VIDEOS Teen Mom Season 3 finale After Show and bonus footage

It feels like we’ve been along for the ride with Amber, Catelynn, Farrah and Maci for much longer than 3 seasons. I guess that’s sort of the point because once you have a baby it’s all different and time creeps and flies by simultaneously somehow. I know this is true from personal experience.

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s time for our final After Show and bonus footage recap of Season 3 for Teen Mom. First up is the After Show in its entirety:


Maci says she feels better now but all the things that were going on with Ryan back then made it feel as if they were breaking up all over again. Maci said at the time she was just reacting to what was going on with the situation. Maci then discusses reaching out to Ryan’s parents and she stated that Ryan doesn’t share his feelings with them. Ryan’s apologetic text comes up and at first Maci didn’t believe he was being for real. After sitting down with Ryan and Bentley she said that the two realized they had to no longer fight in front of their son.

Maci stated that she’s realized that she doesn’t have to get married to Kyle and that at the time of the filming of the After Show they weren’t engaged and she no longer felt pressured to do so because of the cooling off of her situation with Ryan.


Farrah said her counselor advised her to list the pros and cons of her leaving Sophia with her parents while she settled in Florida. Mainly, Farrah felt that the personal reasons in the line of her struggling relationship with her mom and dad would be the primary negative of leaving Sophia. Eventually, however, she did leave Sophia with her parents and it made her incredibly sad and in some ways she felt like she was a failure to Sophia for making that decision.

Farrah then talks about taking her daughter around all the spots where Sophia’s late father Derek and Farrah would be together. It felt like a necessary thing to do in her heart so she and Sophia could move on with their lives.


Catelynn talks about Butch heading back to jail. Catelynn explains that her mom had to move and Butch came over to help and he got locked up because there was a no-contact order issued. Catelynn explains that when Butch is away it hurts her mom deeply and that she feels alone. Also, at the time of the taping of the After Show she told host Pak that her, Tyler and Butch were living together. Catelynn stated, “I love him though, he’s awesome.”

The next issue discussed was the final decision to not have baby Carly at graduation. Tyler and Catelynn agreed that having all the family together would have been a big old mess and that in the end it would be better just to gather before or after which they did. It was a difficult decision, but in the end Catelynn believes they made the right one. They also discussed Tyler breaking down when all of this piles up and how much it hurts Catelynn to see him that way.

Catelynn explains that Tyler wants Butch to make a difference before he can work on getting closer to him.

In the exclusive bonus footage from the finale of Season 3 we have Farrah and her dad, along with an adorable little Sophia, discussing the many issues facing the family in light of Farrah’s desire to move to Florida: