PHOTOS Breaking Amish: LA’s Iva, Betsy and Lizzie get dramatic makeovers

Breaking Amish LA makeovers Iva Betsy

Last week fans of Breaking Amish LA got a sneak peek at the guys’ “English” makeovers, but we all had to wait until Sunday night’s episode to see Iva, Betsy and Lizzie go through their transformations, which began with hair and makeup and ended up at a clothing store where the ladies had a blast trying on numerous fun — and completely non-Amish — outfits.

Above we see Betsy (left) and Iva just after they had their hair and makeup done. I thought Iva looked fantastic (we kind of already knew how she would look given that there are already “English” photos of her floating around online), but I was a bit worried when I saw this unveiling image of Betsy and her puffed up hair and extreme makeup:

Breaking Amish LA Betsy makeover hair makeup

Thankfully Betsy’s hair calmed down a bit before the trio arrived at the clothing store! And speaking of the clothing store, check out Lizzie looking fandamntastic trying on clothes with her new hair and look:

Breaking Amish LA Lizzie makeover hair

And for those of you not familiar with what the ladies looked like in their more conservative attire, here are Breaking Amish: LA before and after makeover photos of Iva, Betsy and Lizzie:

Breaking Amish LA makeovers before and after photos Iva Betsy Lizzie

And here are more photos of Lizzie, Iva, and Betsy at the salon and trying on clothes — the latter of which was a video montage TLC introduced with this quote:

Women should adorn themselves with respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control.

– Timothy 2:9

Breaking Amish LA Iva makeover look

Breaking Amish LA Betsy new hair

Breaking Amish LA Lizzie after her makeover

Breaking Amish LA Iva fashion makeover  Breaking Amish Betsy fashion makeover  Breaking Amish LA Betsy wearing English clothes

So what do you think of the new looks? Yay, nay or “what the hay?!?”

Photos: TLC

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