TEEN MOM 2 Briana DeJesus buys a house

Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus buys a house

Congratulations to Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus as she announces she has just purchased her first house!

The 25-year-old mother of two made the announcement on Twitter on Monday, but only after teasing it out a bit. “Guysssssss, I f**king did it ??” she initially tweeted. That struck up a conversation with her followers in which Briana spilled the house tea with some more details:

TWEET: Did what ?

BRIANA: Bought a home ?

TWEET: F**k yes! Congrats! That’s so exciting ?

BRIANA: Yes it’s sooo pretty I’m gonna send u photos lmfao

TWEET: House tour ASAP! Lol

BRIANA: ?? it’s still getting built. Once I move in, I will ????

TWEET: And didn’t use me to buy??

BRIANA: I’m sorry lol it was a spur of the moment kinda thing

Home buying is major news for Briana, who is still living with her two children, her mother Roxanne, and her sister Brittany in an apartment. Her Teen Mom 2 co-stars have all bought rather lavish homes, or else opted for a homestead on The Land. Briana has not had the consistent MTV revenue stream that her co-stars have enjoyed, however, as she was only recently added to the cast after a lengthy hiatus in the wake of Teen Mom 3 being cancelled.

It’s unclear if Briana’s home purchase will break up the “DeJesus Coven,” or if Brittany and Roxanne will be joining her and her daughters Nova and Stella in the new digs. Either way, I’m sure viewers will be seeing all of it unfold on an upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

UPDATE – Briana says she’s moving in the whole family!

Congratulations again to Briana. I know I cannot wait to see the scene where Stella walks into their new house for the first time!

UPDATE – After our post, Briana shared some additional tweets about the home purchase, including a reminder that she has a full-time job outside of Teen Mom 2:

BRIANA: I hate when people tell me to get a real job. I have one! I work in corporate America. Regular 9-5 like everyone else. ? I’ll never forget where I came from.

BRIANA: Guys I am so excited!!! I keep looking at photos of the model and I can’t wait for my house to be built! ????

BRIANA: If my dad was around, I know he would be sooooo freaking proud! ????

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