Leah Calvert says that Corey cheated on wife Miranda early on

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Tonight on the Teen Mom 2 Unseen moments special Leah Calvert spilled some major tea about her baby’s father Corey Simms! When Dr. Drew asked the moms if they hid anything from the producers, most of the ladies remained coy, but Leah said she had some information about Corey that the producers didn’t know.

After asking her husband Jeremy (who was in the audience,) if she should reveal the secret, she decided to go through with it. “A week before we got married he kept texting me and texting me and he’s like ‘I miss my family'” Leah said. “And he told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda.”


Corey married Miranda Patterson last June, and according to Leah, things were rocky with them from the start. “Cory always looks like the good guy,” Leah lamented. “When him and Miranda got together the first time he was out cheating on her. It wasn’t just me.”

When Dr. Drew asked if Miranda knew about the cheating, Leah replied, “Yeah, she knows that. He told me she knows that. But she doesn’t know that I know that.”

Chelsea then quipped, “She knows now!”

UPDATE – Click here to check out Corey and Miranda’s response to Leah’s comments.

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  • Myndee

    Incredibly immature of her…. Who knows if it is really even true. It makes me think she was the “source” who told In Touch that Corey was allegedly texting her before HE got married begging for her back. She doesn’t help practically handing him a key when she was telling him about her and Jermey fighting and him leaving for five weeks.

    • Leah is a POS

      Coming from the same girl that considered Corey emailing other girls as cheating… The same girl who claims she didn’t technically cheat on Corey because she had sex with Robbie before her and Corey were even married. The same girl who confuses attention and affection. The same girl that has no problem running to her exes whenever she feels lonely. Oh yea Leah we totally believe you. #Sarcasm

      • Myndee

        One, nice name. Love it. Two, don’t forget Corey watched porn instead of trying to impregnate her with another paycheck I mean baby, so that was also cheating in her book. She was throwing her cat at Corey during the child exchange and Corey couldn’t have cared less that Jeremy was away for five week and that they were fighting. Girl is pissed because she tried and tried hard to get a little beard tickle and was denied so now she wants to make him look like a dbag.

  • Raegan

    SMh I don’t believe a word Leah says. She’s just trying her to take the negative attention away from her. That was so uncalled for. I always admired Corey for staying away from the drama and not talking down on Leah even though he has every right to do so. But at this point after seeing all the shit she tries to pull, i just wish he would give some dirt on Leah…

    • Myndee

      It’s truly sad and disgusting that she would air someone’s business like that. She obvisously didn’t stop and think that their daughters will grow up and eventually see this episode….

      • Raegan

        I still think she’s a liar. What the hell makes her think we are going to believe that a week before his wedding Corey tried to get back with her then he admitted to her that he’s cheating on Miranda. Complete bullshit. She could care less. As long as she makes herself look like a princess she doesn’t care if her daughters sees this.

        • Myndee

          I don’t believe it really happened either, Corey couldn’t have cared less when she was throwing herself at him after Jeremy left for five weeks. It seemed very VERY staged the way she asks for Jermey’s I don’t know approval? Someone should have told her shut your mouth and be mature. It’s funny she says this on tv after In Touch runs the same story, with the EXAXT SAME quote. She will never look like a princess. Well maybe princess of the trailer court

  • Lauren

    Even if this is true it isn’t any of Leah’s business especially to air it out on national television. Her and Corey need to only be talking about the girls. I’m sure if this was the other way around & Corey outed Jeremy & Leah they’d be pissed. Way to be mature Leah.

    • Myndee

      I found it funny she was agreeing with the girls that you can say whatever you want and it doesn’t make it true, referring to Jo, then turns around and says something on camera!

  • Ashley


  • MarvelousBeauty

    I love Corey and I don’t believe it! Leah is so send centered she thinks my man wants her and he doesn’t even know her. Poor Corey!

    • MarvelousBeauty

      Self centered….obviously.lol


      I think when Corey says he misses his ‘family’ I think he meant his kids. But Leah took it as Corey wants her ass. I remember Corey saying 2 or 3 episodes ago how he missed having the girls everyday and not just on the weekends.

      • MarvelousBeauty

        I’m sure he does miss the girls. “The girls” according to Leah includes her.

  • heyBale

    Who knew West Virginia grew blonde RATS
    she is so evil

    • awoman

      Blonde? It’s all bleach.

  • Lola

    Miranda is so pretty but those brows are just inexcusable. If they really are that light and don’t grow then fill them in bigger and just a little darker. That’s frame her cute face so well!

    Anyway, Leah is trashy but tell me something I didn’t know.

  • abc

    Someone put a muzzle on her

  • twelfthnight

    Leah is insufferable. She needs to shut the hell up, she’s the last one who has the right look down their nose at another person for cheating. Leah is married, Corey is married. Everyone is happy. Why can’t she just shut up and let them live their lives? Why does she have to always cause some kind of drama?

    • Myndee

      She thrives on it! Have you ever seen her happy and content with no fighting among anyone? She craves drama and is always stirring the pot. I hated how she said she needed to say it because she’s tired of Corey always coming up smelling like roses. This little statement isn’t helping her look any better!

  • Dani

    Tactless and immature. It is disgusting how these people publicly trash the other parent of their child[ren]. Been on the receiving end, I bite my tongue out of respect for my daughter.

  • Laura

    If anything, Leah was wrong for keeping it a secret.

    • Myndee

      She did not need to announce someone else’s business on national tv. If Corey or Miranda had said something even half as telling Leah would have thrown a fit. It was not her place to say, it should have been kept private.

  • kieffer

    Am I the only one who thinks Leah and Corey will end up back together?

    • Myndee

      Corey better not be that stupid, but I think he will be. Don’t forget about Robbie! Maybe she’ll call him up.

    • LexiconD1

      Yes, Corey couldn’t be more over Leah, than Adam is over Chelsea.

    • ulla

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they secretly hook up.

  • Me.

    What. A. Bitch.

  • Dani

    Also that picture of Leah is awful. The lower half of her face and neck look so old. If you cover up her face from the nose and up, she looks like Paula Dean with a blonde wig.

    • heyBale

      well thank for painting that picture
      too funny!!!

  • Emily

    Those people are like dogs – they will f__k anything that walks by!

  • Lola

    So a week before Leah got married to Jeremy, Corey was allegedly texting her to come back to him? I (could be wrong) but I don’t think Corey was in a relationship then. You know who was… Leah, I hope she texted back saying clearly I am not interested in you. Dollars to doughnuts she was stringing Corey along though. I know way too many girls/women actually, that like the attention and will string people along then tell the world “oh he was hitting on me.”

    Heck we all saw when she was pregnant with Jeremy’s baby, she was still entertaining the idea of getting back with Corey. Did Corey admit he still had feelings for her? Yes, he did. But Leah was the one in the relationship, pregnant by another guy, and still “leaving the door open” for Corey. She then cried to Jeremy, “Oh Corey is telling me he wants his family back!”

    • Myndee

      In Touch has a quote from a source and it’s exactly was Leah said EXCEPT it was a week before HIS wedding. Chelsea asked her his wedding under her breath and she said yeah so who knows what’s really going on. It sounds like a big scheme to me, looking off to Jermey giggling like a 2 year old asking should I tell? Should I say something on national tv that will embarrass my girls and their father and his family? Why hell yes I should!! And it’s right after she said Corey texts her I miss you and Jermey and Miranda are jealous. That family is one bacon slap away from being on Maury for lie detector test and paternity test for the baby.

      • Mrs C.

        I always wondered about that..Leah had a BF before Cory, they broke up and a month later she was pregnant with the twins. I’m really surprised there was never (that they showed) a question/DNA on the paternity of the girls. Nothing against the girls, they are adorable, it’s more on their mother who tends to jump into a new relationship fairly quickly after ending one.

        • Gonny

          Corey had a paternity test on the girls right after they were born and Leah was pretty offended by it..

          • Mrs C.

            Guess I missed that, thanks! Why Leah was offended is beyond me; if that happened to one of my boys I’d suggest they have a DNA test done.

        • Myndee

          I googled it and nothing came up about Corey asking Leah to establish paternity, unless I’m missing something? Others have said paternity would have been established with all the genetic testing but I don’t think so. They haven’t talked about either parent getting tested for a gene to help find the cause of their daughters problem. People also say well one of the girls looks just like him. People say that about my stepson, that he looks just like my husband when actually he doesn’t and never has. I’m surprised Jeremey hasn’t asked for a paternity test since she left him for Corey for a hot minute. Conspiracy theorists say that the first pregnancy ended in abortion, not miscarriage for that very reason. That whole family is crazy, and I don’t put anything past them!

  • forrealz

    AKA Leah & Corey hooked up.

  • sam

    I hate how she’s always trying to make people hate Jeremy to make herself look better. We understand that neither of them are perfect, but she’s making herself look worse by always throwing him under the bus. This is not how a divorce couple should act when there are children involved.

  • Myndee

    It was a week before HIS wedding, not hers.

    • guest

      Listen Leah we know you’re a rat. Ms tanya harding’s clone.

      • Myndee

        What? I am just correcting the article. Leah is saying it was before his wedding that he was still trying to beg for her cake face back. Trust me, I am no fan of Leah’s

  • Shiksa Goddess

    Welp, she’s in her early twenties, has three kids and is on her second marriage. Girl moves fast.

    • Guest

      no she has has five kids in total. you gotta keep track missy. and she isnt a shiksa. she’s jewish. 🙂

      • NoName

        What? I’m guessing most of that is sarcasm but I’m so confused about the 5 kids thing….

  • stupppiddd

    Corey’s wife is too pretty to be caught up on all of this crap. She needs a better man!

  • Dana Swank

    Wow. You’re a dirty dog, Leah. She revealed a secret that wasn’t her own simply to her ex not look like the good guy for once? How many times did she cheat? I don’t know how she can keep a straight face and call him out. So pathetic. Why not reveal something about YOUR family Leah and let Corey tell his own secrets.

  • sammi

    Leah looks so 1983. Who wears makeup like this in this decade?

  • Myndee

    Leah’s next husband will be a gypsy from West Virginia I think, then she can be on another reality show. She already dresses and acts like the girls you see on Gypsy Sisters

  • Shay

    I believe her but when Dr. Drew asked if they had secrets from the producers, she should have remained quiet. This wasn’t her secret to tell, this was Corey and Miranda’s.