What is the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty’s net worth?

Uncle Si once told Larry King the Robertsons “work for peanuts.” But, as viewers of Duck Dynasty are well aware, that’s an understatement: The Louisiana family struck gold with their booming business, Duck Commander, and the Robertsons are now worth several million dollars.

But, how much do those duck calls really pay out? Plus, how much have they earned from starring on A&E’s Duck Dynasty?

The lovable Robertson family is always modest about their success, largely because they’ve experienced the other side of the tracks. Phil Robertson, who founded Duck Commander in 1972, grew up without running water or electricity. Even when he started the company, success wasn’t immediate. He told ABC Nightline he only earned $8,000 in the first year of business. With four boys to feed, that money had to be stretched a long way.

Duck Dynasty Si Robertson Willie Robertson Jase Robertson beardless baby pictures
^Uncle Si with Jase and Willie in the early days of Duck Commander

“Miss Kay says ‘I’ve been poor with you and I’ve been rich with you. Rich is better,'” Phil said in the 2012 interview.

As Duck Commander earned a bigger footing in the market, the Robertson family earned more money. As a private company, Duck Commander doesn’t have to disclose its annual profits. What we do know is that the company has been worth millions for years and the popularity of Duck Dynasty only furthered its value: Duck Commander sold 60,000 calls in 2011, 300,000 in 2012 (the first year the show aired) and more than 500,000 this year. To accommodate the growing demands, the business increased staff from one dozen employees to 75 within the past year.

“We saw a big difference as the Nielsen ratings went up,” Willie Robertson commented earlier this year.

Duck Dynasty
In addition to their business, the Robertson family is making a good chunk of change from A&E. Various reports claimed the entrepreneurial family was in a standoff with the network earlier this year as the Robertsons wanted their salaries to be raised to $200,000 per episode of Duck Dynasty. Neither the Robertsons nor the network commented on the validity of those reports, but they have gone ahead with the fourth season, which indicates something was negotiated.

The family’s popularity has also allowed them to explore their own hobbies. Miss Kay is coming out with a cookbook this fall. Willie and Korie wrote a New York Times best-selling book about their family and faith. Phil wrote a book, titled Happy, Happy, Happy, about his life and business. The family is even working on a Christmas album, Duck the Halls.

In addition to their creative pursuits, the family earns shares from the sales of Duck Dynasty merchandise. (Hallmark cards don’t sell for cheap!) The Robertsons are also set to cash in on the first-annual Duck Commander Cruise, which charges guests a minimum of $749 to sail with the family in July 2014.

Duck Dynasty Cruise July 2014
With all of those things considered, the Celebrity Net Worth estimation of $83.1 million for the family is entirely reasonable — if not understated.

Although the Robertsons have certainly come a long way from their humble beginnings, they continue to remember their roots. They are truly popular in their Louisiana community, where they are known as generous philanthropists. As viewers of Duck Dynasty also know, they all care for each other and are most happy when they get to bond as a family. For those reasons, Willie told the Christian Broadcast Network they don’t get too hung up on business success and net worth.

“But if the fame and fortune that we’ve enjoyed through Duck Commander were all gone tomorrow, I would still stay the same thing: God is good.”

The fourth season of Duck Dynasty premieres on A&E on August 14 at 10/9 p.m. CST.

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  • me

    If they are worth so much and they don’t forget about their roots why would they charge so much for someone to go on a cruise with them and why would they ask for more money for this season show? Seems to me fame went to their heads like all celebrities.

    • Lisa

      Um, have you ever been on a cruise before?! They’re not cheap. Also, it’s only rumor that they demanded more money for this season, that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone.

      • Ay

        Compared to most cruises (The decent ones that dont crash or short out mid-way) thats super cheap. Plus its a rumor so who knows if its true.

    • BloomerP

      Im sure the cruise line set the prices not the family…and 749 really isnt bad for a cruise.

    • not me

      Would you rather A&E keep all the extra money from the profits of the show?

      • Mark Batt

        No I would rather see Phil keep his personal opinions to himself, because when you are in front of 11 million people. You will be judged by what you say!! And possibly lose your job.

        • Benny Thomas

          lol…He doesn’t need a job kid!

        • AirForceMed

          Except, of course he was asked his opinion (more like goaded) by a magazine writer who likely knew he would get a controversial answer. When you ask a member of the very fundamentalist ‘Church of Christ’ what his idea of sin is – you’re going to get a very harsh answer that is deep-rooted in their beliefs and well beyond many other Christian beliefs. It’s the kind of church that takes much of the Bible literally, where other Christians believe certain aspects of the Bible are meant to be parables, messages, or even suggestions. As a Christian myself, I try to follow the teachings of Christ whose message was to love others. And in fact, I despise the man-made phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin”. In my life, none are in a position to judge what sin is! Others who disagree may simply ignore this post.

          • Jeff Rodriguez

            Let me guess… Methodist?

            • AirForceMed

              …none of the above. I said Christian!

              • Jeff Rodriguez

                Which is a Christian denomination that typically takes the position that no man can judge sin. They are probably the most liberal and social justice minded of the classical denominations along with Episcopalians/Anglicans.

        • Dozer

          There is a certain right that all Americans have… It’s called “freedom of speech” I might not agree with what he said, but he has the right to believe what he wants. We as Americans have to stop being so damn sensitive!!!

        • Cole

          Liberals aren’t the only ones who are entitled to their own opinions.

    • AirForceMed

      Because they are business men? Why does Hillary Clinton charge $200K to give a 50 minute speech?

    • Tommy mccown

      Let’s not Judge ” Lest we be Judged” By are on Standard”!?? God Bless ”

    • shaunio

      Idiot, that’s not Phil, it’s Willie
      Phil ownes the business you doughnut

  • J_Doe5686

    I like this family.

    • Joe Davis

      They are what this whole country ought to be about!!!

  • Donna Dawson

    love that show love jase an the whole family

  • Richard Withers

    You sound judgmental and jealous.

  • william

    that is just plain stupid. occ lost because they are a bunch of prima donnas who couldn’t get along. who wants to watch senior pull a tantrum once a week. everybody likes the robertsons….. except maybe you and your jealousy

    • fark

      shaddup dummy you dont know what ur saying

      • william

        fark off idiot

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    Yeah but all OCC was some really means spirited fighting between Paul senior and his sons.

  • abrellbama

    When you actually get a quality product, you continue to order that product. That is what Duck Commander is. So many people didn’t realize they existed but I can guarantee you there are millions of duck hunters, not just thousands and when they use the duck calls, they will order more.

  • patrickhenry13

    um, created 75 jobs,now thats what i call helping the poor!

    • fark

      …. and paying them either minimum wage or as little as they can.

      • patrickhenry13

        better then welfare.or stealing,or socialism!

        • enviroman63

          Actually welfare pays more than minimum wage this is why so many people go this route instead of a Job.
          In Hawaii Here a Single Mother with Child Gets $ $67,000 a Year.

      • BrittantC095

        what? That’s mean

      • Joe Davis

        what jobs did you provide bubba???

      • Joe Davis


        • Benny

          You have mental problems don`t you. Receive Jesus Christ before it`s to late. Or you will stand before God and will be thrown in Hell.

          • Roger Hunt

            You should really stop using the excuse of suggesting that certain people have mental health issues just to get your point across, it’s not nice to people that actually do have mental health problems, if there’s people like you in heaven, give me hell any day of the week!

          • enviroman63

            Are speaking of the Silly Book Written By Men. Stories so outrageous , only a young child could believe.
            Most people attach themselves to Religion because Human beings are the only creature that knows we are going to Die. So it helps one to easy into the Death believing there is an after life, Or the Land of Milk and Honey waiting. Get over it all.
            So what if it all fades to black you won’t know anyway. Besides living is far more painful than Death will ever be. Bottom line is there are a multitude of Belief systems out there. We or people from the Western Culture our brought up believing that Christianity is the Word the Way.
            Well if you were from another Country, that feeling may vary to Buddhism , Hindu , Jewdisim etc. You are Free to believe what you wish it’s America. Just don’t Shove the Fairy tail down my throat.
            I don’t understand why people fear Death so much, We hide it away along with our Elderly. Western Culture Takes the least care of there Elderly.Now look at the Japaneses and other Asian cultures they look after there old family members take care of them help them out. Not here in the West. When you become old, you are useless eater no longer contributing to society, you are put into an old folks home and wait to Die. Like the Old saying goes getting old is not for the faint of heart.
            Were born , we live, Then we Die its all a very natural process its a beautiful natural process. Learning to let go of the Fear.
            After all nothing last forever. Do you ever dwell on How old do you truly want to be.
            I do not want to become a burdon to my loved ones, or children. I took care of my Mother a Farther, they lived with me until they died Father 85 Mom made it to 87.
            There Minds were intact but the body gave up and disease takes it course.
            It boils down to two things regarding How old to live.
            1. How good your Health is.
            2. Mney how much do you have to live
            for an extended period.
            If you are 80 and run out of money. Nobody is going to hire you for work.
            Or if you have 100-Million in your Account and you are 85, But you have multiple health problems struggling each day to survive whats the point, let nature take it’s course

      • Andy Barnes

        Better than what they had ya commie

  • patrickhenry13

    so in what reality is having a job worse then being on welfare,not to mention all the other jobs this bunch has created!

  • AirForceMed

    Even though your comment was made 4 months ago, you deserve the ‘dumbest comment of the thread’ award just for stating “People have lost way bigger fortunes and i’m sure they’ll loose [it’s actually LOSE] it. They aren’t the first and sure as hell won’t be the last”
    Duck Commander is a thriving business empire that Sold over 600,000 duck calls a year, Before they were even a glimmer in the beady, greedy eyes of the A&E network. And you obviously know nothing about duck hunting & wouldn’t know the difference between a duck call and tube of lipstick. Duck Commander (not the A&E series Duck Dynasty) make hand-made duck calls that are the most effective duck calls in the industry! Any hunter would willingly pay top dollar for these proven masterpieces. If Duck Dynasty ends tomorrow, and the Robertsons return to relative obscurity, Duck Commander products will continue their worldwide business for hunters around the Globe!

    • Thomas e McCown

      Don’t stoop to there level ” I agree with your way of thought”!! But as we know” When you argue with a fool “you both end up fool’s”?!? God Bless you my Friend in Christ”Tommy McCown

    • shaunio

      Very very true these people are clueless,
      Robisons where millionaires well before the show started, plus there not going spending fortunes on crap like occ idiots, just jealous people calling a great family

  • Anne

    I love the Robertson family. Why are some people so jealous of their fame? They are the most down to earth people. Duck dynasty is one of the few reality shows that I like . I was happy to hear that Phil will be back. It would have been terrible if he couldn’t come back, just because he was speaking about what he truly believes in. Freedom of speech people. Don’t get so offended. I support them wholeheartedly . They are a wonderful Christian family with good morales and values. Everyone just be happy for their success . I’m glad their successful, otherwise they would not have a show and we would not even know who they are.

    • Mark Batt

      They are actors.

      • Benny

        You really don`t get out much do you.

    • Joe Davis

      Because they simply live a very sad and miserable life!!!

      • Benny

        Joe Davis you have never read a bible and you know nothing. If you don`t change and receive Jesus Christ as your Savior your going to Hell.

    • Sonia Ballesteros Greer

      I love that in the mist of everything of it all the Robertson family always put Jesus first

    • Heather Brown

      I’m not religious by any means, but I like what they stand for and if people don’t like it or get offended by their beliefs or Phil’s opinion on gays or whatever….don’t watch it. Aren’t we all allowed to have an opinion or is it only if you believe what is supposed to be politically correct? I agree with you. Be happy or stop watching, but quit griping.

  • Tommy Too Smooth

    But you forget my friend” as long as they continue in the way of the almighty ” what got them this far” will get them the rest of the Way”!! The. Lord”Amen”Yours truly ” Tommy McCown”

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  • shaunio

    Simply the best ( fact ) best realty show ever great people, and you will always get jealous people hating on them, there fantastic keep it up

  • Benny

    Anyone and I mean anyone that has put down negative responses and swearing are one of 2 things.Your jealous or your a homosexual. Your what is wrong with our country. They will be fine in business and when Jesus returns I can see your going to Hell unless you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior you will spend eternity in a Very dark and hot place that God will send you. Yes Hell.

  • SumthingLikeaMovie

    Uncle Si is a riot

  • Andy Barnes

    Duck Commander products have been around and making money a long time.