Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear aren’t legally married, plus everyone should follow Mama June’s financial advice

Honey Boo Boo’s parents Mama June Shannon and Sugar Bear Thompson had a fabulous camo-themed “wedding” ceremony this May, but it turns out they aren’t legally married.

While June was promoting the new season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo that premieres tonight at 9 PM EST, and her new book How To Honey Boo Boo on Katie today to referred to it as a “commitment ceremony.” Back in May sources confirmed to E! News that it was not a legal marriage. But really, it doesn’t matter if they’re legally married or not, they’ve been together through a lot and it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop being shack ’em up mates any time soon. Right now, even though they’re taking over the world together, they’re also going through some rough time. In June Sugar Bear received a “not good” diagnosis from a neurologist after experiencing multiple fainting episodes.

June also had sage money advice to offer on Katie. Suze Orman better watch her back!

“Just because you got a little bit of money, why go spend that money? This may end tomorrow,” June said. “And you never know where you’re gonna be at. I don’t care if you got $5 million in the bank, I would never live beyond my means because you never know what could happen.” If only more people were as money smart as Mama June!

She told Wendy Williams that she has trust fund accounts set up for all the girls, including baby Kaitlyn: “I don’t see that money. What it is, I’ve got it set up to where they automatically go in to all five accounts, the four girls and the grand baby, and they can’t touch it until they’re 21.”

Katie asked June how she feels about the people who watch (or don’t watch) the show just to ridicule them and feel superior, and June had some more wise words. “If people laugh at us, hey, at least they’re getting a good laugh for the night. If people watch it just to feel superior, then hey, that’s them. I never claimed to represent the United States, or Georgia, or even McIntyre. I represent my family, and my family only . . . People come up to me and say ‘Oh my God, I can so relate. Thank you. Thank you for being the way you are.'”

CLICK HERE to see more camo-fabulous photos.

On a side note, when are you gonna get some glasses, Mama June?

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  • Kay Nolasco

    People can make fun of this family and June all they want but they are going to get the last laugh. They are not out buying new cars or clothes with the money they are getting from the show. They have it in savings accounts for the girls when they are older. They still cut coupons and live the same way they did before the show. In all other reality shows people spend it as soon as they get it and a few years after their shows end and no one cares about them anymore they end up broke. I think June is a lot smarter than people think she is.

    • Iamme

      Totally agree

  • anjealka

    I agree with June to some extent. I used to be an avid couponer, in the beginning because we were broke newlyweds with student loans. Now that we have few financially worries (just rising health care costs) I still clip coupons for household products, would never buy a brand new car, cut our own hair , and still live in the same house. I did figure spending a little more on a few things was worth it. I calculated it costs $350 for us to buy organic meats and produce over the day old meats and limited produce we bought with coupons or sales over one year. I think $30 a month is worth it and something like this Mama June and the family might benefit from. There has to be a little balance between being frugal and enjoying life. June did buy 2 new “used” cars, and has taken several trips recently. I think June is smart enough to know that if they moved into a big house that they could lose their family closeness or their show (Gosselins, Rollofs etc).

  • Sin, Ontario Canada

    I love love LOVE this woman!!! June is a wonderful mother, a savvy business woman and true example of genine character, she really is. She lives only for her family, not what other people want or expect from her. Yay I am so happy its back on again, oh how I missed them!! 🙂 And THANK YOU for being a June fan too, its so nice to read articles from a fan instead of someone who likes to inject their negative sarcasm in their writings.)

  • Proud Fan

    I love June lol She’s one of the main reasons I watch Honey Boo Boo.

  • renee01046693

    they all look like big fat ugly pigs and honey booboo is the ugliest little pig I ever seen

  • Tsk Tsk

    June is legally blind due to childhood cataracts that were not corrected early enough. Glasses would not help her.

  • Robbie

    they are down to earth kinda people with loving & unselfish hearts.June didn’t forget where she came from,& she has certainly paid it,the whole family has.yes,they are loud,but we would we really rather watch this show about good ole folks,or watch shows that rubs their houses & money in our faces?i know I don’t.I love this family,rednecks are good people & we should take lessons from them

  • DennisLongley239

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