TEEN MOM Amber Portwood tells Matt Baier she will not marry him


Who’s ready for some more Teen Mom OG sneak peeks!?!

In this latest batch of teasers for the upcoming episode, we’ve got a mic’d up and fed up Amber Porwtood telling Matt Baier that she will not marry him, Novalee at her first day of pre-school, and the OG TMs–minus Farrah Abraham, of course–planning a girls’ night out.


Amber’s chillin’ outside of an elevator in New York City with Maci Bookout when Matt pulls her to the side for what he believes is a candid conversation. Amber’s continued exasperation as Matt pleads with her to reconsider their marriage plans is telling:

Daddy Matt: Come here I want to tell you something… I’m really sorry about last night.

Amber: Okay, I know…

Daddy Matt: Do you forgive me?

Amber: You’re sorry every other fu**ing week.

Daddy Matt: Do you forgive daddy?

(inaudible response from Amber)

Daddy Matt: Do you forgive daddy?

Amber: No I don’t.

Daddy Matt: Will you still marry me?

(Amber shakes her head no)

Daddy Matt: You’re not gonna marry me!?!

Amber: No.

Daddy Matt: What about all these question you’re going to get today?

Amber: I’m lying right now (it’s difficult to make out the exact audio on this, but it’s clear that Amber says she’s going to lie when it comes to questions about her and Matt’s relationship).

Daddy Matt: You’ll marry me.

Amber: No I’m not.

Daddy Matt: Come on I’m sorry. I made one mistake.

Amber: You’ve made more than one fu**ing mistake. I’m not doing it… I’m mic’d up so you need to stop.

Daddy Matt: (Voice tone changes from a “loving plea” to a serious “wait a minute”) Are you really?

Amber: Yeah Matthew. You should have fu**ing known that.


It’s a super big day for little Novalee and her dad, as Tyler Baltierra drops his daughter off for her first day of pre-school. Nova couldn’t be any cuter in her Rainbow Dash jacket as she checks out the other kids in class.

As a dad to a little girl myself I have to say that this scene tore me up! I remember this day in my own life and how prepared I thought I was and how I wound up sitting in my car in the parking lot and crying after the drop off. Letting go is hard.

When Novalee puts her hands on the glass to the door looking for her dad… ???


There’s a catered room and things get meta as Matt and Amber talk awkwardly about their day. Eventually Matt heads out to lunch and Amber suggests a girls’ night out. They chat up Nova’s first day of pre-school, and, when Maci’s asked about Ryan Edwards, she’s just too tired to talk about all that.