Jenelle Evans back with Courtland Rogers, Courtland still using drugs, sky still blue

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers get back together

I’ve been writing about Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans ever since I labeled her a “foul-mouthed firecracker” after seeing the 16 & Pregnant Season 2 trailer way back in February of 2010. You’d think after more than three years of keeping track of Jenelle’s overly drama-packed life that I’d have to be at a point where this now 21-year-old reality star could no longer surprise me.

Ah, not so.

I know Jenelle has a track record of taking her exes back, even after filing assault charges, alleged cheating, and vicious Twitter disputes resulting in name calling, drug use accusations, nude photos, and sooooooooooooooooooo many screen caps of text messages… but I really thought that given what has transpired between her and husband Courtland Rogers over the last couple months that the two were done. For good.

Ah, not so.

It appears that Mr. and Mrs. Rogers are back together again just days after Jenelle got out of her second rehab stint in less than a month on Saturday. She returned to Twitter with a series of negative tweets about her husband, but something must have happened between then and Tuesday because by then Jenelle was already talking sweet about Courtland, encouraging fans to follow his new Twitter account @Kourtkourt910 (His old one was suspended, but is now back — more on that in a second.)

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers get back together

It seems all those tweet nothings led to a sleepover because here’s what fans read this morning…

Jenelle and Courtland get back together tweets

At this point it appears that Courtland got his old Twitter account (@CourtyB11) reinstated — just in time for some big time drama! No, he and Jenelle didn’t have another falling out (yet), it was the other ball this masterful relationship juggler had in the air — the mother of his daughter, Taylor Lewis, who seemed none too pleased that Courtland was bailing on her (and his daughter Jordan “Jaja”) to go back to Jenelle. Taylor began to unleash on Courtland, including stating that he is still using drugs and that she had to call the police on him after a recent altercation.

Taylor Lewis says Courtland Rogers still uses drugs

Courtland asks you to please pay no attention to the woman behind the green curtain of jealousy:

Courtland Rogers says he smokes weed and that's all

Obviously Jenelle has drug addiction issues, but she also has serious relationship addiction issues! It’s becoming apparent (actually, I suppose it did a long time ago) that she simply cannot exist for more than a day or two without having a boyfriend/husband. And perhaps what is more amazing than her willingness to get back with men she has been in mutually abusive relationships with is that she keeps on finding guys who are also willing to jump back in!

I guess it’s a good thing Jenelle wasn’t able to get that annulment she wanted because otherwise I’d have spent my day researching whether or not you can get an annulment annulled.

  • Goat Meat

    She’ll never learn, it’s so sad to see someone act so pathetic by going back with their old trash bag boyfriend/husband….whatever you want to call them. After the way he treated her, she shouldn’t give him her time.

  • Caz

    Oh dear… why is this all so fascinating? Cos it is! Moar moar, lol!

  • Pepper

    You forgot about the poo in the bathtub, that’s the best part

    • Ace

      do tell?

    • Jen90

      Eww. Who would want to hear that?

  • Karen

    They are both pathetic. They get off on the drama, lies violence and drugs. In the meantime they suck in innocent people( their kids, Taylor, Gary) and hurt them in the process. Misery loves company. These two are a match made in meth lab heaven.

    • Jen90

      Gary is innocent? lol.. He used Jenelle for money then when she went to rehab he runs back to his ex. He also cheated with two other girls when she was in rehab, and he also beat on her and he plead guilty! He is crazy all he talks about is beating people up and drugs also wants this girl Jade to stick around even when he is messing with other girls. He is a slime ball that when jade won’t stick around because he moves another girl in sleeps with her he blames her then when girl leaves begs her back. He was also kicked out of army for stealing vehicle. The man is a loser. All he does is drink and get drunk all the time and smoke pot all day. Also cheat on his girlfriends and try to look innocent. He also has those crazy psycho chris brown eyes.

  • tab

    i nominate these two over anyone else for forced sterilization.

  • Missy

    Jenelle is an absolute train wreck that I can’t seem to look away from…just when you think naw, she can’t be that stupid…SHE IS!! My heart breaks for Jace…one day he will know all about her and probably suffer every day of his life because of her actions…SMH

  • Hannah

    I came for the article but stayed for the comments.

    • Ann

      Only thing really worth reading when it comes to these idiots.

  • Nikki

    Jenelle’s sorry behind needs to be charged with her abuse of the court system. She wastes taxpayers’ money, the time of the courts, etc. each and every time she cries abuse, then goes running right back to her “abusers”. Courtland is a freaking idiot, she’s an idiot, and if his baby’s mother allowed him around their child while on drugs, then she’s an idiot too. Drug addicted, no good, deadbeat waste of space is a fitting description for pretty much anyone involved with this gang of losers.

  • ashley

    Are you prepared to write Jenelle’s death article? Overdose/suicide/domestic abuse …who knows, but at the rate she’s going It’s not looking good. Although I read about her drama I truly wish this girl would get some serious help before I have to click on starcasm and see the sad news.

  • Ann

    I’ve got to stop reading posts about her because it lowers my IQ. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Geniya

    I think i need to do a betting pool for her relationships

  • Spay and neuter your pets, weird relatives and cast members of Teen Mom.

  • LaDy

    I like to tweet her and remind her that she did just accuse these men of abusing her. Honestly, if she’s going to take out charges on these guys, she should at least at like they’re true and not completely ignore getting these guys arrested for “bashing her head in.”

  • j

    keyword “proud of how sober I WAS”.

  • Sweet Venom

    Can’t wait for their breakup article.

  • guest

    jaja is such a stupid nickname, im sorry.
    that’s the most important thing i took away from this article

  • They are the white Bobby Brown and Whitney…and you saw how that turned out.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Once again jenelle chooses a man over her son Jace who she hasn’t seen since she’s been back from rehab. Can she just relinquish all rights and never see him again? It won’t be any skin off her nose and Jace is young enough to forget this filth exists in his life. Poor thing will have to face the fact she’s his mom when he’s older, but at least her influence won’t be on him.

  • New mommie

    I wanna hear this poo in the bathtub story..? And I laughed so hard reading whether or not you can get an annulment annulled! That’s great!

  • amberc88

    should we start placing bets now? we have a few topics to choose from, how long before they break up, reason for the break up, if charges get filed than how long until they are back together????

    • Sweet Venom

      Indeed! Okay let’s see, I bet that in one week there will be a breakup. They will however get back together within a few days. I don’t think she will lay charges again because she doesn’t seem to do that twice with the same guy. I also bet that the fight will be over Courtland and another girl, possibly his baby mama!

  • ohmygeez

    Let the countdown to her next abuse charges begin in 3..2..1……

  • Elle

    I’m so fed up with these two, i hope they do not create another life. Crackland bragged about he doesn’t use protection and Jenelle’s too drugged up to use birth control. I bet they’re both covered in std’s. I hate how she use’s Jace as a fall back, while being between guys. That poor kid. Someone please lock them both up!

  • Lauren

    Nothing that is reported about Jenelle surprises me anymore. She has severe addiction & mental issues & the sad part is no one cares enough to do anything about it. MTV can request that she go to rehab all they want but in the end they’re still paying her & enabling. Yes, her mom cared enough to step in to take custody of Jace but from the looks of it she’s not doing anything about it either. Jenelle is 100000 times worse than Amber. Amber finally realized she needed help & she voluntarily went to prison to get it. Jenelle thinks she’s untouchable because of all the enablers & hanger ons around her. She has bad taste in dudes but this Courtland bastard takes the cake. So sad. Poor Jace.

  • That last line made me lol!!

  • the man

    You can tell JE learned nothing at rehab since It’s a big no no to get out and go back to a relationship with another drug addict especially when he allegedly beat her up and caused her to have a miscarriage. MTV shouldn’t of forced her to go to rehab since it usually doesn’t work unless the person wanted to get better.