MUG SHOT Cheer Perfection’s Andrea Clevenger arrested for sex with 13-year-old

Andrea Clevenger - Cheer Perfection - Mug Shot

Andrea Clevenger, a 34-year-old mother who appeared on TLC’s Cheer Perfection, turned herself in today to the Sherwood District Court in Arkansas. She is charged with one count of raping a 13-year-old boy and one count of “engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in visual or print medium.” Both are felonies.

The perverse details of Andrea’s crimes were detailed in an official affidavit from Detective Frank Spence. In the document, Detective Spence explained the Sherwood Police Department was alerted to Andrea’s alleged crimes in November 2013 when a call came into the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline. The detective contacted the unnamed juvenile’s mother and was able to arrange for an interview. (Warning: Some sexually explicit language.)

The juvenile victim said he was at the (Clevenger) home when Clevenger began making advances toward him. The juvenile victim said Clevenger instructed him to sit on the couch in the common area of her residence and remove his pant, and he complied. The juvenile victim told me after he removed his pants at her direction she got “on top” of him, put his penis in her vagina and engaged in sexual intercourse with him.

During the initial interview, the juvenile victim — who is only identified as a 13-year-old male — said Andrea engaged him in oral sex during on two occasions in October 2013. She also sent him multimedia messages, which police later discovered to include “numerous images depicting females in various states of undress.” In return, the boy later confessed to sending her several images of his penis, which were later extracted by police from the boy’s phone records.

Andrea was initially called to the police station in Dec. 4, 2013, but declined to show under the advice of her lawyer.

The following day, the victim’s mother provided a written statement to police explaining she had confronted Andrea about their discovery. The victim’s mother said Andrea confessed and “vowed to enter a rehabilitation facility,” but added the boy “doesn’t act 13.”

Andrea Clevenger - Cheer Perfection - TLC Show

After turning herself in today, the Arkansas Times reports Andrea was released on her own recognizance. She must wear an electronic ankle bracelet to monitor her location at all times.

Andrea was the Team Mom President for Cheer Time Revolution and had a sizable role on Cheer Perfection. Not known for being nice, she once criticized her daughter’s makeup by saying, “No one’s every going to marry you and you’re gonna live in a house full of cats.”

In a statement to Arkansas Online, a Cheer Time Revolution representative said “the person in question” hasn’t been involved with the gym for more than six months.

“Cheer Time Revolution officially has no comment on the private life of any person other than staff members as we do not control individuals lives.”

TLC hasn’t addressed the matter.

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  • mynamesandreatoo:(

    WHOOAAAAA she was my favorite on that show. whattt the hellllllllll

  • LaLa84

    Absolutely disgusting!!! What good will an ankle monitor do when she molests another boy in her own home?! Give me a break.

  • DeeDeDee

    If this were a guy who raped a 13 year old girl, he would be in jail until conviction without possibility of bail. Nice going. Although I’m sure now her neighbors will be looking for little boys going in her home. Gross.

    • :))))))))

      It’s truely disgusting! Plus I don’t think the sex was all that consensual, I mean this poor kid called the hot line for abused children and this f*cktard sicko is out on bail when she has been charged of rape and basically child pornography because she is a woman. This world is sick

      • Sam

        Agree! A 13 year old cannot give consent to have sex. this is definitely rape!

  • amberc88

    ughhh i dont see how as a grown ass woman u could get turned on by a 13 year old boy!! that still a kid! I mean for me even 18 just doesnt sound fun, and im only 25! I just dont understand some people.

    • LaLa84

      I went to school with a girl from K-12 and she was always the perfectionist goody two shoes. Perfect grades, perfect clothes, perfect behavior, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, president of everything… 10 years down the road, guess what? She wasn’t at our reunion. Ohhh for the simple reason that she was in prison, serving a sentence for having sex with her 14 year old, 8th grade student!!!
      Just goes to show, no matter what exterior is on the house, the inside can be nasty as hell!

      • amberc88

        ohhh my gosh that is DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • dirtbagdan

    laying the pipe!
    2 high 5’s for that kid

    • Bee

      It’s really not funny.

    • LaLa84

      Joking or not, idiotic comments like that are part of what is wrong with our society.

  • Red

    Doesn’t she have a daughter that age?? Her poor girls.

  • Anomynous

    I hope she will never be on the show again, I never liked her and for her saying “he doesn’t act 13”, is the most idiotic comment I’ve ever heard from a 34 year old. This woman is disgusting and deserves to be behind bars. Even on the show she looked like she had a mind of a kid,

    • Renee L

      She’ll never be on the show again because a) TLC never ordered new episodes of Cheer Perfection and b) she’ll most likely be in prison for some time and c) I don’t think they’d put her on if it was still a show, who would do that?

  • Myndee

    If I was CTR I would be distancing myself from this woman and making a statement to save my gym’s ass. If I were a cheer mom there I’d be pulling my kids out fast. Who knows what other activities the mothers are into. They all seemed a bit out there

    • Cheers

      How does the gym have anything to do with her molesting a child? Like they said, “they do not control individual lives”.

  • guestreply

    He “doesn’t act 13”? Does he act 34? She’s disgusting and should be locked up until trial.

    She told her daughter to fix her makeup because no one would marry her? How’s your makeup working out for you, child molester?

  • Sweet Venom

    That headline drew me in for sure. I hate to admit that this shocks me. You normally hear of men doing this. Women are certainly capable of committing atrocious crimes as well, but it’s rare.

    For those saying they don’t understand how a grown woman could be attracted to a child, that’s completely understandable. I took a read through for an assignment once of what some men had to say with regards to being attracted to children, and I truly believe that they could not help the attraction. A lot of them spoke of never being able to find someone to spend their life with because they weren’t attracted to grown women, and mind you, these men saying all of this never abused a child. Don’t know why I’m blabing on about this but I found it interesting lol. There’s a difference though between the people that struggle with it and with those that act on their desires. There’s no excuse for doing that to a child.

    • Red

      Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lo

    I have never watched the show, but I always think people like this are mentally still teenagers. Over the past year, a 29 year old female I know has gotten caught trying to turn teen boys on while she was at their parents party. And now she is trying to marry an 18 year old. She has never had a job, and is obsessed with her pre teen daughters cheerleading. It’s nuts.

    I honestly think that people like this will never grow out of their high school days.

    • Jessica Miller

      It’s not being a teenager mentally, it’s being a sexual predator. Ick.

  • bgm15901

    “He doesn’t act 13″……..but she surely does. Yikes…How sick!!!!!