REPORT Teen Mom 2 Season 5 has started filming!

Will Teen Mom 2 be back for Season 5? Reportedly yes!

After months of speculation it appears that Teen Mom 2 will be returning for a fifth season! MTV has reportedly begun filming already, and according to a source close to production, “all four girls are coming back.”

The report comes from Radar Online, whose source also reveals that “each of the girls was told back as early as January that they were going to do season five, but they had to keep it a secret.”

Leah Calvert’s husband Jeremy Calvert raised suspicion on Tuesday when he tweeted, “@AshleyHomeStore very upset with the customer service and sales reps at your location in South Charleston, WV. Very poorly organized we thought we chose a better furniture store. @MTV will be in to film and @TM2LeahDawn and myself don’t have a bed! #sad”

A separate source for Radar Online who lives in Jenelle Evans’ home state of North Carolina tells the site “I saw Jenelle with her mother Barbara Evans, her son Jace and her new boyfriend Nathan at a restaurant with the camera crews and they were taping their lunch.”

Another insider reveals the girls have been given their in-car cameras again as well.

It appears that Leah, Kailyn, and Jenelle have all begun filming already with Chelsea Houska scheduled to begin filming again “in a week or so,” according to the source close to production.

Of MTV’s sure-to-be controversial decision to bring the show back, the source says, “There is always a ton of drama with these girls so they hope to capture that again.”

  • Sara

    I won’t be watching. I barely even watched last season, it was boring as hell.

  • Rosie

    Yuck. i hope no one watches so these girls will be forced to grow up. I quit watching mid Season 3, and by the looks of the news articles, nothing with them has changed.

  • itiswhatitis

    Crazy nothing but white trash had these girls been black they would have never made it to a second season let alone a 5th

  • Allison

    I thought that bs was over.

  • kc

    So stupid. All they want is their MTV payday. These girls need to grow up and live real lives.

    • PrettyME42

      they are living real lifes!!!!! there young kids being a mother!!!!..) if thats not real i dont know what is???!!

      • tofuu12

        They*, !*, They’re*, mothers*, that’s*, I*, don’t*, ?*
        And I probably missed some considering my first language isn’t even english. I also hope you are not more older than 16 to think that this stupid show portrait the real life of a teen mom and to make so much mistakes. And news flash those girls are not young kids anymore, they’re adults.

      • Amanda

        No, they’re not 16 anymore they’re 21 now. It’s time to grow the hell up!

  • Get Real

    News flash – they’re not *teens* anymore!

  • heyBale

    Id only watch if Keefuh was back

  • LexiconD1

    Why give these ho’s another season? Enough all ready. End this series (I wont ever watch Teen Mom 3), along with 16 & Pregnant. Gads…

  • KK.

    Barbara is amazing to watch. That accent. “Your booooooooyfriend, Juh-nelle!”

  • Mickey

    Yeah, probably not gonna watch. I barely watched last season and I just can’t watch the same BS again. Probably will tune in for a bit on tm3 and maybe a couple episodes of 16&p just for a taste if I’m bored or something.

    • sammi

      I didnt watch a bit of last season. I got bored with it. Same ol same ol.

  • Kir

    Jenelle took a bet with one of her followers about 3 days ago that she would at least be single for another month. Welp, there goes that bet!

  • steph

    the only reason I am watching is because of Babs haha

  • Goggles99

    If you don’t like the show, why are you reading about it?

  • britt

    watch for the drama..Just like I watched jersey shore for the drama…..I dont watch this shit to be educated..Thats what books and google are for!! LMAO

  • amber

    Very curious to how they’re going to bring them back when so much has been missed out on which was the DRAMA! Leah had a third baby. Corey got married. Kail is pregnant. Jenelle has been on drugs again, supposably miscarried, MARRIED , got back with Gary, got back with her husband, thrown in jail, now divorcing husband, dating a new feller who is supposably with another woman yet jenelles so dumb to understanding she’s being played BC he’s a model who just happens to be the man to once again change her life and better her right when season 5 is filming and not to mention they’ve been dating what 4 days now and if that insider did see them filming she’s introducing jace once again to early… poor kid. Chelsea is finally getting over Adam she’s only one doing she’s finally dating someone… heck they just need to bring all three girls back remove jenelle and just use Barbara lol

  • lynayn

    Won’t watch anything about junkie “non-mom” Jenelle Evans. This is supposed to be a show about teen MOMS and their children. NOT junkie moms who gave their children away so they can do drugs, party, get locked up over and over again, fake pregnancies and miscarriages just to sell stories to tabloids, and hop from one man’s bed to anothers
    every other day. MTV has to PAY someone to be with her now, just to keep the show going. It’s just sad. And MTV is a sad network for keeping the charade going – or thinking they are. Maybe the jokes on them.

  • Be Be

    I Love this show! Can’t wait!

  • PrettyME42

    love love love teen mom 2. i was hoping for another season ne ways i will defently be tuning in. i think teen mom should continue to flim even after the 5th season i think its important to know the everyday struggle of being a teen mom. Im 1 myself and its no easy.