Aurora massacre shooter admitted to hospital after failed suicide attempts

James Holmes, the man responsible for the horrific Aurora theater massacre that took 12 lives and injured 58 others, has been hospitalized following lackluster attempts at taking his own life.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Holmes rammed his head into his cell wall on Tuesday. He also allegedly stood on the bed in his cell and let his body fall backwards supposedly trying to crack open his cranium.

His injuries weren’t life threatening and he has since been released from the hospital.

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  • Ashley Rose Clark

    they better put this scum bag on 24/7 suicide watch. he does not deserve to take his own life.. he needs to sit in prison for the rest of his life for all the lives he took. & the people & families he hurt & permanently scarred.

  • Whitney<3's Charles

    I think they should put him in a padded room, and let him sit and stare at a wall for the REST of his sentence. No one cares about this man, why is he news?? He needs to think of all those innocent people and their families. What a coward. FACE YOUR SENTENCE!!!!

  • manbearpig

    …Do you hear that James? That’s the sound of the worlds smallest violin and it’s playing just for you.

  • tab

    yes. padded room. no clothes if he tries to use them to kill himself. no privileges ever. the same meal every single day for every single meal. and only enough to sustain him.

  • sara woodul

    This man deserves to live out his life in a room with no windows, no doors and no human contact. He needs to pay for what he did. If he is trying to kill himself then he knows what he did was wrong, and therefor deserves to be held accountable!

  • mickey

    I bet those screams wake him at night. Those faces haunting his dreams. I hope they drive him insane