PHOTOS Teen Moms in New York City for Season 4 after-show interviews

Catelynn Lowell Farrah Abraham Maci Bookout Teen Mom Season 4 Reunion NYC

As Teen Mom fans anxiously await the premiere of the fourth and final season of MTV’s “ground-breaking documentary series” on June 12, the girls women are currently in New York City to film their their final post-show interviews.

Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout and Tyler Baltierra arrived in The Big Apple yesterday, and being the social media savvy folks that they are, they’ve been sharing tweets and photos since their arrival. The photo up top of Catelynn, Farrah, and Maci posing together was shared by Farrah along with the tweet, “NYC Baby!!!” It was later Instagramatized by Maci and captioned “lovely ladiesss”

Tyler tweeted this next photo of Catelynn (looking damn good btw!) and wrote, “Attention NY, Catelynn Lowell, has arrived lol!”

Catelynn Lowell weight loss photo

And speaking of Catelynn “looking damn good btw,” she tweeted this great photo and gracefully gave the credit for her good looks to others by writing, “Make up guys work wonders!!!”

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell in New York City for the Season 4 Reunion Special

In case you were wondering how MTV treats their graduating reality show superstars, Maci Bookout shared a photo of their hotel diggs with the message “this is home for the rest of the week #NYC”

Maci Bookout's hotel roon in New York City for the Teen Mom Season 4 Reunion

Ahhhh, but it’s not all fun and games in the big city for these ladies! Maci reminded us all of that with this Instagram montage captioned, “a day at the office!”

Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham in New York City

And here they are doing some more “work” in front of the hot camera lights. (Or as Catelynn puts it, “Me and my girls working NYC”)

Maci Bookout Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell pose for Teen Mom Season 4 photos

But what’s a Teen Mom photos post without the Tylernator?!? Here he is mesmerized by a fancy mirror, or as he writes, “This crazy frosted glass mirror thing is dope #NY”

Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra in NYC to film Season 4 Reunion

As I look through these fun photos of Farrah, Maci, Catelynn, and Tyler getting together at the end of their Teen Mom run, I can’t help but be saddened by the absence of their compatriot Amber Portwood. I’m sure their will be some very emotional discussions about her, and I know she is in the hearts of the entire Teen Mom crew in New York City this weekend – as she is in ours here at starcasm.

And just in case the photos weren’t enough, here are some screen caps of tweets from the TM crew:

Teen Moms Maci Farrah and Catelynn tweet about Season 4 Reunion in New York City

UPDATE – When I initially wrote this post it was under the assumption the ladies were in NYC to film their Reunion Special in addition to the after-show interviews, but thanks to input from commenters I’ve realized it is probably just the after-show interviews.