BEFORE & AFTER Riff Raff gained 55 lbs., looks like a different person

Riff Raff Before Weight Gain

For the past few months, rapper Riff Raff has been training under Hulk Hogan’s guidance to join the WWE… And, from the look of his transformation, he’s been taking it really seriously! Check out the picture he shared on Twitter this week along with the caption “BURLY BOYS iN THE BUiLDiNG.”

Riff Raff After Weight Gain

He added he’s up to 225 lbs. after starting at 170 lbs. He isn’t done yet, either! In a new mini-documentary for Vice, the 32-year-old said he wants to get up to 250 lbs.

Although it looks like much of Riff Raff’s new bulk is pure muscle, he hasn’t gained it in the healthiest way possible: In the Vice video, he said one of his favorite snacks is “ranch punch,” which consists of buttermilk ranch poured over ice. To his credit, though, he told TMZ that the new regimen has helped him quit coke and molly. He said, “Whenever I have the urge to do coke or molly, I just pick up weights instead.”

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