Teen Mom 2’s Corey Simms engaged to Miranda Patterson

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer's ex Corey Simms is engaged to fiance Miranda Patterson

It may be hard for viewers of Teen Mom 2 to believe as we follow Leah Messer and Corey Simms on their emotional roller coaster ride ending in divorce, but these current episodes were filmed more than a year ago and both Leah and Corey have moved on and are in stable new relationships. Leah is remarried to Jeremy Calvert and ***SPOILER ALERT*** expecting another child, and it appears that Corey is following close in her footsteps by proposing to his girlfriend of more than six months, Miranda Patterson!

The happy annuncement came via Corey’s dad Jeff Simms, who tweeted earlier today, “Corey and Miranda are now engaged! Congratulations! @CoreySimms2 @mirandabridget #happytweet” along with the photo above. But, it appears as though the proposal actually went down a little sooner because Jeff shared this foreshadowing tweet on Thursday: “What a great day for the Simms family! #blessed”

The happy couple even shared a Christmas family photo with Corey and Leah’s daughters Ali and Aleeah:

Teen Mom 2 Corey Simms fiance Miranda Patterson and daughters Ali and Aleeah Christmas photo

Wow! Miranda even managed to get Corey to wear a formal black ball cap for the picture! πŸ˜‰

So how is Leah taking the news? Pretty damn well it seems! She retweeted this congratulatory message from a fan: “congrats to @CoreySimms2 & @mirandabridget on their engagement! now #AliAleeah have 4 wonderful parents! @TM2LeahDawn & @Calvert505 <3" UPDATE – The Leah and Jeremy’s Facebook page just made a wall post with this statement from Leah on Miranda: “She’s wonderful to my daughters, and that makes me adore & respect her. As Coreys soon to be wife, and Ali and Aleeahs step Mom!”

Leah and Corey are actually getting along great now, with Corey and Leah’s husband Jeremy Calvert often acting like best buds. And Miranda seems to be fitting in well with both Corey’s family, the girls, and Leah. In a response to an angry tweeter claiming that her and Corey’s children were suffering because of their break up, Leah responded by writing, “our children are so Happy! They love their step dad and they love Miranda! Corey and I do a fantastic job at raising”

Congratulations to Miranda and Corey on the big announcement! Want to know a little bit more about the future Mrs. Simms? Check out our profile post on Officer Miranda Patterson. (Yep, she’s a police woman y’all! Corey did perty good it seems!)

  • Steph

    Wow people in WV really have nothing to do… Getting married, divorced six months later, than engaged six months after that. Self-issues anyone ?

    • tab

      in their area, that’s just how young people go about their lives. it’s especially sad for you g girls that have been raised to think that’s the ultimate goal in life.

      • Court B

        Lmao!!! “In their area that’s just how young people go about their lives”. You are very ignorant. That is NOT just how young people go about their lives in that area. I am from there also, and not everyone is like that. It is just like anywhere else in the country. You are going to have idiots anywhere. You are probably one of them.

  • Nikki

    I honestly don’t understand why all of these people feel the need to rush into relationships, especially those that involve engagements or getting married. It’s like no one can be alone anymore, always have to move on to something else because hey, divorce is easy if it doesn’t work out. Hopefully, Corey and Leah both chose the right partners and it works out for the sake of their daughters’, that’s all I can say.

  • Anon

    I’ll never be able to understand how this man is able to snag women completely out of his league. He’s never as good looking as the girls he’s with, plus he doesn’t have the greatest personality to go with it. Not to mention his many disgusting habits. I just don’t get it at all. The girls he’s been with could do so much better.

    • Jenn

      Hes got lot of money from doing teen mom? And Leah was just a rebound. She never really liked him

    • ashley

      I was thinking the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cory seems like a really good guy, but Miranda does looks out of his league. I’m sure money and fame definitely helps him out with the ladies.

    • Kelly

      Looks aren’t everything. Perhaps she’s not as shallow as some people.

  • Bri

    It’s surprising to me that Leah took the news so well!! Congrats Corey and Miranda πŸ™‚

  • Jenn

    Is he going to make her live in a dump of a home here she has to bathe in the nasty basement so he can buy himself things? Oh no that is right she probably gets to live in a nice home unlike what he made his children live in.

    • Zazz

      Let’s get over it, how bout?

      • Jenn

        get over what? just stating some facts and asking a question. not my fault he had his children living in a dump so he could have a new truck.

  • 6 months? People thought I was nuts for getting engaged after a year! Sheesh.

  • Tracey

    Love them but they get married to fast especially leah and jenelle too

  • Courtney

    Why jump into making it so legal and binding so soon?! Whatever happened to just taking things day by day and at least see if they can survive a ear of the relationship and a year of planning a wedding before making it legal? I bet Leah’s credit is horrible!

  • Too soon, what’s the rush? Its too soon at 21, 22, 23… But newly divorced on top of that!? Jeez..

    • lovelula

      depends on the length of relationship. at 23 i had been with my partner for 8 years. if we had got engaged then it wouldn’t have exactly been “soon”…

      • Jenn

        And Corey and Miranda have been together for 6 months, so yes, that it is too soon

  • Dana

    If they are happy who cares how long it was before they got engaged/married? A lot of you seem to be forgetting engaged doesn’t mean married right away…

  • sammi

    Leah and Corey rush through life as if it aint no tommorow.

  • Mickey

    I hope they’re happy together ^.^ when you know someone’s the one, you just know

    • W

      I never wanted to marry young and I didn’t – but I totally agree that usually you are realizing very early in a relationship whether you could have a future together or not.

  • W

    I am actually very happy and impressed that they all get along so well for the sake of their children – as long as they are good parents I won’t critizise their lifestyle.

  • Jackson

    Good job Corey!! That girl is 1000000 times better looking then Leah plus she went way down hill after marrying that wearing geed.

    • Jackson

      Hollister wearing

  • Ali & Aleeah are so cute, & getting so big! Adorable :):)

  • enjoythesilence

    I’ll be surprised if the wedding even happens.

    It’s kind of funny, Jeremy looks similar to Corey. And this girl looks semi-similar to Leah.

  • haley


  • Abyy(:

    She is gorgeous!

  • lovelula

    quick engagement but that aside, it’s good to see that they all get along and are supportive of each other. that’s far healthier for the girls than to be witness to constant fighting. seems like a much better situation than say, maci/kyle/ryan/dalis.

  • Brandie

    Miranda is my sister. the wedding is going to be new years eve

  • Alliey

    They are already trying to have a baby

  • Brandie

    Miranda is my sister, the wedding is new years eve

  • Brandie

    They are already trying to have a baby

    • Jenn


  • lovechild1111

    Man, he must be way better looking in person! I just dont see the appeal of Cory at all…

  • NiHi

    I think they all needed more time alone before rushing into new relationships, but now it’s done I wish them nothing but the best. Cory and Leah both seem like sweet kids and the mature way they are handling integrating their new spouses is amazing. They could teach people twice their age how to do this right.

  • felicia

    They look so good and happy together. I’m glad that he found her. Congrats y’all πŸ™‚

  • girl

    Good for him! I love Corey, I’m glad he’s happy