Where is Myrtle Manor? See a map of Myrtle Beach and the trailer park

Where is Myrtle Manor in Myrtle Beach map

As you could probably tell from our positive review of the premiere, we’re fans of TLC’s new reality series Welcome To Myrtle Manor, which features a large (and still growing!) cast of eclectic characters all residing in the Myrtle Manor trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But, if you’re like us, you’ve found yourself wondering two things: Where is the Myrtle Manor trailer park in Myrtle Beach, and where does everybody on the show live in relation to each other in the park?

So, we took it upon ourselves to answer both questions! The first one is kind of a trick question, because until recently, Myrtle Manor was just called Patrick’s Mobile Home Park after the family that owns it. (You’ve seen owner Cecil Patrick featured on the show several times already.) Patrick’s Mobile Home Park is located at 2000 Highway 15 in Myrtle Beach — you can see where it is in relation to the rest of Myrtle Beach in the map above. (Notice it is near the Myrtle Beach International Airport.)

Actually, it appears that the park now goes by both names. How do I know that? From this video report on the fact that the Myrtle Manor sign (which hung underneath the Patrick’s Mobile Home Park sign) was stolen!

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where were you Marvin?!?

Now, as for the second question of where all the cast members live in the Myrtle Manor trailer park, I can offer a partial answer to that one. Judging by this satellite shot from Google Maps combined with watching the first two episodes very closely I was able to figure out where they installed the above-ground pool, and from there I could figure out where most of the cast members’ trailers are. Here’s a large aerial view of Myrtle Manor:

Myrtle Manor overhead map

And here is the area in the little pink rectangle above zoomed in with the location of those cast members living close to the pool:

Myrtle Manor trailer park map

It seems pretty clear that there was a little rearranging done prior to filming, which makes complete sense. Tangulls looks to have gotten a paint job, Jared’s “Silver Bullet” trailer was added, and Anne’s trailer on the show has a different color roof so it looks like she may have been relocated prior to filming to the location in the map above.

I hope the map will help you better understand a lot of the drama on the show by illustrating where Chelsey, Lindsey, Amanda, Jared, Anne, Gus, Taylor, Jessica, and Jeana live as well as the location of the Tangulls hair salon owned by Gina and Roy.

If I find out where some of the other residents (including the ones we haven’t met yet, like Shellie, I will add an updated map. (I really want to know where Ms. Peggy and Bandit live!)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/maiko.higa.33 Maiko Higa

    This is really creepy.

  • woozxyl

    I love this show – but Jeana Patrick seems more like an actor than a true resident.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=688857483 Rhee Thompson

    From watching the video Bandit’s trailer appears to be the single wide with the addition on the front. It is located across the street from the blue double wide in the map above. Just outside the pink square you have on the map.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rudy.quick.1 Rudy Quick

    I was born an rasied on this beach!!! This show is bullshit! there is not more Jersey Shore! Thanks To Mother Nature!!!!!! Now DJ TJB WANTS TO PROMOTE BULLSHIT LIKE HIS CLUB PARTYS!! BE IN A SHOW!! LOL REBUILD NJ GO BACK U PRICK

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000587288579 Penny Alford Cooper

    Lived in Horry County my entire life. Moved to Ohio in 2009. NEVER as this been a place like on that horrid show.They are trying to make Myrtle Beach people look like idiots. When in fact it is BS.I mean sure they all have a paint job on those houses, who in their right mind is going to live in a mobile Home park with homes that look like Barbie got drunk and went on a painting rampage.Shows like this are why people that live in mobile homes due to economic issues get a bad label.Guessing they had to use fake stuff because the most exciting thing that occurs at MB is Biker weekend and the residents have had laws installed for noise violations so they can rest. Oh yes and Canadian weekend is a fun time also, but I image by the time they get done with the fake mess, the people will look like alcoholics all strung out on drugs and not like the hard working, or retired people that live there This is really sad. People need to use their education.

  • Cj

    Stalker much?! wow..

  • friction1971

    Love the show!! But, what’s up with Taylor wearing a Vietnam Veterans hat? I’m a Gulf War vet & not real happy about him wearing that hat that he’s obviously not old enough to have been in Vietnam, probably not ever even been in military. It’s disrespectful to be wearing backward on his head, so don’t say it’s in respect for Veterans. He’s not the most liked anyway, that hat is NOT helping his popularity. Love the show, record them all!

  • Lizz Morris

    Thats my uncle Roy, hes came so far.. Everyone at home is so proud of him! So happy my Uncles famous lol.

    • Victoria Yglecias

      I love you.

      • Victoria Yglecias

        I meant I love Roy..

  • ken

    love the show lived in some great parks when younger with my wife loved everyone.wish we were there now instead we bought a bad home in rhsc to many repairs to say thousands all paid in full now like new but tired.wish show very good luck we are looking to move some where to my beach this year old and tired retired.

  • Ron Parker

    I like to watch this show because it makes me feel superior! lol