Jenelle Evans jailed for testing positive for marijuana, pleads guilty to drug paraphernalia possession

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith courthouse

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was back in court earlier today in what her attorney Dustin Sullivan had said back in July would hopefully be her last court appearance stemming from her arrest alongside husband Courtland Rogers back in April.

It seems Dustin’s predictions were correct as Jenelle pleaded guilty to drug paraphernalia possession and was sentenced to 18 months unsupervised probation, with all the other charges being dropped. But, things took a surprise bad turn for Jenelle. Dustin tells us, “the judge drug tested her and she tested positive for marijuana.” Because of the positive drug test, the “judge gave her 48 hours in jail.” Dustin says Jenelle will be released Wednesday morning at 9:30.

Jenelle’s boyfriend Nathan Griffith was with her in court today (the two can be seen in the photo above arriving at the courthouse), but so far he has remained quiet on Twitter.

Jenelle has been claiming to be completely drug free for some time, so testing positive for marijuana will certainly ignite her detractors. We will update as soon as we get Jenelle’s latest mug shot photo. [And here it is!]

UPDATE – It seems Nathan wasn’t the only Jenelle love interest in the courtroom today — her estranged husband Courtland Rogers was also in attendance. Click here to check out his account of what happened, including a video of himself arriving at the courthouse and his response to Jenelle being jailed! Courtland tweeted that his attorney told him the “heroin charges are being dismissed” against Jenelle.

* We previously included an update with a link to a WECT story about Jenelle’s court hearing that stated “Rogers” still had felony drug charges pending, but that was in reference to Courtland and not Jenelle.

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  • Googly Eyes

    She is an idiot, but at least there was no heroin or pain pills in her system. And I know this is trivial, but can she not afford a different pair of heels to wear to court? She wears that one god awful pair that she can barely walk in every single time!

    • spottedgiraffe

      Hard to get heroin when MTV hasn’t paid you yet don’t give her too much credit.

    • anonymous

      Honestly if she has a legal prescription for any opiates (percs) or benzos even if it shows up on a drug test it doesnt count as failing a drug test. I believe she is on something harder than pot that is legally prescribed to her.

      • Red

        Remember when she had surgery recently?? There you go!! A script for opiates is all she needs. However, it doesn’t mean she is legally prescribed them. Sure, the original script is legal. However, she could easily be buying the same drug she was prescribed off the street. Though her attorney can say “Yes its in her system from her surgery”, to play it off as if she hasn’t gone through her entire script yet(yeah, haha, okay then) and was still having pain from the procedure(considering she went jet skiing the other day, I don’t buy that either), and therefore that drug would not be presented in court as a “positive hit” on her drug test. People do that ALL the time to get around the test. They buy pills, eat them up like tic tacs, then when court comes around they find a reason to be prescribed narcotic painkillers. Most people just go to the dentist, but considering she had her wisdom teeth removed a few months back she had to go the extra mile this time.

        So based on all of that, I’m willing to bet you’re right :) I just don’t think ALL of it was legally prescribed,

    • eillAAllie

      She is wearing those shoes out! If you zoom in you can see the sole is separating from the shoe…LOL!

  • Ashley

    She’s been claiming she’s “drug free” since she first went to rehab years ago. I mean, after numerous positive tests, heroin addiction, jail, etc. We’d be naive to be shocked about this.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lol she’s such a loser. And she should have supervised probation because of that drug test

  • sweetmisery21

    Yes!! There is a such thing as karma lol

  • Anonymous

    Dear Judge,
    Please sentence her to hard time.

  • Brynn


  • Heather

    She avoided the law longer than I thought she would.

  • sweetmisery21

    Anyone seen the mugshot? She’s actually smiling. This whole thing is nothing but a joke to her.

    • Heather

      Where’s the mugshot?? This I gotta see!

      • Abrianna

        Lol, Starcasm has it!

    • Googly Eyes

      And whats sad is that this isn’t even the first one she is smiling in!

  • Kara

    Poor Jace. No one deserves a mother like Jenelle.

  • nanaboo

    Quit slapping this POS on the wrist and make her pay for what she has done. No wonder this kid doesn’t know the meaning of responsibility.

  • Jenelle calls ppl fat but…

    Haha she’s fat again.

    • Uh…

      If you think that’s fat, then you would think I’m a whale. Sign me up for fat!

    • CJ

      LOL I wouldn’t say she’s fat, but she’s definitely put on weight. Which leads me to believe she’s not on the hard drugs anymore…

    • sweetmisery21

      What happened to the “gymflow” that she was on?? Lol smh

  • Amy

    PLEASE let her get a serious charge this time. Girl got caught with heroin and still isn’t in jail. It’s obvious she hasn’t changed, and isn’t going too. Lock her up and throw away the key.

    Also, her boyfriend has a SERIOUS case of gayface. There is no way he’s straight. Look at those shoes!

  • green goblin

    Oh good! 48 whole hours?! Plenty of time for her to think of a pathetic excuse for why she tested positive when she’s been “sober” for so long. Whose fault will it be this time? Which ex is to blame now? She’s ridiculous.

    • burkey

      she probably ate a poppy seed bagel that morning.. obviously..

  • Kieffah’s Hoodie

    Her rap sheet is going to be longer than every Lohan combined! Keep up the good work, Trashbox.

  • Ashley

    There go her claims of being “sober.” Anyone who is serious about sobriety knows that being sober means abstaining from ALL drugs and alcohol!

  • Lauren

    It’s sad to think that Jenelle is only 21 years old & she has something like 14 mugshots. Time to cut your losses MTV. As long as you’re there with a camera she is never going to be held accountable for her actions.