitude and make a huge adjustment. Being a teen mom is extremely hard since I was one and thank god for my close family I was able to make it through and succeed! She is a very FORTUNATE girl that has 2 parents plus other family members to bend over backwards for her to make sure that she can still make something of herself and fullfill her dreams.. I think she is acting very selfish and spoiled and on that note it will rub off to her child sophia who doesn’t deserve to have to watch her mother be so rude to the people who care about her! She is lucky since most girls at that age who end up pregnant end up on the streets, living with the boyfriend or in shelters!! Life is short and she needs to realize that people who are so close to you can be taken within a heartbeat! You would have thought she learned a lesson from Derrick being taken so young and quick..Looking down on her he must be shaking his head in disqust! Disrespectful isn’t the word when you call your parents by their first name… MTV shouldn’t have given them money (which went straight to their head or should I say BOOBS??) they should have put that money in a trust fund for the kids!!! She wants to open a business? Who will support her with a attitude like that? Eventually, reality will hit her dead on when the family unit decides not to take her nasty abuse anymore and she is left alone.. or maybe that is what she wants??? Get over the death and grow up or it will get the best of you..we can already see that you are depressed and need help… atleast do it for Sophia.. Being angry won’t bring Derrick back!!

      • hayjay

        I thought she was at first but you try going through what she went to, her mom is to blame. If you see im the begining of teen mom the mother made farrah stop talking to her… Dont be quick to judge.

        • Anabell

          Are you crazy!!? Farrah is an adult and chooses to be a spoil brat and disrespect her parents! Also, she had the choice to use a condom or the pill when having sex. She is a very selfish person. She goes on and on about how she is SO alone is raising Sophia, but he boyfriend passed away. It’s not like he had a choice. If he did, I am sure he would be alive!! Her parents have just tried to help her out. Calling them by their first name is ridiculously! She is 100% a selfish and bratty person! I can not stand her and wish MTV would take her off the air!

      • m’smommy

        How can u tell some one to get over some ones death plz dnt be a ass hole. When it comes to her attitude well the mom is not very nice eather so she got it from her mom n the money well we all do what we want with our money n if u dnt what her to get the money to do what she wants well stop watchin the show. She is a good mom she gives her baby what she needs n treats her good her problam is that she is a spoild brat but who made her like that her parents

        • Lindsey

          I wish they would keep the girls on separate shows like they did in the beginning, so I wouldn’t be paying Farrah. As is I just fast forward thru her stint because I cannot stand her but I really like the other girls. There is no point in watching someone you can’t stand someone you can’t help, so to all the lovely people on this blog GET DVR!!!I’m telling you it’s the only way to watch these kinds of shows.

  • keep your head up farrah and take one day at a time.

  • you are such a good mother keep it up

  • bobby

    Farrah absolutely terrible parent and person. Cool she works to support her daughter, but she moves out the house completely throws her family away. Then is shocked they won’t help her?! She kept the father out of the baby’s life even when he tries to care about the baby. She doesn’t care about his death until it benefits her. I really think she did this whole thing for money.

    • maria

      i think you so dumb the only reason Farah hated her mom was because she keeped her away from her baby’s dad and now he dead. An they are working things out so why you talking shit your Tucker fake and full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anabell

        You do not know what has happened behind closed doors. If her parents really kept her from her boyfriend. Seriously, I bet there were reasons why her parents would not want her to see him. But knowing her..she went behind them. She’s a selfish person!

  • Antonio

    Oh my Gosh! People, you gotta be Really Damn Dumb not to figure out that Farrah is a fake a*s Bi*ch!!! She’s a player and don’t give a damn about anyone but her damn self! Her mom Debra is the same way! Go back to jail, and take you’re raggedy damn skanky ass daughter with you, because eventually you will both be back there, and that poor littlE Sophie will be free of both of you! It’s so freakin obvious that Farrah mistreats Sophie! That lil’ girl will never have a good life as long as farrah and debra are in it! Damn! Do yoself a favor and give Sophie to someone that Wants a child in their life, to love and cherish her, NOT To USE her for your bank account! You otta be ashamed of yoself Farrah for bringing this child into the world Just So you could be in the public eye! Yer problem is, is that you haven’t hit rock bottom Yet! But Oh you will!! Then what’s sophie gonna have? Nothing! You make me sick! I can only imagine how yO Ex Derek is takin all this in. You know he is with sophie at all times, and he ain’t gonna let nothin happen to her! The world will know soon enough what kinda BS that you’ve been tryin to get them to believe! Enjoy Blowing all of Sophie’s money. Cuz it ain’t gonna last! God Please keep sophie safe, and away from all of the BS she is goin thru! Farrah, you’ve Screwed up enough to get sophie taken away from you! Just keep it up, and you’ll never see her again, and Sophie will finally be rid of the Hell yer puttin her thru! Oh and you are uglier than my dogs BUTT! You ain’t no model! Hahahaha! Lmao!

    • For your information i thank farrah is a wonderful and beautiful mother what would you know you act like if you know her personally.I think you just need to zip up that mouth of yours and mind your own business i believe that your just hating on her and jealous of farrah because you can’t have her.LMAO!!!!You just don’t know the whole story ppl do like to over do’it half of the time and your one of them.I think you just need to mind your own business and worry about your own DAMN LIFE!!!!!!I give Farrah an A++++ because she take cares of her duties im sure if you had a body like hers you would be trying to model…And for her mother she is just jealous of Farrah she wishes she could look has beautiful&fine has Farrah does.And about here daugther’s(SOPHIA)money whatever she does with it’s her money and her baby’s $$$$$ how do you think she dressess her daugther?With her modeling money and baby’s daddy’s money.There’s your answer since you gotta have her in your mouth and be worrying what she’s doing with the money…..

      • Gina

        i agreeeee!

      • jen

        yeah, you know how in demand those teen moms are. lmfao.

    • Amber

      honestly, no one can really judge her. on the show she takes care of her baby, that baby has food and water, and it has cloths on its back so really you cant say she is a bad mom. I mean she should be able to raise her child without people being all up in her biz about it. i think people need to just leave her alone. She is doing her jod and she is tryin to make a living for this baby. And what her mom did was wrong but at least they r tryna work stuff out so jus bak off she is doin wut she can.

    • i do agree with antoni ..said and said well…..

    • Liz

      I agree. She is very disrespectful to BOTH her parents. She is constantly rolling her eyes and making smart a** remarks. I also do not think she is attractive at all. She is skinny, but her face is not pretty. She should have gotten a nose job before the boob job. She has a very annoying voice, and I get so sick of her using the word “like” all the time.

    • Liz

      I agree. do not like farrah at all.

  • Kari

    You talk as if you know her personally, beyond a fabricated reality television show. Show some respect for some sakes. But I guess if telling an empty screen that you’re ugly, and what not it’s a sincere form of flattery… in the sense that she ahs affected you sooo much you are compelled to comment on what you don’t like. Good for you! Your time was well spent!

  • jenn

    u people cant just judge farrah without knowing her. she lost the father of her baby. how can u just say these mean things about her without even taking into consideration that her babys father is dead and that she has to support and raise this baby by herself. as for her mother- she has no right to hit her daughter. spanking, i get but choking her-there is a reason that is illegal and to doing that to another human being,especially your daughter, is just not right or acceptable in any way, no matter what the circumstance is.

  • Bellasmomma1207

    I feel bad for farrah… at 1st i thought she was annoying and selfish but I see that she is struggling to grow up and deal with her feelings. Her parents made her stay away from her baby father, how does anyone know they didnt threaten to kick her out and she had no choice. She had to choose between her parents and her boyfriend-@ 16 who really knows anything about love? She prob thought after the baby is here, things will be fine & sohpia would know him but tragedy took him and farrahs whole life fell apart on top of being emotional and pregnant, her parents ignored it. No one helped her deal, they thought babysitting sophia was enough. She was trying to run away from her reality. As a mother I respect her for moving forward and still smiling everyday for her daughter. Shes modeling and doing teen mom to get money for sophia, to provide her with everything despite only having one parent, who is anyone to judge her.

  • A Teen but not a Mom

    Is it just me or did Farrah photoshop the first picture? The neck in the picture obviously isn’t hers.

    • name not required

      Why would u say that? it is her neck!

  • I think farrah you are a great&wonderful mom i give you alot of credit cause you have raise baby (SOPHIA) alone with any1’s help because not even your mother was willing to help you with sophia.Yeah she knows that’s your baby and you do have take care of her….But her being the grandmother she could have help you out knowing everything what you been through regardless you are her daugther and that’s flesh and blood…The lady needs to grow-up and not be putting her hands on you she is very cruel she dosen’t have a heart.And another thing i can’t believe her chargering you rent money what kinda of mother would do that to there flesh and blood..Farrah’s mother needs the LORD in her heart…Well you take care farrah and keep up the good job of taking care of your babygurl mamas….The lord is watching over you and sophia and her daddy to……GOD BLESS YOU’LL ALWAYS!!!!!

  • soon to be teen mom

    i think that she has been threw alot and nobody shouldn’t be saying anything about her. its funny how guys are the only one hateing on her why don’t they try walking in a girls shoes!!

  • poppy

    Do you know what i find funny? Everyone slagging off Farrah. You don’t know her personally. You don’t know how things have effected her, you know nothing about her personal life and relationships before, inbetween and after the show. Only what MTV shows while filming, which will have been cut etc for a more watchable show. I don’t even know the girl, i’m not saying shes the most amazing parent, but who is at such a young age? You all need to get over yourselves.

  • cheyenne

    I tip my hat to Farrah.She was having a hard time at first adjusting to being a mom but now seems to really get it.Her mom seems like difficult person to deal with and her baby’s daddy is died.She is doing this on her own.Beside the dad’s sister the rest of his family seems to being her a hard time.Instead of enjoying this precious little baby who never did anything to anyone.She is piece of their son yet they seem to want to push her away.What a sad thing.They don’t know what joy they missing out on.

  • teen mother

    im a teen mum myself and what farrahs going through is heartbreaking shes trying to do the best she csn for her and sophia people shouldnt judge just from what they see on tv sophia looks happy and not everyteen that gets pregnant is pregnant for the money maybe there baby was a meant to be baby no baby is a mistake babies just dont get brought into the world for nothing they a miracles and farrah gave birth to sophia and she can raise sophia the way she wants no one should tell her how she should raise her beautiful baby girl so to the people that just because of what they saw should just stop judgeing and get over it farrahs doing an awesome!!! keep up the good work farrah!!

  • Gina

    I think Farrah did make some mistakes but that doesnt mean shes a “bad mother” or a “bad person” i mean yeah she choose some wrong choices but she was only doing what was best for her and her daughter. People just dont understand when your attached to someone and you love them and they die, that changes everything, & its kind of harsh to read some of the other peoples comments and read them saying Farrah is a bad person and she is a terrible mother. Last i checked your not her? Everyone has different opinions about her but i think you should step in her shoes before you judge her. Does anyone ever think about how Sophia will feel when shes older and asks about her father? Also about the whole fighting with her mom thing, most people are siding with her mom, i just think its totally wrong to hit your kid even when they are grown up (18). I thought that was a insane move and that should have been handled COMPLETELY different. I’m also hearing people are just saying Farrah’s only doing this for money? well excuse me, do you have any proof of this? Does anyone actually know her? UHM NOPE?So i just think some people should just leave her alone and just stop talking all this mad crap about her.
    R.I.P Derek Underwood (Farrah’s Boyfriend)

  • Chris

    Is Farrah 100 percent sure if Derek the father? The previews for the new season starts in a few weeks and it showed a clip that Social Security denied her because Derek is not the father? Did I hear it wrong? Does anyone know or heard something different?

    Also Farrah is trying hard to be a good mother but some of her parenting skills she needs to work on. Leaving the baby on the counter unsupervised, she leaves her baby in the bathtub unsupervised while she is on the phone, and the list goes on.

    • Stephanie

      WHat u saw was because Dereks mom and family sister refused to take DNA tests to confirm sophies dad was Derek that’s why as denied her claim then later Dereks mom tried to file grandparent rights to see sophie but it’s like u won’t take a DNA rest but hen u want rights please

  • This Girl

    All these people jus hatin… Farrah you are doing an awesome job raising your beautiful little girl. and to all them haters out there you need to get a life and quit trying to judge others. All you know about Farrah is what you have seen or heard about her on tv. Find out what goes on behind the scences and then you may have some room to talk. Keep doin what you doin Farrah and dont ever let all these haters get you down!!!

  • Kayla

    @ Chris I definitly heard the same thing too..I even looked it up..and for some reason somethings telling me he’s not the father but whatever ppl screw up…Also to all these ppl acting like they know who farrah is…get a life…she does act pretty greedy and nasty on the show..Im not denying shes a beautiful girl but shes also exretmely bitchy and self centered..I personally think If u can act like that on national television than u gotta be even worse in real life…I have no idea who she is or what she’ll become but she def stood out when it comes to being cold hearted on the show to me…Just saying…U can go ahead and argue with me whatever…But these girls get paid nicely for being on the show..stop acting like they have it sooooooo bad cause they dont..Im a mother who never got paid for being a mother…never got reconistion from the work ive done and I dont expect it…all i want is a healthy Child thats what I strive for…go have kids and than talk…seriously!

  • a teen mom

    Wow so many ppl take these comments so personal when they dnt have shit to do w.u
    I honestly think Farrah is an awful mother she left her baby on the stairs! Even my three year old has more common sense than this bitch her baby has no father and a shitty mother an annoying as hell grandmother and a pushover grandfather. Farrah got her boob job for attention she wants to be oh so sexy and I can’t deny she takes care of her body but seriously her face isn’t screaming model shes average and has a pepper nose. She pays no attention to her daughter social services need to get involved. She’s 18 I don’t think she’s that young to not be able to use her brain she knew how to f**k

    • wow that was harsh

    • xD

      B!tch Calm Your T!ts
      Seriously -.-*
      I Dont See Why Your Being A Total Ass
      She Was Young,
      & Excuse Me But Who Are You To Judge Her When
      Your “Name” Says “A Teen Mom”
      Seriously Think Before You Write
      & Your Calling Her A Bad Mom
      When You Dont Even Have Respect For Other Teen Moms
      Its Not Like She Told You To Go F*uck Some One Too
      B!tch -.-

    • Liz

      Hahah wow i totally agree. Don’t think she is anywhere near attractive enough to be a model. Her nose is so ugly!

  • Shannon

    No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. I was a teen mother and you better bet I have made mistakes. So has everyone even you and your own parents. I don’t know Farrah and I bet none of you do either. Who are any of you to judge what a good or bad parent she is? Being a parent is a learned behavior. All that crap about is is natural is old wives tales because if it was true than there is no such thing a father. A father has no hormonal bond with a newborn. Whether she is a suitable parent for societies mold is another question. Have your parents ever done anything that other people scrutinized? Well the answer is yes. I sympathize for Farrah even though I have not walked in her shoes which by the way none of you have either or you’d be Farrah. So before you are so judgmental ask yourself what your life was like behind closed doors and maybe what the perception that other people had of your life and would they change their view if they saw your “Dirty Dishes”

  • Kendall

    Kepp you’re head up farrah, things will get better for you and sophia!

  • Viewer

    at first i thought that Farrah was really rude to her parents and was a little stuck up and annoying but if you think about her story it is really sad. Im gonna hate to watch little Sophia grow up without her daddy but its life. I think Farrah does a good job raising her and i dont think that shes in it for the money. Her parents seem like they do well for themselves and her parents help her and Sophia out a lot and she has a job!!! Keep it up Farrah!!!

  • Ruyeka

    For those of you saying Farrah is a terrible mom, you’re wrong. i have only seen a couple episodes, and she seems like a great mother. To me, Amber is a terrible mom

    • Amber is a friggin worthless mom, gf, and person in general! Farrah seems to be a good ma yet very selfish and rude.

  • 1st i do think farrah is a good mom but she treats her mom and dad like she uses her baby against them, girl you better shape up and know they are all u got.thank god you have a great mom and dad and you need to take your mom advice. now amber she dnt even need a child or gary he is way to good for her, gary take the baby and go..

  • Poor Sophia

    That poor little girl Farrah is a poor excuse for a mom. She left her baby in the sink bathing her alone and then since she wasn’t right there she turned on the hot water which burned her. She left her baby in the car seat right outside the door moving. The only time I see that baby smile is when Grandma is around. And she is a rude spoiled little bitch. I have 2 girls that will NEVER act like that. Always mean to momma till she needs help? IMAGINE THAT!!!!! And she always is all crying upset over Derek. Give me a break.She is the one that blocked him outta her life. She’s a big girl she didn’t have to listin to her mom. Like she ALWAYS does. RIGHT!!!!! I don’t feel one little bit sorry for her. And neither should anyone else. She does it for attention. She did all this to herself. And I hope she pays the rest of her life for it.

    • Kat

      I totally agree with you. Sophia is such an adorable little girl. It’s sad that she has to be raised by such an unfit mother. She wants to move out to CA to start her “own” life. The dumb you-know-what won’t make it without her parents. She has and is ALWAYS relying on them. I have never seen anyone MORE selfish and immature and just a complete asshole to their parents unless they want something. I think her parents should file for custody b/c this girl is so undeserving of that beautiful child. I mean, she calls her dad by his first name! REALLY?! And you want them to support you and take care of your kid while you want to run-a-muck?! Give me a break. Farrah is so fake, needs to GROW UP and show a little respect and for sure needs to get OVER HERSELF. I read that she did Barbizon, which is a TOTAL waste of money…I know b/c I did it back it high school and thought it was a joke…and now she thinks she can model and become Miss High and Mighty…YEAH right. UGh, I can go on and on about this dumbass. Basically I just wanted to say I agree with you Poor Sophia. 🙂

  • Mooja

    Nice how she cuts out the father while he was alive but then springs on the chance of free government money from his name when hes dead. No shame.

  • amberrr

    i think its funny how all of you people have so much to say about someone youve never even met or seen in person. and are basing all of your information off of an mtv show. get a lifeee ! I think she is a great mom, and shes young how much can you expect from her?

    • Kat

      and what are you basing your judgment on? They same show????

  • joel

    i saw a pic of this girl farah abraham while reading the gavin degraw story. she’s hot so i clicked the pic to see who she was, only to find out she’s on a “celebrity” blog concerning people of a certain talent, but is included only for getting pregnant. WTF???? That’s slightly above being famous for eating and taking a shi*. And I’m not comparing the miracle of birth to taking a dump. but conceiving a child is a natural female human function. it does not take a certain talent. so why the f**k is a girl made semi famous for a nothing? … i just heard the toilet flushing america down the drain.

    • It is, quite simply, the sheer horror of it all, my good man. Almost everyone likes a good scare now and again…and walking a day in this young woman’s shoes must be downright terrifying.

  • Chadgsgirl

    Some of the people on here are rude, disgusting, and hurtful!!! I can only imagine how Farrah would feel if she read these comments!! From watching this show since it first came out, I have seen Farrah mature so much!! Haven’t y’alls parents taught y’all that if you can’t say nothing nice then don’t say nothing?!?!?! People on here are attacking her as if they think she is a grown woman, not a teenage girl that has gone through more in her short life than most of us have in our lives!! Like I said I see that she has matured so much over the last couple years, and is an excellent mother to her beautiful little girl!! Keep up the good work Farrah, and remember to brush all the haters off, not all of us are ignorant a-holes that are so miserable in their own lives that they try to bring everyone around them down to their level!! Misery loves company!!!

    • Kat

      Farrah needs a slap in the face. If I acted like her and watched the shows after they aired I would be so embarrassed. She needs someone to tell her how it is and she needs to get over this little attitude of hers. Her parents just try to talk and give her advice and she acts like she knows EVERYTHING. She is still living under mommy and daddy’s wing. She made the choice to have sex and the end result REQUIRED her to GROW UP and become an ADULT. And where do you come off saying that others’ are miserable in their own lives???? Hmmm My husband is overseas right now in Afghanistan and I’m here with 2, that’s TWO is 2 and the other 4 months. I have ZERO family here, unlike Farrah, and I’m making it just fine and am happy with my life and who I am. It sickens me that this girl has mommy and daddy to rely on to drop her kid off whenever she wants to just jet off somewhere, get a boob job when she wants…lay around when she wants and have mommy and daddy’s help when she wants. Yet at the same time can be a complete b!tch to her parents, unless she needs something. She is a poor excuse for a human being. Yes, she is trying to make it, but at the rate she’s going, she won’t b/c she is a selfish, immature, adolescent who can’t seem to realize that she is an ADULT now and in the end, from what I just saw from tonight’s episode, showing next week’s preview, telling her mom that if she moves to Arizona don’t ever plan on seeing her or Sophia again…REALLY?! After all her parents have done for her?! What a joke this girl is. Like I said, she is a SELFISH CHILD that won’t grow up. She still acts the same as she did on the first season.

    • scottie

      Farrah is careless. Gone through much? Got pregnant at 16 got with a guyR.I.P that at 18 had alcohol in his blood when he died from a car accident. I wouldnt be shocked if shes that way cause she wasnt raised right. She grew up and was too much to handle.
      Now shes spreadin her coochie for the world and doin other chicks …smh. hopefully she’ll end up like brittany spears or lindsay lohan and lose her child to her mom or another responsible adult. Shes an effin mess!

  • TeenMom19

    I think Farrah is a great mom and no one has the right to judge someone because you have no clue what’s really going on TV shows edit alot of shit out. And my mom got the government involved as soon as my dad died because she knew that was the only way she could support me and her and I never met my dad. Quiet frankly if I was in that position I would have done the something time stops for no one. And as far as her being a bad mother she’s not she young and not perfect. In 19 years old with a six month old baby and I don’t do everything right but I’m learning. People need to stop hating and f**king assuming shit especially when they don’t know shit. F**k judgmental

    • TeenMom19

      People I hate them. And keep up the good job Farrah!!!!!

  • f-u

    Wow I feel sorry for the young man losing his life so young,shame on that woman who gave the the vodka,I can’t believe all of you that hasn’t said anything about his death,this is a article about his death

    • bigbootyjudy

      Finally a comment worth reading! I agree, completely Its sad that sophia has lost her dad forever and will only ever knows him through pics. And yes, shame on the mom that bought the vodka she should be in jail. But even worse is that some people can only focus on the superficial stuff like Farrahs boobs (jealous)! Most of this stuff is edited by paid professionals so that ppl like us will watch it. Which includes making Farrah look like a b!tch..It works, we all buy into it. Although I do like teen mom, I think it sugar coats teen pregnancies. How many pregnant girls did you go to school with that looked anything remotely like Farrah or Maci (whom I adore). AND aside from looks; how many teen girls do you know, that came from $ and had a decent apartment/home to rent from their parents after giving birth??? or drove a Dodge Charger at the age of 18??? ) ummmm, didn’t think so! GO JERSEY SHORE

    • Lyrac

      Exactly! I feel so sorry that this young man died before seeing his child. It’s horrible that they never even mentioned his death when Farrah was pregnant. Farrah’s mother is as screwed up as she is. They wanted Derek to have nothing to do with Farrah or the baby & they were probably so happy & relieved when he got killed in the car accident. They all need psychiatric help!!!!

  • MOM


  • Sindy

    Anyone thinks (Jenalle) is the WORST mom ?? At first I thought Amber would be the worst mom.. but Jenalle is the the worst mother ever in the history of mothers!! Poor little boy, he must think Jenalle is his sister and his grandmother his mom. Very sad.

    Farrah may be not the best mom.. but she is trying her best . Think about what she had been through. She had to choose, you don’t know what else she been through that she can’t even tell.

    • Elisabeth1981

      Agreed, I’ve had two stillborn children my first was born the month Jenelle’s son was born. She has no idea what a gift he is and I don’t think she will ever. Makes me sick watching Amber and Jenelle. I change the channel when their on because I can’t stand the way they are.

    • Lyrac

      Amber, Janelle & Farrah are the worst mothers & human beings ever. And they are getting rich showing the world just how horrible they are! Farrah is disgusting the way she treats her parents. She does porn like it’s not going to affect her child someday. The other 2 are drug addicts. All 3 families are screwed up!!!!

      • Stupidity

        Amber sorting herself out I think Amber needs abit more credit – they are all different, Amber is clean
        Janelle is just a idiot who needs to grow up!
        Farrah is a brat who thinks of herself! I need to go to the uk for business I need to go here for a pod cast ( that people just ring up to give her abuse)
        I need to go tell Simon what I want – and buy my own engagement ring! And then winge that Simons not proposing or paying her back …. She wants everyone to do what she wants no questions, to be with Farrah or in her life you need to agree with her and do what she wants! Your not allowed to talk coz she just interupts you – even when she’s asked you a question!
        On one episode I think it was one of those catch up with dr drew she’s stood there in a bra and knickers and stockings – whilst Sophia’s in the room … Really?!

        There all in different categories for their bad decisions but I do think Amber and janelle are the only ones showing their growing from there mistakes. And there normal everyday things – drugs/pill popping is more likly to happen to teens than doing a porno or 2 and toys!
        Farrah’s kid is the one suffering you can tell when you see her on the show she’s not developed talking wise for her age as she should be. She’s older than my boy and I can have a convo with him – Sophia makes baby noises! And hits people and Farrah doesn’t correct her! She’s not raising her to respect anything so she’s gonna be another Farrah in a few years! And I feel sorry for her when she starts school more high school – your mum did a porno!

  • Tonga

    Regardless of what she is going through or has been through there is no reason for her to treat her mom and everyone around her that is trying to help her the way she does, She needs to grow up! She doesn’t want them to see the baby but wants to benefit from their son’s death not cool!

  • TiredofSnottyMcFarrah

    Farrah needs to stop dreaming about how if he lived he would have been there fully. Because the odds are, he would not have. You cannot live reality while you are constantly fantasizing about what probably would not have been. And instead of talking down to others and being so damn condescending to her parents she needs to thank GOD that she at least has them.

    Her reality is better than most. Time to live in it.

    • Elisabeth1981

      Totally agree. It’s beyond sick how 2 years later she acts like she’s so sad
      over situations and people.

      She acts like people can’t watch her 16 and pregnant episode and we don’t
      have memories of what happened there.

      1. She didn’t want Derek knowing she was pregnant.
      2. She broke up with Derek
      3. She changed her number and didn’t tell him what it was.
      4. She was mad that people knew about her pregnancy but hello she was 4
      months along and being so thin prior to pregnancy of course she’d show nearly
      right away and people would know that she was pregnant.
      5. Derek flat out asked her if she was pregnant and if it were his and she
      told him no.

      funny thing is two years later she’s talking to his gravestone on teen mom
      talking about what would be different and how they might’ve gotten married and
      have been a family.

      She claims in her book that she lied to MTV producers and went to Derek’s
      funeral alone. I seriously doubt this because she went to Derek’s grave for the
      first time with his dad and step mom they spoke like they hadn’t seen her since
      Derek and Farrah had been dating they were telling her details of his funeral as
      if she hadn’t been there also during her 16 and pregnant episode she acting like
      nothing was bothering her and if she was truly going through all that and went
      to the funeral it didn’t show during the episode and she thrives off of
      attention and having people feel sorry for her. When Derek died they were not
      at all on good terms.

      She does have this habit of wanting attention and speaks to most anyone in a
      nasty manner.

      • fatkat

        “funny thing is two years later she’s talking to his gravestone on teen mom ”

        She can still be sad about his passing you know

        • guest

          No one said she couldn’t be sad. The issue is she fakes it and lies for attention. In her 16 and pregnant episode she lied to him about the pregnancy. She told him HE WASN’T THE FATHER. She even went so far as to change her number. They broke up prior to her being 4 months pregnant when the episode started.

          Then no mention of him whatsoever during the first season of teen mom. Then in the second season she fakes her grief over his death with a counselor. She’s “crying” yet there are no tears.

          I’m repeating myself here but it’s a pretty dumb response “She can still be sad” um no what she’s doing is faking and lying for attention.

  • K-K-A

    I believe Farrah has just mentally and emotionally been through many things. But does not have proper coping mechanisms to deal with her feelings. Many people deal with anxiety and stress through anger and resentment. It doesn’t take an educated person to understand that. I think she is a great mother but needs some counseling to deal with her feelings. But you never know from what you see on a reality tv show.

  • Mom@15

    Let me begin with this beig said, I am now 25 yrs old but I became a mother at just 15 years old. I think everything y’all are saying about Farrah, Amber etc. Is very RUDE and very far from considerate to these young women. None of us know them personally like sone of you said, only on tv half bs and the other parts fabricated from the whole truth. I know at 15 when I myself became a mother my childs father and I were split up until he was a few months old, I went through my pregnancy, labor and the first 5½ months of mothethood alone scared and confused. I know from my own experience it traumatized me, I am still not completely recovered from certain things even though I am 25 with my childrens father married to him now with 2 kids and one on the way. It is really rough! Thankfully I did not loose my childrens father when he got into his car wreck at 18 he did break his back and now suffers with pain on a daily basis from the rods and bolts in his back.. He can not work and he is disabled. I found out after the birth of my daughter I have a tumor on ny spine and I have seizures in my brain now I can’t work like I want to especially being pregnant I am on bed rest completly.. Our house burned down in May of 2010 only a mere week after we bought it, now I live with my husband and children at my in laws house dealing with a lot not knowing what to do next, driving a beat up 1994 toyota tercel… sounds like something that should be on a show but I’m not I’m real living a very hard life in New Orleans.. I only wish I had what half these girls on teen mom have ya kno.. but I will not knock them or anything they do because personally I DO NOT KNOW THEM OR THIER REAL 100% UN EDITED STORIES.. I just gave you a very small part of mine so just try to put yourself in their shoes and think about what how u would feel physically emotionally etc before you knock these girls again… judge me if you want idc cause that’s real and i stand behind mine 199,000%.
    I feel for these girls and as long as y’all got it do it go for it rock it flaunt it do you!!! F**k the haters and the wannabe playas do u ladies! Just MAKE SURE YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR THE CHILDREN YOU BRING IN THIS WORLD ACCIDENTAL OR NOT LADIES STAND BEHIND YOU AND YOURS…. ALL DAY!

    • Anna

      obviously you are not the one who makes porn,
      good for you.

    • kateblessedwithtwobabies

      Mom@15 I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m blessed with two boys my little miracles as at 11 then again at 21 I was told I wouldn’t be able to have a baby if my own. I finally became a mum at 28 and a few months in my appointment for sterilisation came through. I was put forward for it to prevent me concieving at 30 plus as that carried higher risks. A this made me appreciate how blessed those with children are. I felt like knocking friends out when they wen on about how lucky I was not to have kids!
      I’m also adopted, my birth mum was only 14, that made me realise all the things mum’s give up. As I always saw my going out and partying ect…. as something my birth mum couldn’t have done if she kept me. I also appreciate d how hard it would’ve been with out a supportive family, & even with one! Having a child at any ages comes with sacrifices and is hard work. To do it at a young age is even more amazing in my opinion.
      But I agree you never get anything but what the show producers and editors want you to see in so called reality tv. They have hundreds of hours of footage per season of each person. They choose which bits to show. Condense anyones life to a few hours per year and you probably wouldn’t recognise your own life! And newspapers ect….love nothing more than finding the dirt…… we allmake mistakes, the problem is reality tv makes theirs public knowledge. While the rest of us can keep our worst and most embarrassing moments private even secret. …..

  • jenn

    I think farrah is a good person because she doesnt neglect her child she is thinking forward in her future for the baby and I am sure it must be really hard for her considering shes so young and the babys dad isnt present god rest his soul. As for the attitude its obvious its there and a show can only pick up bits and pieces of what both sides are i dont like that she calls her father by his name that blows and yeah she seems to have a prissy attitude but she will soon realize that her acting like that with her parents is not benefiting her at all. I say that would be the only thing she needs to work on she seems like a solid person and I see keep it up and I wish you the best = )

    • Anna

      sure she is thinking of her baby’s future making porn to pay the bills, i would rather work at McDonald’s than do what she does for a living/

  • anntionette veal

    did u give ur baby up? and do u have a fb? also just lettting u kno keep ur faith and dont let others bring u down u showed alot to the world!

    • Mom@15

      Just curious on who u were talking to??…

  • yvette

    I think ur smart and pretty u just have to believe on ur self I’m a mother of two I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and I’m 22 its not easy if it wasn’t for my arents I dont know were I would be at right now I think ur baby girl.should stay with ur mom so u can finish school if u take her its going to be hard for u and her right now just think what’s best for her if its being with ppl she don’t know or ur mom its up to u do the right thing for ur baby

    • Elisabeth1981

      Try having two children who’ve passed away.

  • Katey

    I don’t like Farrah’s mom I think shes mean and I dont think it’s right that farrah stopped contacting Sophia’s dad then he dies. thats like the saddest thing in the world. even If I didn’t like him anymore, I’m pretty sure I would be crying every single day of my life if I was in Farrah’s place. Farrah’s really strong and brave, She’s been through alot and she’s trying her best. So I feel really bad for Farrah but I think she’s doing a really good job and sophia has a good mommy 🙂

    • sherry

      that really sad that he died i always watch teen mom and she was crying at his fernal that really sad when he going back to farrah and her daughter

      • elisabeth

        sorry but Farrah was not at Derek’s funeral, not sure where you got that but his stepmother filled her in on what went on.

    • elisabeth

      Farrah is not a good mom…. look at how she speaks to sophia like sophia is her friend or an adult. She doesn’t speak to her on her level and during the last few episodes she doesn’t handle Sophia’s behavior in the proper way.

      How could she be a good mom when she’s so mean to everyone around her? she’s a brat and is always yelling. She speaks to her mother in a disrespectful way and worse her father. She always has since 16 and pregnant. She doesn’t deserve a treasure like Sophia too bad she didn’t choose the route of adoption like Cate did.

  • KQren41

    as the mother of a 16yr old, i pray that she doesnt get pregnant, but if she did i also pray that i would not treat her the way farrah’s mom did…that was awful and embarassing…the fact that this girl lost the father of her baby shoulda melted her mom’s heart! i’m shocked that the community didnt ralley behind her more for support! The mother acted like this was a dig towards her…i just hope that farrah and her beautiful daughter relizes how awesome it is to have each other! i’m proud of the mother you became expecially since you were not used to dealing w/babies!

    • Elisabeth1981

      I don’t know if you’ve seen Farrah’s 16 and pregnant episode but she treats
      her family and most people around her like garbage. I don’t agree with Farrah’s
      mom either she’s nuts which is probably where Farrah got it from.

      Farrah of her own accord lied to her baby’s father about her pregnancy, he
      flat out asked her if she was pregnant and if Sophia was his and she said no on
      both counts. I think Farrah thinks most of us are stupid or can’t refer back to
      her episode. Just go back and look at the first scene of her episode. She broke
      up with Derek, and she acted like she didn’t want to speak with him anymore
      although the way. She also acted like no one should’ve known that she was
      pregnant but Hello she was showing at the time she was four months at this

      She didn’t want Derek to know about the baby. That came through loud and
      clear in the episode. And if Farrah isn’t on board with something she won’t do
      it. This wasn’t a case of her parents telling her to break up, not tell him he
      was the father, lie to him about being pregnant, changing her phone number.
      Those were her decisions.

  • Bryan

    There is something seriously wrong with these people. Are they kidding with this Farrah person? She walks all over people, she uses them to get what she wants. Her parents are going to end up paying for her $12K boob job. They need a lobotomy not plastic surgery; she’s all of 18ys/o. Her body unlike herself is still maturing. Her parents support her and her baby financially. How does she thank them… by having her mother arrested because she defended herself when Farrah was throwing one of her baby tantrums. Now she wants to go on vacation to California or Florida because “she works so hard.” After her ex-sperm donor dies because he drove drunk she all of a sudden has feelings for him. Farrah, as predicted, pities herself and uses his death to get even more things from her “parents”. If that were not enough, she tries to get social security benefits, not a job, only in America do we reward lazy people that leach off others. When Sophia turns three years old she’ll officially be more mature then Farrah.

    • Tee

      OMG Bryan you hit the nail right on the head!!!! I agree with you one thousand percent!!!!

      • Your An Idiot

        lmao PSYCH she made a porno and is rich!!

        • Kradam

          Your name is really “Your An Idiot”



          • Selenator

            Right? Somebody needs to learn good grammar…smfh

            • You mean “proper” grammar, right?

          • t.ann

            I no these horrible comments were made years ago, but it still pisses me off that anyone would talk about someone this way! who are you all to pass judgments on a situation that a VERY YOUNG girl hhss found herself in! yes she made the decisions she made, but she did as millions of us as teens do, we live! we think we are capable of living as adults and make adult decisions, but we arnt adults and we cant physiologically make them no matter how old we think we are. this young lady to me has done the best job she can to raise her child, I no I as a mother can say i would do anything i had to do to make sure my children had what they needed! so to all of you throwing stones at this Mother, shame on you! she may not have done things the way you would have, but she did it, and who are you to say your way is the right way? I commend this young woman for finding the courage to move forward and give her child the life she has! cant we all try to see the best in people and support their choices no matter what they may be? and I for 1 dont think her choices are any different than many other people have made, except the reasons for doing it. im sure Farrahs choices would have not been the same if she wasnt put in the position to raise a child on her own at such a young age! . im sick over the way she has been bashed all these years! I give her a pat on the back and a finger to those who would rather Trash talk!! keep your head held high Farrah! some of us want to see you succeed!♥

            • Stupidity

              What you would lie on your back for money for your kid … Sorry but that’s not something I’d want my kids to see know anything! And as Sophia gets older it’s gonna be the main subject they ask/tease her about.

            • White chocolate

              Well if she didn’t want to be bashed she shouldn’t be on TV being a bitch and being mean to her dad when all he does is try to make her happy and the way she treats her mom and she steadily be helping her when she needs her shes just a total Bitch

    • Over her

      It is now 2016. I ran across this article by chance, and this comment is even more true today than it was back then. Hilarious. She has gotten even worse in the way that she treats people.

      • doogan

        I feel sorry for her. She’s incredibly immature, entitled, selfish and in desperate need of serious psychiatric care. Her daughter is 7 and seems to only be able to speak in baby talk. This poor child has a future of despair unless this mother gets the help she needs.

  • Emily

    I think it is so sad what happened to Farrah. I do think Farrah can be a bit of a brat sometimes, but what she is going through is rough and I, nor this Bryan, have any right to judge her. She is going to college while also being a mommy. That alone is very stressful so I have to disagree with Bryan actually.

  • Alahni

    I honestly believe that Farrah is mean towards her parents – but I can understand why – she’s a single parent doing what she has to do to raise her daughter – her parents still treat her like a child – I respect Farrah for everything she’s doing (even though I hate her attitude) – I read somewhere that when Sophias father died, Farrahs mom was happy the (problem) was gone. I am a heavy believer of Karma, and I believe she will receive Karma in some way shape or form…I haven’t been able to keep up w the episodes but I hope Farrah is still in FL and living her life raising her beautiful daughter!

    • Elisabeth1981

      Respect is earned, Farrah acts and makes childish choices so she deserves to
      be treated like a child. Her attitude is that of a troll.

      I don’t think
      Farrah’s mom cared either way.

      And seriously I love how Farrah likes to make it out like she cared at all
      for Derek. She lied to him about being pregnant and changed her phone number
      then two years later she’s painting this different scene of how things went
      down. As if we can’t refer back to her 16 and pregnant episode. She was glad to
      be rid of him yet she makes this butterflies and roses about how she wanted to
      get back with him. It’s all just a ploy to get attention and get people to fell
      sorry for her. She’s narcissistic and that’s what people like that do become
      drama queens for attention or make some sort of story out of a real situation in
      order to make it look like their going through something their not. She’s full
      of crap.
      Sophia deserves so much better, the grandfather seems nice but Farrah and her
      mom are both nutjobs

  • ebonie

    I can’t believe how rude Farah is to her parents. She needs to show some respect. Her parents take care of her child and she doesn’t appreciate anything they do. She is all about herself. Her Stepdad drove all of her stuff for five days and she doesn’t say thank you or even show any kind of appreciation. She acts like she is entitled. She has no manners no respect and she has that I know attitude. Farrah you don’t know everything. Quit mooching off your parents and see how you can really handle living alone without any help. Your parents might be overbearing at times, but they do care for you and you need to quit acting like a spoiled brat. Why don’t you save money to support yourself and your daughter instead of getting a boob job. Are you kidding me? You get a boob job instead of focusing on your future and your daughter. Farrah needs to quit arguing in front of Sophia she is going to pick up bad habits. Oh I forgot Farrah knows everything.

    • Mindy

      Actually, Michael is Farrah’s biological father. There are a couple of stores going around about why she calls him Micheal. Her story is that her older sister has a different dad. So her mom wanted her to call him Michael, so her sister wouldn’t feel left out or different. Weirdest thing I have ever heard. But she does need to start giving her parents some respect. Especially her dad. I don’t know how he puts up with her and her mom. Her mom needs some help as well. They are defiantly a colorfully crazy family.

    • sconti

      I totally agree…she is young so there are times I try to overlook what she says but she is so rude that I can’t overlook that…if she were really on her own she wouldn’t have that nice apartment in Florida, she wouldn’t have been able to traipse all over the country to find where she wanted to live…who is paying her bills!? She really needs to find a therapist that doesn’t just say what Farrah wants to hear. I understand that is how therapy works at the beginning. I understand that her therapist also asked Farrah to allow them to feel the way they were because it was a loss to them too.. she doesn’t appear to be taking that advice….to hear her complain about having to clean up after Sophia and also a dog makes me want to just smack her up side the head….why did she get a dog when Sophia wanted a fish! She didn’t have enough to deal with? Farrah is the definition of an entitled child that has yet to appreciate what has been given to her: a beautiful child and a supportive family who want nothing but the best for her…shame on you Farrah…I understand life has not been easy on you but you have no idea how BAD life can be….count your blessings and grow up…appreciate what you have been given….you are one lucky girl!

      • sharebear

        She worked modelling for a while. As well the show pays her a lot to be on there, they’ve done four seasons now of teen mom and 16 and pregnant. I’m pretty sure she can afford her boob job and her apartment on her own. She also works while she’s in school. She also has a sauce coming out now and a book that she probably gets money from. I don’t agree with how rude she is to her parents one bit, but I think she supports herself, now at least (not when she was living in their second house).

    • Stupidity

      She speaks to her mum with Sophia there – swearing calling her mum . She’s disgusting . My mum would have told me f of if I spoke to her the way she speaks to hers,

      Like when she’s telling her it’s a honour she’s asking her mum to watch Sophia for a month .. Erm that women raised your nasty arse I think she can handle your child! Has anyone actually seen the way Sophia acts she’s already turning against her nan – she’s annoying when Farrah asked Sopha if she’s happy with Debra watching her Sophia replies with OK but she’s really annoying … She’s only getting that of Farrah!
      Wish I had her parents I’m struggling to work and school with my kid and she’s got the support and she just abuses it!

  • sherry

    she looks pretty with daughter

  • kay

    If that story really is true about why she calls her dad Michael that is just so messed up. If anything they should of had ashley call him papa or something a little more respectable than to have a child call her father by his first name. I know not every family is perfect but jeez…your on TV at least ACT like your a semi fuctioning family! As far farrah yes she is a cute girl but she is no where near a hot as she thinks she is in her mind. Her attitude makes her look like a troll and I can not stand to listen to her speak to her parents on the show. It just makes me cringe. Lastly, how can you keep a pregnancy hidden from someone when its published on national tv???

  • jay

    Farrah is so dumb and ugly whe she cries. Has gross taste in guys and zero respect for her family.

  • Woobie

    Farrah is an awful person to her parents. I understand we all have our trials and stresses but to have that much disrespect towards the people who are there for you the most during those trials is just wrong! If she were my daughter I’d boot her ass out and take temporary care of Sophia until she got her act together. Knowing how she acts I’m sure she’d throw a hell of a fit, but being homeless makes you unfit for parenting so if you really want that baby BE A MOTHER AND GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER FOR HER!!!

  • alicialynn00

    im super late on this discussion, but i can not believe how terribly wrong and horrible these comments are. no compassion whatsoever, it’s really sad. you don’t have to be so hateful. all we see is what is on the show. there are entire lives and events that are not shown to the public for the sake of the show. i wonder how many details were omitted to make people look a certain way. it’s better to just take the show with a grain of salt. how would my actions be judged by others if i were on a ‘reality’ show? geez, who knows. there’s always more to a story than what we see up front. how do you judge others…are you prepared to get that type of harsh judgement? if you (generically speaking, i’m not trying to call anyone out here, honest) so, if you were on a show, i would defend your case as well, in similarly complicated situations. be kinder. the world needs to be kinder.

  • Yikes… That’s an ugly baby. o_o

    • Steven Key

      You an ugly c##t

      • RyanTee82

        Bitch, please.

        Anyway that was 3 years ago, the kid looks very different now — quite normal, actually.

        • lmfao!

        • Viva La Diva

          she looks like derek with a wig

    • Lmcdonald

      She’s even an uglier little girl! She looks like an evil child. Damien in girl form. And on top of that she has no manners and is worse than a brat

      • guest

        I wish she had been adopted into a loving stable family. Farrah is in no mental condition to raise her. The only one I see that’s mentally stable in that family is Sophia’s grandpa. The mom and Farrah seriously need a full time shrink. And pills.

  • farrah is a great mom! shes so sweet and looks after sophia well, and doesnt need all this crap, with derek died, feelings like that do come back!


  • El Swami

    Never fear, karma is here..

  • jassie

    Now she has a sex tape out. Really? You have a young daughter for goodness sake, have some classy. That is totally disgusting.

  • Shay

    Farrah did Not go to his funeral! She went to his wake in Council Bluffs, Ia. His funeral was held in St. Joe,Mo.

    Farrah’s dad Michael beat Derek after walking in on them having sex! And I read that Derek was still a minor! What a hypocritical, cowardly Bastard! Derek’s mom had Michael arrested.

    Good for her! That’s probably why Farrah calls her dad Michael and has no respect for him, like she admitted to on the Dr. Drew catch up show. Farrah has only let Sophia see Derek’s dad and step mom a few times, and only because it was on camera. I heard it’s because Derek’s dad and step mom drink.. Like Farrah and her mom don’t drink.. Ha!!!

    Farrah is a fake ass bitch that doesn’t even care about her own daughter. One who would rather tour the states posing as a porn star, stripping at clubs to make money when these are Sophia’s most precious years.

    Farrah is holding Sophia from Derek’s family because they never liked her.. Hmm… Wonder why?? It’s not about you bitch, so grow the f*ck up and be a mother! (Swallow) your pride and get over it already. But she won’t, because she loves to Hate. Her AND her drunken psychotic mother. Sophia will hold it against you when she’s old enough, don’t worry.

    Good luck little Sophia. You’re gonna need it.

    • Viva La Diva

      hey stormie (or kassy)-that’s interesting about the drinking with the dad and step mom. i thought the step mom seemed a little “too” outgoing.

  • Nicole Carter

    she needs professional help so that she can deal with these feelings,remember she was only 16, and suffered this big lost plus having a baby, I feel she is still trying to fill that void in her life. I am pulling for you Farrah.

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  • bre

    I feel really mom its just I love Farah she just makes to much drama she is a good mother to Sophia and all and she needs to stop fighting with maci on teen mom too again sorry for your lost✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • Jen Hill

    Farrah is disgusting.

  • Lick MY ?

    Bet if he was alive he would take awAy Sophia due to Farrahs sex tape and bad behavior with her Mom

  • sharon

    Farrah can’t even talk right with all the botox in her lips. I also feel she needs therepy on how to treat others. Its ugly !

  • guest

    The kid was 18 when he died. There is no legal limit for alcohol in his blood. He’s underage. Who wrote this garbage?

  • Lisa Walter

    This girl needs to just stop and get some help. She needs off tv so she can focus on her and her child. It is sick how this child is being brought up.I think that even though the father is gone she should still call him daddy NOT daddy Derek, to me if I was his parents I would find that offensive. I would also like to point out that she is the most needy and selfish person I see on that show. Her forcing Simon to do things with Sophie and herself is maddening.
    He is right on many levels especially during the fights they have and the fact she treats him like he is 2 ” don’t interrupt me” but yet SHE constantly does it to him. It is all one sided for her, her way or the highway, well guess what Farrah NO MAN will ever have a serious relationship with a woman who treats them with no respect. Best way to think, You need to give respect to get it.

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering how her daughter got blessed to be so hideous looking… She had sex with this guy. Let this be a lesson ladies.