Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans opens up about her abortion

Jenelle Evans - MRAY Photography

With the Teen Mom 2 premiere less than one week away, the ladies are spilling seriously juicy details about the fifth season. As usual, one of the most controversial storylines involves Jenelle Evans, who revealed in the trailer that she got an abortion.

Speaking with The Stir today, Jenelle opened up for the first time about the difficult decision.

“At the time I needed to do what I needed to do. I wasn’t in the best situation. I was living back at my mom’s, just got arrested for a felony charge,” Jenelle said. “I was in such a depressed state… My body was so out of whack.”

With that arrest, Jenelle said she finally came to see what Jace had known all along about Courtland Rogers.

“He didn’t like Courtland. He said he didn’t want Courtland around,” Jenelle said of how her son reacted to Courtland, whom she wed in late 2012. “It was surprising to me because I didn’t think Jace would ever say that about anyone I dated. It threw up a red flag.”

Jenelle Evans - Jace - Teen Mom 2

Although sources say Jenelle made the final decision to get an abortion after she began dating Nathan Griffith, she told The Stir that she didn’t know him at the time. She just knew that she needed to cut ties with Courtland, who was abusive and “not a good father figure.”

Now 16 weeks along with another pregnancy, Jenelle said she’s bracing herself for the inevitable backlash. (Which has already begun on social media and is sure to ramp up once the season starts…)

“I just don’t want people judging me off the abortion for this new pregnancy,” Jenelle said of the baby she’s expecting with Nathan. “I want them to understand why I did it and where I was at and where I am now and how much better I am now and that it’s OK to have a baby now.”

Based on everything we know about her vituperative, destructive relationship with Courtland, it won’t be hard for fans to see that Jenelle is in a much better — if not completely stable — place this time along.

The Teen Mom 2 fifth season premieres Tuesday, January 21 at 10/9c on MTV.

All photos from MRAY Photography.

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  • Hayzii

    How can it be an “OK” time to have a baby now when she doesn’t have custody of her first child?!? Poor Jace!

    • jenn91178@gmail.com

      or the arrest last month, or the drinking in the 1st months of pregnancy, not sure anything this girl does is “OK” in any form of the word…

  • ren

    Completely stable?? Didn’t she and Nathan JUST get arrested recently..? Him for DUI and her for domestic or disturbing the peace or whatever. Doesn’t sound too stable to me.
    It really pains me, as a parent, how some people can just chose to throw away or keep the babies they make. If you’re in a bad situation, DON’T GET PREGNANT. And just because you’re in a good situation, it doesn’t mean go ahead and have a kid.

    • starcasmnet

      The comment was that they are “not completely stable” with a link to the arrest story.

      • ren

        Well not completely stable is still an understatement. ; )

      • ren

        K I see what you were trying to say; I’m reading it as “she is in a better place, if not, completely stable” as in, you are calling it completely stable. Perhaps “even if not quite stable” might have been better. But hey I’m not a writer.

      • Courtney

        You say, “…Jenelle is in a much better… if not completely stable – place this than that she is in a much better place and totally stable now! Jenelle ALWAYS claims she’s changed and a better person! (Usually just weeks after she causes self destruction or drama!) Jenelle is NEVER in a stable or better place in her life. SHE’S the one who’s the problem!!!! I’m so sick of hearing her say she’s changed for the better and ha learned from her mistakes, then a week or day later she is a total trainwreck again and she’s the only one to blame. She just doesn’t get it…. actions speak louder than words and she can say she’s a better person now all she wants but her actions prove that she’s an immature, selfish loser! There’s just too many things to comment on how delusional she is! How could she marry Courtland when Jace never liked him in the first place. She ONLY THINKS OF HERSELF!!!!

  • nathan is creepy too

    okay, so she saw the red flags and how Jace didn’t like or trust Courtland. Knowing this she maried him anyways? wtf. she will Never be a good mom, untill she stops spreading her legs and puts Jace first. Why doesn’t she just have every junkies kid, shes pregnant all the time! And Nathan, something seems real fishy there, he isnt what he seems either. she sets them all to look perfect, untill she gets used or screwed over and then she lets everyone know the truth of her abusive sexually driven relationships. Its sad for jace and barbara, jace will never respect her and neither will barbara.

    • guest

      She was on drugs when she married courtland. That’s why she married him. I’m not saying that makes it right, but that’s why it happened. She probably didn’t pay attention to those red flags when she was high, but now that she’s clean she’s looking back on them.

      • Lex

        She doesn’t seen anything until it bites her in the ass.

        I try to give the benefit of the doubt in most cases but i can’t tolerate a piss poor parent. And I don’t mean parenting styles I mean the absolute lack of a caring parental figure.

        I would NEVER marry someone my child doesn’t like it simply would not happen. No need to move forward and explore the relationship because it would come to a screeching halt if my child had a genuine dislike for them.

      • ummm

        so, your saying she shouldn’t be held responsible for anything shes done on drugs? she admits to smoking pot while pregnant with Jace, but she shouldn’t be responsible for it? C’mon unless you are Jenelle you should know better than that.

    • CJ

      Totally agree, something is definitely off about Nathan. And that story that recently came out about him abusing Jace….I obviously hope there’s no truth to that at all, but i don’t know – like you said, something’s really fishy….

      • ashley

        Any guy who involves himself with Jenelle definitely has something wayyy off about him.

  • Rene

    I’m over her! Please stop giving her attention! She loves it and y’all are just adding more fuel to the fire! What is this like her 4th pregnancy?! And why does she keep being friends with girls that sleep with her men?

    • Oops

      I think the comment guidelines say you’re only allowed two exclamation points. Be careful, as I don’t think they want them used after every sentence.

      • LexiconD1

        TWOP Howard, is that you?…

      • Rene

        Haha very clever

  • Hmm

    I think it’s good she made a decision based off of Jace’s well-being. A man should love Jace like he deserves in order to be part of his mommy’s life, and I’m glad Jenelle finally realizes that. People are going to judge no matter what, and the trick is to just let it fall off your shoulders.

  • Harper

    I’m not judging her on the abortion…….I’m judging her on the LONG list of other eff ups that she’s done.

    • anjealka

      I would not judge her on the abortion either , if she was in a bad relationship & having drug issues, she made the best choice for herself. The issue I would have is usually abortion counseling that is mandatory before they will perform the abortion, includes birth control, and usually long term birth control. If Janelle had gone on birth control, got her life in order, including a divorce, got a solid job or full time in school, and was in a long term relationship (at least 1 year+ without fights/police/twitter wars) and then decided to have another baby that would be a lot better then her current situation. So she gets pregnant within 6 months of the abortion while still married to the abuser, I don’t consider that a stable life to bring another child into.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        makes you wonder why there are all these people on twitter telling her how much they love her and applaud her for getting her life on track? I mean it doesnt take much to impress these people.

  • DeeDeDee

    How hard is it tovget your sh*t together? You have money for an endless amount of lawyer fees, rental payments, new cars, court costs, bouncing in and out of schools, new boyfriends… the list could go on. But you seemingly don’t have money to get yourself a stable home, a stable vehicle, enrolled in college classes pay child support and show to both your mom and your son that you’re trying your hardest to make things right. The saddest part is, nobody would even care that she was living off the money from MTV if she decided that she wanted to be a mom first… because all people really want from her is for her to grow the f*ck up and be a mother to her son and stop with the bullsh*t. Getting pregnant with somebody you’ve known for 5 minutes that already doesn’t take care of his first child is only saying that you’ve moved on and given up. I feel so sad for Jace.

    • kiki

      (slow applause)

  • twelfthnight

    I actually applaud Jenelle for the abortion. Now if only she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant AGAIN, she’d be golden. I’m kind of judging her for NOT getting another abortion, or, you know, getting some sort of birth control that doesn’t rely on her pea-brain to remember to take it.

    • anjealka

      I’m very surprised the abortion clinic didn’t put her on birth control. It is usually part of the counseling. They usually start you on some birth control during your follow up appointment.

      • twelfthnight

        I’m sure they did, but she probably didn’t take it properly and wouldn’t get an IUD or an implant because the cost would cut into her crack money.

      • ameliaBedelia76

        Just like her mental health that she doesnt take care of? Why would she be on birth control?

      • Grace

        I’m pretty sure she claimed that she purposely went off BC because her Dr. said it would react badly with her Bipolar meds. Which confused me considering many, many women manage to take Bipolar meds and be on birth control. Then again she also claimed that she and Nathan intentionally tried for a baby which I guess implies she went off them purposely to get pregnant. Who knows the truth with Jenelle? She changes her story all the time. I really think this baby was an accident just like all of her other pregnancies and she’s faking the whole planned baby thing to make people think she’s mature and that their relationship stable. I also doubt that it’s 100% Nathan’s.

  • Baaaaaabraaaa

    Kudos for the shoehorning in of the word “vituperative.”

  • Maiko Higa

    Well yeah, its hard on your body to have a miscarriage, and then another pregnancy shortly after. Or did that miscarriage never happen? I don’t understand how the hell this girl is so fertile!

    • anjealka

      It is actually easier for some women to get pregnant after an abortion or any D&C. It can make implanatation easier for some women. Also Janelle is always showing prescriptions for antibotics for surgeries or infections and that antibotics can make some women more fertile. I know it stinks, the women who are stable and want kids can’t have them and Janelle gets pregnant 3 times in a year!

      • Maiko Higa

        I had no idea…

  • Valerie

    So I’m guessing the miscarriage was a lie…………

    • kiki

      She had a miscarriage and then an abortion… supposedly.

  • Red

    Really now. Because when they were together she couldn’t stop gushing about how everybody(including Jace) just LOVED Courtland.
    Though she also says everybody loves Nathan. Her mom, Jace, and so on. The trailer tells a different story.
    This girl could not tell the truth to save her life.

  • Amanda_56

    shes always stating she is healthy and sober, and than admits after time passed she wasn’t. The she expects us to buy the same crap again. Be a person that is deserving of trust and respect and people will give it to you

  • ameliaBedelia76

    PAA lease!!! this chick is a ttoal nut job. I agree with the other when she use to post her “family pictures” of them & Courtland and how much Jace loved him. Now she is trying to act like jace has something to do with the decisions she makes in life?

  • Lean

    so is this the same pregnancy she sold to the tabloids? The one where she said she miscarried? Or was she pregnant twice with Courtland? Has she been pregnant three or four times now? I’m starting to lose track…

  • ameliaBedelia76

    PS. the writers here make me sick. It doesn’t take much to impress them. They have to lick the arses of these girls to have them still give them info..gross

  • Amy Maynard

    What a loser she used her kid to bash her husband…PATHETIC

  • Lauren

    lol At the end of the article stating “Jenelle is in a much better if not completely stable place” this time around. Jenelle Evans will NEVER be stable!

  • M

    “It threw up a red flag..” but you still married him?

    • Demona

      This is what I was going to say. Yeah you really paid attention to those “flags” eh?

    • Quarters

      Law states that you must be separated for one year before you can divorce. She tried to annul the marriage but couldn’t.

  • sammi

    Any responsible mother would not just keep bringing any and everyone around their kid. A good mother would have only brought her partner around her child after extensive time has past and things are looking VERY serious. Clearly she went and married dude and then let Jace meet him? I cant stand this nit wit. She is an awful excuse for a person. She never deserved to be able to conceive. She is one of those women that should have been barren.

  • Devon Ciszek

    What is so hard about using birth control… I swear a lot of people now just have babies because they can. Not all people should be parents. And this girl has way too many problems she needs to stop making babies and work on herself