TEEN MOM 2 When did Jenelle Evans get an abortion?

Jenelle Abortion - Teen Mom 2 - Season 5

Just when we thought we knew everything about the ladies from Teen Mom 2, MTV goes and drops multiple major bombshells in the fifth season trailer. As per usual, the arguably biggest shocker came from Jenelle Evans.

“It would be selfish to Jace if I had another child. I decided that I am going to get an abortion.”

Jenelle Evans decides to have an abortion in Teen Mom 2 Season 5 trailer video

Based on the beach background and short sleeves, it was pretty obvious Jenelle wasn’t talking about the pregnancy that ended in January 2013. But, just to be sure, I looked back at area temperatures from the week Jenelle supposedly suffered a miscarriage and did confirm a cold front held the high temperatures below 50 degrees.

So, when did Jenelle Evans get an abortion? And whose baby was she carrying?

Sources report Jenelle had the procedure done in early summer and was carrying Courtland Rogers’ child. Considering Jenelle claims she hasn’t spoken to Courtland since their April 2013 arrests for heroin possession and assault, she almost certainly conceived the baby before their drug arrests.

According to a source who spoke with Radar Online, Jenelle ultimately decided to have the abortion after she began dating Nathan Griffith.

This seems to fit in with Jenelle’s ex-fiance Gary Head’s accusations Jenelle was planning to get an abortion in late May. She apparently went through with the procedure before MTV had the chance to film it all…

“It was made to look like it hadn’t happened yet, but it already had,” the source said of the conversation Jenelle was having during the Teen Mom 2 trailer. “Jenelle got the abortion right after she started dating Nate.” (In a strange twist, the person she is filmed speaking with about her decision is supposedly Taylor Lewis — the mother of Courtland Rogers’ daughter.)

Jenelle Evans - Nathan Griffith

As we reported last week, Jenelle is now expecting a baby with Nathan Griffith.

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV on Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 10/9c p.m.

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  • blownAway

    So how many miscarriages did she have within 2012/2013? And how many abortions? Seriously, can somebody answer that!? This girl is STILL in need of some serious HELP.

    • alfalfa

      Ummm let’s see here. I guess she had the one “miscarriage” at the beginning of year, then the abortion this summer that this article talks about, and now a pregnancy…..so I guess she’s been pregnant three times this year….lol…

      • Sam

        Does she know birth control exists?

  • Everyone

    Umm this is old news that everyone already knew. Yawn. I remember when this site used to be good.

    • please

      No…. no one knew this until yesterday.

      • Chelseawaslyke

        No, Taylor outted Jenelle about the abortion on a blog talk show, jenelle, and her camp tried so hard to do damage control, and failed miserably!

        • please

          Well it clearly wasn’t big enough news to make it to any other TM news sites.

          • Chelseawaslyke

            Oh ok.

            • please

              Okay, doesn’t change the point that it wasn’t big news and clearly a lot of people are finding out about it now for the first time.

              • ChelseaWasLyke

                Well, you can’t say no one knew when lots of people knew… Taylor outted her, and everyone was rushing to do damage control because jenelle was still under MTV contract.

                • please

                  I apologize. I didn’t mean for my “no one knew” statement to come across as literal. I guess what I mean is if it was known, it wasn’t widely known.

                  • disqus_iFzueMxuOz

                    I actually try to keep up with this group of teen moms and I totally missed the abortion story so I agree it was not widely known.

  • Jess

    I highly doubt she had any abortion or miscarriage. Attention wh0rre. She sold her “miscarriage” story to magazines. She and Nikkole are two peas in a pod,

  • A_Nicole

    Wow but Jenelle is a changed person right? A fake miscarriage for money, an abortion, a supposed new pregnancy and a kid she never takes care of. Gosh MTV you picked a winner with this one. If I even watch this season I will be FF through her BS.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      no wonder MTV cancelled TM3, why would they want 4 somewhat normal girls when they have disgusting train wrecks like Jenelle. This story is really disgusting

      • A_Nicole

        I agree. And it seems like only Mackenzie really wanted a season 2. I think the other 3 were over it by the time the announcement was made

  • meg

    yet, she claims that her and nate have been trying for a baby since summer. She will say or do anything for attention or money because everything, and I mean everything can be pulled apart by her other lies..

    • Jean

      So basically the conversation went, “Let me go abort this baby so I can have yours instead”

      • ameliaBedelia76

        exactly! I mean that is pretty much what happened. Her uterus must be a mess. She “lost” a baby, terminated a pregnancy & now pregnant again?

  • notsuprised

    Train wreck!!!! You hear me JENELLE??? You are a damn train wreck!!

  • Haley

    “It would be selfish to Jace if I had another child. I decided that I am going to get an abortion.” And yet she’s pregnant again but with Nathan’s kid. This doesn’t make sense. She obviously had an abortion because her and Courtland were done and Nathan came into the picture and she’d rather choose a guy over a baby (unborn baby). She makes me sick.

  • Liz

    I’m sorry but if you ever suffered a miscarriage you will not have an abortion, ever. (unless it’s for medical reasons)

    • anjealka

      I have known several women who had had miscarriages and abortions and 2 fit Jennelle’s profile, “I’ll have a baby to keep him or get rid of a baby to keep him” and both young women were bipolar(not sure if there is a connection). If I didn’t known better I would think Jennele was stealing her story off of one of these young women I know facebook page, the 2 men and 3 pregnancies, a miscarriage, abortion and now pregnant in one year is the same thing.

    • E

      You can’t speak for every woman out there. Every pregnancy has different circumstances and many women make their decision based on what she knows is best. Don’t generalize. I say this as something who has a very close friend who recently terminated a pregnancy after being raped who also had a miscarriage 2 years earlier, who also really would love to have children. Judge when you’re in their shoes. And until you are in their shoes, stop generalizing.

      • Liz

        Well if you are raped that is different. I’m sorry for your friend. I am just saying that miscarriage is not something you joke about, and you know it’s not when you suffered one (or more, in my case). I think you have to have some ‘better’ reason then “i’m in love with someone else now” or whatever,to have an abortion after you have lost a baby..

  • Minnie

    I’m starting to think she got pregnant so fast with Nate because she regretted getting this abortion.
    Girl is so beyond f*cked up, it’s not even funny anymore. It’s just sad. She needs help.

    • Jean

      None of her actions are the result of her feelings toward a child, baby, fetus, however you want to call it. ALL of her actions are entirely for boys (not men, boys) and their attention.

    • hgm

      You believe she actually planned this pregnancy? No, she got pregnant so fast because she was on drugs/heavily drinking (with Nathan the 3x DUI offender, they were seen out getting trashed drunk frequently as soon as they started dating) and probably wasn’t thinking about taking birth control regularly or using condoms. It’s that simple. I seriously doubt she cares about having an abortion, she barely cares about her living and breathing 4 year old son.

      Addiction/untreated mental illness in females= lots and lots of unintended pregnancies.

      • Jean

        Yes, but she is also addicted to men. What’s one way women with bipolar/love addiction/serious issues try to keep men? Pop out their kid!

      • Minnie

        It’s been proven that she planned this pregnancy. There’s been screen shots of her text messages where she’s sending her ovulation chart to a friend.
        I guess I just want to hope that she has enough of a heart to feel remorse, even though I know it’s more realistic that she got pregnant to trap Nate.

  • JMO

    This girl needs prayers and help. I feel so bad for her. She is very mixed up in the head and her fame is only hurting her worse, I fear. I am not going to spread hate for this troubled young woman. I truly feel she is very lost, alone and afraid and too scared to admit it. Wow Barb, you really did a hell of a job raising your daughter, but I forgive Barb too because I am sure this is a cycle.

    • please

      Yup! I agree with you. Yes she makes a lot of poor decisions and creates a lot of her own problems, but her underlying issues are deep rooted and really nothing she can help. Particularly when it comes to her mental health.

      Also I’m glad people are realizing Barbara is no saint. Look at how messed up her children’s lives are. She has another daughter just as unstable and erratic as Jenelle, and her son moved far far away and won’t even talk to her anymore. And people want to act like she is Jace’s saving grace in this situation? No. She is a control freak and very vengeful. Those are the real reasons she has Jace, and I don’t find that very admirable at all.

      • Guest

        I agree that Jenelle has mental issues to work through and her upbringing was probably absolutely chaotic. But to say she can’t help it is feeding into her attitude that everything that happens to her is someone else’s fault. She could medicate her bipolar disorder, obey the terms of her probation and not smoke pot, she could not get in a car with her boyfriend when they’re drunk, she could try to change for the better and consistently improve in order to get her son back instead of trying and succeeding to get pregnant with yet another boyfriend. She could prioritize her son over her boyfriends, her friends, alcohol and drugs. She does none of this.

        As for Barbara, yeah, she’s a head case too but she stepped in and raised Jace when Jenelle both wouldn’t and couldn’t be his mom. The only reason Babs has Jace is not because she’s a control freak but because CPS threatened to put him in foster care or sign him over to her mother. Barbara is Jace’s mom for all intents and purposes. Jenelle has done nothing in the past four years to clean up her act and even try to get Jace back.

        So yes, while everyone in that family is toxic, let’s not make excuses for Jenelle that she “can’t help” the way she is.

    • groreja

      You’ll ‘forgive’ Barbara? Who are you to forgive her? She’s never done anything to you that would need forgiving! Barbara is no saint, but she’s doing much better for Jace than Jenelle is! Imagine if Jenelle had had custody of Jace this whole time… Having him in a house with domestic violence and used heroin needles… The consequences don’t bear thinking about.

  • jill

    Hope she gets her tubes tide after this one

  • ameliaBedelia76

    Just when you thought Jenelle couldn’t get any lower. Geesh how many times has she been prego? So her current pregnancy is her 4th by the age of 21? WOW, she got an abortion so she could date Nathan? This is so disgusting and she s claiming on twitter that she has changed? what did she change? Her underware? She is just plain disgusting

  • Kate

    She should’ve had been sterilized after having Jace. That woman is not fit to be a parent. I can only imagine what’s going to happen after she has this baby. My guess is she’s going to be running to her mom!

    • Kate

      Oops, that should read “should’ve been” not “should’ve had been” lol

  • …..

    This entire thing disgusts me and I really, really hope this is the last season of this show. Not because of her decision to get an abortion, I’m pro-choice, it’s her body, not mine. It’s disgusting because I guarantee that MTV will portray this accidental pregnancy as being Courtland’s baby which Jenelle decides not to have because Courtland is so bad for her and she’s such a great mom just trying to fix her life! And it’s “not fair to Jace” (that statement disgusts me the most)… All fake, bullsh*t. The whole reason Courtland’s ex, Taylor, will be featured as Jenelle’s friend (they were never really friends, just drug buddies with a similar ex) is so she can bitch about Courtland too, so MTV can set up a storyline of poor Jenelle with another bad boyfriend/husband. Not to defend Courtland but for Jenelle or Taylor to bitch about him is really the pot calling the kettle black. All of them are dope fiend trash.

    Jenelle’s twitter followers have already figured out that it could have been at least 3 different guys’ baby. She was very on and off with Courtland and was also having sex with Gary and some other guy. Gary was tweeting about Jenelle being pregnant around this time and then claiming something about how he didn’t think it was his because she was also with someone else (besides Courtland). MTV is obsessed with making the viewer think that this girl actually wants her son back. It’s never ever Jenelle’s fault, it’s always the bad, mean men that she willingly brings into her life’s fault! Or her mother who is raising her kid’s fault!
    Besides her acting like she’s doing it FOR Jace (which is horrible and such a messed up burden to put on a child’s shoulders. “Oh, well I aborted your half sibling for you!”) The fact that it’s only MONTHS later and she’s pregnant again and is still as much of a mess as ever, been arrested twice since, still in an unstable relationship with a criminal. Yet NOW she’s ready for a child. I guess her view of “stable and ready for a baby” is not shooting needles into her arm. Ridiculous, I really hope CPS is ready and watching once this new child is born.

    This abortion was also way after the supposed Courtland “miscarriage” which I think was totally made up (because so many girls go out to the club in white pants the night after they miscarry. Very believable. That entire thing was made up to collect RadarOnline money) and if MTV doesn’t mention a miscarriage, I’ll take it as the entire thing was made up. And that’s almost as sick and disgusting as Nikkole Paulun and her fake stillbirth that bought her a new pair of boobs.

  • HoardersFan

    Don’t Jenelle and Taylor hate each other?

    • Chelseawaslyke

      Yes they do because Tay outted her about the abortion a few months ago

      • HoardersFan

        Yeah, I’m not sure why they would be talking.

  • Nicole Juarez


  • sweetmisery21

    Has this girl ever heard of a CONDOM?? BIRTH CONTROL??? STDS?? Sheesh! She’s been twice in a freaking year! Nasty..