Everything you need to know about Alex Sekella before the Teen Mom 3 premiere

Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella and daughter Arabella


Alexandria Elizabeth Sekella (Born December 4, 1993) is an American reality television star who first appeared on the fourth season of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and was later chosen along with Katie Yeager, Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie Douthit to star in Teen Mom 3.

Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella prom dress


Alexandria, who prefers to go by Alex, is from Neffs, Pennsylvania, just outside of Allentown. She has a younger sister named Arielle (15) and a younger brother Killian (13). Her mother’s name is Wendy Keim and at this time we are unsure of Alex’s father’s name, although she has stated he will be featured on Teen Mom 3. (During her pregnancy Alex and her father had a bit of a falling out, so he was not shown on her episode of 16 and Pregnant.) Alex’s mom Wendy is currently with her boyfriend of four years, Kelly Pitts.

Here is a family photo of Alex Sekella with (from left to right) sister Arielle, mom Wendy, daughter Arabella, Alex, brother Killian:

Alex Sekella family photo with sister Arielle, mom Wendy, daughter Arabella and brother Killian

Alex was very athletic growing up, playing soccer for nine years and dancing for almost her entire life. Her passion for dancing continues as she still teaches at East Coast Dance Connection in Whitehall, PA, and she says she dances 36 hours a week as of August 20, 2013.

Here is a Youtube clip featuring a collage of photos and videos of Alex Sekella dancing:

Alex met her daughter’s father Matthew (Matt) McCann when they had a math class together Alex’s freshman year in high school. The two dated for two years, with the world getting to see their dramatic falling apart during Alex’s episode of 16 and Pregnant (embedded below).

The main reason for the break up appears to be Matt’s drug use, which Alex says changed him. During her episode of 16 and Pregnant Matt tried to persuade Alex to place their daughter for adoption, which Alex ultimately decided not to do.

Alex Sekella's daughter Arabella the day she was born

Alex Sekella’s daughter Arabella Elizabeth Sekella-McCann was born on July 18, 2011 and weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces. (Alex would later legally change Arabella’s last name to just Sekella.) Arabella was named after Alex’s great great grandmother Arabella who was born exactly 100 years before Arabella on July 18, 1911.

Alex has since moved out of her mother’s house partly because Arabella’s father Matt reportedly moved close by, and partly so that Alex could be closer to her father. She says she visits her mother at least every other weekend and the two remain close.

Alex is currently enrolled in college where she is studying business and working for a catering company that handles events for the college president and board members as well as other events for the college.

As I mentioned previously, Alex is also a dance instructor at East Coast Dance Connection, where she works 4 days a week teaching aspiring dancers, including her daughter Arabella.

Alex recently celebrated Arabella’s 2nd birthday with a princess pool party and she appears to be handling all the responsibilities of single motherhood quite well with the help of her family, including a retired grandmother who watches her often.

Alex Sekella and Arabella's dad Matthew McCann together on 16 and Pregnant


Alex Sekella’s episode of 16 and Pregnant originally aired on April 17, 2012. The special 90-minute episode was one of the most dramatic of Season 4 (or any season) as the demonstrative Alex clashed explosively with Arabella’s father Matt over whether or not to place their daughter for adoption as well as Matt’s apparent disinterest in Alex and his daughter. Here is the full episode:

MTV’s description of the episode: “Alex must decide whether to keep her baby or give her daughter up for adoption after an ultimatum from her mom.”

And here is Alex Sekella’s after-show interview:

Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella


Alex Sekella and her cast mates Katie Yeager, Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie Douthit, made their Teen Mom 3 debut in back-to-back hour-long episodes on August 26, 2013.

Alex’s official Teen Mom 3 bio from MTV:

Alex, 18, is the mother of one-year-old, Arabella, who juggles three part time jobs all while trying to graduate high school, and raise her daughter with little assistance. In her first year of motherhood, Alex does everything possible to keep all situations around her fully under control, but her on-and-off again boyfriend, Matt, is a constant reason for unwelcomed surprises. After Matt returns from a 6-month stint in rehab, Alex adds working on their relationship with him to her schedule. When Matt fails to meet Alex’s expectations she pushes him out of her life.

Alex is left to parent without him, and only have her mother, Wendy, and her two siblings to lean on. Interested in moving on, Alex begins to date again, hang out with her high school friends, and even attends her senior prom. However, the stresses of being a teenager and a dedicated mother hold her back from graduating and cloud her mind on deciding if Matt should remain in Arabella’s life.

Teen Mom 3 Arabella daughter of Alex Sekella facts


Alex Sekella's daughter Arabella Sekella Teen Mom 3 Arabella Sekella photo  Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella's daughter Arabella birthday princess  Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella's daughter Arabella Sekella from facebook Arabella Sekella and Cinderella from Disney World

Childhood photo of Alex Sekella and daughter Arabella side by side:

Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella daughter Arabella side-by-side photos Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella's ex Matt McCann photo


CLICK HERE to catch up with what Matt McCann is up to now, including his new girlfriend and his recovery from walking off a cliff and breaking his neck in November.


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Arabella Sekella 2nd birthday party photo

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Teen Mom 3 airs Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV!

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    she looks JUST like her dad!

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      And Alex is always going on about how ugly he is. I think Arabella is lucky she looks like her dad.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Well he is ugly now after all the drugs and weight gain. He was cute before though and was alright on last nights episode. Recent pictures not so much

        • hmm

          Facially, Arabella is Matt’s spitting image. It has nothing to do with weight or him being cute or not anymore because of drugs. All Alex brings up over and over again is how “ugly” Matt is, not because of weight or drugs, just that he’s “ugly”. Arabella looks much more like him than she does Alex and that must drive her insane. For Alex to go on and on publicly about how “ugly” Matt is such a great way to make Arabella feel “ugly” herself when she’s older! Alex is an immature, bitter bitch. If she didn’t want to deal with a drug addict as her baby’s father then maybe she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant by a heroin addict. At least put a damn condom on him! If she’s so responsible what the hell was she doing with him in the first place?

          • Hayzii

            Exactly. He has said he had been addicted to heroin for 4 years (on the show I think) so her trying to act like he all of the sudden became a hardcore heroin addict the minute she got pregnant isn’t working. She chose him just the way he is and must live with the consequences.

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    Arabella Elizabeth is a very pretty name.

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    He might be a deadbeat dad and a drug addict but Alex is a total bitch who have no consideration for the feeling of other people. I’d say they deserve each others but that’d be really mean to Matt.

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    Isn’t she the dumb ass who forward faced her 3 month old daughter in a preschool aged carseat?! I think yes. Horrible. Uneducated. Could have killed her child with 1 small crash.

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      Well, she was 5 months, but still. And when she gave the excuse that Matt’s dad gave them that one and they threw away her infant one, people offered to buy her a nice convertible car seat… and she told them okay, and then blocked them. Then when confronted about that, she said,”My mom forward faced us at this age and WE turned out fine.” Then her AND her mom flipped out on facebook about how weird it was that somebody cared about a stranger’s kid “that much.” Well, I guess if their own mom won’t! Bitch didn’t even have her buckled in right when she left the hospital.

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    Are you seriously trying to make her look like anything other than a bitch? Nice try but nobody is buying that crap.

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    You could have left it a blank page, I don’t care to meet this ‘mother’. Nor will I be watching the show. I’ve had all I can take from this franchise.

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    I think she forgot the part in her video when she found out she was pregnant how she called MTV 5 minutes later to cash in on exploiting her daughters unfortunate parent situation.

    Isn’t this the girl whose baby daddy wanted her to have an abortion? Yeah, that’ll be great for Arabella to see when she grows up.

    • ……..

      Not as bad as Briana saying on film that she’d abort Nova if she could
      go back and make the decision again when her sister asked her on 16 and
      Pregnant. Yeah, I guess she was being honest and I thought it seemed
      like she had Post Postpartum Depression but why say it on camera for her
      daughter to later see. She was also holding Nova while she said it which made it look even more cold and messed up to me.

      • Bec

        …sheesh. Sometimes it’s OK not to share your deepest thoughts. She’s a mommy dearest in the making

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    This girl is an idiot and seems to be really full of herself.

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    I can’t bring myself to watch TM3. I didn’t watch their 16&P season so I already don’t care. Besides, I hate Jenelle, Leah, Farrah, and Kailyn enough, I don’t even think I have enough hate to spare on these new four. I highly doubt I’ll be missing anything I haven’t already seen or laughed at on TM/TM2.

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    I hate this girl the most and she is the reason why I don’t watch tm3. She lead everyone to believe that she was going to give her up for adoption and then at the last sec didn’t and expected everyone to just be ok with it. Also I love how she can fish it out all day long but when she gets criticized she plays the victim card. She should be thanking her baby daddy for her getting on the show I gaurentee that’s why she was chosen all the baby daddy drama. Is it me or does she look kind of frumpy in the clothes she wears and I know she is a skinny person.

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    Why name this show 16 and pregnant when these girls ARE NOT 16! I was 15 when I got pregnant had him at 16 but these girls like Maci and Alex and a few more are not 16! Seriously MTV I’m sure it isn’t that hard and there is alot of thing missed I’m mean if the girl is 18 she’s already done with high-school basically sixteen is like just starting

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    I have a feeling she will be the next Jenelle/Amber/Farrah.

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    You forgot to mention she’s a nagging, self righteous idiot. I’d do drugs too if I had to spend any portion of time with her.

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    I hate her!!!! It’s pretty bad when her little sister seemed to have more sense then she does! She is a BITCH toward her mother and especially Matt! She makes me not want to watch teen mom 3!!!!!!

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    Must be great to be as perfect and judgemental as some of you. She is a young women who has had a child and is trying to survive. She is working and studying whilst trying to bring up her daughter…leave her alone.