Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers heading for divorce? (Part 2)

Jenelle Evans and Corutland Rogers starring in movie The Bonfire of the Jenelle Evanities

It seems the honeymoon period is over for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband of 26 days, Courtland Rogers. The two appeared to be headed for divorce on Friday after Jenelle ducked out in the middle of the night to reportedly visit her mom and son Jace, when she actually spent time with Courtland’s “worst enemy.”

That incident was soon smoothed over (Time — even if it’s just a few hours — heals all wounds), but early this morning the fit hit the shan once again after Jenelle found out Courtland talked to his infant daughter Jordan on the phone last night, which of course means he also talked to his daughter’s mother on the phone last night!

I’m going to include most all of the Twitter drama below, but here’s a brief bullet point summary for those less dedicated Jenellologists:

• Courtland says he “got broke up with” by Jenelle after he talked with his daughter Jordan (aka “JaJa”) last night on the phone.

• Jenelle says the call was late (around 11pm) and Courtland was actually talking with Jordan’s mother Taylor Lewis. Adding fuel to her suspicion was that Courtland waited until after Jenelle had gone to bed to make the call.

• Jenelle claims Courtland pawned his dad’s cell phone for drug money

• Courtland says Jenelle’s best friend Tori tried to have sex with him while Jenelle was “at the crazy house”

That’s pretty much it.

Now, for those wanting the extended director’s cut, here are the tweets of Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers (and others when appropriate) arranged for readability, starting with Courtland’s tweet from last night just after he says he spoke with his daughter:

Courtland Rogers [CR]: I do miss my Lil girl 🙁 I just got to hear jaja tell me (daddy) goodnight !!! Made me smile so big! Jaja.. I love u thank u Taylor for that

CR: @memory232323 thank u for what u just did!! That phone call just made my year !! I am sorry give Jaja a kiss for me please Tay

Taylor Lewis (the mother of Courtland’s daughter Jordan): @courtyb11 okay i did your welcome kourt

CR: I’m going to sleep now !! Goodnight @everyonethatcares

CR: I love u @PBandJenelley_1 thanks for not snoring so far

Fan: oh she’s gonna love those tweets in the AM

CR: all I said was I love my little girl what’s wrong about that

CR: And my wife understands that I am always going to b in Taylor’s life because she has my Lil girl so the answer is NO Jenelle won’t freak out

CR: And @memory232323 and I do hate each other but we have to get along for our daughter no matter what because innocent lives come first # Jaja

CR: @SunnySky2013 I love jordan aka Jaja my daughter my wife knows that

CR: You can’t get in trouble for hearing your daughter tell you she loves u !!! Come on now world !!! Goodnight everyone

***Time passes, Jenelle wakes up

Jenelle Evans [JE]: @courtyb11 @memory232323 yeah I won’t care ?! Dude I’m f***ing DONE.

JE: dude he told everyone that he wanted Taylor to never ever contact him again then he waits until I’m asleep to talk to her ?

JE: not to mention he doesn’t HAVE to talk to Taylor on twitter and have a “conversation” if he just talked to her on the phone

JE: he is allowed to talk to his daughter but if u tell me “don’t contact me ever again” then wait until I sleep?! Haha whatever

CR: So I just got broke up with because of talkin to my lil girl on the phone last night finally getting to here her tell me she loves dada! Wow

CR: I cannot believe this

JE: yeah I’m walking away she wants him back and he wants her so it’s all good

CR: Now she is threatening me to tell the world I do herion so everyone hates me just because I hear my daughters voice and realized I have to

CR: father to Jaja no matter what because that is my blood and I love Jaja to f***ing death so if u are gonna leave me because of that then bye

CR: I want my wife to realize that I have a daughter that I love nd that wen I hear her lol voice tell me she loves me it melt my heart

CR: Whoever thinks I am wrong for hearing my little girl tell me she loves me and goodnight dada f*** that I love jordan !!! She comes first

JE: Soooooo I can’t wait for @Vkillemm to wake up! Lol I need my true best friend 🙂 CALL ME B|TCH

JE: First of all why is yr daughter up at 11pm anyways when u were “talking” to her on the phone?! Haha right

CR: @memory232323 @muzrush I dont understand how I can get divorced for hearin my daughter MY DAUGHTER tell me she loves me and goodnight

CR: So now I just lost my soulmate and my wife and my future

CR: And this just sucks

CR: How dare her tell me that she is done cuz I talked to Jaja but two days ago she can call gary and talk to him about a dog !! Wow f*** this

Kieffer Delp: @PBandJenelley_1 yo ill buy brody [Jenelle’s dog] from yu rite now

JE: no sorry

Fan: Oh god please don’t [get] back with [Kieffer]

Kieffer: we aint gettin nothin but I WILL PAY FOR THE DOG

JE: no way man

Kieffer: ill give yu 400$??

Kieffer: whatever just find him somewhere good to go please and bye

CR: @memory232323 jenelle said she was gonna make up charges saying I beat her and i never did so that just made me say f*** jenelle for good

CR: @memory232323 why is it a problem if I talk to my daughter Tay???? U know?? This is fuxked up and the reason I couldn’t come on Christmas

CR: @PBandJenelley_1 why are u doing this to me

CR: @PBandJenelley_1 I always loved u!! I got ur name tatted on my heart for gods sake we can talk this out ya know !! Damn jenelle

JE: IM SINGLE @courtyb11

JE: It’s sad when yr entire family takes my side lmfao

@JenelleTeam: what’s wrong now Jenelle. 🙁

JE: oh nothing I’m free now 🙂

JE: This is my MAN right here 🙂 [with picture of Jace below]

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans with son Jace Evans

JE: My MAN right here [with the same photo from above]

JE: @memory232323 u can have him now

Taylor [memory232323]: lol i don’t won’t him he’s all yours baby!!! Your the one that marred him. You mean jaja can have him now.

JE: @memory232323 lmao yeah guess so we r in the same boat now, u are completely right about him Taylor.. I’m so serious

CR: @PBandJenelley_1 come home to ur husband !! Quit f***ing making this look like my fault let me love u jenelle like I always have and more

JE: Why would I come back “home” when u just threw my suitcase down the stairs and at yr own SISTER @courtyb11

CR: it fell sorry it was a hundred pounds and u didn’t help me ANSI had just woke up to some bullshit Y Would I hurt my sister

@WynnMeOver: Because you’re homeless without him? Hahaha

JE: no he’s homeless without me… His family accepts me not him becuz of his past

JE: I cut off his phone since he doesn’t have one and pawned it

JE: Can’t wait until @Vkillemm wakes up so Jace can see his fav Aunty 🙂 ugh wakeeeeee upppppp! Lol

JE: no one even knows the truth what I’ve been going through and that’s all I’m going to say. I can’t blast him BAD but I’m not like Courtland or Taylor… I’ve dealt with this twitter sh!t for years… This is nothing new lol he can blast me all he wants but when he ends up in prison for yearsssssss cuz of the charges he has pending… He will then realize how sh!tty he is

JE: I mean I can blast him bad

JE: no he pawned his phone like 2 weeks ago and I had no idea until now lol wow and my money is stolen.. Yeah see…

JE: no I cut off his cell phone becuz he pawned his dads cell for drugs

CR: o yea u mean this cell phone I’m on now ?? Lol thank god sprint reactivated my galaxy

Fan: @PBandJenelley_1 here we go with the drug claims. When you “loved” him you two were both clean. Now he’s not?? Hmmm

JE: he told me the truth yesterday

JE: I am over here crying on my mothers shoulder….

Fan: why would u be sooo,angry that he talked to his baby girl n became civil with tay like any normal person would?

JE: why is his family just as mad as I am at him?

CR: they aren’t lol I am cookin my 2 beautiful sister eggs and my mom is rubbing my back !! Bye

JE: I need my best friend right now I can’t stop crying @Vkillemm

CR: ur bestfriend that tried to f**k me when u were at the crazy house an f***ed gary when u were with him ?? Wow

JE: Why do we fall in love so easy even when it’s not right? @Pink

CR: @gary_head man to man I am sorry for ever comin at u wrong u and jade are a good couple and will go far in life !! Keep ya head up!! Holla

CR: @gary_head i am sorry I shoulda never disrespected u I wish I would of listened to u bro she just divorced me for talking to my daughter

JE: Deactivating twitter. Bye.

And here are Courtland’s comments from his Facebook profile today:

She led me for talking to my daughter when two days ago she called and talked to gary about a dog but I can’t talk to my daughter and hear her tell dada goodnight?? And I am in the wrong?? Wow this is crazy I am sorry gary head and kieffer Delp that I ever hated on y’all I see what y’all went threw !! This sucks now she is sayin that she is going to fake a abuse and get me arrested for ten years and she laughed when she said that an I have NEVER abused her this is not fair and I am way better of a person than this so f*** it I tried I tried so hard to b the best husband any man could b to u and for what??? U to just pack up and leave me at 530 in the morning because I heard my little girl say she loves me !?!?!

I miss my WIFE !!!!! Godddddddddddd dang it this is not how love is supposed to b where are u jenelle come gone and talk this over like civil people

How can u leave ur husband for talking to his daughter??? Please somebody explain this to me

Somebody anybody come save me !!!!!!

  • steph

    Jeeze. Enough already, no need to put any of that on twitter. Janelle and her men always doing this just drives me nuts. Get class people.

  • Shelby

    I just love this! Typical Jenelle drama that makes your eyes just glued!!!

  • Ashley

    I believe him when he says she’s going to make stuff up about his abusing her. She’s done the same with both Keiffer and Gary, and then when they subsequently got back together she admitted to lying. She also claims both of them were on drugs. Cus you know, getting hooked on heroin isn’t Jenelle’s fault, it’s the guys she dates. Because she doesn’t have free will.
    Thank God she doesn’t have custody.

  • Kaycee

    This girl has some serious issues and needs help, as funny as reading her drama is. I just feel bad that poor Jace is involved in all of her bs.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      I know. I wish Jace was with a loving, caring couple. It is a generation of children like Jace that are at risk. He has no Dad. His Mother is crazy and hooked on drugs. He is a tool in a sick sick game b/t Janelles family and janelle. Too bad Jace wasn’t given up for adoption and he could have avoided running after his Mom and crying her everytime she leaves yelling and screaming at his Grandma, the only one who takes care of him. Such a sad sad stroy.

  • stephanie

    Jenelle, if you’re going to make big girl decisions (marriage and ect.) put your big girl panties on and grow the hell up. Until then, please get off social networking.

  • julissa_marie

    Oh, so now we want to protect our Twitter account all of sudden Jenelle?

    • julissa_marie

      What do we have to hide?

    • julissa_marie

      of *a* sudden

  • miki

    She is biPolar. Seriously though they need to learn how to spell ”marred” (married) lol. Wow.

    • it’s really no excuse though cause she can get on the right meds and if she takes them, she can at least get a little bit of help. she’s willing to do the illegal ones, just not the ones that’ll truly help her.

  • I love how Kieffer shows up in the middle of all this, like, ‘Yo, I’ll buy your dog?’ He just inserts himself awkwardly into all the strange situations 😉

    • glk900

      please give me one example that shows JE is a really smart girl..I have yet to see anything along those lines. And well, I guess maybe Kieffer has a heart, unlike miss genius, and cares about the welfare of the dog. JE is a vindictive, evil little girl that will go nowhere in life.

    • mimi

      I know, right?! keiffer randomly popping up just cracked me up haha. he is so odd!

  • Mel

    A pair of idiots. I think they’ve reconciled anyway. Somebody tweeted that they saw Jenelle at Southport KFC parking lot with someone. The person who tweeted it doesn’t even follow Jenelle and seems oblivious to her drama, so I’d say a reliable source. Don’t think she cried on Babs’ shoulder for long!

  • And the saddest thing (well, the second saddest, after the welfare of poor Jace), is that Jenelle is a very smart girl. But she acts the fool. It makes her an even worse role model combined with all the drama – sad 🙁

  • Ace

    A few points:
    1. Of course, why do they need to do this all over twitter?
    2. Why are they all talking to each others ex’s and being all friendly? Just stupid.
    3. Suddenly Courtland is on drugs? He won’t be tomorrow when they’re back together.
    4. Why WAS his daughter up at 11pm?
    5. I love how suddenly Jace is so important to her whenever she ‘breaks up’ with someone.
    6. Courtland must be pretty special, tweeting, cooking eggs, and receiving a back rub all at once!
    7. I actually believe that she would have threatened to say he hit her, but he actually didn’t.
    8. I can’t believe this is all over some minor drama. Actually yes I can, it’s Jenelle.
    9. Jenelle is an attention-seeking, stupid person. And that is an understatement.

    • ashley


    • HoardersFan

      I like number 3

    • lol. You forgot to mention how she is going to reactivate her twitter when everything is good and nothing ever happened.
      And to go along with #3: She’ll defend him and say that she never said it (or something along those lines),
      With #4: Courtland has mentioned before that his ex is a pill popper and so maybe that has something to do with JaJa being up that late.

    • Lex

      haha, this is hilarious yet soo true!
      # 6 wow, too funny!

    • Geniya

      my head hurts after reading this thinking about how stupid she is. WOW i am an idiot to think of her so much and how dum she is. I need a new show.CONCLUSION Jenelle is an idiot theatwill keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.
      PS we all need rehab from paying attention to her
      Hello I am geniiya and i am a jenneloholic

  • Miranda

    Okay, she seriously needs to keep what happens in her personal life to herself…It’s so under the microscope, and she is just making herself look worse and worse every time she opens her mouth. She is just asking for the attention by airing her laundry..smh

    I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but my gosh…does anyone not take marriage seriously anymore these days? It’s absolutely disgusting that she is just throwing around the word divorce so easily. Marriage is sacred, it takes work.

  • ashley

    While this is all funny, entertaining, and completely ridiculous I seriously think this girl needs MAJOR professional help or else something really bad is going to.happen….suicide, overdose, etc. She is just a huge mess!

  • Lock her nutty butt up……throw away the key.

  • michele

    Be DONE with boys for a while, get your act together and put the effort you waste on these crap relationships into being a good MOM to Jace! While you’re at, learn to be a good and appreciative daughter to your mother who is now raising YOUR kid! And I totally believe she threatened false abuse claims because it’s just like her to do so.

  • spottedgiraffe

    This is like a freaking lord of the rings trilogy.
    Part 1: kieffer
    Part 2: Gary
    Part 3: courtland

    • Geniya

      it was more like Part 1 kieffer

      part 2 The return of keiffer

      part 3 Gary

      part 4 Kiefers revenge

      part 5 Gary the final battle

      part 6 Courtland

      part 7 the beginning of the end of Courtalnd

      and a bunch of other parts

      • spottedgiraffe

        True I couldn’t think of a movie that had 6 parts though :/
        Lmao wait I think Harry potter might

        • Random

          Star Wars had 6

        • Sam

          Harry potter had 8 actually and they’re making 3 more Star Wars

  • cassie

    Wow she’s gonna fake abuse claims the hell is wrong with this hoe??? I’m sure his family doesn’t think she’s right blood is blood

  • amber

    She is always deactivating that twitter. Always accusing the other BC she never does wrong. She’s jealous as HELLer! Lol I also think she is jealous of jaja aka Jordan and yeah she probably thinks Taylor and courtland have something going on. I do believe jenelle is keeping courtland from his child I mean they had jaja one night after like never seeing her they finally get her then all of the sudden jenelle is sick so they have to leave jaja for jenelle pathetic really. Taylor is a good mom from what I can tell at least way better than jenelle and jenelle needs to keep out of Taylor and courtlands buisness with jaja she has no say and should try to get along with the other parents its wats best jenelle claims everyone’s on drugs when they due her dirty but she is the one on drugs too. in my opinion she’s worse than amber at least amber watched Leah more than jenelle even sees jace

    • From other articles that I have read (Courtland has backed them up) that his ex is a pill popper and ODed one night and that was the only reason that he got to even see JaJa. And the reason that he didn’t get to see her longer is because his ex didn’t remember it and wanted to say that Courtland kidnapped JaJa from her. I have yet to hear any claims that Jenelle is the reason, however, I wouldn’t put it past her…

      • Ace

        During their latest ‘twitter fight’, Courtland actually did say the reason he couldn’t come see his daughter on Christmas was Jenelle. Which is still pathetic, cause your kid should be #1, but yea I reckon she wouldn’t let him go cause then he’d see Taylor. And of course Courtland is gonna say she’s on drugs too. Anyway, she seems to take care of her kid, so she’s a lot better than Jenelle already

      • ameliaBedelia76

        How about this Kristin..if Courtland was such a stand up guy & devoted Father to “JAJA” then 1.get a job and save some $$$ to get a custody agreement legally. 2. Get help for his drug addiction and STAY CLEAN. This would solve his issues of never getting to see his daughter and avoid any future kidnapping charges. Let’s stop acting like Courtland is some stand up guy just begging for his wife back on Twitter. He isn’t the victim in this case..the children caught in the middle of sick game these dug addicted parents.

  • Jenn

    This girl is ridiculous, and WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TEACH HER HOW TO ARCH AN EYEBROW?!?!?! Her eyebrows are horrendous!!

    She has serious anger issues. There is no middle for Jenelle.

  • Aimer

    She has never had the chance to mature like most people her age, possibly due to her early start using drugs and alcohol. Because of that she will never have a healthy relationship because she won’t allow it – she doesn’t know how. Instead she takes her insecurities and pushes everyone away. We are the ones that end – up reading about the soap opera on social media!! It’s never boring I’ll say that much.

  • micro OP

    Why isn’t living for oneself or each other enough? Why do they have to live and validate everything publically?

  • Jenn

    I understand that Babs knows that Jace should have a mom in his life, but she needs to stop letting Jenelle come in and out of his life. Hers is so messed up that a child shouldn’t be subject to it. I am sure Babs is a great grandma but she has to step in and put a stop to Jenelle doing the back and forth game.

    • ameliaBedelia76

      I think if Babs doesn’t take control the government will. Now that will be a sad story. Even though I do think that CPS needs to intervene and limit the time that Janelle spends with Jace. Janelle is unstable, not on her medication and is hooked on drugs. I know she doesn’t have custody but you see her off and on with Jace. MTV documents her crazy rants in and out of the house…how can this continued to be allowed? Now she is hooked on heroine? Oh my…another reason she shouldn’t even be allowed near Jace. I know if it was me and my kids Dad was acting like Janelle there is no way in H3LL I would let him near my kids. Babs needs to get a clue and end all contact with janelle for jaces sake

  • FR

    At first I thought she was entertaining but it’s way too serious to laugh at. She’s a mentally ill drug addict. Her son suffers the consequences of her behavior and now another child does as well. There are at least two families being destroyed, children are being ripped apart, marriages are now being ruined, etc. And while Jenelle brings it upon herself, seeing so many grown people revel in her misery and the destruction of so many lives is sick and disheartening.

  • Jenelleevansisabadmom

    I really wish she put Jace up for adoption. He would have such a better life with a stable mother and father that don’t care about drinking partying and putting their lives on twitter. I feel sorry for him. 🙁

    • Fr

      Yeah I totally agree. Barbara Evans obviously has parenting issues. Jenelle learned these behaviors at home. It’s no coincidence that her sister has a very unstable life and has also supposedly been in and out of mental hospitals too.

  • Jessicaa

    Why is this happening over twitter?! God they act like they are 10!!! Grow the f up and deal with your issues privately!!!

  • Ashley

    The saddest part of all of this is how Jenelle only seems to “care” about Jace when she doesn’t have a boyfriend/husband around. She’s only calling Jace her man because her husband, whom she usually calls her baby, is out of the picture for now.

  • HoardersFan

    Drama-loving crazy idiots. I feel bad for the children that are inheriantly involved. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I were reading these kinds of things about my parents.

  • He gets exactly what he deserves. I have no sympathy for this assclown…just like Chad Johnson. They knew these bimbos were unstable before they married them.

  • Lex

    oh wow, she is probably the most entertaining person to watch on twitter, seriously who puts all their personal issues on twitter in the first place?? she just wants people to say stuff about her and wonders why she has all these “haters” maybe she should actually take care of her son for once.

  • PitbullLover

    Anyone know what’s happening with Jenelle’s dog, Brody? K- “Please find him somewhere good to go?” As if Jenelle actually cares if he goes to a good home..

  • Amberc

    They r back together courtland posted a pic of them together 6 hrs ago at a New Years party together

  • Burkey

    WOW. First of all they are clearly both drugged up morons. If you can get married and “break up” more than once in the month you’ve been married, you clearly need to grow up. Not to mention she says their both clean but once they get into a fight he’s a heroin addict and she only just found this out.. OKAYYYY. Also, did either of these two attend school after the age of like 10 because it seems like they have some serious problems with the english language and grammar.

  • aka

    What the hell did I just read? Where’s the translation for that gibberish?