Jenelle Eason returns to Twitter to live tweet Teen Mom 2, says no more clickbait articles on FB & IG

Jenelle Eason returns to Twitter

@PBandJenelley_1 is BACK! Less than a week after Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason disabled her Twitter account in the wake of the fallout from her husband David Eason’s series of homophobic and transphobic tweets, she is back on the social media media platform — with a specific mission, and a new attitude.

Jenelle’s first tweet back after the hiatus was a simple “Hey Twitter. ??‍♀️” After that, Jenelle explained that her use of Twitter was going to be very restricted from here on out. “Only using this Twitter account for LIVE Tweeting during #TeenMom2,” she wrote.

That may not seem like a big deal, but this certainly seems to suggest that Jenelle will not be fired from Teen Mom 2, as many have speculated recently. She (and her fired husband David Eason) will most certainly be featured next season — right up until his Twitter scandal. Their fate after that has yet to be determined, with numerous reports indicating MTV has discontinued filming on “The Land” as they consider their options. It seems unlikely that if Jenelle was planning to quit, or had received word that she was fired, that she would commit to live tweeting episodes of the show next season — what would be the point? Even if it was just a goodwill gesture directed at MTV and show producers, it still seems to indicate that Jenelle’s job is safe.

So where will all the Jenelle drama addicts go for their fix? Don’t worry, there’s gonna be an app for that! “Soon you will be able to connect and talk to me more on the new #JenelleApp ?? #ComingSoon,” Jenelle tweeted.

It didn’t take long for Jenelle to fudge a bit on her declaration of Twitter usage, as she shared a series of Instagram posts with captions as well as the upbeat message: “Love always wins. ????” Then, earlier today, she revealed that she was finally putting a halt to all of the sensationalist clickbait articles being posted on her Facebook and Instagram pages:

Jenelle Evans no more clickbait articles tweet

I think the wording of Jenelle’s tweet is important here. She states “I do not approve of their content any longer,” which indicates that she did approve of the content before — something she has adamantly denied. These clickbait articles have long been a source of contention between Jenelle and her co-stars as these misleading articles are often about them. They have started numerous online (and offline I assume) altercations between Jenelle and other Teen Mom 2 cast members, with Jenelle insisting she didn’t start anything because she was not responsible for what was posted on her social media profiles. This tweet contradicts all of that as it clearly demonstrates that Jenelle IS in control of what appears on her social media profiles — which is what most everyone (us included) has argued all along.

Once again, the suspension of negative clickbait articles about her co-stars seems to be another gesture of good faith. It’s almost as though Jenelle is watching the Farrah Abraham firing play out (sooooooo slowly!) and she is wanting to avoid the same fate by trying to play nice. A big part of the reason MTV had for firing Farrah was how difficult she was to work with for producers and camera crews, but I feel very confident that another major factor was pressure from Farrah’s co-stars Maci, Catelynn, and Amber to remove her from the show. So, I think Jenelle is FINALLY taking some steps to follow through on what she demanded her co-stars do with cease and desist letters by keeping things civil with them online.

As any longtime follower of Jenelle is aware, these kinds of commitments from her often break down relatively quickly, but I think with her job security on the line, this one may last for a while.

Given all of this, I am adjusting the official Starcasm betting line on Jenelle being fired from Teen Mom 2 to a 35% chance. I still don’t know how they are going to continue to include her on the show without her husband, but if Jenelle demonstrates she is willing to rein things in on social media, then I believe MTV will find a way. Well, I believe with 65% certainty that they will find a way. 😉

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