Farrah Abraham seals sex tape deal


Teen Mom vet Farrah Abraham has struck a deal for her professionally shot sex tape.

When news of the existence of her romp with noted p0rn actor James Deen first made the rounds, Farrah argued it wasn’t to sell but for her own personal library so she could have a memoir of how good her body looked at 21.

In a sit-down with Dr. Phil she backtracked from that position, stating that if the offer was right she might consider selling it. She further hinted at making a deal when she told a paps that the feedback was so great that she was in negotiations with several companies for the rights.

Well it looks like Farrah Abraham found the right price as she’s signed a deal with Vivid, according to TMZ.

Via their sources, Abraham will be receiving nearly one million dollars to have her p0rn made available to the public.

The 70-minute-long skin flick also has a title. It’s set to be called: “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.”

We prefer our suggested 5 titles but I guess they know what they’re doing.

  • LaDy

    Well, Farrah, you’re as big of a skank as everyone has guessed. Congrats?

  • Well Michael are ya proud of your little girl now ????

    • awoman

      Michael is a broken man.

    • Michael is in love with his own daughter. He is sick and needs lots and lots of counseling.

  • xoxo

    To each their own 🙂

    • sarahsue14

      No, not when they take their child to the porno studio with them, not each their own. That should NEVER happen.

  • jess

    For her PORN, not her “sex tape.” Her PORN.

    • dev g

      Gold in specifications, this one is.

  • oh my god, as if she has actually done that!!! young mums have bad enough reputation without farrah doing stuff like this!!!!!

  • steph

    1 million, wow they are crazy.

  • Hahahaha! We all know what “backdoor” means…

  • sarahsue14

    Well, that solves that mystery. He did her in the butt.

    • Regina


  • dev g

    Starcasm, I STILL vote for My Teenage Dream Rear-Ended.

    • haha XDD

    • spottedgiraffe

      Or passy perfume except with the a being a u lmfao

  • Farrah a superstar, when did this happen?! XD

  • Heather

    I’ll watch it. I want to see if her orgasm face is the same as her cry face.

    • Goat Meat

      Oh there’s no way to beat the ‘Farrah Ugly Cry’

    • Grace0105

      Hahaha her O is probably vacant and dead-behind-the eyes like all of her expressions.

    • spottedgiraffe

      I’m going to watch out of morbid curiosity too. Can’t wait to laugh at her trying to be sexy

  • Gabriella

    I hope she uses that million wisely… but she’ll probably waste it in more plastic surgery 🙁

  • Allison

    Ew, “Backdoor” NASTY!

  • Jen

    I don’t understand this. The only people who know or even care about Farrah Abraham are the people that watch teen mom. All girls. I seriously doubt any guy has ever watched that pathetic show. So really how many females r going to pay to watch this shit not much….. I may just be bitter though because I bet I could have way better sex than Farrah and I will probably never get one million for it.

    • exactly, my husband hates that show and walks out the room everytime I tune in lol

    • spottedgiraffe

      No this is the right market for her. She will attract attention from the freaks that like underage girls (they will imagine this sex tape is how she got on 16 and pregnant or something and will pretend she’s still 16) and also she will get the milf market. Eww.

  • Goat Meat

    Looks like the Teenage Dream just went down the shitter….er I mean up? Bahahaha!!!!

  • Karen

    Everything came out according to plan, huh Farrah? First you call the paps to follow you around LA (b/c really why would they care?) The paps “catch” you coming out of a porn office with a porn star. Then he pretends to tell about your “secret” tape, so you can play victim for more publicity. Then you go on Dr. Phil so you can cry victim some more. All for publicity! You got your money, now please go away.

  • Ashley

    She is really disgusting and if she’s that desperate for attention I think she’s probably also mentally ill. Sophia is going to mortified when she’s older. Also I hope she feels proud of using the Teen Mom name (a show she was only on because of her daughter’s existence) in the title of her porno. It’s disgusting. I hope MTV sees this and cancels any 16 & Preg. and Teen Mom related shows (Esp. Teen Mom 3!!) obviously their goal for the show has gone way off track.

  • Anna

    $900,000 isn’t even that much money, esp. after taxes. It’s not enough to invest for income and live off of right now, and if she invests for growth with an eye towards future income, it’ll take at least a decade before she has enough. She’ll have to put that money into a venture to try to increase it quickly. Which means most likely she’ll fail, given her track record and outright stupidity.

    Maybe she’ll invest in her restaurant. You know, the business venture with the highest failure rate around. Brilliant choice.

    And if she names it “F and S”, like she’s said she wanted to? Well, all I see now is “F*ck and Suck.” Or “F*cked and Sucked.”

    She’s shot herself in the foot in so many ways–dating/marriage, future career choices, etc.
    Poor Sophia.

  • Jess

    Way to go Farrah!!! A great way to make your daughter very proud!!

  • Oh my.

    How come no one has mentioned that she said her sex tape partner was… Not well endowed… Even though he supposedly is very well endowed (although I have not googled it yet, maybe I will now haha) Anyway… How stretched out does her back door have to be for ANY male part (big or small) to be too small?!?! EWWWW

    • Grace0105


  • Geniya

    i thinks he should make movie with horses i would watch that

  • awoman


  • Amy

    I honestly hope it bombs. However I doubt it will. Congrats Farrah you will be a new favorite with dirty, scary, overweight, middle-aged men with no relationship prospects. At least the money she makes will keep her and Sophia from going on welfare, and leaching off my tax dollars, since she doesn’t seem to have any plausible career options anymore. Whatever happened to her alleged reality spin off show? It’s been a couple of years and we’ve never seen it?

    • Pat Brown

      or her resturant. She can’t work with anyone, with her horrible aittude. It’s not that she isn’t pretty, she’s a beautiful girl, but she doesn’t interact with others normally, she’s very troubled, very detached, it was noticeable back when she appeared in 16 and pregnant, even in her book, it’s clear, she is mentally in a very scary place, she needs serious help, I really hope for that child’s sake, she gets it!

  • Guest

    Farrah as always said she wants to be just like Kim Kardashian. Well she is well on her way. The only difference between Kim and Farrah is Kim is beautiful, marketable, likeable and well Farrah is not even attractive. Farrah does NOT have half of what Kim does. She may have sold the rights to her horror, oh, I mean PORN tape “nearly” a millions dollars, half of whatever she gets will go to taxes. I guess she didn’t think of that. Farrah should have held out for that $2 million deal. LMAO! Farrah is such trash. One day she will regret it. One day.

  • Grace0105

    Clueless here but does “back door” refer to anal or regular vag doggie style?

  • Sara

    Ewww she’s disgusting.

  • Pat Brown

    Another job well done MTV. She isn’t getting anything close to a million. The production company that made the film has to be paid, as does James Deen. She gets very little of that money after all of that and the taxes. If she gets 200 grand I would be surprised. She is not likeable, and that’s a huge problem for her going forward, as far as getting other types of jobs, except for porno maybe, so sad for her sweet little daughter, very horrible!

  • Truth

    I wonder if when she looks back at her “16 & Pregnant” does she think to herself “yeah, this is exactly what i wanted for myself and my child”?

    And its not a sex tape, its porn!

  • yo

    Quote from Vivid

    “Vivid Entertainment To Release Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom May 6Th Online And May 14Th In Stores Nationwide”

  • Kir

    I thought she wouldn’t sell for less than 2m?? Something obviously went wrong there… She’s just a famewh**e and it’s getting old.