Angie Douthit updates on her cancer battle, shaves hair after radiation treatment

Angie Douthit cancer haircut

Angie Douthit, the mother of Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee, continues her inspirational journey after being diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and brain earlier this year. In the latest updates from Angie, she reveals that the radiation treatment for the cancerous tumors in her brain have caused her hair to start falling out “by the handful,” so she headed to the local salon to finish the job on her own terms.

“Let me tell you what whole brain radiation can do to your hair!!!” Angie began her Facebook update that included numerous photos from the salon. “It completely fused mine together in the back causing one giant eagle’s nest. It was like the worst Barbie doll hair ever! Then the top front of my head went bald! So we had no choice but to cut out the nest and shave my head. It was heavy and I needed some freedom.”

Angie went to Salon 504 where her niece Ashley works so that they could “take on this crazy, fun task.” Angie’s sister was there, as was her daughter Whitney Osborn — who took the pictures. “Yes, they all cried,” Angie says. “It was hard for them, but God is still so good.”

In addition to the loss of hair, Angie has also lost weight — and she shared her thoughts on the dramatic changes to her appearance, once again remaining positive and turning the focus to her Christian faith:

When I first saw my bald head coupled with the over 20 pounds I’ve lost my first thought was, “Oh no, I look like a holocaust victim!” But then it hit me, those poor people were forcibly made to have their heads shaved and were withheld food and water all because someone didn’t know my Jesus and understand how much God loved them. When we fully understand God’s love our whole perspective changes. We see others in a brand new light. We want to help others and we want to smile and hug. I’m praying for all of you today that you will share God’s love with every one you come in contact with. Let God use you in a mighty way. You were created for this reason. Life is too short, make the best of every day! Love you!

Prior to her salon visit, Angie updated her Facebook followers on her treatment and her spiritual health:

Psalm 19:1
“1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

Well it happened! 10 rounds of whole brain radiation and it completely fried my hair. You’ve never seen anything like it. It’s falling out by the hands full and my long hair in the back turned into one giant dread lock. It’s kinda cool actually. So tomorrow when I go to the salon pray for them. They r about to embark on a whole new mission! Lol However, God is continuing to completely amaze me every moment of everyday! Last night I walked outside for some fresh air. I looked up at the incredible sky and it took my breath away! (No pun intended) lol. I looked at the amazing moon and I could see all the stars shining so bright and proud. And then I saw it. The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. I’ve always been fascinated by them. And what’s so astounding about them is they r always upside down. God spoke to me reminding me that’s because they r pouring out his blessings upon us in mighty Big Dipper load fulls. God loves us so much and he wants to bless us everyday. Let him! I pray you can see all the mighty blessings around you and thank him today. He’s given you so much to be thankful for. Tell others about your blessings and tell them that they r a blessing to you. Love, forgive, show compassion and mercy. And #alwaysbekind

Matthew 6:21
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Ok, it’s confession time. I will admit, although I hadn’t realized until now, that I took great pride in getting up early every morning and running. I also loved the crazy tough workouts my kids designed for me to see if I could really keep up with them! And yes, I could! Lol And, I also enjoyed my long hair. Now, those are all great things. Running kept my lungs healthy, working out kept me in shape, and hair is beautiful. They r all good, positive things. But, if my heart’s not right with God, nothing else matters. God simply wants us to put him first above everything else. I actually looked at Brad the other day and said, “If I never run again, it’s ok!” I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. But God has changed my heart so much that my soul desire is that people know my Jesus and understand the love of Christ. So I ask you today to look at your heart and ask God to help you align your priorities so that God is always first. If you are healthy, take care of your body and if you’re going to the gym, walk in with a smile ready to share the love of Christ with everyone there. If you’re running this morning, look at the beauty around you and praise God for his incredible creations. And remember, everywhere you go, someone needs your smile, a warm hug, compassion, and they need to hear how much God loves them. Go change the world! Love, and #alwaysbekind

Mackenzie McKee on her mom Angie Douthit and dad Brad Douthit

As we have mentioned before, in addition to updates on her health and treatment, Angie is also sharing inspirational reflections on the people and things that are most meaningful in her life. I encourage you to visit Angie’s Facebook page and follow her journey. She seems very happy to have the audience and I’m sure will welcome you — but please #AlwaysBeKind 😉

Meanwhile, Angie’s friends and family (and their friends and families) continue to rally around her to show support. There have been “Fun Run for Angie” events at the local elementary schools, a “Chili Feed for Angie” benefit, and an upcoming fitness event hosted by Five Alarm Athletics in Miami, Oklahoma on February 3. Who knows, perhaps you will get a live Body By Mac workout session!

UPDATE – I’m not sure about a Body By Mac session, but you will certainly get to meet Mackenzie:

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