Jenelle Evans reveals what prescription drugs she is currently taking

Jenelle Evans poses in underwear, reveals several pill bottles on sink

Jenelle Evans caused a rumor storm this morning when she posted a photo of herself which revealed several pill bottles on her bathroom sink. The Teen Mom 2 star posted the photo to shut the mouths of people claiming she was pregnant, but ended up starting even more rumors. Then, during a chat session on Stickam earlier tonight, Jenelle explained exactly what she’s taking.

The first pill container was Ibuprofen 600’s which is just a stronger version of Ibuprofen — nothing out of the ordinary. It’s pretty much the equivalent of taking three Advil, 3x per day. Jenelle is likely taking this because of her recent surgery.

The second contained Lorazepam, an extremely addictive benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety. Due to it’s high tolerance and dependence, it is recommended for short-term use, up to two to four weeks only.

Jenelle Evans chats live on Stickam on December 6

She is also taking Trazadone, an antidepressant. This is the go-to drug in rehabilitation as it is the safest, non-addictive way of helping addicts to sleep while coming off drugs.

The fourth medication was Ondansetron, an anti-nausea medication. This drug is sometimes used as an effective way of treating withdrawal symptoms of opioid addictions. It is also non-addictive.

Next up was Lamictal which Jenelle takes to treat her bipolar disorder.

When it came to the last bottle, Jenelle picked it up, but did not disclose what it was. She instead said, “What is this? What is this? I think it’s an antibiotic.”

Jenelle has been fighting off rumors of drug use for months now and while that last bottle remains a mystery, the other medications are not something that will give her a “high” — as long as she takes them as prescribed.

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  • Vy

    She still a bum ass bitch. Oh and a dead sorry ass excuse for a mom

    • Vy

      Dead beat*

      • glk900

        your first comment is probably more accurate the rate she is going

  • Ashley

    Key words: “…as long as she takes them as prescribed.” Lorazepam is the generic name for Ativan, which is highly addictive and can even be snorted.

    I think the Ondanestron prescription (although really, who knows if they’re legitimately prescribed to her) is a pretty big sign that she was recently treated for opioid withdrawl. Why else would she be prescribed an anti-nausea medication mostly used for chemo patients, but that has a wide off label use for opioid withdrawl??

    • me

      My Surgeon gave it to me after my gallbladder surgery.

  • Ashley

    Key words: “…as long as she takes them as prescribed.” With Jenelle, who knows if they’re even actually legitimately prescribed to her.

    Lorazepam is the generic name for Ativan, which is highly addictive with a high abuse rate, and can even be snorted. I think the Ondansetron prescription (again, if it’s legitimately hers) is a pretty big indicator that she was recently treated for opioid withdrawl. Why else would she have a prescription for an anti-nausea drug most commonly given to chemo patients, but with a wide off label use for opioid withdrawl??

    • Ashley

      Seriously, this does the opposite of what this article intended. Just has me more convinced that she was in the hospital due to heroin use.

    • Lola

      I take the generic Zofran as well and there’s nothing sketchy about it. I use it for off label anxiety help. I have emetophobia so it’s been a lifesaver. They give it out like candy to pregnant women with morning sickness too.

    • Courtney

      Jenelle doesn’t have anxiety she just has to have everything go her way and if it doesn’t then she flips out and calls it anxiety. It’s called being selfish so learn how to control yourself, especially your reactions towards people. She honestly thinks the whole world should revolve around her and that she’s someone special. She needs to be put under psychiatric care for at least a month to determine why she has no empathy towards others and lacks to care about anything but herself. There has to be some kind of disorder there! She NEEDS treatment ASAP!

  • Jenn

    if she was really coming off a opioid they would most likely give her suboxone. It helps people get sober from pain pill addiction, herion use, and alcoholics sometimes take it. The trazadone was originally used for anti-depressant but is now a sleep aid, many many people are on trazadone. And lorazepam, some people are on it for a long time. Not just a few weeks. People’s bodies differ from what drugs work and what don’t. So maybe she has tried xanax and klonopin. It is not the highest anti-anxiety medicine. Not sticking up for her, but these drugs can do other things than what you mentioned.

    • Purple kiwi

      In another photo she had up it did indeed show she owns suboxone. It was a while ago though and I think she deleted it when she was called out.

      • Jenn

        i’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Lala

      Too if she was coming off opiates they would never perscribe her any form of anti-anxiety medication. That is huge now with people on suboxone or methadone. If they mix it with lorazepam it intenseifyes their high. Unless if she went to a pain clinic. No responsible doc would give her that with suboxone.

  • I don’t know why people can’t let the rumors go. If you’re not pregnant, obviously we’ll all figure that out in a few months’ time. Posting a picture of yourself in your underwear is just plain skanky and disrespectful to your supposed “spouse”. With that said, her body is looking good! Hopefully not from drug use…. But I do notice how toned her arms are. Hitting the gym?

  • LaDy

    Lamictal is also a very common anti-seizure medication.

  • tab

    her bathroom mirror is disgusting! try cleaning once in a while. gross.

  • Umm… where are the stitches/scars/incision marks from her emergency surgery to remove her 4 (or however many she claimed) ovarian cysts??? Fastest. Recovery. Ever! It’s a miracle!

    • cheermom

      when I had surgery for the same thing, I had no scars. They go in with a scope, usually through the belly button to remove or shrink the cysts. I’m not taking up for her, but with that type of surgery there aren’t scars & recovery is usually pretty quick.

      • Do you see anything in her belly button area that would even indicate that she just had a lap done? Nope. I have had several for endo, gallbladder removal, tubal ligation etc….You can tell by looking at my belly button that a procedure was done, especially when she “quote” just had it done less than a week ago. Lets all stop taking up for this junkie, please. She lies constantly, and her lies are always proven.

        • And yes there are small scars at the belly button when you have a lap done. I have several. I also did not get my stitches removed for about 10 days. She is suppose to only be about 5 days post op, yet not even a hint that she just had surgery to remove cysts or a lung scrape surgery due to smoking poisonous wooden pipes. LOL Now that’s a good lie right there.

          • there’s also typically swelling and bruising. unless by chance they did it hysterscopically which surely wouldn’t result in a week long hospital stay.

            • They use a tiny scope! Nothing to really cause any scaring! Get over it!

    • siriusthecat

      I had a plastic surgeon close me after mine. My belly button looked perfect after a week. That’s where the scope goes. Right around that star tattoo she should have a small still garish scar. The scope goes through the belly button, the tools through a very low, very deep incision. Unless its on the other side, I doubt it. My sister had the same surgery and didn’t have a plastic surgeon close, she has much worse scars. I would assume Jenelle had a plastic surgeon close her up but I doubt it. She would have shown off the scar to prove her story. Like showing that pic to prove she’s not pregnant. I doubt she is pregnant but not because of the pic. The pic just proves she’s not that pregnant. You don’t wake up with a belly one day. The tighter your abs, the longer it takes to show.

  • awoman

    It’s like she’s never heard of windex….or shame.

    • It’s like you’ve never heard of jealousy!

      • Bri

        Lol, who’s jealous?

  • MPmom

    Ondansetron is Prilosec, a antacid, not anti-nausea

    • RN loving gossip

      No it’s not. It’s zofran, an antiemetic

    • It’s zofran. That one I do know, because I take 8 mg zofran on a regular basis for chronic nausea due to GI issues.

    • disqus_jE60yrcRck

      Omeprazole is what you’re thinking of

  • jean

    Who cares??

  • kristina

    wow some people really should do more research before writing a artical or commenting. None of this is evidance she was treated for opiate with draw. Ativan is also use for sleep. anxity and stress which she sure in the hell gets alot of from people putting her down. Ondasteron, also know as zofran is often given after surgery, chemo, iron infusion, and just about any other medical condition that can upset your stomach. I had abdominal surgery simular to what jenell is saying she had and went home with it. I damn sure am not a drug addict. When you put your stomach to sleep with toxic drugs and cut on or around it when you start to eat again it can make you sick people. This is non addictive as a matter of fact i have a bottle right now where i had the flu. Ondasteron is now the nausa drug of choice for most doctors as phenegran has harsh effects on the body. I am not saying she did or didnt have surgery as i do not know her personally but if you looked im my medician cabnet you would see simular drugs. Every one is so set to see her fail becasue you want someone to make you look good well putting down someone can never make you look good.

    • kristina

      and why is she not on suboxon or methadone people that is what is used for opiate with draw not atavin..atavin would just start the addiction again she would never ever ever be give it.

  • Ondansetron is zofran. its used to treat nausea from surgery, medications and in pregnancy….not just opiate withdrawal. jeeeze

  • brittany

    She is lying. You can clearly see suboxone film! Google image it and then tell me that’s not what that is. you can also see strips in the bottle, not pills!

    • Jenn

      That would also be zofran odt. They prescribe those more often than the tablets.

  • Savannah

    I take Trazadone…for sleep. I’ve never been addicted to opiates, so I think that was a jump to conclusions. Not defending Janelle, as her behaviour is disturbing considering the fact that she’s a Mom. But I think people are trying to find a story where there isn’t one in this case. Ativan is for people who suffer anxiety, which Janelle I’m sure has issues with.

    On the other hand, if she IS addicted to drugs, well I hope she gets the help she needs. This girl needs to grow up sometime.

    • christee

      She’s not a mom, she’s an egg donor.

  • Sweet Venom

    Bah who cares what she takes it for. We all know she’s a druggie lol enough said.

  • MJ

    I didn’t see any surgical incisions in that picture. I’ve had surgery for ovarian cysts before. It was out patient, and I didn’t have to be transferred 4 hours away past perfectly good hospitals either.

  • HR

    She had surgery…but yet I see NO fresh surgery marks on her stomach….just sayin

  • deaner23

    Soooo, she’s putting out the non narcotic meds she wants everyone to believe shes taking and hiding the good stuff in the top drawer of that vanity. Jenelle, you’re so transparent
    it’s sad. Poor Barbra…at least someone cares about Jace.

  • WOW! That was such a misleading headline. Those are scripts dumbass. Drugs? Yes! Illegal? NO! smh

    • Pauline

      How is the headline misleading? It doesn’t say “illegal” in the headline. SMH

  • andiecohen

    Trazadone is not commonly used for those coming off drugs. It helps people sleep.It is prescribed to many, for many different things.

  • andiecohen

    When they do a Lap for a cyst it is a very small light incision, in a place that she couldn’t show you. She wouldn’t have some awful huge scar.

  • Ashleyy

    Ok, really? I have a script for Ondansetron, also known as zofran, and in far from an addict. It’s an anti nausea medicine!! I have it because my Nuva ring gives me nausea. Lmao I’ve been given this script after any surgery I’ve ever had as well as when I was pregnant. Def NOT defending her, to be quite honest, I don’t particularly care what she’s on. I just wanted to make it known, that Ondansetron doesn’t indicate an addict. Do ur research people. Don’t assume. She’s got enough shit on her plate and this is clearly how rumors get started

  • lovelula

    to the author of the article: what is “anti-nasseau”?!

    also what’s with all these meds for anxiety? any decent psych would have meds as a last resort for anxiety and use CBT with a patient. although I’d wager a guess janelle doesn’t have genuine anxiety but spoiled brat “I freak out when things don’t go my way” syndrome.

  • n_s1988

    I used to take lorazepam,just makes you super tired & you can’t drink with it or you will black out.I used to take lamictal which is correct for bipolar…i do think she has some sort of drug addiction

  • Danielle

    Wow, lets pick her life apart some more, I know I have pill bottles in my bathroom almost everyone does, for depression, anxiety, antibiotics, I mean what do you think you get from a doctor a prescription, you get that from a pharmacy and they are bottles like she has big WOW, Now if you see some pipes or something then get your panties in a bunch LOL ALSO I am pretty sure when you take prescription drugs illegally, they dont come in your own prescription bottle, ppl are so stupid!

  • She looks really pretty in the top photo! & I believe she’s really trying hard to stay clean & not mess up again! <3 She looks great!!

  • Umm, first of all, I am prescribed Ativan (Lorazepam) and I’ve been taking them for 4 years- NO DEPENDENCY. Second, I am also prescribed Zofran. This is simply for nausea (that I get CUZ of my anxiety), and it is commonly given to many people I know, none of which are withdrawing or have cancer. I take a different med for my BiPolar disorder, but that is common as everyone reacts differently to that class of drugs. Now, I don’t know Jenelle or what she is doing or not doing, but to say these drugs are connected with being addicted to opiates is an insult to ALL of us who take these things. And for the record, my cousin is currently being treated long-term for opiate dependency, and he is prescribed NONE of this. Especially anything Benzo related (Ativan, Klonopins, Xanax, etc.). He has been trying for the longest to get something for his nerves and he is always refused.

  • Make all the assumptions you want to, but, unless you are a doctor, don’t act like you know everything about meds and why they are prescribed. Many meds have many diff uses. As a child, I was prescribed a nausea med to help me sleep at night.

  • Also, whoever wrote this and said that trazadone is a go-to med for addicts to help them sleep- what about taking it for DEPRESSION since, you know, THAT’S WHAT IT’S PRESCIBED FOR! I was on it for a while (done me no good) and I’ve never been addicted to anything. My aunt was prescribed methadone yesterday because she has cervical cancer. Want to label her as a heroin addict?

    • Stonewall

      FYI one of Trazodone’s main uses is as a sleep aid. Yes, it’s a serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor, and therefore classified as an anti-depressant. It’s a rather old second-generation antidepressant first synthesized in the 60’s. It’s used as a sleep aid, because it provides rather strong anxiolytic and hypnotic effects. It’s very, very, commonly used as a sleep aid, and it’s basically the first go-to drug in rehab clinics for helping patients sleep, usually along with hydroxyzine. In fact its more often prescribed for insomnia than it is for depression. There’s also this little thing called “Off label uses” when it comes to pharmaceuticals, which in simple terms means the drug is prescribed for something other than it’s primary intended purpose or specified age group.

      So before you go spouting off medical information, make sure you’re either a medical professional, or you at least take your head out of your ass long enough to maybe read a little bit about the drug/chemical/compound/etc so you don’t look like a fool. If you want to try and act like someone with BSN, MD, DO, PA, APRN or CNP, or even an EMT, then go to school and do the work and get your degree like the rest of us did before you try and play doctor and pass off false or misleading information.

  • needypd

    I took Ondansetron for nausea. Just general nausea, not drug withdrawl

  • Who cares what she’s taking. As long as it’s her Rx, it’s none of our business.