PHOTO Duck Dynasty’s Si Robertson’s wife Christine Robertson!

Duck Dynasty Si Robertson

Duck Dynasty‘s Robertson family is full of characters. Willie wears a ridiculously big bandana and appears to run a multi-million dollar company from a tiny wood-panelled office in the back of a warehouse. Jase can be thrown completely off his day if he sees a frog in a pond. And Phil can preach the gospel of not becoming a yuppie like no one’s business. But, in this family of huge personalities, one Robertson still stands out: Uncle Si.

Si is many things. He is Phil’s brother and Willie, Jase, Jep, and Alan’s uncle. He’s also Great Uncle to all their kids. He’s the chief reed cutter in the duck call room as well as the head beaver hunter (and munitions expert). Si’s a vietnam veteran, and he’s the best advertisement for sweet tea and blue plastic cups in prime time history.

UPDATE: We’ve rounded up two more great pics of Silas and Christine. One is recent and the other is an absolute can’t miss from 1993! Check ‘em out here.

But, although you wouldn’t know it from watching the show, Si has at least one more very important role: husband. That’s right, Si’s married to Christine Robertson, and has been for many years. This Fall, Jase mentioned Christine in response to a question that a fan posted to his twitter account, and just last week Jep’s wife, Jessica posted the pic below. Her caption read:

Me, #Si & his sweet WIFE Christine @Mrs.Kay’s 65 bday party! So blessed to have such a large & close family.

Duck Dynasty Si Robertson wife Christine Robertson Jessica Jep

So, it’s true! This is the woman who fills up the tea jug for him every morning and makes sure Si has a clean blue cup to carry with him through the day!

She’s married to Si. Let that sink in. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on that wall?! This must be one special lady! Let’s hope she decides to come out from behind the scenes and let us get to know her a bit.


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    • LexiconD1

      She’s cute. I, rarely, watch this show, but I did tune into the show where Si agrees to dress as an elf…I about died laughing. I can totally understand what she see in him.

    • RRRobin

      Next question …. Do they have children? I adore his interactions w/the little nieces!

    • Jenn

      I love the show and could watch it even if it were just Si. He never fails to make me laugh. If him and Jim Tom from moonshiners had their own show together it would be comedy gold.

    • Glorious_Cause

      The Robertson’s don’t drink sweet tea, they drink bitter unsweetened tea; according to Korie.

      • Tyler

        The area we live in, Ouchita Parish, basically all of north east Louisiana we basically live off of sweet tea, and bud light…. Haha

        • Cindy Finch Mass

          I as born in Miss., lived my entire life until a few years ago in East Texas and I’m back in Miss. again. Our entire family have always drunk sweet tea – as do more than 90% of the population around here. Most real Southerners drink sweet tea , some of us drink it like water !!

    • Fwitzie

      I never would have guessed he was still married. How sweet, Id love to see him & christine interact. Love Si, hes so great!Thx for posting the pic.

    • toi

      Which one of you idiots got my tea glass HEY!

    • Scott & Cheri Fenske

      We love this show Si and Phil and the boys are hilarious..specially Si..omg him and Jim Todd from Moonshiners should get together lol….thanks for the great laughs and entertainment you bring to our home…keep going strong…we will be loyal watchers…Jack!!! Lol

    • Michelle Hoaglund

      I love Si. He isso funny that you can not help be in a good mood after watching him. I am so happy he has a wife that loves and support him. She must be a saint though because he can not be easy to live with. I hope in the future she comes on the show as well.

    • Lmlovestorun

      Si and Christine do have two Children. Jessica Robertson – 32 and Trasa Robertson Cobern 37. Trasa is a teacher and is married living in Hurst, Tx

      • duckfan

        Do you think it’s fair to put their names and personal information on here? THEY are not on TV.

        • hdjd

          Its like all over the internet. Chill out. Damn.

      • Cg

        They have 2 children a daughter and a son.

    • Lmlovestorun

      My comment was deleted for some reason maybe because I put their names in. They do have 2 children, 2 girls. 32 and 37.

      • Cg

        They have 2 children a daughter and a son

    • Mary Bradshaw

      They don’t drink sweet tea.

    • cathy

      I want to know why si wife is not on show like many other people want to know

    • jamey

      WOW she is beautiful!!!