Mother of 16 and Pregnant’s John Todd Hight, Jr. suggests his death may not have been accidental

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Kristina Robinson and her fiance John Todd Hight Jr

John Todd Hight, Jr. drowned while swimming in rough waters in Galveston, Texas on April 30, 2011. As mentioned in our detailed post about the incident, Todd was swimming with friends at the time, including his pregnant fiance Kristina Robinson (seen in the photo above with Todd), who is one of the 12 girls featured in the upcoming fourth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

Todd’s mom Tina Hight began posting on her son’s public Facebook wall back in July, 2011, and would continue to share her grieving process in this public forum with heartfelt messages to her deceased son, as well as interactions with the rest of her family and Kristina too.

Kristina and Tina seemed to have been brought together by John Todd Hight, Jr.’s tragic death and they often exchanged condolences and words of support on his page, including a time in August when it appeared as though Kristina’s son Lukas Todd might be born three months premature. Todd Lukas (the baby) held on or another month though, and was born two-months premature on September 26, 2011.

Not long after Lukas’ birth Kristina’s relationship with Tina and the rest of Todd’s family began to fall apart.

According to Tina’s posts, Kristina was not allowing John Todd’s family to see the baby much at all. Tina wrote on John Tood’s public Facebook page February 24 “I have only been able to hold my baby boy’s son 4 times,” two of which were while MTV was filming.

Also painful for Tina and John Todd’s family was the fact that Kristina began dating again. And not just dating again, she became engaged in December, just a couple days before what would have been John Todd’s 20th birthday. The Hight family began talking negatively about Kristina openly on Facebook in posts visible to the public, and even suggested that John Todd’s death may not have been an accident.

Here’s the post with comments from Todd’s brother, sister-in-law, and finally his mother Tina. These are posted on John Todd’s public Facebook Page:

Tina Hight posts about the death of her son and fiance of 16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Kristina Robinson

Tina then wrote this less than an hour later:

Tina Hight facebook post about her son John Todd Hight, Jr.
The suspicion seems to date back at least to November 30 when Tina posted, “BeBe,I miss you so much,and momma loves you even more than the pain I have for you be taken from all of us that love you and it haunts me the way you left us,and I wish that we werent heartless told of 1 detail of you bein pushed to save themself,brokenMe”

UPDATE – Tina Hight spoke with us exclusively about not being able to see her grandson and her statements about John Todd Hight, Jr.’s death possibly not being an accident. CLICK HERE to read what she had to say!

Here are the rest of Tina’s posts detailing the falling out between the families. The post created by Todd’s brother on Christmas day comes just a couple days after Kristina became engaged again, so I am guessing that is what sparked his anger.

Tina Hight December 11, 2011 at 4:40pm
Son you will always tattoo this world,your son will know that his daddy is a very special and unique person,you trusted and they let you and your son down,but God will deal with them,I hope what they did to you haunts them each and everyday son,I MISS YOU

DH [Todd’s brother]: I agree and I will make sure he knows him to.

Tina Hight: I Know Son,You Are Great DH,Momma Loves Yal So Much,I Always Will.I miss brother so much,aint fair at all,aint I had enough heartache and pain?Now I have pain that never ends,wish I was the only 1 Hurting,hate that all who love him Hurt Too,LOVE MOMMA

DH: Yea people have no heart theses days.

Tina Hight: We have all the heart and goodness to keep Lil Todd alive,the 1s that Betray Lil Todd will answer for it ,They have to Face GOD AND LIL TODD,GLAD ITS THEM ,JUST WISH I COULD SEE THEM PAY,BUT THEY WILL COME JUDGEMENT DAY SON,I LOVE YOU.

Tina Hight: I hate to be on Lil Todds Bad Side,ya know?

DH: They will hate to b on mine soon enough

DH: Ill come by with Lukas after work tomorrow let u know all about it then
Tina Hight: Ok lookin forward to seein you all,love momma

DH [Todd’s brother] December 25, 2011 at 12:18pm
I know I shouldn’t be so angry today,but this emptiness breeds hatred all I can think is that u should b here with us, and how everyone has just forgotten u but don’t worry karma is a bitch.I gotta say this is no holiday I’ve enjoyed all I can think about is smashing folks, sure ill get my chance and looking forward to it,wish I could just talk to you it would make everything better well merry christmas up there I love you bro and always got you’re back.

NA: It will git better one day bud

CH [Todd’s sister]: Bro im with ya on that and karma is a bitch. Cant c how ppl cn 4get bout lil todd… Im here 4 ya if ya need talk r nethang i knw its nt tha same as u n lil todd talkn bt im always here 4 ya… I wish he was here 4 us to talk 2 also… Hope u n [your wife] n kids had a good christmas love yal

Tina Hight: No nothing is ever goin to be right anymore,not without Lil Todd,he was a big part of all of us and now we are kinda lost,but he knows how much he is Loved and Missed Forever,love momma

Tina Hight January 7 at 1:32am
My son you are missed and loved so much but there are ones that are so false that it only took a short time and they dishonored you and have no hearts at all seems to momma anyone truely loves you could neva forget you or dishonor you son I will keep you alive forever,I love you and forever will!!Love you,Momma

Tina Hight January 7 at 6:56am Anyone that could forget soo Easily bout brother and how he was taken from this world and HIS SON,DONT HAVE HEART OR A CONCIOUS AT ALL,HE SEES THE FAKE 1s now and it breaks my heart,it aint ova yet,I will not rest til Brother has Justice,that is a FACT

Tina Hight January 7 at 7:09am

Tina Hight January 7 at 7:33am
You are my lil munckin#3,my finalee,YOUR SON IS YOUR 1AND ONLY FINALEE,YA MOMMAS LIL GRAND MUNCKIN #6,my very last Grandbaby,and they tryin to rob me of him to,son ,guess taken you from me wasnt enough for em,he is all we have left of YOU NOW,AINT FAIR

Tina Hight January 22 at 7:29am
Son there so many things goin on and I know that you see it ,and that it sadins you,so many fake and evil people in this world,ya left and I began to realize that some of these people even fooled me and it .broke my heart cause cant believe who some are

Tina Hight February 21 at 12:09pm
I wish that some heartless people would give you the respect and honor that you and your son Deserve,but all care about is themselves,BUT WE MISS,LOVE AND FOREVER WILL HONOR YOU,AND SO WILL YA BROS AND SISES,LOVE YOU FOREVER AND A DAY

DH: Carma is a bitch right…


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