Did Kailyn Lowry hit her husband Javi Marroquin AND baby daddy Jo Rivera during season 4?

Kailyn Lowry carrying son Isaac after the Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Reunion show

Kailyn Lowry recently revealed exclusively to Starcasm that she has been suffering from bipolar disorder. But prior to that, the Teen Mom 2 star had to hit rock bottom and on her way there, she was involved in a couple of physical altercations, one with her now husband Javi Marroquin and another with her son’s father Jo Rivera.

“I felt like so many things were out of control and I didn’t know how to handle that,” Kail confessed in an interview with Wetpaint. “There was a moment where I take Javi’s head and I shook it. I had a temper so bad, that I knew I was getting out of control.” The moment was captured for the Teen Mom 2 cameras and will be seen during the show’s fourth season and while it’s sure to be hard for Kail to watch, she’s in a much better place now. She told Starcasm that she wanted to apologize for some of the things that will be shown in Season 4 (This has been a topic of debate, because MTV ran a promo saying it was an extension of Season 3:) “I want to say I’m sorry again to him and his family for letting my emotions get the best of me. I know how humiliating that is for them and I’m humiliated myself.”

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin in New York City for Teen Mom 2 duties with MTV

After the incident, Kail knew that she needed to make a change before things got even more out of hand and that is exactly what she did. “I started seeing a therapist and just contemplating other things I could do,” Kail revealed. “I started doing kick boxing to get my aggression out.” And now, things between her and her husband Javi couldn’t be better.

Also during season 4, things reportedly get physical between Kail and Jo which leads Kail to take him to court and with the custody of their young son Isaac, things are sure to get ugly.

Teen Mom 2‘s fourth season is set to debut on February 18.

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  • HoardersFan

    This sucks, but at least her story-line is getting interesting

  • amberc88

    at least she can own up to her faults and take responsibility for her actions! i love her!

    • Ace

      Yep, unlike someone *cough*Jenelle*cough*

    • :))))))))

      She’s not taking any responsibility for it she blames it on a disorder. She’s not saying ‘” my nerves got the best of me, i am so sorry ” she is saying ” my nerves got the best of me but it’s not my fault i’m bipolar”

  • ohsnap

    I wonder if someone is gonna call the cops on her like they did to amber now that would be crazy

    • Ashley

      I think Amber’s thing turned into a big deal because Leah was present. So I guess it depends if Isaac (Isach?) Was present during the confrontations. Amber’s substance abuse is what landed her in jail, though. She violated her probation.

      • Meg

        Amber’s was also a reoccurring problem that she did not take any responsibility for. I don’t know Kail’s situation but it seems like it wasn’t ongoing and she took responsibility and got help for it.

  • Not a Teen Mom fan

    I’m not surprised. She has a lot of issues and she is one of the ‘meaner’ girls. Especially on social media.

    • Kate

      Shame on you. Having bipolar disorder does not mean that you are a mean person, nor does it mean you have “issues”. It means you have a chemical imbalance in your brain that is not your fault. You’re insensitive.

      • stop

        Kail is mean and she should stop calling others a bully when she herself is acting like one

      • redbird99

        Kailyn is just mean and controlling and that doesn’t have anything to do with being bi-polar.

      • :))))))))

        I know a lot of bi-polar people and they are not mean like her, she act like she is better than everybody. Being bipolar as somethings to do with your emotion, how you feel and if when she is in her down, she insult people it’s not because she’s bipolar. It’s because she’s basically a bitch and use her word to put down people so she fell better.

  • Mimi

    His to cute for her…end of story!

    • thalia


  • One thing these teen moms need to learn is never have the mtv cameras around during a physical altercation, we know how well that worked out for Amber.
    Also, is it season 3 part 2 or season 4? Mtv says season 4…

    • starcasmnet

      Good question! MTV seems to be sticking w/ season 4 now, but for a bit they were saying it was still Season 3. We’re gonna stick with Season 4 unless they change it up again. : )

    • I was wondering that too.. but with all this speculation that they are stopping the show due to Jenelle, doesn’t it kinda make you wonder why they did a ‘mid season finale’ instead of a finale? And then the ‘new season’ starts a week after… a little fishy to me…

  • Ashley

    So, is it season 3b or is it season 4? You refer to it as both in your post.

    Also, I think some of Kail’s castmates can learn from her. She saw she had a problem and got help. Seems as though she’s stuck to it.

    • starcasmnet

      Ok, We think it’s Season 4. They’re saying it’s season 4 now, but there was a controversy because MTV ran a promo the night of the Season 3 finale claiming that there would be an extension of the the current season gearing up in two weeks. But, now they’re calling it Season 4. It’s confusing!

  • amy

    Obviously, she was seen in the previews saying she hit him and publicly apologized for it already.

  • Honestly, if Jo was my bf/ex I would have wanted to punch him in the face. (acting on it is different, I’m not a hitter but Jo would just get on my nerves sooo bad).

    • Mia003

      Kailyn gets on my nerves so bad. I wouldn’t hit her but I don’t like that B and the way she treats people. Like Jordan and now her husband will have to deal with her ass unless he divorces her.

      • They’re both pretty annoying. Its no wonder they don’t get along.

  • Nicole

    No offense, but DAMN Javi is cute…why is he with Kail?

    • redbird99

      Hello. Javi needs to get out like promto. Kailyn will just pull him down like she does with every man that she uses as props in her life. He deserves better. When he served his purpose she’ll just dump him like she did with Joe and Jordan.

  • Jenn

    I want to know if she will face the consequences that Amber did. I know that Leah was present so that is why they threatened to take Leah away from her when the all blew up, but either way it is domestic violence caught on tape. If Isaac wasn’t around then it doesn’t make it any better and she should still face some kind of consequence for her actions. Amber not only got in trouble for her child bein present but because it was domestic violence.

  • Christina

    This season actually looks interesting and entertaining, unlike the last one which was blah.

    And I for sure think that MTV is done with these girls otherwise they wouldn’t be airing the new season so quickly. Normally they throw a season of 16&pregnant in before teen mom.

    • Ally

      I thought the same thing when I heard they were doing it back to back.

    • Kim

      unless there isn’t another season of 16&pregant

  • Ally

    Wait let me get this right she hits Jo then wants to take him to court for it? If I misread this someone please correct me.

    • Burkey

      I think Jo may have gotten physical first based off of things that were said by both Kail and Jo’s dad in the trailer.

  • carebeargarebear

    I used to be a fan of kail but now shes being such a brat. If you disagree with her she turns into the biggest baby ever. And she is forever trying to make vee look bad. I know she smoked pot but hasn’t kail done the same? And I wonder why gigi and her stopped being friends. Does anyone know?

  • Roxiee

    Isn’t there going to be a teen mom 3? Thats probably why they want to finish teen mom 2 and get new girl or maybe because they are like 1 year behind on story lines. They should usually be 6 Months behind. Also, I don’t think there will be another 16 and pregnant but only mtv knows

  • Kiki

    So is she going to get in trouble like Amber did? I think it is only fair. I don’t believe that she is bi-polar. You go to any shrink and tell them I am happy one minute and sad the next they will claim you have it. People will all the time blame bi-polar for their actions. I feel she is doing the same and that’s what will keep her ass out of trouble.

    • longhairdontcaree

      I think she should! You should neve lay your hand on someone

    • redbird99

      ITA. I don’t think she’s bi-polar either. She got some Doctor to co-sign her b.s. You know what’s up.

  • Gabby

    I used to like Kail until I realized how big of a brat she really is… on TV and through Twitter. Javi seems to nice (& too cute for Kail) to be with her. UGH!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Bigfoot’s rage cannot be contained. Javi should have known better? Would you keep a tiger as a pet? No so why would you capture Bigfoot and force her to live in captivity? She may be docile from the captivity the majority of the time, but she will yearn for the trees and hunters blood she received from her home and will become enraged. Are these rages worth it? There are a reason there aren’t any believable Bigfoot sightings. Anyone that comes across the beast will not live to tell the tale. Remember that javi.

    • divorceherjavi

      ^ lol

    • theswayzeexpress

      Haha this was a hilarious post. And I agree 100%. i HATE how this manipulative, hypocritical bitch gets away with all her evil machinations. And she is an ugly, stringy haired ho to boot. Ugly outside and in

  • spottedgiraffe

    Don’t tell me that first picture doesn’t remind you of Bigfoot catching game for dinner or something.

  • annie

    please take jenelle off of teen mom..she is trash

  • Ashley

    What is the deal with all these teen moms using bipolar as an excuse? I have bipolar and I don’t abuse my partner, lose custody of my son or smoke weed constantly. God can’t they just take responsibility for themselves and stop relying on an easy out.