Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus modeling photos

Kate Stoltzfus modeling photo from Breaking Amish

When the first season of Breaking Amish wrapped up, Kate Stoltzfus was still pursuing her professional modeling career after signing with Major Model Management in New York City. We shared some of her first modeling photos back in November, and with the premiere of Breaking Amish: Brave New World airing tonight on TLC, we thought we’d check back in with Kate to see if she’s still at it — and it appears she is!

Check out some of Kate’s more recent modeling photos from her ever-growing portfolio at Major Model:

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus modeling pictures Breaking Amish Kate modeling photo

Here’s a check-in video clip from TLC in which Kate talks about how hard it has been trying to be successful in such a competitive and stressful market:

Here’s what Kate had to say in the clip:

I’ve been living in New York and working on a career in modeling. I’m a small fish in a really big pond and it can be a little bit overwhelming at times. They could care less about you.

When I was still Amish I felt the pressure to always be perfect. It was crucial for me to have my hair perfectly straight, my dress the perfect length — everybody pressured me to be perfect… Now that I’m in the fashion industry it’s almost the same thing. I have to keep my skin clear, I can’t be too fat, if I break out it’s a problem, if I get a bruise it’s a huge deal.

Sometimes I still wonder who I am.

Breaking Amish Brave New World Kate Stoltzfus modeling

Kate didn’t necessarily come across all that well during the first season (seeming a bit emotionally unstable and a little too fond of alcohol), and I had my doubts as to whether or not her goal of being a professional model was realistic. But, I have to confess that when she got in front of the camera, I thought her photos were striking and, well, pretty damn good!

Breaking Amish Brave New World Kate

That being said, I really can’t imagine how hard it is to try and make it in that profession, and I can’t imagine the psychological stress caused by having a career where success is measured by how attractive people think you are. But, Kate appears to be sticking with it! She’s still listed on the Major Model website and she has added a large number of pictures to her portfolio. (All of the photos in this post are new since November — at least on they’re new on their site .)

Here are Kate’s measurements from the site, just in case you are actually in the market for a model and needed to know 🙂

Height 5’8″
Waist 24″
Hips 34″
Dress 2 US
Shoe 8 US
Hair Brunette
Eyes Blue

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus modeling portfolio photos

I assume that Kate took a bit of a hiatus from modeling while she and the rest of the cast filmed Breaking Amish: Brave New World in Sarasota, Florida, but that may not mean she removed herself from the beauty industry entirely. According to an article from February on (since deleted), TLC camera crews were at the L. Boutique and Spa in Sarasota on February 12 filming Kate as she helped a Mennonite girl (reportedly named Katie, but there may have been some confusion because that is Kate’s actual first name) transition to being English.

Kate Stoltzfus reportedly acted as the stylist for Katie, who is 18 and assumed to be from a Mennonite community in Sarasota. Katie received a makeover at the boutique and spa, which included having her first haircut. She reportedly had close to 18 inches trimmed off, which was donated to Locks of Love. According to the report, Katie entered wearing traditional Mennonite clothing but left sporting high heels and with a Susana Monaco dress.

I suppose we will know all about that soon! Until then, let’s enjoy a few more of Kate Stoltzfus’ modeling photos shall we?

Kate Stoltzfus modeling Breaking Amish Kate modeling picture sample Breaking Amish Kate Stoltzfus modeling lingerie

And just in case you were curious, here’s a little bit about Major Model from their website. (Yes, they are Legit with a capital “L!”)

The brand Major Models was established in the late 80’s in Milan by entrepreneur and businessman Guido Dolci to service the growing fashion scene throughout Europe, fuelled in part by the re-emergence of couture. The runway and editorial boards throughout the most prominent markets issued a demand for new talent, and the modelling industry has seen regular growth to this day.

In 1999 Major Milan, working from a solid market presence in Europe, hired Katia Sherman to re-establish the Major brand in the New York market and provide leadership to further develop major into a worldwide agency. Mrs Sherman’s experience with Michele Pommier and Wilhelmina provided a thorough understanding of the industry and offered clear direction for a business development plan. The brand would go on to gain a respected position among the top ten agencies in the world, known for regularly producing top talent on both the men’s and women’s boards. The booking teams at Major are comprised of the top industry professionals with a keen eye for beauty and attention to detail. Client commitment is due largely to the efforts and creative contributions made by bookers and their representations of models.

Through a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions Major Milan has firmly established itself in New York, Paris and Munich and is currently in the process of implementing a new plan for growth into South America, India and China

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  • Upton Who?

    Surprise Kate hadn’t yet been given product endorsements such as Cover Girl or Coca Cola. She’s simply breath taking

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      are you kidding me……cover girl, coca cola….she better shoot for commercials with those companies and hope…

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    i honestly just dont find her attractive, i dont know what it is, but i just dont think she is that fantastic looking.

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    shes so dorky and akward! meh

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    On the Major Model website she is a special booking. Do you know what that means? I’m just curious and tried looking into it myself and didn’t find anything.

    • carrie

      It means she is not pretty enough to do regular work, and only works when someone requests her…..for ….uh….”modeling” work.

      • Nico Kensing

        And like you could be….

      • Little Red Legend

        Wow….that’s really nasty

    • SFC T

      special booking division is where they put all of the models that are “B” rated and do not have contracts…they can be selected by clients when needed….so, they don’t get paid or get very little compensation. Realistically, find another job.

  • Missy

    Oh I forgot to also mention Katie is Abe’s 18 year old sister. She said she wants to go to Florida with them in the first episode of the new season. I’m guessing that’s the Katie that Kate is going to help out, but who knows

    • Shae

      Where did you hear that? Abe’s family isn’t Menonite. And they said that girl comes from a Menonite community in SARASOTA. Abe and his sister are from an Amish community in PA.

  • Audrey

    She is a doll. Looks nothing like the Amish girls I grew up around! For as few marketable skills and little education that they come away from their community with, I don’t blame her for trying modeling as a career.

  • carrie

    She is just not pretty enough to be a main-stream model. Sorry. Her nose is too big and her mouth too sunken and her chin too prominent. She should funnel the cash she gets for this tv show into an education or some kind of vocational training because she also seems pretty dumb.

    • Nico Kensing

      So nasty, she isn’t dumb, that I’d give her

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      Best comment yet…..Thank you


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    Cindy Crawford had a nasty mole and while Rachel Hunter’s pretty, her face looked ordinary. Also Kate Moss is ugly. Beauty is suggestive. Personally, women with big noses are attractive. Look at Elle Goulding, Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, Lea Michele, and heck even Lady GaGa before she was famous for example..

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      and what do all those big nose women have in common…..DAAA acting and that is what Kate better realistically consider….

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        She will probably get a nose job and still be butt azz Ugly and only get any jobs cause of her bs reality Show, lolololololol!!!!!

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          You’re just mean. Kate is beautiful and is making her dream come true. GOOD FOR HER.

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        Lady gaga and Ellie Goulding are actresses you dumbfuck. And there are a lot of models with big noses: Gisele bundchen, kristy hinze, karolina kurkova to name a few…

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  • kittyclu

    Kate’s pretty and I wish her much success. She seems like a well grounded, mannered young lady – unlike Rebecca and Jeremiah. Rebecca comes across as extremely jealous of Kate and petty while Jeremiah seems to want to pull Kate down. Both need to grow up and stop acting out.

  • Cyn

    I think she only gets work because of the show… if she were on her own it would be a lot less. It’s not her looks, it’s that she is just starting to learn and most of her photos are too “posed”… I do have to say the black and white ones are lovely, though. But it’s obvious she’s a beginner.

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