16 and Pregnant’s Maddy Godsey answers questions about her episode

16 and Pregnant Season 5's Maddy Godsey and daughter Aubrey

The fifth season of MTV’s ground-breaking docuseries 16 & Pregnant returns tonight after a nearly two-year absence, and the premiere episode will feature teen mom Madison “Maddy” Godsey from Tinley Park, Illinois. Maddy posted a photo on instagram earlier today featuring a DVD of her episode and later took to Facebook to answer questions fans may have after seeing it for themselves.

But, it wasn’t just seeing her own episode that motivated Maddy to want to clear some things up — apparently her ex (and Aubrey’s dad) Cody Jensen posted some negative comments about Maddy online, and Maddy wanted to be VERY CLEAR exactly what kind of dad Cody hasn’t been.

Here is the post made by the now-brunette Maddy with a photo of her and Cody from happier times:

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Maddy Godsey and baby daddy Cody Jensen

Before everyone sees the show, I just wanna point some things out so I don’t seem like a HUGE bitch lol. It’s hard to fit everything into an hour show so some things might have gotten cut out!

1. Cody was not around for the first 7 1/2 months of my pregnancy & we broke up because he was out partying & cheating Telling people he was only with me because of Aubrey

2. He does have a son that is 2 months older than Aubrey

3. I didn’t give aubrey his last name because he hasn’t shown me he deserved it, he wasn’t around financially or emotionally for me or Aubrey

4. He hasn’t asked about or seen Aubrey since she was 2 months old.

5. I didn’t move in with him because he started calling me a s|ut & asked his other baby’s mother to move in, too.

6. He did ask for a DNA test but I never refused. I told him he has to pay for it. Why should I pay when I know he’s the father? He can use the child support I’m not getting

7. He said it isn’t worth seeing her if he can’t take her overnight. Yet, he has a pot plant growing in the backyard knowing that could get her taken away, she doesn’t Even know who he is, & she’s not getting in the car with someone who is uninsured. He used to tell me he needed medication to control his anger & when he didnt take it he would be mean. what if he snaps around aubrey? Also he used to do heroin so how do i know he isn’t still?

Since he decided to post a status talking sh!t, I thought I’d set shit straight;) I have pictures of everything in case anyone wants to say I’m making it up;)

As we mentioned above, Maddy has abandoned her sure-to-be-famous dark and light hair color for a more consistently dark brunette ‘do. She posted these side-by-side photos on instagram and talked about not only her hair transformation but also her life transformation since becoming a mom:

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Maddy Godsey blonde brunette hair before and after

“#TranformationTuesday I gotta say, I love the right side way more. This little girl has changed everything for me. She made me grow up & gain so much maturity. I never thought I could love anything as much as I love her. This girl is my whole life.”

And speaking of transformations, check out these dramatic side-by-side photos of Maddy pregnant and one taken less than six months after she gave birth to Aubrey:

Maddy Godsey pregnant belly before and after photos

The human body is so amazing!

Maddy’s episode of 16 & Pregnant airs tonight at 10/9c on MTV. Be sure to tune in because MTV usually uses some of their most dramatic episodes as premieres and finales! (Not to mention the fact that the premiere or finale treatment is usually a good indicator that the network might like the young mother’s story enough to return to it on Teen Mom. I’m just sayin’!)

Click here to read our initial profile post about Maddy Godsey, here for her MTV preview trailer video, and here to read about how the Tinley Park, Illinois mayor went out of his way to prevent MTV from filming 16 & Pregnant on city property.

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  • bored8997

    She looks like a cyclops in the blonde picture. Very strange.

  • Bryony

    I love how these girls are so quick to trash & point out flaws with their baby’s father AFTER they get pregnant. He doesn’t just change from good guy to bad guy over night, so why did she sleep with him in the first place? I have zero sympathy for her having a crappy co-parent. She had to know before she got pregnant that this guy was a druggie loser.

    • jeff

      Exactly what I was thinking. He might be a loser, but she was the dumbass who got pregnant by him. Good going now your daughter has no father.

      • veronica herrera

        he also tried to do her and the baby right. and he’s also good looking so at least her baby will be prettier than her LOL. She seemed so full of herself and to be “too good for Cody” and only when she had another place to go live, then she dumped him and his family. She also had to call all the shots with the baby’s name…

        • Noodle

          He’s good looking?

          • kk lane

            he is

        • xo

          I agree. Calling him out on every little thing and being snippy all the time is not helping their relationship. I don’t think these girls understand that the fathers do have rights and he could be making her life a lot harder right now. All she can get from him is a small amount of support,especially if he has a low paying job and another kid whose mother might have filed first. On the other hand, he could be getting court ordered visitation rights and it seems like the last thing she wants to do is let her take the kid for a visit.

        • spottedgiraffe

          How on earth is he good looking? I hope that baby doesn’t look like either of them.

          • kk lane

            that baby doesn’t look like him! get a paternity test boy.

    • Taylor

      Even better, she didn’t know he was a loser, actually, she didn’t know much of anything about him…. Because she slept with him an hour after she met him….

    • Renee L

      I haven’t seen it yet, but as I’m reading this, I’m hearing her basically saying she’s the good one because he does all this shit, but yet, she slept with the loser?

    • spottedgiraffe

      How could she possibly know she slept with him literally an hour after meeting.

  • Red


    Anybody want to share a handbasket to hell with me??
    (No but seriously, somebody over at TMJ pointed this out and now its all I can see.)

    • Erica

      ohhhhhh my gosh!!!! i just had to re look at the pictures i see it… i feel horrible saying i see it but i do.

    • Dani

      I must know what you are talking about!

      • heyBale

        …from the comment section of another teen mom gossip site (teenmomjunkie);

        >Dude….baby kind of looks like Sloth. β€œHEY YOU GUUUUUYYYSSS!!!!”.

      • Red


        • Dani

          Ah that would explain why I didn’t catch that.

    • vokk

      What are you talking about?! Do share

      • Red

        Goonies. That was me, but then I felt like a terrible person so I deleted it. And it came back as “Guest”. Odd.

    • ren

      Oh no guys; Not cool. LOL
      I’ve seen a few other pictures of this baby and she’s really cute. I think this is just a bad picture.

      • Renee L

        I worry about a baby’s future looks wise when she’s only 6 months old and already having good and bad pictures, lol.

        • ren

          Ha ha! You’re so right. But I don’t think the baby’s looks are the problem. It’s us (society). And that includes her mom for putting such an innocent being out there for everyone to judge and mock. It’s crazy.

  • Ashley

    Blah blah blah same story we’ve seen many times over on 16&P and Teen Mom.

  • heyBale

    Maddy got some nice jugs!
    & the brown hair looks hip.

  • sammy

    Why is she holding it against him that he has a child two months older than her daughter? Surely she knew that before getting pregnant. So why is that not equal fault?

    • Your Mom

      Not much she can know after only an hour of knowing him lol, but she knew enough to have unprotected sex with a stranger

      • storm

        That alone disgusts me on so many levels. Unprotected sex with a stranger… *quivers like Kail* that is so gross and dirty.

        • siriusthecat

          Any sex with a stranger, gross. What is with these girls?

    • xo

      I think she’s pointing out the things that she thinks makes him irresponsible when she’s irresponsible too. That’s why you don’t have a kid with a guy you knew for an hour. Yikes. I can’t believe these people are not afraid of catching something.

    • spottedgiraffe

      It shows he’s a complete idiot that’s why. He should have learned from the first kid how to put a condom on. He still probably doesn’t know how lol. Why don’t these girls use plan B?

    • roger

      So true

  • Your Mom

    I’m watching her episode now, and this little jezebel had unprotected sex with this guy after knowing him only an hour?!?! She messaged random boys on Facebook, met up, and had slept with him unprotected? I’m sorry but that seems even lower than a prostitute. At least prostitutes make these loser boys pay. This generation is doomed.

    • bambiglanville

      completely. I watched the first 20 minutes and turned it off. You can tell these kids are just ‘babies having babies’ with how she even talked to the guy. WHY are the still airing this BS on tv?!

    • JTS

      Teen pregnancy is actually way down compared to every previous generation after the 1940’s. From the mid fifties until after the 90’s, the birth rate was much, much higher. The young generation is fine. Even if you argue that their culture is more sexualized than previous generations’, they still have an increase in access to information and resources – and they are taking away some of the stigma around sex which is a demonstrably good counter to a sexualized culture. Generations to come should be somewhat better off, not doomed.

  • Katielove

    She looks great! Glad her hair line is fixed.

  • Dani

    Her face looks photoshop to hell and back. It is amusing seeing the pictures she posts vs candid. They don’t look remotely similar. Cute kid though.

    • veronica herrera

      and Cody is real handsome so that baby will look prettier than her. She seemed to be really cold to a man who was the father of her baby???

      • Dani

        I haven’t seen the episode, but from the looks of it he is as trashy as she is. He isn’t all that good looking. He is better looking than her though, I’ll give him that.

      • Scorpiochic

        Right, because being good looking matters more than taking care of one’s responsibility. Maybe she was cold because he seemed to want the privilege of contributing the last name (the “glory” so-to-speak) without contributing something that actually matters, something more than sperm and his so-called good looks (if you say so ; his teeth were pretty gross) ….something such as time, diapers, money, etc.

        Neither of them would win any awards for brains, but at least she stepped up where it counts, which is her responsibility and for which she gets no awards. The same can’t be said for Cody. It’s his responsibility, but he can’t even seem to swing the most basic and cheapest m yet most valuable thing of all–his time. But hey, the baby is cute so, it’s all OK *eyeroll*

        • Scorpiochic

          Oh, and for the record, she should have been more considerate and told his parent much sooner that she wasn’t moving in. I agree that her dad’s home was a better choice and a better fit, but she should have handled it differently.

    • sanoga

      Right?! Compared to the photo where she’s biting her lip, she was unrecognizable in last night’s episode!

  • Carrie

    He looks really really high in that top picture.

  • SS

    what is it about teen moms and bad eyeliner that always seem to go together?

    • pepper2010

      and the eyebrow, jesus them eyebrows, you’d think they’re all sponsored by Nike

      • Sara

        Your comment is hilarious! πŸ˜€

      • Regina


        I guess that’s what I looked like at 16 too hahahahah I just remembered so … nevermind. We just didn’t KNOW then. But I also wasn’t pregnant. So. Score 1 for me.

    • jts

      Lol! Someone should do a study on this.

  • Anonymous

    Funny how people act so surprised when they get pregnant after having sex. Almost like that’s what its meant for!

    • jts

      I wouldn’t go that far. It’s meant for whatever purpose you’re using it for. It’s just part of the risk of having sex, not necessarily the meaning. Otherwise birth control would be irrelevant. I get what you were saying, though. It’s obnoxious to act surprised when you get pregnant after having unprotected sex.

  • Harper

    I felt bad for his parents that were so incredibly welcoming, even putting up their own money for a nursery. She came off looking like an ungrateful little snot, she really was being treated nicely by that family. Many baby-daddy’s and their families don’t put that much interest into a random girl their son knocked up. That was pretty shltty of her to change her mind at the last minute….and by text. I would have been livid if I was that guy’s mother. Putting together a nursery is $$$$. I guess they can offer it to the other baby. Homeboy should also figure out how a condom works, it’s really not all that complex, I must say I laughed when he mentioned the difficulties involved with getting one on. I’m glad she ditched the skunk look, I must be getting old but when girls do that all it does is scream trash. Please don’t do that to your hair ladies, it doesn’t look good at all.

    • Dannie

      If his parents were so great, why did they not build a nursery for Cody’s first baby, oh wait, that girl wasn’t on MTV with her baby. What a sham, act like involved grandparents when the cameras show up

      • bambiglanville

        honestly though, we don’t know the story behind that whole situation. Maybe the other girl wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. How about the fact they wouldn’t have even been involved if this ‘I can’t keep my panties on for a month after a breakup’ didn’t want her 40 minutes of (horrible… horrible…) fame.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Cody offered that girl and her baby a place to stay too that’s apparently why Maddy didn’t want to stay there.

      • Duh

        Well if he’s gotten all these gals pregnant yet hasn’t had a relationship, in fact the girls seem to want nothing to do with him so maybe it’s just another girl who wanted nothing to do with him

    • jts

      Yeah, but she has such amazing hair though. Her hair was actually thick and full of luster, I thought it would have looked pretty good if she hadn’t scalped herself on top. I don’t know what that was about but it looked awful, sorry to say. I don’t think the black and blonde looked bad on her though. She could have pulled it off if her head wasn’t shaved on top.

  • frontdoormom

    Can someone explain to me why this girl shaved her widows peak? Never do that! I missed most of the episode because i could not stop staring at it!!!

    • Katethegreat

      I was so bothered by that too!!! Is that what she did? Insanity

      • frontdoormom

        Well shes claiming the hairdresser did it. I used thay excuse when i fudged up my bangs. So im sure she did it lol

        • Renee L

          I can’t believe I’m 40 years old and never heard of a widows peak. I had to look it up! Thanks to y’all, I now know what it is!

          • frontdoormom

            Lol youre welcome πŸ™‚

    • savannah

      Could. Not. Stop. Staring. I thought maybe it was just me so I went on Twitter to make sure I wasn’t crazy. LOL. It was just a bad hair decision on top of bad hair decision. All at the same time she would be in front of an audience of millions. So glad it looks much better now!

  • ana totten

    there is not way of defending this girl, a mean she is so shameless saying that after a few hrs she open her legs and dint even have a little bit of self respect, and yes the guy was with her because of the baby they dint have a relationship prior so , what she was expecting? respect when she dint even respect her self? i feel sorry for the baby, years later found out she was conceive in a one night time sex thing, this teen’s are incredible STUPID! is nothing more horrible that conceive a baby like that. what piss me off is teens like her sleep with guys and made all this plans about in her case her mom to be a personal babysitter and who is going to pay for diapers and formula and medicine??! i just hate that teens just go around being stupid and irresponsible having sex, feeling entitle and in they mind demanding support from they family’s once they f*ck up. why parents have to ended paying for they mistakes?!! that is why is a bad idea to have kids at 16, if you dont even ha a place to live they dont f*ck around.

  • Sara

    So basically, she had unprotected sex with him when she knew he already had gotten another girl pregnant just a few months ago? Wow, so brilliant, it blows my mind.

  • Josie

    Here comes the self-righteous venom and anonymous internet bashing. THAT’S what’s wrong with this generation.

  • sanoga

    Didn’t agree with most of her decisions or comments, but must say kudos to her for giving the baby her last name! One less child walking around with the surname of a deadbeat absentee father πŸ™‚

  • Sweet Venom

    I actually liked this girl, aside from the oddly shaved front part of the head (I’m reading Flowers in the Attic right now, so maybe somebody put tar in her hair!).

    Anyway, yeah I liked her, although I know many of you would disagree, I thought she had the potential to be smart. I felt bad that she was kicked out of her house and forced to rely on a guy she barely knew. I’m glad she had the sense to not go through with it, even if she didn’t have the sense to not get pregnant in the first place.

  • Northcrest

    How old is Maddy’s Mom? How old was she when she had Maddy.
    Who is the father of Maddy’s Mom’s new baby?

  • Duh

    There’s a lot of inconsistentcy in this story. If you had a one night stand with the guy he can’t technically be cheating on you as there was no relationship in the first place. You wanna call him a heroin addict and promiscuous but neither of these things stopped you from having sex with him, without a condom no less! Sorry but you still look bitchy, you slept with someone you didn’t care about and now you’re am at him because of it. You’re daughter will hate you for alienating him from her life. And you have bad hair. Nice job.

  • deidre pace

    Maddy is nothing but a spoiled rotten brat..she is so rude and ungrateful I refuse to watch anymore episodes with her in it, she has no business raising a baby.

    • Demona

      I think the problem with any defense she gives now is it contradicts her entire story of one hour/one sexual exploit. So can’t cheat on that. She did come across as absolutely “not into him” the first time they were together on camera and he kindly extended the olive branch. I got the feels his parent’s house wasn’t rich enough for her and she ran to daddy’s nicer home.

  • A Parent and Father

    This is all very sad. I read the posts about her changing her mind at the last minute and thought that was ugly. The “PUNK” Cody say the child how many times after the baby was born? She made the right decision. Trying to understand what Cody was telling his parents about the baby as they worked so hard to prepare the room for the baby?
    Have you take to the mom? How was your last visit with the baby?
    To find out that he only saw the baby once, with them, after being born is proof that this young man has issues.
    And, to already be the father of another child his parent must be beaming with pride on how their young “stud” has done at such a young age.
    Will hope that he will do the right thing and support both children!
    Put it back in your pants Stud!!!!!

    • A Parent and Father

      Should have waited until the end of he episode. Cody, “we are stuck with each other for 18 years”, You freaking knuckle head you should have thought about that before you had un-protected sex for at least the second time! How irresponsible!
      Sure hope that the young stud (or his parents) red these posts!

  • daynielle

    WHAT IS WITH THAT HAIRLINE? She looks horrible, I feel so bad for her that she went on TV like that. Poor girl, she seems like a good mom tho!

  • lcg

    I know people say it’s tough love for this girl’s mother to kick her out after she got pregnant at 16 but all I kept thinking was shouldn’t a mother be there for her daughter no matter what? I understand this girl did it to herself and she should take responsibilty but come on she’s 16. Seems pretty heartless for a mother to tell her teenage daughter “figure it out” but I’ve never been in this situation

  • Demona

    It is what it is but it is never right when the girls hold the kids over his head and say he hasn’t “earned” giving it his name.

  • kk lane

    I can kinda see why he wants a paternity test. This could be his baby but looks nothing like him.

  • Person

    Wow, so many sexist comments towards this girl in this comments section. Stop attacking her sexuality.

  • Bebe

    Um, pretty sure we’ve been in the 21st century for the past 15 years…