PHOTOS Kail Lowry shows off baby bump in pink at her baby shower


It’s been known but not officially confirmed that Teen Mom 2 Kail Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin are expecting their first child together (Kail’s 2nd,) but over the weekend they pretty much confirmed with some some adorable photos from their baby shower.

Kail showed off her baby bump in pink while wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair. Javi’s currently on a 10-day leave from the military, and it looks like they seized the opportunity to have a great time and celebrate their growing family.

She hinted earlier in May that she might be expecting a girl, tweeting on the 6th, “All Pink Everything! Could i be having a girl?”


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  • cat

    im sorry that tattoo is horrendous, she would look so nice if that thing wasnt taking up her arm an making her look trashy. nothing against tattoos, just think huge ones that take up an entire body part are not attractive… especially when youre a young girl.

  • lala

    Oh my….she looks terrible. Also baby showers after the first child are tacky beyond words.

    • If she is having the opposite sex I don’t see an issue. Thats at least how they are around where we live. If its the same sex as before then no.

      • Mia

        She doesn’t know the sex. She didn’t with Isaac and I remember reading somewhere that she was waiting for this one too.

    • twelfthnight

      I don’t think it’s tacky at all. Maybe asking for gifts on round 2 might be a little tacky, especially if it’s the same gender, but baby showers are a nice time to just get together with friends and family.

    • The baby shower should be for the BABY not the mom, so each baby gets one. At least that’s how it is where I’m from.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Not always. If you have all boys then a girl it would make sense to celebrate the girl baby and likewise.

    • sammi

      Its been what…4 years since Isaac, its okay that she had a shower. If it was a yr after Isaac and she was expecting another boy, then no, but whose to say someone didnt throw it for her as a surprise or not. When your friends and family wanna do something for u, you have little say.

    • DeeDeDee

      As far as etiquette goes, Isaac is about a year away from being considered an “only child” per child development. So it would stand to reason, especially if she were having the opposite sex of her first child, that she would have another baby shower. Not to mention this is another relationship with different friends and family, so it also stands to reason why her husband would also get to bring in the new baby with a similar celebration.

  • Nicole

    Oh my…her face looks BUSTED. Yikes.

    • Mia

      I find it hilarious because all the selfies she posts she looks great, and then ANY picture somebody else posts she looks busted. Her and Maci both do this and I can’t help but laugh at how much they edit their selfies.

    • In the second picture it’s like she’s looking into my soul.. and wants to eat it! Spooky. *shiver*

  • Mdkdmdbfnams

    Her tattoos are T.R.A.S.H.Y!

  • She made a big stink out of not being able to afford a wedding reception, yet she goes on to get pregnant a second time? I just don’t understand the logic.

    • anjealka

      I wish that somehow that these teen moms would forced to take some sort of basic finance class(I always thought it should be manditory if the teen mom is on welfare). With her teen mom money she should have been easily been able to have a modest reception, I bet a few of those tattoos could have paid for a small gathering. The only smart move she made is the military benefits so they baby won’t cost her a huge deductible but I bet that was part of her “plan”.

  • Jenna

    Kail has become my least favorite. She has been saying she’s not pregnant for a few months. Then she says she is. She goes back and forth. Also, she doesn’t know how to keep friends. I can only assume it’s because she’s so rude and selfish. You would think she would learn her lesson by now.

    • I wanted to like Kailyn, but her ungratefulness and insistence that everything go her way all the time are not appealing. She doesn’t know how to treat people, and that’s a large part of her problem.

    • I was just thinking how its always a different friend in the episode, and in the pics she posts. Its never the same people.

  • tab

    they’re in for a huge dose of real life. quickly married, he goes off to boot camp, she gets knocked up on purpose when he graduated, now he’s only home for 10 days? they have no idea how hard it’s going to be. especially without her MTV paycheck.
    I’ll be shocked if this marriage works.

  • I don’t understand why she’s been so reluctant to confirm that she actually is pregnant, yet keeps dropping hints and posting photos like this one. And I agree that her tattoos don’t look right at all.

  • Mrs bags

    Why don’t I like this girl?

  • Yeah Kail you’re so badass with that giant skull tattoo on your arm, posies on your head and a pink dress, wtf

  • Kara

    I don’t like her with dark hair.

  • sammi

    That arm tat looks dumb as hell and when she gets bigger down the road it will look like stretched putty. I wouldnt be surprised if she had Javi’s baby cause she will be taken care of as long as they have kids together.

    • Mickey

      Actually, if they divorce she is no longer covered by any military benefits. She’s probably get alimony and definitely child support, but the health insurance and stuff goes out the window.

  • Jules

    I don’t understand why she wore such a loose fitting dress to her baby shower. Any baby shower I have ever been to or seen pictures of the woman wears something that shows off her belly, not something that you have to hold your hand under to even see a hint of it. That headband doesn’t look nice. It looks like something you would get for your six year old flower girl at your wedding. I also don’t get why she would have a shower so early. If it’s because Javi was home, why isn’t he in any of the pictures? Was he even there? I thought maybe she hadn’t confirmed or denied the pregnancy because she wanted to keep it private but if that was the case she wouldn’t have shared these pictures so there goes that.

    • letsbreal

      They never deny or confirm the stories because they tend to wait until “after” to sell the story and make money off of them from the tabloids.

  • Lana Leigh

    Pretty until I saw that ugly tat on her arm.

  • Laura

    She should watch what she eats. Being pregnant is not an excuse for indulging.

  • J

    she looks so manly. I don’t know if it’s the “Butch” tattoos or what, but I’m beginning to think Kailyn is seriously a lesbian…and she just “married” Javi for the benefits and cover up. just my opinion.

    • Bec

      Jo said she had a lesbian relationship before they began dating, so I don’t think your too far off on that assumption

    • C

      she said she was bi before and was in a relationship with another woman. so i think she is in someway attracted to both. i feel bad for javi.. he’s gonna have to put up with a lot being with her and having a baby with her. she kinda seems like a monster…

  • Kae

    O.. M… G.. Thank god these teen moms are NOT role models.. These idiots learned absolutely nothing during their original teen mom episodes.. I guess since they have a little money now, they’ll be popping out babies like crazy!!!

  • Ugh

    Kailyn looks awful, and her personality is just as bad. She’s so selfish and it’s always her way or the highway – not cute.

  • C

    why in the world would she want that skull on her arm. she could have at least made it pretty with bright colors or something :/ geez.