Jenelle Evans calls Kieffer Delp N word, suggests he kill himself


Jenelle Evans sought technological companionship from her oft-troubled, ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp while the father of the child she is currently expecting, Nathan Griffith, was in jail due to a DUI arrest. As often is the case with the Oak Island Firecracker, any hopes of easing her loneliness turned into explosive vitriol as the texting between the two turned sour and included the dropping of the “N” word as well as insults about sexual prowess among other things.

Of course Delp turned around and either sold or just let Radar have the communications and here’s a summary of some of the lowlights from the exchange in no particular order:

THE DELPSTER: “Your breakin my heart crybaby tell Mon*o quit the roids his wiener will work then haha enjoying wishing he would treat you like I did that is what you said ain’t it”

JENELLY: Oh trust me, his d**k is never limp like urs always was due to all the drugs. He might not be as nice as u were to me, but he’s the best f**king thing that walked into my life.  U were what? Playing COD and getting high wasting life…Begged me to come back or u were killing yrself. Well guess what go f**king kill yrself, cuz nobody would ever care not even yr own mother.”

Delp then launched into insulting Nathan’s fighting prowess and Jenelle replied by going there

JENELLY: “Let’s see…Personal trainer, football player, college student, completed his 4 year term in the marines, was deployed twice I think but def once, graduated high school from a private school, comes from a great family. Wouldn’t trade him for a NI**ER like you any day. Peace bro”

All of this toxicity went on until both of them apparently had enough of hating each other but not before Evans hinted at still having feelings for the hooded one.

JENELLY: “I’m trying so hard. He hurt me the way I did to u, and I’m sorry I did that. I was so mean to u and well karma came back to me and in a very harsh way. It’s always down. I wish he treated me like u did, that’s all. Yes we had problems but it was caused cuz of drugs and making stupid choices.”

Jenelle’s friend Jennifer Holt spoke to RumorFix after the fallout and here’s what she had to say in defense of Evans:

“Yes, Jenelle did talk to him but she knows she shouldn’t have. She just needed a friend to talk to. But she definitely does not want to get back with him! Jenelle showed Nathan the messages the day he got out of jail. She was honest with him and he read every single message she sent. She apologized and Nathan simply said don’t let it happen again, and that’s all!”

And of course this opportunity couldn’t be passed up with out another shot at Delp when Holt added, “Jenelle even heard that Kieffer wanted to sell the screen shots for money to use for drugs.”

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  • Jess

    Of course they have to be immature and have at it on a public forum…

  • sammy

    I’m sorry, but if your current boyfriend doesn’t treat you as well as the felon who got you hooked on heroin, maybe you should try being single for awhile.

    • Renee L

      That’ll be the day. Jenelle can’t be single for 6 hours. Look, Nathan went to jail for a few days and she was already seeking Keiffers rod.

  • anne0

    Someone please sterilize these bottom dwellers !!

  • Tara

    She has such a way with words! She should write for Hallmark! I bet she could whip something up that would melt your heart for Mother’s Day!

    • Katie’s “Stomach”

      I thought Babs already covered it with wanting thanked for the abortion money..

  • Kara

    I guess losers attract losers.

  • Cara

    Most likely she won’t have any consequences for using such an offensive word and suggesting someone commits suicide. Any other public figure would immediately be fired (Paula Deen?) but for some reason these Teen Moms (especially Jenelle) can do whatever they want with no repercussions. This is not the first time she’s used racial or homophobic slurs. It’s ridiculous that she’s still getting a paycheck.

    • AP

      Not defending her behavior in any but If someone called you a derogatory term and said to go kill yourself would you go to their boss and demand for them to be fired? No because that has nothing to do with the fight.
      The fight did not air on MTV nor were they the one to publish the article so I don’t really see why she should be reprimanded for something she said in a private message.

      • Brandy Nicole

        And Paula Deens dropping the N bomb happened decades ago, during a bank robbery and look what happened to her empire.

  • Ashley

    Jenelle is such a horrible human being. And by the way she desperately and constantly needs affirmation from seriously anyone, she probably knows she is.

  • Red

    I remember when she was dating Kieffer and somebody called her out for dating “n-word”s. Her response was like “No, he is Jamaican and Irish.” But now it is okay for her to use that word?? She is so hateful and I don’t think she will ever be happy with her life. Nor do I think she will ever be able to keep track of her lies.

    • spottedgiraffe

      It was actually nikkole who called her out

  • Sweet Venom

    This girl needs to work on her abandonment issues. She’s acknowledged she has them, but has yet to enter into treatment. But why would she do that though, right?…that would be too healthy for Jenelle.

  • cait

    So her current loser boyfriend goes to jail and she can’t help but text her drug addict loser ex boyfriend? While she’s pregnant with current boyfriends child? What the hell is wrong with this girl and how does she think that people could ever respect her? And really if Nathan treats her worse than Kieffer did, that is scary. And I think this clearly shows that somehow for some crazy reason this idiot STILL can’t get over Kieffer.. My god she needs so much help..

  • micro OP

    Did Jenelle really think she could call a drug addict a n**** and not have it sold? She is an idiot