Lindsay Lohan stranded in New York airport, has no local counsel hours before Monday trial?

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Lindsay Lohan’s latest trial, which stems from a June 8 car accident in which she allegedly lied to police about being the driver, is all set to begin today (Monday), but it is still unclear just who will show up to represent the troubled 26-year-old starlet. After famously being labeled “incompetent” by L.A. County Superior Court Judge James Dabney, Lohan’s current attorney, Mark Heller, has reportedly requested the assistance of local counsel more familiar with California state law — but the new attorney is apparently still waiting to get the OK from Lindsay.

The California attorney approached by Heller is David Wohl, of the Orange County firm Wallin & Klarich. Paul Wallin, a partner at the firm, told the Los Angeles Times, “We are awaiting Ms. Lohan’s approval… Mr. Heller made the request. The court and our firm want to ensure the integrity of this case.” Wohl is a 24-year-veteran of California courts and is a regular legal analyst for Fox News.

Wohl appeared to verify that everything was just waiting on Lindsay’s approval by tweeting Friday night, “@lindsaylohan My law firm was hired by your Dad. He wants nothing but the best for you. We will be there Monday to help, if we’re allowed.”

On Saturday night, Wohl seemed to suggest things may have been worked out when he tweeted, “Big Court Case on Monday. #LALaw @Wallin&Klarich.”

So what will happen if Lindsay Lohan shows up for trial (or doesn’t show up for trial) with a new attorney on such short notice? Radar Online reports that “if another attorney is brought in as the lead on Monday, he’s expected to immediately request a delay in the trial.”

Heller reportedly asked for such a delay at a hearing several days ago, but Judge Dabney denied it. Michael Lohan told Radar Online, “I heard that Mark Heller has decided that he is going to finally get a California lawyer to help him and he’s going to tell the judge this at the last minute and that will cause another delay and then Lindsay won’t have to appear.”

Judge Dabney reportedly offered to drop the three charges against Lindsay if she would agree to serve 90 days in a locked rehabilitation facility, which she refused. So, with the trial beginning alter today, nobody really knows who is going to show up. And I’m not just talking about which lawyer!

Perez Hilton reports that Lindsay Lohan wasn’t in Los Angeles on Sunday, and had no plans to schedule a flight! From Perez:

According to sources, she was SUPPOSED to leave New York at 9pm [Saturday] night, but at the last minute decided it was more important to go see the band City of the Sun! Worse yet, she hasn’t even scheduled a new flight yet!

Guess that means come tomorrow morning, we’re going to either see a West Coast, courtroom sh-tshow OR a bench warrant for her immediate arrest issued!

UPDATE – It seem sLindsay plan to wait until the last minute has backfired. (Go figure.) TMZ is reporting that she boarded a plane at JFK late Sunday night, but she got off the plane just before take off because there was some sort of problem with a fuel leak and she didn’t feel safe. TMZ’s sources say “LiLo is now in an airport lounge … calling, texting and emailing everyone she knows … trying to get a private plane to take her to L.A.” The site adds, “Law enforcement sources tell TMZ she MUST appear at the hearing tomorrow or the judge will issue a bench warrant.”

Things aren’t looking too good for LiLo — and with her history, I’m sure the judge is very unlikely to show any leniency whatsoever.

In case you missed it (this time), Lindsay is being charged with one misdemeanor count each of reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer. As mentioned above, her current legal problems stem from a car accident on June 8th in which she crashed her Porsche into the back of a truck in Santa Monica, California. She allegedly lied to police officers at the time of the crash, claiming that she was not the one driving the car. Lindsay has pleaded “not guilty” to all three misdemeanors and reportedly faces 90 days in jail plus 245 days for violating her probation if she is convicted in court. Lindsay’s probation violation stems from her arrest for jewelry theft in 2011, and her probation has now been revoked.

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