Amber Portwood turned down porn offer according to brother Shawn


Way back in January of 2011 we reported on Teen Mom vet Amber Portwood having allegedly been offered $500,000 by Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch to film a p0rn. At the time, even while Amber was down spiraling towards her decision to opt for jail, the idea seemed pretty far-fetched.

Now, in the light of the Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom insanity that has resulted from Amber’s alum, Farrah Abraham, doing just that with the same company it doesn’t seem so off the charts that Portwood very well may have received an offer. You could argue about the amount of cash on the table, but at the time Hirsch kept things pretty close to the vest about the possibility which only fanned the flames of the rumor. “We can’t comment on any discussions that we may or may not be having with Amber,” he said.

Now Amber’s greatest defender since she has entered jail, her brother Shawn Portwood, has taken to Twitter and Facebook to condemn Farrah’s actions and not so subtly hint that even in a crisis, his sister had the self-respect and strength to not go the p0rn route. Shawn tweeted:


As Ashley’s Reality Round Up reported, Shawn posted to his Facebook page a post that basically contained the same message. He wrote:

“So funny Farrah sold herself for close to $1 million. I know a girl who was offered close to the same substantial amount of money but said she would never do it because of her daughter. Even when that girl was battling an addiction and could have used the money. Being an entrepreneur does not mean selling porn of yourself. Just saying…”

I remember at the time being shocked that Amber had made the conscious decision to go to jail but in hindsight and from the progress she’s apparently made – in the end she very well may have saved her own life and in the process kept herself out of forever being linked to an adult film.

To each their own many argue, but TMZ has already posted up some barely scensored images from Farrah’s romp. Soon, the internet will be inundated with a barrage of indelible images of Abraham that will be with her forever. If to each their own is your vantage, I might argue that Amber’s decision to submit herself to jail knowing she was lost might very well end up being the wiser choice than Farrah’s to film a p0rn.

  • LaDy

    Hey! Farrah! Amber has more sense than you! How does that feel?

  • Ceci

    Good for you Amber!…at least she has enough sense to put her daughter first

  • Brittany

    I think you meant he condemned, not condoned Farrah’s actions.

    • Starcasm

      Brittany – thanks for pointing that out and you’re exactly right!

  • sammi

    NOt to be mean but I dont think an Amber sex tape would have been profitable. Im not sure if anyone would have wanted to see that. I do respect Amber for making strides. I actually think she may be on the right track this time, just stay away from Gary and focus on getting her life together for herself and her daughter. Ps. I hate how her brother is always swooping down making comments about Amber all the time. Get ur own life Shawn

    • Ashley

      Yeah I really hope Gary backs off and doesn’t immediately try to get back together with her. Even in the last season on Teen Mom when Amber was all pilled out & high she realized that she and Gary are toxic together and cannot be a couple. And then he wrote her stupid songs and tried to make her feel guilty. So hopefully he got some therapy too and realized they do not belong together just bc that had a kid together.

      • sammi

        He was no angel himself, hardly. They showed an unseen footage type episode of teen mom a few yrs back. Gary was supposed to pick up Leah, he was out on a date, called Amber while on the date, told the girl he was on the date with that he was gonna call Amber to get her all riled up and tell her he isnt picking Leah up afterall cause he was on a date. If thats not being a shit stirrer I dont know what is.

        • christee

          That is why Gary is a piece of shit. Selfish, arrogant, and just plain damn ugh. I hope Amber comes out of this better than ever.

          And amen to her brother calling Farrah out. Love the part about entrepreneurs. Makes me think, Farrah, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means XD

    • andiecohenn

      Shawn is her brother, so if he wants to defend Amber after she was trashed there is nothing wrong with that. He was simply pointing out that, Amber had been offered the same deal, & even with all her problems she said NO.

  • Ashley

    Not that Amber wasn’t a horrible mess but I also remember that, unlike most of the other girls, she didn’t get involved in tons of twitter drama. I think she had one for a few months & deleted it. Now compare that to Jenelle and her over sharing EVERYTHING and her addiction to attention on twitter… I know everyone criticized Amber for choosing to go to prison but I honestly think now that she knew she would never ever get sober otherwise. I hope she lives a normal, private life and does well when she’s released.

  • #7 of those tmz photos….. ROFL.

    • amberc88

      hahahhaaha i said the same thing hahahha

  • Ashley

    Despite being a drug addict, Amber was a good mom. She might not have always made the best decisions, but she clearly wanted what was best for her daughter. Farrah, on the other hand, only thinks of herself, and never considers the backlash poor little Sophia is going to deal with for the rest of her life.

  • micro OP

    Amber was struggling, and Jenelle is to. Both of them are people that need help. Farrah can’t be helped.

    • Natalia Salinas

      The difference between Jenelle and Amber tho is that Amber recognized that she had an addiction and took action. She knew that rehab wouldn’t work because she was deep into her illness, and made the hard decision to go to jail to better herself. Jenelle can’t even admit to herself that she has a problem. I never liked Amber, but I have so much respect for her now. She’s doing something that a lot of ppl don’t have the strength to do ( I know I wouldn’t ) just to be a better mother, daughter and woman. I give her mad props.

  • Amber was abusing drugs, dating sex offenders, and lost custody of her child yet she maintained enough self worth to shoot down a sextape offer. Meanwhile Farrah is sober (maybe), and actually had some legitimate career options, but still shot a sex tape. Probably the beginning of a Jenelle/Amber style meltdown in a few months.
    Anyways, I really hope Amber is doing well. Hopefully she will continue to do well once she leaves jail and can have a good relationship with her daughter.

  • siriusthecat

    I have always thought spoiled little rich girl Farrah had zero class. Trailer park Catelyn and inner city Amber have so much more class than farrah ever had. I’m not surprised amber wouldn’t do porn, nor am I surprised farrah did.

  • thatphillychik21

    From what I heard, she hit him because he told her he cheated on her. They edited that part out of course. Either she admitted it or he did on a reunion show with Dr. Drew. I was never an Amber fan at first because I didnt like how she acted while Leah was crying for Gary. I think she is an angry person with deep seeded issues long before mtv. Im rooting for her because from what I saw on her Dr Drew interview in jail, she seemed to start taking responsibility for her actions in all this. I thought it was insane to choose jail because I have a son and its no way I could have made that choice but she did what she thought would save her life. Good luck to her. I would actualy wanna see her one day on a where are they now type episode for tenn mom.though

  • andiecohenn

    Gary is nothing but an emotional abuser, & I truly hope he is getting help.Everyone came down on Amber for her behavior, but Gary had many issues as well.

  • Demona

    Sadly the typical male would probably have been more likely to buy one with Amber as well when she lost her weight she is a gorgeous girl and has the classic features they look for. Not surprised they drag her into that world.

    • Demona

      TRIED to drag her is what I thought I typed 🙂