PHOTOS Keith Urban cuts off his hair

Keith Urban - New Haircut

Another celebrity has jumped on the pixie haircut bandwagon… And we didn’t see this one coming!

American Idol‘s Keith Urban surprised fans by chopping off his signature locks during a Monday visit to the stylist. Keith’s 1.6 million Twitter followers began to anticipate something was coming when the country rocker hinted he was chopping off his hair…

One day later, Keith debuted his mullet-less ‘do. (“Before” picture from us, “after” picture from Keith.)

Keith Urban Before and After Haircut

We really can’t overstate how big of a deal the haircut is for Keith: He’s been rockin’ the same hairstyle for more than 40 years!

Young Keith Urban - Childhood in Australia

Based on the new picture, Keith’s haircut is just one aspect of his “more mature” makeover. In addition to the chop, he seemed to tone down the highlights and removed his three earrings.

Now, one question remains: Does Nicole Kidman approve?

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  • puddytat

    Keith Urban would look great no matter what hair cut he has. The face is just as handsome short or longhaired. But the most important thing, he is still one of the nicest, most caring entertainer out there. BTW, who knows if he removed the 3 earrings or not. That picture is reversed. The 3 earrings are in his left ear not his right.