PHOTOS Hallmark releases line of Duck Dynasty Father’s Day cards

The Duck Dynasty Hallmark Father's Day card

Sometimes it’s hard to get the old man a Father’s Day card that expresses how you truly feel without coming off too sentimental and what not. Hallmark and the bearded brethren of Duck Dynasty are looking to help out with this problem as the two have teamed up for a line of Father’s Day greeting cards.

Phil, Willie, Jase and Uncle Si are featured on a series of 6 cards that will be available at select Wal-Mart stores on June 3. Hallmark was kind enough to release 3 of the cards images and we have them all here in HI-RES for you (you can click on any of them for some seriously up close and personal beardage).

Here’s the family patriarch Phil who I bet would laugh in his camo recliner at the thought of even being on a Hallmark card in the first place. But Miss Kay would probably love it and that’s usually good enough for the duck commander-in-chief. I’m gonna guess the inside will say, “Be happy, happy, happy.”

Phil Robertson’s Hallmark Father’s Day Card

Phil Robertson Hallmark card

And last but never, ever least, Jack, is Uncle Si’s card which I’m guessing will outsell all the others combined. It had to have been hard for the cardsmiths with Hallmark to decide on a single catch phrase from one of the most quotable characters in TV history. I’ll take a shot in the duck dark and guess the inside will say, “I hope your Father’s Day is on like bing bong, Jack!”

Uncle Si’s Hallmark Father’s Day Card

Duck Dynasty Uncle Si Hallmark card

In what may be the first and only time I’ll ever need to write this – Warning: what is written inside the greeting card on the shelf there at Wal-Mart – the card featuring all four (pictured at top) reads on the inside, “The beards have spoken.”

Heads up, Father’s Day is June 16. Each card will run you $2.97.

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